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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    [Fall 2019 E2] Advance! The 2nd Southern Operation

    This post will be updated with confirmed information pertaining to map E-2 as it is spaded. The thread can also serve as a starting point for people to discuss the map if they want.

    Disclaimer: Information in this thread is subjected to change when new or additional data is made available.

    General Event Outline, Participation Requirements and Difficulty System

    To participate in this event, you must have a sortie win rate of 75% or above. You also need at least 5 spare Kanmusu slots and 20 equipment slots. Completely depleting the health bar and therefore clearing the map will lock it in the chosen difficulty, it cannot be changed afterwards.

    Please be aware that it is not possible to increase the difficulty between maps by more than one. As an example if you have cleared E-1 on "Easy" you will not be able to select "Hard" for E-2; only "Medium" will be available. However players will be able to choose "Hard" again for E-3 if you pick "Medium" on E-2 for this specific scenario. This does not affect the ability to decrease difficulty; players will still be able to choose "Easy" after clearing the previous map on "Hard".

    General E-2 Map Information

    Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    Sortie Mode: Single fleet

    Fleet locking:

    Casual1x Reinforcement Expansion, 2x Maritime Resupply
    Easy1x Reinforcement Expansion, 2x Maritime Resupply, 1x Type124 ASDIC
    Medium1x Reinforcement Expansion, 2x New Model Rocket Development Material, 2x Maritime Resupply, 1x Type144/147 ASDIC
    Hard1x Medal, 1x Reinforcement Expansion, 2x New Model Rocket Development Material, 2x Maritime Resupply, 1x HF/DF + Type144/147 ASDIC


    Player Walkthrough & Feedback

    [+] Spoiler

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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    Disclaimer: Ship used in the guide might be required in other maps. Best wait for release and clear of all maps before starting.

    E2 Preliminary Guide

    2CA 1CVL 1CL 2DD


    4 bombers to node R

    Sample comp:
    Atago: gun/gun/recon/radar
    Choukai: gun/gun/recon/radar
    Shouhou: TB/DB/FB/Fighter
    Sendai: gun/gun/night recon
    Suzutsuki: gun/gun/radar
    Amagiri: gun/gun/radar

    I didn't pick the shortest route here, as I few that one less airstrike node is not worth it if you have to bring a 4DD fleet. Hence, I didn't unlock the shortcut as well (assuming the shortcut doesn't provide damage bonus). Overall, it's just a standard single fleet vs CA hime map common in events these days. Changing one of the DD to TCI DD and the CL to dupe CLT will further improve your firepower while keeping the same route, but I don't want to dedicate too much ships in this map when E5-6 are not released yet.

    Bonus ship:
    Choukai, Sendai, Yura, Amagiri - 1.25x
    Kongou, Haruna, Atago, Takao - 1.15x
    Akagi, Kaga - 1.1x
    Souryuu, Hiryuu - 1.1x?


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    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Captain Shishouro's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    E2 Hard Cleared

    Total of 11 runs
    6 S Ranks, including final kill (1 for 1), 1 Taiha at Q, 4 Taiha at P

    Lv 62 Oboro Kai -- 10HA+FD Max, 10HA+FD Max, Type 13 Air Radar Kai +9
    Lv 81 Kuma Kai -- 20.3(No.3) Max, 20.3(No.2) Max, Shiun
    Lv 97 Atago Kai -- 20.3(No.3) Max, 20.3(No.2) Max, Type 3
    Lv 95 Takao Kai -- 20.3(No.3) Max, 20.3(No.2) Max, Type 3
    Lv 98 Sendai Kai Ni -- 20.3(No.3) Max, 20.3(No.2) Max, Night Recon Plane
    Lv 64 Amagiri Kai -- 10HA+FD +9, 10HA+FD +7, Type 13 Air Radar Kai

    4 Bombers to Boss Node R

    Diamond at J & L, Vanguard at P & Q, Line Ahead at Boss Node R

    3BB1CV2DD Node Support turned on after 4th Taiha, Boss Support only used for LD

    ~17 Buckets spent

    Notable Drops:
    Node R - Matsukaze (is she notable?)

    - Map is a bit rougher than E1, but not by much. I don't think you really need to use Historicals here, you can pretty much use any CA here. No worries if you want to wait for EOs and their Historicals to become known.

    - The Air Raid Nodes are not really a problem. You don't need to use a duckie here, but aim to have 1-2 ships capable of AACI.

    - The last two Pre-boss Nodes were my biggest problem. I was using Vanguard formation for all runs. There may be a better way to organize the fleet (swap Atago and Sendai position), but honestly most of my Taihas were on Takao in the 4th position, as would be expected. After going 3/7 on runs, I decided to bring the Node Support to give a bit of edge to passing. Support only reliably took out 1 enemy ship in each Node, so..... it is a small security blanket.

