E1H cleared!

Quite possibly the easiest E1 I've ever played. Sadly, even though the map is designed for DesDiv 8, I chose not to use them because the first phase boss was a total pushover anyway and I figured I'd save them for later maps.

Phase 1 - Supply Depot hime

4 S-ranks (all daytime kills)
buckets used: 3
total sorties: 4

Two ships equipped with an anti-imp aimbot, one nuke, and two semi-historicals with some installation-busting capability. Donger at preboss, line ahead at boss. No supports, obviously.

Phase 2 - He-Class Kai flagship

5 S-ranks
buckets used: 7 (+2 buckets for morale)
total sorties: 5

Second phase fleet used the exact same ships, all equipped with 2 guns and a radar. Not a whole lot more difficult than the first phase. A quick double tap during yasen from any one of my ships was able to delete the boss without trouble. No supports once again.

In retrospect: Since DesDiv8 doesn't really have any notable bonuses on later maps, there was no need to be overly stingy here. Still, if you want daihatsu mules for TP phases on later maps, there's really no need to use them this early on. The map is super easy.

On to the next!