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    Lieutenant Ken G's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
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    E4 Hard cleared!

    Notable drops: Maruyu, Hatakaze, Houston

    This map gives the same vibes as Summer 19 E2. In short, pre-boss nodes are easy to pass, but getting the final kill in LD is another RNG-fest. This time I managed to sink the LD boss with a succession of lucky snipes, despite the day battle being Red T. As usual, if you are unable to sink the LD boss, keep trying XD

    Number of LD attempts: 6

    WARNING: Do not use Akatsuki here as she may be needed in E6 together with Hiei and Yuudachi as hinted by the devs in their tweet.

    Part 1

    Part 1 fleet

    Part 1 LBAS - all to 1st boss node

    Part 2

    Part 2 fleet - boss support only for LD

    Part 2 LBAS - all to 2nd boss node

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    Commander Arv's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    Went with the heavy surface task force and it took me 6 runs at LD even with the debuff, but Ooi came thru in the end with a cut in that finished off the Boss, course now it's quarter till 3 am my time, thank goodness I'm off work the next two days :)

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    Vice-Admiral Kuropo's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Hello fellow teitokus, I have finally cleared E-4 as well yesterday. A little late to the party, but I prioritized farming De Ruyter over continuing with the clears. Although E-4 is somewhat harder than the previous maps of this event, I think it is still much more doable than is usual for final MO maps.

    E-4 Part 1 (TP phase)

    E-4 starts off with a very short TP phase, especially if you have the sufficient number of Daihatsus. With my fleet composition and equipment setups (see below), A ranks netted 120 TP and S ranks 172 TP. I managed to clear the first phase in 4 sorties, 1 S rank and 2 A ranks. My first attempt was a failure because I sent boss support instead of normal node support. This was barely enough to deplete the 400 TP meter with 12 TP over. As mentioned, I sent normal node support for every attempt, mainly to get past pre-boss node M.

    Total attempts: 4 (First was failure due to wrong support expedition)
    Boss encounters: 3
    Boss kills: 1
    S ranks: 1

    E-4-1 Fleet composition

    Note 1: You might want to save Verniy for the next map as she enjoys a significant in E-5 as well while she was not particularly important to my fleet composition, other than being an OASW capable ship with Searchlight.
    Note 2: Only when I had already cleared this map did I notice that my Murakumo was shy 1 ASW stat for OASW capability. Obviously this was an oversight and she should either equip another ASW equipment piece or be replaced by a better ASW DD.
    Note 3: Normal node support for every sortie.

    E-4-1 LBAS

    E-4-1 Replay

    Direct link to watch replay: http://kc3kai.github.io/kancolle-rep...305f12eb6b.png

    E-4 Part 2

    The second part of E-4 gets a bit more difficult than everything prior to this phase, but I think it is still quite easy, especially considering this is the final MO part. The Final kill was pretty easy for me to acquire too. It took only 4 (Final kill) attempts, with 3 boss encounters. The first 2 boss battles ended with only the boss barely surviving (heavily damaged). With friend fleet support, that nudge you get from them should net you the Final kill on even the first encounter.

    Total attempts (Pre-final): 6
    Boss encounters (Pre-final): 6
    Boss kills (Pre-final): 3
    S ranks (Pre-final): 3

    Total attempts (Final): 4
    Boss encounters (Final): 3
    Boss kills (Final): 1
    S ranks (Final): 1

    E-4-2 Fleet compositions

    Note 1: My Yura is not luckmodded, but I think she still has an acceptable rate to trigger TCI in the (escort) flagship position and does good damage against the boss and the Ne-class with it.
    Note 2: AACI on Akashi does a decent job at taking down enemy bombers and to get past airstrike node R. It even took down all of the remaining enemy air planes at the boss node during Final kill.
    Note 3: Boss support only for Final kill.

    Pre-final (STF)

    Final kill debuff

    • S rank node E: Replaced Akashi with Shinyou.
    • Perfect air defense: Both land bases filled with best (high altitude) interceptors/fighters. Done simultaneously with node E S rank.
    • 2x A+ rank node P: Same fleet composition as in E-4-1.

    See for more details in the Replays below.

    Final kill (STF)

    E-4-2 LBAS

    E-4-2 Replays


    Direct link to watch replay: http://kc3kai.github.io/kancolle-rep...2bf6ba20a6.png

    Node E S rank & perfect air defense

    Direct link to watch replay: http://kc3kai.github.io/kancolle-rep...40ccdd3f2f.png

    Node P A+ rank (x2)

    Direct link to watch replay: http://kc3kai.github.io/kancolle-rep...35b9c7e9e2.png

    Final kill

    Direct link to watch replay: http://kc3kai.github.io/kancolle-rep...807a1680c3.png

    Houston farm

    I am using the same fleet composition as the one above for E-4-2 (Pre-final) to farm for Houston. Boss encounter rate seems good and A ranks at the boss node are guaranteed. However, I have managed only 50% S rank rate in both the Pre-final and Post-clear phases with any support expeditions. Drop rates seem pretty good to me with 6% on S rank and 3% on A rank on Hard difficulty. Here is hoping that she actually drops for me soon...

    Thank you for reading. I hope this post is useful to someone! ^_^

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    Commander friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
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    E4H cleared!

    This map definitely looked scarier than it actually was, at least for me. Maybe I just got lucky, but the main operations were not particularly difficult this time around.