    - Boss was not a problem. With decently leveled cruisers + optimal equipment, you should be able to sink her almost every time. If you can spare a TCI DD for this map, go right ahead, but most of my damage was coming from the cruisers. Her armor jumped from 195 to 218 on LD. I also added Boss Support for the Final Run, just to make sure I cleared her escorts (in the end, they only did 36 dmg to Boss).

    - LBAS was a key factor. Many times the 2 waves would clear all escorts, like it did during my LD. Occasionally the waves derp, so consider that on your LD runs. Just put the 4 best bombers you have.

    It looks like you can Farm a DE Hachijou and CV Unryuu at Node A. I am not sure about farming effectiveness, as I never sortied towards A. Honestly, the gimmick here is not needed at all. As I said previously, 1-2 AACI ships, and the Air Raids will be the least of your worries. You might want to go Line Ahead instead of Vanguard. Overall, resource expenditure was almost non-existent, 1000-4000 units of each. Using a CLT here would help with the Pre-Boss Nodes and could help with LD, but unless you have dupes, I would not use one here (not without more info on the EOs).

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    Fall 2019 Event Progress

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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Explosive Licking Castle
    1702 Post(s)
    E2 Hard Cleared!
    Total 10 runs, of which 6 S ranks including final kill, 1 A rank, 1 retreat to air raid Node J, 2 retreats to Node P
    Route: IJLPQR

    Lv 99 Ryuuhou Kai - TBM, Suisei Egusa, Reppuu K2E (CarDiv 1/Skilled), NOAP Skilled
    Lv 99 Atago Kai - 20.3cm(3) x2, T0 Recon M11b (Skilled), FuMO
    Lv 99 Takao Kai - 20.3cm(3) x2, T0 Recon M11b (Skilled), FuMO
    Lv 99 Isokaze B Kai - 5in Mk30 Kai x2, T13 Radar Kai +4
    Lv 72 Suzutsuki Kai - 10cm HA+FD MAX, 10cm HA+FD, T13 Radar Kai MAX
    Lv 98 Sendai Kai Ni - 20.3cm(3) +9, 20.3cm(2) +9,. Night Scout MAX

    Diamond at air raid Nodes J and L, Vanguard at Nodes P and Q, Line Ahead at boss Node R

    61 Fighter Power gives AD at air raid Nodes J and L and AS+ at all other nodes

    4 best bombers to boss Node R

    15 buckets spent

    Support not necessary at all but sent boss support for final kill anyway

    Notable drops: Nothing! (Arashi?)

    Cleared easily, although potentially poor pass rate is a minor nuisance. I used night CVCI as a experiment... it did not do anything since your slots will be mostly empty by the time you reach the boss so there won't be good multipliers. CVL would be better run with blue+red+2 green to get AP at the air raid nodes, but ultimately it will end up totally ineffective by the time you reach the boss because of so many Tsu-class. As a note if you do run CVL you can use a slow CVL here as there is no routing penalty if you do not do the shortcut unlock.

    EDIT: Had the routing slightly wrong so I will rewrite the following

    The alternative routes to bring (F)BB for extra firepower/shelling phase are

    JLNPQR (shortcut not unlocked) : BB 3CA/CL/CLT 2DD. You will fight a extra surface battle node, but if you used Vanguard/are sending node support anyway, it shouldn't be a obstacle. There will be slightly lower evasion at the boss due to fuel penalty. In this case the BB can be slow (can use BBV, if there are no uses for it in the EO).
    JSPQR (shortcut unlocked) : FBB CA 4DD, but honestly the main advantage of having the FBB is to grant extra arty spotting chances so I feel this detracts from the value of using FBB at all. The BB must be fast in this case.

    You would preferably want the BB or one of the CA to carry a SPF to get arty spotting at the surface nodes, meaning likely Italia/Roma for the FBB, or Pola or a CAV for the CA (although my opinion at this moment is that SPF-carrying CA and CAVs will have more value in later maps in the MO)

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    KanDex First Completed 16 February 2016 // HQ Lvl 120! 9 March 2016 // 3rd Anniversary with Hiyou! 31 March 2018

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    Newly Registered MegacesarCG's Avatar
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    Nov 2018
    Hitokappu Bay Anchorage
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    E-2 Completed! I was going to complete it in casual but for the SONAR I decided to go in Easy.
    It cost me about 9 runs plus 3 retreats, and about 10 buckets.
    I used 2CA 2DD 1CVL 1CL. Obviously, i didn't use the shortcut.

    Of course, the main challenge was that each surface node (including the boss node) had a Ne-class and/or a Tsu-class (I retired twice for the Ne-class).
    As for CA Hime, her Last Dance i ended up sinking her using (as always) a TCI (Well, It fail. But i still managed to sink it).
    In the first run i get Ooyodo, and the last run i get Kashima.

    E-3 looks like a good opportunity to use my Haguro (is Lv.95), Naka (Is Kai Ni) and Ryuujou (Well, she isn't Kai Ni but is Lv.70...)

    Fight Admirals! For everlasting peace!
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    Lieutenant Ken G's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
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    E2 Hard cleared!

