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    Vice-Admiral iDuane's Avatar
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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    @Petite Soeur I'd make a video to show you but aigis maint rip. I don't remember exactly but at one point, 3 of them all converged in the middle choke area.

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ DON'T LET MEMES BE DREAMS༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    Did monk map until the very end. Already got the plat armor and the beer. All I needed was the Dan, my true goal of the map, but he never appeared. Angel at least coughed up that 3x crystal drop after getting the plat angel twice.

    @iDuane If I know the part your talking about, only one of them goes for the exit at one point. Targeting that single princess with a 1 block character could have done it.

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    @Morgane of the Mists I did do all the training maps. Oh so clear 15 maps, attempt goddess gacha 3 times?

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    @Leyana The reason why I recommend only gachaing three times is because for F2P princes, it is far more important to purchase the 1.5x prince EXP for early grinding or save it for the event maps in case you run into a character you really like.

    I've always had a very comfortable crystal stockpile of anywhere from 10 to 50+ crystals, and I have so far obtained perfect copies on every character that I wanted to get from basically June onward. The only money I've spent was buying the magazine Kitsune for a friend and maybe 10$ when DMM was doing a DMM point special.

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    Kaigun Shousa (海軍少佐) Draa's Avatar
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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    Morgane's 2k gacha is broken in all sorts of ways. Her luck with that is the opposite of my luck when it comes to skill-up/drops/premium gacha.
    Considering I can fail a 25% up 17 times in a row, and then a 50% up 3 times right after (and still in that streak) that's saying a lot.

    A running joke is that the real enemy is the Goddess Aigis, not the monsters.
    I tried to wage war against my Goddess, then found out that she's a home-bred Goddess and more or less gave-up.
    Until they gave me a chance to pick a side anyways. *nods*

    Going to have fun farming fairy rescue tomorrow, I have quite a few male gold character laying around and plan to eat them all except for that male healer. (Who has boost in male affection item)


    This game's AW ranged Black broke it so badly that I am having trouble keeping up with Ash and hybras due to AW Aisha.
    If you had AW Aisha, you can have a very easy time on some maps like the one with 5 Princess.

    Hence having some black rarity units is enough to easy peacy a lot of maps.
    [+] Spoiler
    Actually, compared to my bad luck, I still consider Nanaly curse being the most broken thing in Aegis *nods*

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    Maintenance Update On December 25th:
    -Grade-up Beginner Campaign
    -Emergency Mission "Anna and the Snow Beauty" Ends
    -Emergency Mission "Gold Rush" Begins.
    -Vampire And Immortal Princess Awakening.
    -Silver Monk Dan, Silver Magic Fencer Ricardo, and Silver Fallen Angel Niel Added to All Summoning.
    -Fallen Angel Niel is a hermaphrodite, so users of the R18 version should take note.
    -Stone Golem Enemy Added to Gold Rush.
    -Gunner Mel Stand-up Illustration Fixed.
    -Bug Where Memento's Skeletons Remained Strengthened After Skill Wears Off Fixed.

    Rank Up Bonus:
    1: Gold-up (15 Days)
    10: Gold Healer Iris
    20: 5 Sacred Crystals
    30: Platinum Rogue Cypria
    35: Platinum Armour
    40: 5 Sacred Crystals
    45: Platinum Armour
    50: Platinum Sailor Viera

    Vampire And Immortal Princess Awakening:
    Immortal Queen:
    Priestess and High Bishop Orbs; Valkyrie, Healer, and Vampire Hunter
    AW Ability: Recovers Allies' HP same as Half the Damage She Receives.

    AW99 Stats: 3720HP 782AT 473DF

    Vampire Queen:
    Dark Knight and Vampire Killer Orbs; Valkyrie, Witch, and Vampire Hunter
    AW Ability: HP Recovers by 1% Every Time She Attacks.

    New Silver and Gold Units:
    Silver Magic Fencer Ricardo
    Skill: Excellent Sword (same as the one platinum magic fencer)

    Silver Monk Dan
    Skill: Rush!

    Silver Angel Niel
    Skill: Release God's Seal

    Gold Witch Ryuryu
    Skill: Magic Enhance (same as silver witch Nenya)
    AW Ability: Quick Cast (Shortens Range but Raises Attack Speed).

    Gold Angel Eln
    Skill: Release God's Seal
    AW Ability: Angel's Small Healing (regenerates all members' HP so long as her skill is inactive).

