I wanted to make this post to help spread the love of music around. Going to a live music event in my opinion really puts a spin on enjoying your favorite artists or even introduces new groups you never gave a chance or didn't like before. So again please share some events that just were recent or in the future that you enjoyed or are looking forward to and maybe grasp some interest! Please share your experiences :D

I suppose I will start:

I am currently going to the JPOP Summit 2015 and my initial hook was because of Aoi Eir performing live. To my surprise Jam Project was also there and it was a totally crazy event that was just crazy awesome! Another new group I am looking with interest is Gacharic Spin. If anyone knows of any popular J-Rock/Pop artists coming to the states I would love to know!

Edit 1: I forgot to mention that if you like Japanese Rock/Pop/?? the J-pop summit may be of interest to you.