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    Captain Shishouro's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    I have known that Nendoroids exist for the past year. But now that I am walking through Akihabara, and I am seeing the shear volume of Nendoroids for sale, I cannot help but wonder, why are they so popular? Can anyone explain the reasons for getting one?

    I was hoping to pick up a Kancolle figure or two, but I haven't seen anything that catches my eye (Good Smile Shigure Kai Ni not withstanding). Should I just cave and pick up a nendoroid, or two....or three?

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    Rear-Admiral velocius's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
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    Re: What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    the fact that they are smaller gives them easier storage, the price is affordable while still being cute and possable (sorry figma lovers, but them joints :S.). And the later ones have so many extra's you can change them to your liking.

    they combine alot of good factors and thats why i like them.
    @KotoNano: lol at Shimasnake :P. Also, i'd liek to say i don't like Chibi art style but do like nendoroids. i'm strange i gues :P


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    Marshal Admiral KotoNano's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Iwagawa Breakfield
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    Re: What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    Nendoroids are basically the chibi version of figures due to the proportions. People who collect Nendo's are most likely people who also enjoy chibi art.

    They can also come with a variety of alternate parts, faceplates and other things but this vastly differs between what individual Nendoroid it is. Kancolle ones usually come with a rather large number of parts (Shimakaze and Amatsukaze even came with alternate "damaged" bodies) But others can come with very little in the way of extras. I don't regret getting Chloe, even if she only has two hats and 6 arms as extras. That voicebox more than makes up for it
    You can even mix and match different nendoroids. My sister still has the spare Shimakaze body with Solid snakes head on.

    That and they've been around 9 years now so it's hard for another company to displace their niché

    Will only return for Yuzuki.

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    Kaigun Shosho (海軍少将) selenphr's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Re: What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    Looking at the boxes of nendos that threaten to topple over me in my lair as I type this I do wonder why myself~

    But in all seriousness or something like that: More Like Pro's and Cons


    1.The Chibiness is cute~
    2. They make good subjects in photos.
    3. They are portable, especially the petite's.
    4. In my experiences of dropping them accidentally, they're quite durable.
    5. They are easier to clean.
    6. You have a pretty decent selection of series and characters to choose from.
    7. Mix and Match.
    8. +tic nessan's face plate and some other fun faces
    9. Quite cheaper. Excluding the exclusive ones and some others if you missed them during releases.
    Ten. They are healing in a sense, that when you go home after a long hard day of sleeping in class or lazing on work, they greet you with a goofy face or a simple smile~
    11. Spits are fun
    12. If the reception is good for the series or figure they have re-releases at cheaper prices.
    13. If the tie-in from other companies are good you may get some goods like Vanguard cards and in game stuff like the touken ranbu ones
    14. Some thingies are better off chibi fied that normally proportioned
    1. It's like pringles. One you start you cannot stop.
    2. Even if they are durable in a sense not advisable for people that handles stuff roughly and have clumsy hands. Them neck joints are fragile.
    3. Please do not try to be a pokemon master. Even if they are quite cheap, if you get afflicted with the gotta catch them all syndrome... may the gods have mercy on your wallet.
    4. They may have small stuff that could be lost if not careful.
    5. Prices are erratic. In resale.
    6. Limited edition hurts like refueling YamaSushi after 1 hp repairs. -coughs-wo class -coughs-

    I think that's it~

    If you do decide to tread this path, good luck~

    Hard work and effort will never betray you but RNG-sama will screw you over faster than you can say Solomon Merry Go round.

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    Commander Strafe's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Sukumo Bay Anchorage
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    Re: What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    Doesn't have to be that technical really, look at them and if you get that feeling of overwhelming happiness that you feel when looking at a Puppy or a Kitten begging to be adopted then that is the magic of it, it also helps when you know the character that has been nendoroid-fied. but unlike some popular belief that I've previously read they maybe small but they aren't exactly what some might call storage friendly due to their bulk, box and figure alike as I have both figma,Nendoroid and soon 4 Cu Poche KC (that still need to arrive) collections and these little tykes (Nendo) eat space like its no one's business and speaking of "Space eating" I expect my Nendoroid Yamato to be bulky which prompted the need to buy another storage for my Nendoroids and that is the reason why I only pick Nendoroids that I really like.

    Always have the time. . .

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    Marshal Admiral acolyte's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
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    Re: What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    Also personally:
    - Less chance to sexually offend someone at the office (I store my nendoroids in the office)
    - Swappable parts means old nendoroids will still be useful in the future
    - Kancolle nendoroids are known for some of the highest bang for the buck - a lot of plastic parts for the price

    For nendoroids you could just pick up one or two - should be good enough and you can check whether they still interest you.
    I have 5 Nendoroid petit sets (kancolle, FSN, bakemonogatari, Love Live, madoka) and about 50 nendoroids stored in my office I think? I tried to slow my collecting down but after 3 years it sorta bubbled up to this point, but I don't collect scaled figures

    Goals: Continue playing KC with minimal stress

    Siggy by kuavera. Alt siggy by Valkirion

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    Shinmai Shosa (新米少佐) Viscoun's Avatar
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    Aug 2015
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    Re: What is with the Nendoroid craze?

    Nenoroids make for compact additions to decoration lines. Plus, some people like chibi.

    Problem is, many of them are similar prices to real-sized figures. So I'm with you - I don't understand the craze at all. Rather get a figure that actually looks like a character, rather than a dumbed-down blob that could look like anyone if you changed the hair color / clothing.

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