    Gold Rush:
    -Gold Unit Reward For Getting A Complete Bonus (11 in Total, One Mission Added Per Day).
    -After You Get 3-Stars, Each Mission Introduces a Platinum Unit (Drop Indicated in Red).
    +Platinum Units Aren't Necessary to Receive the Completion Reward Gold Unit.
    -Frontline Tactician Matsuri Being in Your Team Increases Platinum Unit Drops by 2.0x.

    The stone golem enemy is difficult to defeat and has a strong ranged attack. It's recommended to retreat your units to avoid its wrath. Even if you let the stone golem through, it won't affect your 3-star rating after you clear the mission.

    Lost Santa (30/2):
    Silver Witch Calliope (), Bronze Fairy (x2), Black Fairy (), Platinum Witch Belinda (), Complete: Gold Witch Ryuryu
    [+] Spoiler

    Ryuryu: "What am I going to do~!? Thanks to this, I won't be able to deliver the presents to the childreeen...!"
    Ryuryu: "I can't make out the road due to the snowstorms, and I keep running into monster attacks, and...! What is that snowmaaan~!?"
    Ryuryu: "Kya—! They're coming towards me—!"
    Anna: "Prince! The screams are coming from this direction...! Let's save her at once!"
    Anna: "Prince, those snowmen... may be one of the leftover ones that were being controlled by the monsters that were sealed earlier."
    Anna: "The snowmen here are ones that I made together with my childhood friend after we met."
    Anna: "In the old days, we used to make snowmen and play with them. It's been a while since we last met, so we made them without any thought."
    Anna: "Anyway, Prince. The soldier's report that there's a high possibility that a snowstorm stronger than usual is approaching."
    Anna: "Please be careful."

    Large Kite's Shadow (30/2):
    Wine (), Magic Crystal I (x2), Millennium Wine (), Platinum Ninja Azami (), Complete: Gold Ninja Hien
    [+] Spoiler

    Soldier: "Report! A band of ninjas appear to be approaching. They must be plotting to attack us!"
    Anna: "They intend to attack, huh... Prince, prepare for battle!"
    Anna: "However, I wonder why so many ninjas are making us their enemy..."
    Hien: "If you trace ninjutsu to its origins, it was originally developed as a means to fight the monsters during the Millennium War. However..."
    Hien: "While it's deplorable, to make ends meet, it's now an occupation for spying and assassinations."
    Hien: "There are many among us who have forgotten its true purpose."
    Hien: "Fortunately, there are still many of those who haven't forgotten its true purpose as a means to fight the monsters..."
    Anna: "Even so, most of the ninjas we met have been our enemy. Where are the others..."
    Hien: "The ones who haven't forgotten their purpose immediately went to challenge the monsters during their revival."
    Hien: Unfortunately, many have perished, so there are fewer and fewer ninjas like myself..."
    Anna: "So that's how it is..."
    Hien: "However, those that are calling themselves ninjas are the enemy. They've already forgotten their purpose. Show them no mercy."
    (large kite appears)
    Hien: "Master, keep an eye on the ninjas riding those kites. The bombs they carry have an unusually high firepower. Please be careful."

    Dark Invasion (30/2):
    Silver Mage Valery (), Bouquet (x2), Crystal (), Platinum Mage Odette (), Complete: Gold Heavy Armour Berenice
    [+] Spoiler

    Odette: "Hell gates are opening everywhere..."
    Anna: "What in the world are hell gates?"
    Odette: "To put it simply, there's another world besides the physical world we live in and Makai."
    Odette: "However, it overlaps each of our worlds, making it possible for the residents of both worlds to travel from one another. Hell gates are the entrances."
    Anna: "No way...! You're telling me they make it easy for the monsters to come here?"
    Odette: "Indeed. There will be no end even if you defeat the monsters in this battle."
    Odette: "The fighting won't stop unless you somehow manage to cut the connection between the physical world and Makai"
    Anna: "How are we supposed to do that...?"
    Soldiers: "The monsters are coming!"
    [If you place a unit next to the monsters holding whips, they will be attacked.]
    Odette: "You asked it earlier, but... if I knew, then you would already know the answer."
    Anna: "... That's true."

