In addition to forum-wide rules, please observe the follow rules:

1. Be RESPECTFUL to each other even when opinions differ. Do not insult others, and please avoid unnecessary sarcasm/passive aggression at all times. Unlike anonymous boards, Himeuta has standards. Typical gaming forum behavior is NOT tolerated here. Violations will result in infractions and account closure.

2. DO NOT create megathreads. Since we have a whole section devoted to this game, please create new threads for each topic you would like to discuss.

3. Although it is easy to derail an existing thread to ask a question, please try your best to create new threads for your questions. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

4. Please keep the question threads one question(or a series of related questions) per thread. Again, we are NOT interested in creating megathreads where everything goes. Keep each question separate and do not treat question threads as personal Q&A sessions.

5. Official dev tweeters and patchnotes will be available in News and Announcement Section.

Rules are subject to change without notice.