In addition to the site wide rules, the following applies to the lottery section.

General Section Rules:
  1. This section is for lottery help and requests only. That means no idle chatter. Posts of thanks will be tolerated.

Rules & Guidelines for Requesters:
  1. Please make only one thread.
  2. Also please make a new thread for a new request. Don't piggyback.
  3. Be patient and wait for a helper to come along. You can bump your thread once per lottery announcement if no one has come along to help you yet. Excessive bumping will just be deleted.
  4. Be patient and realise we may not always get in.
  5. Don't ask for help if you're going to attempt the lottery yourself. Only one person can be logged into an account at a time and someone logging in kicks the other person out. This makes it hard for you or the helpers to get through the lottery.
  6. After we've gotten you into the game, change your password.
  7. When contacted by a helper, provide them the following details in a PM.
    • Your DMM login (ie the email you used to register)
    • Your DMM password
    • Your desired username (if you haven't linked your DMM account to Kancolle yet)

Rules & Guidelines for Helpers:
  1. Please don't take more requests that you can manage in one day.
  2. If someone has already claimed a request, please don't post.

Information on the current lottery can be found HERE