    Forbidden Giant Rock Soldier (30/2):
    Silver Heavy Lean (), Bronze Russel (x2), Platinum Armour (x2), Platinum Heavy Maribelle (), Complete: Gold Mage Barbastraf
    [+] Spoiler

    Anna: "Prince, it looks like this is the place where the unknown monster appeared..."
    Anna: "!? Prince, something's there!"
    Barbastraf: "Careful. Over there is the stone golem. Golems are magical lifeforms created from magic..."
    Barbastraf: "Their strength varies depending on their size and materials. The one standing in front of you looks like it possesses remarkably high fighting potential."
    Anna: "Magical lifeform... Sounds dangerous."
    Barbastraf: "There were certain powerful human magicians who used golems long ago, but there were certain monsters with access to magic who also used golems."
    Barbastraf: "If that golem was created by a monster, then approaching it will be dangerous. The way things are, you should leave it well enough alone."
    Soldier: "Report! Monsters are heading this way!"
    Anna: "If we don't stop them here, the villages behind us will be in danger!"
    Barbastraf: "I hope you battle with care so as to not pick a fight with the golem."

    Rampaging Ancient Weapon (30/2):
    Gold Fairy (), Silver Fairy (x2), Black Fairy (), Platinum Puppeteer Ricca (), Complete: Gold Avenger Dorothy
    [+] Spoiler

    Dorothy: "The dwarves' actions here are strange. It looks like they unearthed another suspicious thing."
    Anna: "That reminds me of the mechanical soldiers from before. I find it hard to believe the mechanical soldiers were something someone created."
    Ricca: "There's no way a Machinists like me, who can only maintain and use mechanical soldiers built by the ancients, could create such things..."
    Ricca: "There was a superior civilization before the machinists that are said to have discovered stuff we couldn't imagine."
    Ricca: "We may never know the truth, but it's not necessarily a lie when things like the mechanical soldiers have actually been dug up..."
    Gustav: "Oh no!"
    Anna: "Gustav-san!"
    Gustav: "Oh no! The mechanical soldiers we dug up have gone out of control."
    Anna: "... You also haven't learned a thing, haven't you...?"
    Anna: "In any case, let's hurry."
    (burning mechanical soldier appears)
    Gustav: "Watch out. That broken mechanical soldier will explode once defeated!"
    Anna: "Why did you unearth them?"
    Gustav: "Shaddup! Will ye hurry up and defeat 'em!?"

    Avenger's Memory (30/2):
    Ruby (), Bronze Fairy (x2), Millennium Wine (), Platinum Rogue Ada (), Complete: Gold Vampire Hunter Vincent
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "... When I'm fighting together with them like this, it makes my life as an avenger seem like a lie..."
    Vincent: "I, who wasn't able to save my family, joined forces with the Prince to help save the world. Life is unpredictable."
    Vincent: "Perhaps I have been healed by them, I who understood nothing."
    Vincent: "Why did you two have to die before me? I have no excuse..."
    Vampire Girl: "..."
    Vincent: "...! You...!"
    Vampire Girl: "*giggle*... What are you muttering about alone on a night like this? Mister. You're weird."
    Vincent: "You're my daughter... No, my daughter was definitely... by my own hands..."
    Vampire Girl: "Ahahaha! Mister is weird—!"
    Vampire Girl: "I'm a vampire lord. I came to defeat the Prince who is hostile to the vampires—♪"
    [If you receive a vampire lord's attack, you will become paralysed.]
    Vampire Girl: "*giggle*. I only came to greet you this time, so that's enough for now. Next time, I won't spare you."
    Vampire Girl: "Bye-bye, Mister?"
    Vincent: "Wait! You look like my...!"
    Vincent: "..."

    New Year's Eve Battle (30/2):
    Platinum Fairy (), Bronze Leo (x2), Black Fairy (), Platinum Magic Fencer Charlotte (), Complete: Kingdom's Idol Carrie
    [+] Spoiler

    Anna: "Prince, so many things happened this year... We met all sorts of people."
    Anna: "The battles may become more severe after this, but please look after me in the coming year as well."
    Soldier: "Report! Monster attack!"
    Anna: "It looks like we can't take it easy on the very last day of the year, either. Prince! Let's fight back!"