    Notable drops: I-13

    No shortcut used. Vanguard at air raid nodes and line ahead at the surface and boss nodes.

    Fleet - boss support only used in LD

    LBAS - send all to boss node

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    Rear-Admiral silentcap's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    674 Post(s)
    E-2 Hard Cleared

    Takanami (lv55): 10cmHA+FD (max, +3), GCFS Mk.37
    Akigumo (lv83): 10cmHA+FD (+6, +6), GCFS Mk.37
    Sendai (lv99): 2x20.3cm (no.3), T0 Obs Model 11
    Kako (lv71): 2x20.3cm (no.2) (+2, non-mod), FuMO25, T0 Obs Model 11
    Takao (lv98): 2x20.3cm (no.2), T98 Night Scout (max), FuMO25
    Chitose (lv53): T97 Tomonaga, Reppuu 601, T0 Mod53 Iwamoto (max), Re.2005 Kai

    This map is pure trolling for me. Always get sent back either in nodes P and Q that I have to devote my LBAS (loaded with my longest range/best stat LBAS bombers) to node Q and even node support (3BB 2DD 1CV) just to get my fleet past there. For LD, I did the same except I used the fleet that was in node support to boss support. I also didn't unlock the shortcut either since I was busy trying to clear this map as fast as possible.

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    Vice-Admiral Etrigan's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    E2H Cleared!

    Managed to avoid the potential EO locks, I think. Amagiri wasn't Kai'd before the event started, and still isn't fully modernized.

    Atago and Takao did most of the work, and Sendai covered when they didn't. 6 S ranks, and one A-Rank on a red-T.

    Pass rate at first was awful, 1 in 5 runs. Started sparkling the whole fleet and it improved. Since Akizuki was holepunched AND had the highest evasion, I kept her at slot 4 and gave her a repair team. Used one before I decided to just bite the bullet and sparkle. Kept the repair on her, but never needed it after that.

    Added Node and Boss support at LD - had one failed run when node support didn't proc, and one clean run. I don't know that it's that useful - if you have more time than resources it's significantly cheaper to sparkle than run support.

    Overall 13 runs - 1 A rank, 6 S ranks, 6 retreats (J, 3xP and 2xQ). 33 buckets, plus some from sparkling. 1 repair team.

    Final fleet comp:
    [+] Spoiler

    Started Hiyou with a DB and 3x fighters for AS at the air raids, but that seemed like overkill so I swapped to TB/DB/FB/F. The named SQDs were VERY resistant to loosing ranks. I ran an F4 for a while to keep the fighter in the samll slot, but they got wiped. Added the Murata SQD in the 12 slot and they managed to survive.

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    Captain kazenorin's Avatar
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    E2H Cleared

    Fleet was relatively low level
    Lv92 Takao
    Lv92 Atago
    Lv83 Ryuuhou Kai (TB + 3x Fighter)
    Lv90 Sendai
    Lv97 Suzutsuki
    Lv91 Amagiri

    Equipment was like most other people, day-night DA, no special night gear, only Suzu doing the AACI
    4x Bombers airstrike to boss...

    7 Chipping Runs (1 retreat, 1A; mostly sparkled runs, no support), 2 Boss Runs (1 retreat, all sparkled, full sparkled node support, mostly sparkled boss support)
    Net loss of 13 buckets, and trivial amount of resource loss (mostly due to not sending expeditions)

    The A-Rank during chipping was a fully sparkled run, with a Green-T and everyone only scratched, and that there was no other ship other than the Hime.
    Poor armor rolls and misses... RNG extremity?

    The boss run retreat I blame node support not showing up. Again, I always find this unfair... but years after years it stayed this way :(

    Did a lot of sparkling because I was busy doing other things prior to the first sortie, the last two chipping runs were not completely sparkled because of this reason.

    Amagiri and Sendai didn't do much against the boss, it was mostly the Takao sisters' job.

    No notable drops since I still have all ships at this point... Rare drops, I guess Ooyodo counts?

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    Commander friggo's Avatar
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    E2H cleared!

    Didn't go for the shortcut here because it felt like a waste of time. Turns out I was right.

    Phase 1 - Heavy Cruiser hime

    6 S-ranks, 1 A-rank, 1 retreat at air strike node
    buckets used: 14 (+2 buckets for morale)
    total sorties: 8

    LBAS: 4 bombers, all sent to boss

    The two options for this map seemed to be either to use donger on preboss nodes and pray OR go line ahead and bring node support. I chose the latter because I was hardcapped anyway, so resources weren't an issue. Boss support used only on last dance.

    The Tsu class was not kind to my bombers. Got my slots emptied more than once, but re-ranking planes is not a huge bother for me. Last dance was cleared on first attempt. Not too much to say about this map, honestly. It's pretty straightforward.

    In retrospect: I majorly fucked up by locking Kinugasa here, one day before it was discovered that she has massive damage bonus in E6. Kako/Furutaka would've been a much better choice. Oh, well.

    On to the next!

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