    Phase 1 - Transport fleet

    1 S-rank, 3 A-ranks, 1 failed LoS check, 1 retreat at sub node, 1 retreat at M-node
    buckets used: 21
    total sorties: 7

    LBAS#1: 4 bombers to boss
    LBAS#2: 4 bombers to M-node

    The preboss was being particularly annoying here, even with FCF. Admittedly, I didn't use any support expeditions, which might have made things a bit easier.

    Phase 2 - Batavia hime - chipping

    3 S-ranks, 4 A-ranks
    buckets used: 31
    total sorties: 7 (no retreats)

    LBAS#1: 4 bombers to boss
    LBAS#2: 4 bombers to boss

    I used the heavier fleet comp with a (dupe) Akashi. The boss was great at always sniping one of my damage dealers during yasen, so scoring an S-rank was difficult. Ryuujou did insane damage whenever she wasn't sniped, though. Nearly managed to chip the boss down in 6 sorties, but still needed another ~70 damage run to reach last dance. No supports used.

    Phase 3 - debuff

    buckets used: 7 (+3 buckets for morale)
    total sorties: 3

    For P-node, I used the same transport fleet as in phase 1, but with combat equipment instead of daihatsu and drums. LBAS was also the same as in phase 1.
    I then did both the E-node and air defense in a single sortie, with both LBAS filled with interceptors and set to defend.

    Phase 4 - Batavia hime - last dance

    LBAS#1: 3 bombers, 1 fighter to boss
    LBAS#2: 4 bombers to boss

    Cleared it in a single run. Admittedly, I had great luck. Didn't take even a point of damage on the preboss (no support used), then had a godly opening volley from landbase and support that wiped out TEN ships, leaving just the two damage sponges alive. Somehow my fleet still almost managed to fuck it up in yasen (both TCI failed and the CAVs choked), but Ryuujou saved it in the end.

    In retrospect: I made another mistake locking Takao here, one day before her E6 bonus was discovered. At this point, I have Atago as the only historical CA for E6. Hope that'll be enough...

    On to the next!

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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    5666 Post(s)
    @friggo Don't fret too much about bonus CA. Bonus CA other than Kinugasa are trash in escort without luckmod, and Kinugasa's DA doesn't have that much of an advantage over pudding TCI either. You really wouldn't be using more than one CA unless you actually luckmodded historical CA.

    You still need two additional CA at main fleet, but CA in main fleet isn't the most important factor tbh.

    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Captain Forcyte's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
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    Cleared through E4H. De Ruyter dropped for me while chipping E3, but no such luck with Houston.

    Not sure what's going with my KC3Kai, but screenshots are coming up all black so no victory captures. I've been following along using established comps, though like most people, I locked Atago and Takao in E2 before the data for E6 had been gathered.

    E4 LD fleet -- it took 9 attempts and a Green-T to clear last dance: (Roma and Ooi are dupes)

    Resources looking good still, so on to E5.

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    Captain kazenorin's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    Hashirajima Anchorage
    234 Post(s)
    E4H Cleared

    Phase 2 fleet is a replica of 211303's guide using Akashi; Pola is substituted with Zara.
    Phase 1 fleet is also a replica, using Grecale instead of Libeccio, and Zara instead of Prinz.

    Akashi is Lv81, most other ships are Lv94-99, only Chiyoda (Lv142) and Zara (Lv128) are ringed, so it's not an exotic comp.

    I only have 1 SCAMP (the other one is Summer 2014 event reward, I haven't started yet), so used improved OTOs and 15.5cm K2 secondaries instead.

    LBAS full bombers.

    LD: 1 Run, Dual Support
    Node P Debuff: 4 Runs, ran once with boss support (forgot I needed only A-rank), other three run no support
    Node E Debuff: 1 Run
    Chipping: 7 Runs, no support
    TP: 5 Runs, no support

    Notable new drop: Huston
    Other notable drops: Yamakaze

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    Vice-Admiral Etrigan's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Quick question on the debuff for Batavia Hime. Does she still look damaged/debuffed post-clear? I'm post-clear farming, and on the first run she looked normal again.

    I did the debuff steps - S-Ranked node E and got AS on air base defense in one run, and got two A-Ranks on node P. Got the chime twice - after the node E/AS run, and after the second A rank on P.

    When I went to the boss for LD, she looked debuffed - damaged, glowing, etc. But no Houston, so now I'm farming and she's back to looking normal, and the boss fleet is in the non-final form.

    Any way to tell for sure if the debuff took? Is it definitely just an AS on the air raid, not AS+ or perfect? I got AS per KC3, but still took some damage.

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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Explosive Licking Castle
    1702 Post(s)
    Quote Originally Posted by Etrigan View Post
    Quick question on the debuff for Batavia Hime. Does she still look damaged/debuffed post-clear? I'm post-clear farming, and on the first run she looked normal again.
    The boss returns to the pre-final CG and boss comp after clearing. There's no evidence that the debuff has any effect post-clear since S rank rate is still very poor during post-clear farming.

    FF will be implemented this Wednesday evening for E4, and any extra hits would definitely help with improving the poor rate of S ranks. Just wait/continue with E5 farming/clearing for now.

    KanDex First Completed 16 February 2016 // HQ Lvl 120! 9 March 2016 // 3rd Anniversary with Hiyou! 31 March 2018

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    Vice-Admiral Etrigan's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    @NanashiYoukai Thanks! S-Ranks pre-clear were about 50%. I must have just been really lucky, because post-clear is much lower.

    I'm debating starting E-5 - I'm worried that the FF is going to drastically change the comps. Last time, suddenly you had to cut the best historicals out to ensure the good FF showed up.

    No De Ruyter yet, so I'll probably just go farm E-3 for a while.



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