    Princesses' Hatsumoude (30/2):
    Silver Samurai Sanosuke (), Bouquet (x2), Diamond (), Platinum Shaman Shiho (), Complete: Gold Samurai Kojuurou
    [+] Spoiler

    Kojuurou: "Lord. Here's the place for Hatsumoude. It is a custom in my country. I also wanted the Prince to experience it at least once."
    Themis: "Oh, if it isn't Kojuurou."
    Lilia: "What are you two doing in a place like this...? Are you also paying a visit, Prince?"
    Sherry: "Wait, do you intend to pay the first shrine visit of the new year before us? I'm terribly sorry, but we're going first."
    Kojuurou: "A moment. My lord should go first."
    Themis: "Kojuurou. What's with you all of a sudden?"
    Sherry: "Indeed. Haven't you heard the expression 'ladies first' in your country?"
    Themis: "First of all, Prince. Why are you with Kojuurou without inviting us?"
    Kojuuorou: "No, I was the one who..."
    Lilia: "Kojuurou-sama, please be quiet. Prince? Tell us your reason."
    Sherry: "Going out for Hatsumoude with Kojuurou without inviting us... Unforgivable!!"

    Martial Artist's Head-to-Head Training(/):
    Silver Monk Dan (), Beer (x2), Platinum Armour () Platinum Monk Ling (), Complete: Gold Monk Gina
    [+] Spoiler

    Dan: "You're the descendant of the hero I heard so much about!"
    Anna: "Who are you?"
    Dan: "I'm the martial artist Dan! I hear you've earned a name for yourself, so I very much wish to spar with you!"
    Anna: "Somehow, I doubt he will take no for an answer..."
    Dan: "All right! Oops, before we start, we'll fight without any ranged weapons, OK?"
    Dan: "We're men, so we'll compete with our fists, OK!?"

    Dark Wave (30/2):
    Gold Fairy (), Magic Crystal I (x2), Black Fairy (), Platinum Dark Fighter Yurina (), Complete: Gold Soldier Julian
    [+] Spoiler

    Dark Knight Leader: "I was waiting for you, Prince...! Today I will defeat you, and then my dark knighthood will take over the world!!"
    Anna: "Prince, watch out! Something feels off from usual."
    Dark Knight Leader: "Hoh, so you've noticed? Well, there's no helping being afraid of this dark aura I'm shrouded in. With this, you have no hope of victory...!"
    Anna: "My strength is steadily... It's most likely that evil aura he's exhibiting. Prince, please be careful!"
    [While the Dark Knight Leader is Active, All Allies' Attack Decreased by 80%. Once He's Defeated or In Your Base, Your Attack Power Will Return To Its Normal Value.]

    Forbidden Angel (30/2):
    Silver Angel Niel, Magic Crystal II, Magic Crystal III, Platinum Angel Chloe, Complete: Gold Angel Eln
    [+] Spoiler

    Eln: "I can't believe there are still angels who've accepted those orders still remaining..."
    Eln: "Even though their activities have been halted, they're being awoken by someone. Who could it be?"
    Eln: "Harming the humans must not be allowed, even if the gods have ordained it."
    Eln: "Even for a fallen angel...!"
    Anna: "What kind of angels were those earlier?"
    Eln: "..."
    Sophie: "Fear them not. For you were under our protection."

    Subjugation Mission "Rural Great Decisive Battle":
    -Enemy Movement Speed Increased.
    -If you slay 100 enemies, then all of your units are healed to full health.

    Single Map Rewards:
    [+] Spoiler

    100: Gold Armour
    300: Silver Soldier Asar
    400: Platinum Armour
    500: 50 Magic Crystals

    Multiple Map Rewards:
    [+] Spoiler

    Every 100: Crystal Fragment
    1000: Gold Fairy
    2000: Platinum Fairy
    3000: Black Fairy
    4000: Gold Fairy
    5000: Platinum Fairy
    6000: Black Fairy
    7000: Gold Fairy
    8000: Platinum Fairy
    9000: Black Fairy
    10,000: Rainbow Fairy

    [+] Spoiler

    Anna: "I've received a report that a large army of the enemy are expanding near the rural area."
    Anna: "The enemy already has established a line in order to attack the rural area. Invading the enemy's camp will be dangerous."
    Anna: "With our knowledge of the geographical features of the rural area, there is no way we can meet and defeat the enemy."
    Anna: "In order to keep casualties to a minimum, I already prepared our forces in the residential districts that have been abandoned."
    Anna: "The battle this time will be a 'Great Subjugation Mission' where the goal is to just defeat the enemy."
    Anna: "Great Subjugation Missions are different from regular missions in several ways, so please pay attention."
    Anna: "First, the goal of a Great Subjugation Mission is to 'defeat the enemy', nothing more."
    Anna: "Defeating the enemy is much more important than preventing casualties on our side."
    Anna: "You'll clear the mission even if your life reaches zero, and the number of enemies you defeated will be tallied in the results."
    Anna: "Please focus on defeating as many monsters as possible without fear of being wounded."
    Anna: "The enemy is launching the assault this time. The enemy's movements will be faster than usual, so please be careful."
    Anna: "Finally, even if you defeat the enemy, you won't receive any EXP, gold, or drops, so keep this point in mind."
    Anna: "Prince, please announce the 'Great Subjugation Mission' in order to protect the rural area!"

