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    [Guide] [Repost] Using your Amazon EC2 server in Windows

    Reposted from old forum.

    For the purpose of apicalypse-avoided, DMM-mediated (not really), localized connection to Kancolle who can't be bothered to refresh his or her API ever.
    Running linux? Follow the full guide listed in #1 .
    Running a Mac? You have even less of a problem.

    Edit note: working on adding more pictures for visual learners.
    Edit note 2: IE added.
    Edit note 3: Added IE warning, other warnings.

    Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility if ever you get in trouble with this method of playing with your shipfus. Normally though the Amazon servers are pretty much safe and will not be a target for a possible (not probable) blanket IP ban.

    Go here http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Tutor...n_proxy_server but stop where it says "Configure your OpenVPN"

    Note: It does not need to be Amazon AMI instance. I'm using an Ubuntu instance. Knowing what you selected will be relevant later.

    Got it? Nice.
    Go here.


    Download PuTTY and PuTTYGen.

    Go back to the AWS website. Look for the instance ID and public DNS.
    Also, get your private key. (it's in .pem format)

    Use PuTTYGen.
    How to use: Load->switch to ALL FILES->select your private key "(name).pem"->Save private key

    For example, I named my key "Izayoi"

    Start PuTTY

    In Session: copy+paste the public DNS name, then add "ec2-user@" (if Amazon AMI) or "ubuntu@" (if ubuntu) BEFORE the public DNS name. Make sure the port beside it is port 22.

    Go to connection, then go to SSH then go to Auth.
    When it says "input private key for authentication" input the private key (it's saved as .ppk) (see step4)

    Now go to "tunnels" in SSH panel.
    Press the Dynamic button, then type 8080 at souce port. Press add.

    Press open.

    Open a browser. The one you don't use. (If you use chrome, get firefox/IE and vice versa)
    Copy the settings on the picture below. (Firefox)

    Running xXxinternet-3xpl0rerxXx1337xXx? (Internet Explorer)
    Follow this instead.

    IE warning: some games such as League of Lehendas or iRO will use IE's proxy settings. Make sure to turn it off after you are done with your Kancolle dailies (unless you want to suffer slower than normal speeds or the service not working at all due to regional restrictions).

    Enjoy your all day erryday Kancolle
    Make sure to keep PuTTY open (and the amazon server running).



    Quote Originally Posted by Nebneb

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    Shinmai Shosa (新米少佐) Snowing's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Re: [Guide] [Repost] Using your Amazon EC2 server in Windows

    This is a great guide, but the site can be pretty intimidating.

    I remember testing various combinations of setting up Linux OS' and architectures that just ended up not working. It gives an IP that varies depending on which site you use (Seattle from whois) , also tried hooking it with an Elastic IP with no avail. Somehow its problem is specific to the Tokyo instance, having no issues with the EU one. But hey, it works for others apparently.

    さすがに これは 恥ずかしいな ・・・



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