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    @Greenie: Better than it used to be, but 5-5 is a pain. I'm so desperate for medals that I'm doing it now. Unfortunately, it eats up a lot of buckets and resources. 6-5 isn't exactly cheap either. This month my Yamato class is getting taiha'd quite a bit. Repair bills are insane... :<

    GL on clearing the quest.

    - - - Updated - - -
    @kazenorin: Ugh, that's brutal. Got two more kills on 6-5. Hope it doesn't take me much longer. Still got 5-5 to do >_<

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NanashiYoukai View Post
    Also I notice the last post happens to be by me as well, again not so much RNG being mean per se but finding new ways to make one's life interesting. Perhaps I should adopt this thread to dedicate it to RNG being not really a cruel mistress but more of a whimsical and capricious one that blesses and screws you over even-handedly, sometimes in the same gesture.
    So very true. The only solution is to worship Murphy.

    Two RNG tales of late...

    Running 5-4 with subs. Finally get to the boss node... "No! NO! The TRANSPORT! SINK THE TRANSPORT!" ...as they annihilate every other ship.

    "...fine. Morale is good, let's try one more time. "
    ...get the other end node instead.
    ...every torpedo into the transport.
    ...rest of enemy fleet depth charges fleet into red
    *bemused twitching


    Working on 'Sink 20 transports' in 2-2.
    *13 times in a row, the subs are sent to the boss
    "FINE! If that's how you will play this"
    *takes the weekly for World 2 bosses
    "Ha! Either way, I win! Your move Murphy."
    *watches fleet get sent to Instant Build node
    "...well played, Murphy. Well played."

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    @Ferreae Which is why I prefer 2-3 Orel than 2-2 Bashi

    You can't lose in Orel... unless you haven't cleared that sink 3 transports mission...
    And then this could happen:
    * Sorties to Orel, sank 2 transport
    * Opps, forgot to take the 3 transports mission
    * Sortie #2: Boss node
    * Sortie #3: Boss node
    * ...
    * Sortie #N-1: Boss node
    * Sortie #N: Finally another 2 transport
    * Repeat, finally get the 3rd transport
    * Now boss node time:
    * Sortie #M: transport: 20 transports cleared, and still needs 2 more boss node runs

    Got stuck and cannot proceed, then you, my first battleship passionately came: Kongou 126/155, 2016-02-28
    LSC Journey | Taihou 2016-06-16 | Yamato 2016-09-03 | Musashi 2016-09-08 | Bismarck 2016-09-10



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