    Beginner-tier (15): 100
    High-tier (30): 300
    Extreme-tier (35): 400
    God-tier (40): 500

    Revival Mission "Vampire Bride":
    Available on Sat-Sun on December 13-14th, 20th-21st, 27-28th, and January 3rd-4th.

    Possible to Trade for the Following Until January 8th:
    Platinum Vampire Princess Karma: 150 Revival Crystals
    Black Immortal Princess Karma*: 300 Revival Crystals
    *While possible to trade for multiple copies, it's only possible to have one Immortal Princess per team.

    If you have a Vampire or Immortal Princess, then the revival crystal cost is reduced to 100 and 250 respectively. Cost Reduction Synthesis Chance 2.0x for Revival Crystal Units (1-2 Reduction: 100%; 3-5 Reduction: 50%).

    [+] Spoiler

    Avenger (20/1):
    (), (), ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Anna: "This is the place. This village has been receiving attacks from the monsters the last several days, and I heard there were some unfamiliar monsters among their ranks."
    Anna: "Is that the last of them? That was pretty quick."
    Vincent: "Don't let down your guards... they're approaching!"
    Anna: "Who are you? And what do you mean by 'they'?"
    (vampires appear)
    Vincent: "Be careful. Their fangs are filled with a paralytic poison. Your body will become unable to move if you let them keep attacking you."
    Anna: "It looks like we somehow managed to repel their assault. What are those monsters? I've never seen them before."
    Vincent: "Those are 'vampires'. But those ones are the lowest among the vampires, we call them lesser vampires."
    Vincent: "They're the servants of real vampires, a cheap imitation. However, don't underestimate them; they're tough and have a paralytic poison, it's dangerous if you let them get close."
    Anna: "You sound quite knowledgeable. Do you have an idea as to why the vampires are appearing here?"
    Vincent: "They're coming to take back... the bride. There's a woman in this village who had her blood sucked by a vampire."
    Karma: "..."
    Anna: "Who are you?"
    Karma: "You may call me Karma. My country was destroyed by the monsters, and so I've been leading the life of a vagabond..."
    Karma: "What he says is true, I was attacked by a black monster several days ago, and had my blood sucked."
    Vincent: "Immortal vampires can suck people's blood to increase the number of their kin. While it's regrettable, it's already too late for you."
    Vincent: "In two weeks, at the very most, you will become one of them."
    Vincent: "I'll kill you before you turn into a monster..."

    Vincent Introduction:
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "By the way, I still haven't introduced myself. My name is Vincent. As you can tell, I'm a drifter."
    Vincent: "You're the one they say is the descendant of the legendary hero who's fighting the monsters?"
    Vincent: "Anyway, why did you stop me earlier? You're aware that girl will turn into a vampire one of these days and indiscriminately attack people, right?"
    Vincent: "The humans close to her will be her first victims. Killing her before she becomes that way is for her sake."
    Vincent: "Hmm, you don't want there to be any victims, you say? As if such a convenient thing were possible... !! ... You seriously want to help that girl?"
    Vincent: "I see... If there is a way, if we obtain serum taken from the vampires... we may be able to save her."
    Vincent: "However, don't misunderstand me, OK? This will only increase her resistance to the vampires without changing her back into a human."
    Vincent: "It may be possible for her to reject the orders of the one who has caused her to turn into a vampire."
    Vincent: "In any case, one or two serums won't work. The amount of serums needed will also increase depending on the strength of the vampire that attacked her."
    Vincent: "Knowing this, are you still willing to help her?"
    Vincent: "Hmm, you're beyond softhearted. I shall see if your resolve is genuine."
    Vincent: "Well, don't worry. If you fail, I'll take responsibility and put her out of her misery."

