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    Spring Event 2017 FAQ

    Spring 2017 Kantai Collection Event FAQ

    • When will the event start and how long does it last?
    • Kancolle spring event 2017 will have its maint on 2nd May, the event will be starting when it ends. tweet reference.

    • Are there any hints on possible rewards for this event?
    • A CV that was previously a transport ship will be added; tweet.

    • Will the devs implement any kind of new mechanic or system this event?
    • No information yet.

    • Is there any information on what to prepare and the general layout?
    • No information yet.

    • What will the difficulty system look like?
    • Due to past experience it can be assumed that the new difficulty system is the default one now, explanation below.

      This difficulty system lets players choose on what option they want to clear a map. The three options are easy (no requirements), medium (minimum level 35 HQ) and hard (minimum level 80 HQ). Clearing a map which constitutes of clearing the meter and killing the flagship on the boss will lock a map on a chosen difficulty, this cannot be reversed. However players can choose another difficulty before clearing a map as often as you want, this will result in the meter being reset and players will have to start from scratch on that map.

      The difficulty of each map can be chosen separately, however admirals are only able to increase it by a factor of 1 after each map. This means that if someone clears E-1 on easy they will not be able to choose hard on E-2, however if they picked medium on E-2 it will be possible to choose hard for E-3. There are no limitations when it comes to decreasing difficulty.

      This explicitly states that difficulty selection will be an option.

    • Will there be fleet locking?
    • So far there has not been any mention that fleet lock will exist.

    • What is some general advice that players can follow?
    • Prepare a diverse fleet which consists of a number of ships from each class to cover potential branching rules, combined fleet requirements and other factors. The order of importance goes from heavy ships to light ships and Kanmusu with higher stats among their class are the preferable choice. CLTs are an exception for the former rule as they are incredibly useful in a lot of situations and should be at the top of the priority list of ships to prepare.
    • Veteran players will scout the maps so it is advisable to be patient until information surfaces since they have the leeway to lock some ships to figure out branching and others factors. This is especially important if you started to play recently and have a very limited fleet and resources available.
    • The first post of every event thread will have detailed information about each map e.g. difficulty, rewards, branching and other factors. It will also include walkthroughs from Kantai Analysts and Veteran Players which should provide guidelines on how to clear each map and you should consult these posts before starting a map yourself so you can plan ahead.
    • Stockpiling resources should start about 2 weeks before the first day of the event. Keeping your resources under your soft cap until then is recommend, so you can make use of the natural regeneration which will enable you to spend more on construction, development and sorties.
    • Since gathering buckets takes a lot more time than resources you should adjust your playlist earlier so their number increases, expedition 2 is the key factor for this.
    • As the event gets closer you should stay away from big resources expenditures like spam development and construction or LSC.
    • Take your time in clearing the event and don't rush it, past events usually lasted for 2 weeks or longer so there is plenty of time.
    • Patience is Key
    • Equipment plays an important role therefore you should prepare accordingly. The following list provides a rough overview on what you should have ready.

    [+] Spoiler

    Equipment List

    • Main Weapons
    • Matching gun types for battleships, preferably prototype versions or Akashi upgraded ones.
    • Mid scale weapons like 20.3cm normal or rare and 15.5cm Secondary for your CA/Vs, CLs and CLTs so you can equip a handful of ships at the same time for the combined fleet or a map that requires a full medium sized ship fleet.
    • AA CI equipment both for destroyers with 10cmFD and Maya Kai Ni who needs 12.7cm FD or 90mm + 25mm concentrated deployment.

    • Misc Equipment
    • 4 or more Sanshiki for possible installation type enemies who take additional damage if these are equipped, these are very important.
    • A handful of AP Shells for your BBs, these are useful against heavy armour targets
    • Radars for LoS requirements and accuracy bonus on your ships, this includes small radars for DDs if possible since LoS can be a factor here as well.
    • Recon seaplanes, preferably some Type 0 Observation planes instead of the normal Recon version for your BB/Vs, CA/Vs and CLs. Level your recon planes to max level which is double chevron, this is the plane veterancy mechanic not Akashi improvement. It is next to impossible for them to lose levels therefor this can be prepared before the event starts.
    • Several sets of ASW equipment, both Sonars and Depth Charges for at least 4 ships. The less rare versions will be sufficient here but these are important
    • A handful of Type A Ko-hyoteki for CLT and Abukuma Kai Ni if you need to sortie them all at once.
    • One Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout), it increases the performance at night and can be used instead of a normal seaplane in almost any situation.

    • Carrier Planes
      The first two are very important and cannot be ignored, please prepare accordingly. In addition players should level their recon planes and fighters before the event since it is almost impossible for those to lose levels. The bonuses are quite significant, therefor they should be prepared in advance.
    • 2 or more Saiun for LoS requirements, higher difficulty brackets will need more to meet LoS branching rules.
    • Several fighter planes for Air Superiority purposes, higher difficulty brackets will need more and better quality ones. The difference between Shiden Kai Ni and Reppu is negligible and can be ignored for the most part.
    • Several dive bombers for the carriers in your support fleet, the Suisei 12A is the preferable choice but others like Suisei and Ju 87C Kai are good substitutes for lower brackets.
    • An assortment of torpedo bombers for the opening air strike, not the most important planes but it shouldn't be ignored completely.

    • Other Equipment
    • Because of LoS requirements and others factors very often there are no slots for a Searchlight or Flares in a fleet. However they are useful and if possible one of each should be available which usually is covered by Sendai Kai Ni who should be leveled for the Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout) in the first place.
    • Quint O2 are useful for torpedo CI, but basic stock torpedoes will do fine as well for most situations.

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