    Dark Servants (30/1):
    Revival Crystal II (), Bronze Roy (), ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "Well then, I'll confirm it one more time. You want to help that female vampire... Karma."
    Vincent: "There's only one way to keep her from becoming a tool of the vampires, and that is to collect as many serums taken from the vampires as possible."
    Vincent: "Collecting serum to save the life of a woman you've just met. How softhearted..."
    Vincent: (If only I met you sooner. Maybe then I wouldn't have lost my family...)

    Demon Wolf Assault (35/2):
    Revival Crystal III (), Bronze Ars (), Iron Archer ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "The wolves' howls are drawing near, I have a bad feeling about this."
    (werewolf defeated)
    Vincent: "A werewolf. It's hard to take them down with normal weapons. Magic or magical weapons are effective."

    Battle under the Moonlit Night (40/3):
    Revival Crystal I (x2), Revival Crystal II (), Silver Soldier Clave (), Bronze Hector ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Anna: "Goddess, please lend us your strength."
    Vincent: "Praying is useless. You have to open your own path."

    Wolves' Den (60/3):
    Revival Crystal I (x2), Revival Crystal II (x2), Silver Rogue Cecily (), Bronze Russel ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "This place looks like the wolves' den. I feel nothing but a foreboding sense of dread."

    Silver Wolf Menace (40/4):
    Revival Crystal I (x4), Revival Crystal II (), Silver Bandit Mortimer (), Bronze Burgun ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "The bigger the pack, the stronger the leader is going to be... don't underestimate them."

    Vampire (50/5):
    Revival Crystal I (x4), Revival Crystal III (), Silver Archer Daniella (), Silver Valkyrie Mischa ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Soldier: "A band of lesser vampires are heading this way."
    Vincent: "They're finally here! Watch yourselves, he's the vampire who attacked that woman!"
    Vincent: "We can't take it easy; they're undead. They'll come back to life again soon. We don't have time to dilly-dally, after him!"

    Dark Residents (60/6):
    Revival Crystal II (x2), Revival Crystal III (x2), Silver Heavy Lean (), Silver Healer Christopher ()
    [+] Spoiler

    Vincent: "Is this place the vampire's hideout?"
    Anna: "Those were some terrifying monsters, weren't they...? It's too dangerous to pursue them any further."
    Vincent: "What!? I'll go alone. See ya..."
    Anna: "Please wait! The way things are, you'll only die if you go ahead!"
    Anna: "If you truly wish to destroy all of the vampires, then you should find another way."
    Vincent: "Don't talk as if you know, little girl..."
    Vincent: "... No, my bad. I, who regret the ones I lost, am not qualified to criticise you..."
    Vincent: "I understand. I shall heed your advice."

    Divine Intervention of the Goddess:
    (Rank Over 51; 31-50; -30; -10)
    -Physical Damage Reduced 30% (10; 5; 3; Free)
    -Magical Damage Reduced 30% (10; 5; 3; Free)
    -All Unit Deployment Cost -2 (10; 5; 3; Free)
    -Ninja and Samurai Attack 1.5x (7; 3; 2; Free)
    -Pirate Attack 1.5x (7; 3; 2; Free)
    -Healer Recovery 1.5x (7; 3; 2; Free)
    -Matsuri Attack 1.5x; Cost 1/2 (Free)

    Premium Summoning:
    -Black Frontline Tactician Matsuri
    +Skill: Increases Her Block and Attack Number, and Raises Both Her Defence and Attack Power (1/5: 60 sec. block and attack #+1 and atk&def 1.2x).
    +AW Ability: All Melee Units Gain +5% HP, Attack, and Defence by Her Being on Your Team.
    -Platinum Ninja Hina
    -Platinum Samurai Shizuka

    Click Here for Latest Millennium War Aegis Event Information and Story Translations.

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    Not too sure what to CC next, currently have two archers, a witch, a mage, a soldier, a heavy armour, a... vampire hunter? as well as a single healer (second one at 50, but no spare silver to use and unwilling to feed the male one since I probably need him).

    Carrie's 41, thinking it might be good to CC her since I have two spare copies I could CC and feed too, but I haven't really used valkyries, Rikka's somehow 40 but only got a pitiful -1/-1 despite all the runs and four copies I've fed her, Chloe ended up with -4 cost and a 5/10 after all the runs there (failed to get enough rocks for Spica by the way, guess I'll have to farm Wednesday), those three are the ones that strike me as somewhat of a good idea to level up, but I'm really not sure, any suggestions? I've a bunch of other units so if I should CC a certain unit type, do let me know.

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    Ricca and Chloe are specialty units, Chloe requires that you understand her WT, Skill Duration, and CT to properly use her on maps. I don't use her often due to the windows where she's inactive causing enemy units to slip through. And Ricca requires an understanding of the kinds of opponents she's going to run into if you want to keep her around without having to prematurely retreat her. So, I think you should focus on a duelist before one of these two.

    While Carrie is no longer a bad, joke unit, she's still inferior to the Silver Valkyrie Mischa. Carrie's advantage over Mischa is that her HP affection bonus is necessary for you to survive 3 lich blasts from Undead Monsters (Mischa is great on that map until the lich trio make their grand entrance), and a few meta situations where she is known as Super Carrie (i.e. the one Challenge Quest map where you can only deploy a single unit at a time; Unicorn Knight Carrie's skill lets her deal enough damage to the later goblins and wolves before you need to switch her out for a multiple block unit like a heavy armour or soldier chief). If Carrie is your only gold+ duelist (i.e. you don't have Themis or Conrad), then it's not a bad idea to focus on her, but if you got any platinum+ duelists, then it may be a better idea to invest your time on one of them, since the only thing Carrie has going for her is that it's easy if you're a free player to get her cost-reduced since she has been a completion reward for every single Gold Rush event, and skill-upped since there's a silver dragonewt unit (colloquially known as a dragon steak) that has the same skill as her.

    The Daily Map with magic crystals is on Thursday, and there's a 1.5x bonus for all of the drops for it, so you have the best opportunity to get enough for Spica and maybe whoever else they switch her with (all of the platinum units they had in the Trading Post are worth having to varying degrees).

    Tuesday (Today):
    Beginner (15/2): Silver: 76%, Gold: 38%, Platinum: 16%, Black: 8%, Rainbow: 2%
    Intermediate (30/3): Silver: 100%, Gold: 61%, Platinum: 31%, Black 16%, Rainbow: 4%
    Senior (60/6): Gold: 100%, Platinum: 38%x2, Black: 19%x2, Rainbow: 4%x2

    Wednesday (Tomorrow):
    Beginner (15/2): Bouquet: 100%x2, Crystal: 76%, Ruby: 8%, Diamond: 4%
    intermediate (40/2): Bouquet: 100%x2, Crystal: 91%, Ruby: 31%, Diamond: 16%
    Senior (60/3): Bouquet: 100%x3, Crystal: 91%x2, Ruby:46%, Diamond: 31%

    Thursday (Day After Tomorrow Until 10:00 for the Maintenance!):
    Beginner (15/4): Magic Crystal: 100%x6
    Intermediate (30/6): Magic Crystal II: 83%x6
    Senior (45/8): Magic Crystal III: 83%x6

    The Thursday map has an enemy called a gazer that deals magic damage. They also have high magic resistance (60%) and decent defence (150), but low HP. The first two maps have enemy ground units, but the last map is solely composed of gazers that try to overwhelm you.

    Click Here for Latest Millennium War Aegis Event Information and Story Translations.

    Silver Monk Mao Serial Code: nnm6872503 (Expired 05/14 23:59)

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    @Petite Soeur A duelist was pretty much what I had in mind, I've noticed that my biggest issue was dealing with single, powerful targets, so far I've been managing by using Nanally as a crutch but it just isn't working anymore, I guess Chloe and Ricca won't work for that role. The only gold+ unit I have that might've been usable for that would be the Avenger girl from Ricca's map, which seems like a terrible idea, so it's either Carrie or Mischa then.

    Thank you as always for your advice, much appreciated.

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    Re: Aegis Thousand Year War

    @Peral I wouldn't discount the Avenger.

    Avengers are designed to be transition units into late game as you build up your army. The advantage is that because they don't need to be re-classed, you get a non-magic-based high damage unit similar to that of a princess if you know how to time their health appropriately. Now, with awakening, they're even more powerful than before.

    Non-AW, level 60 Dorf Avenger has 510 attack that can multiply along with a super clutch skill that is hard to use. They have the same HP bonuses, Carrie is slightly tougher, but the extra 40 defense won't do much since you're getting hit by one target at a time anyways. Carrie is great post-AW at min cost. Avengers are designed to be usable straight out of the box.



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