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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    2019 Fall Event Wrap Up Thread

    As usual, just a thread for you to air out what you feel about this event.

    Might want to fill in this post-event survey a friend made as well. Result will be revealed on reddit in a week:

    Final passing rate:
    E1: over 90%
    E2: over 95%
    E3: approximately 98%
    E4: over 98%
    E5: over 95%
    E6: approximately 95%

    Most picked difficulty:

    E1-4: Hard
    E5: around the same for Normal and Easy
    E6: around the same for Hard, Normal and Easy

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    Captain Danielosama's Avatar
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    Well, I'm only going to repeat what (mostly) everybody already thinks: they wait way too fuckin long to add Friend Fleets, which in turn makes the Events last a lifetime (so much for trying to be back on schedule, amirite?)
    Other than that, the Event was alright I guess. There was a clear difficulty divide between MOs and EOs, which I'm alright with as long as it's not absolutely ridiculous and the rewards are worth it (E5 Hard?? hello???)

    Let's see what they do next Event.

    Death from above!

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    Vice-Admiral HaganeNoKaze's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Event result:
    Own goals: clear / Event clear / Kanmusu dex clear
    Farming: All new ships get + Extra Hayasui / Amagi and Teruzuki ! Extra Hatsuzuki and Saratoga would be welcome, but I didn't farm for them specefically, then it was fine.
    As said above, it was too long before we get friend fleet. I would add as extra annoyance that farming for 2 news girls on same map but different node (E5: Hirato and Akishimo) was quite annoying.

    In the end, a nice event, but I personnaly think that there are more and more signs that the game is slowly running out of steam (Long event, lack of communication, bugs, poor rewards (except new girls))... Let's see what happen next.

    Overall event rating: A

    Thanks to @Neskape for this signature !
    Many thanks to @Fuda ! Regulars GCT are wonderful !

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    Jan 2015
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    As far as clearing, getting all ships, and not wasting TOO many resources in the process, i got all i was aiming for.

    Like always i could do with a bit less RNG shenanigans for the more difficult maps (like requiring a perfect day+night+lbas+green t+cut ins) but overall the event seemed a lot more bearable than past stuff. It was mostly a "as hard as you want to make it" event, so as long as you were willing to give up on higher rewards or bragging rights, anyone should have been able to finish it.

    My only gripe was the music. E-6 p2 boss node was fine, but the rest of the maps felt flat, almost as if i was doing 1-5 or something.

    As for the future, if they are going to keep adding insane amounts of AA requeriments for base defense, they need to reintroduce rocket interceptors in some form. The divide between "have" and "have not" is too high atm.

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    Commander Ferreae's Avatar
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    May 2017
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    @Kahlev was wondering that with someone the other day...not so much high AA, but high-altitude bombers - of needing to add the jets as a new quarterly or a permanent one-time. Its lack is a barrier as much as toukai can be for newer players, or even 'just missed that event' players.


    As for event, i enjoyed all but e6 ld's randomness. I don't begrudge those that had it one-and-done, even if it was Friendly Fleet luck...just..sheesh. Murphy was having fun tormenting some of us.

    The difficulty spike of MO to EO was how I figured things should always been... the 'ExBoss' spike, not 'just a bit harder than the MO'... and I had no qualms about the rewards for all but E5...they all seemed fair to the new players I talked with... but E5H just seemed like they forgot about it while assigning rewards.

    As for music, not only was the e6 boss music nice, impressed how fast you covered it.

    The only ship I needed I didn't get was I-401, whose droprate/cost just didn't seem worth it... again. One day..one day I'll get her. ..probably through LSC at this rate =P

    Correction, was a TINY SMIDGE of wistful in not doing E5 on hard: I'd have used it instead of E3 for double subnode leveling... but E5N was 10 less exp than E3H, while facing the hime instead of normal subs. E5H was probably tastier then E3H for the same

    For those that use KC3, they have pinned in the discord a script you put in the Strategy Room...just open up the console in devtools, ensure 'verbose' is turned on.. and paste the contents at the following:

    Spits out some amusement for you.
    [+] Spoiler

    Top 5 Total Damage Dealt
    Kirishima Kai Ni: 81429
    Nelson Kai: 74744
    Kitakami Kai Ni: 66587
    Hiei Kai Ni: 62323
    Nagato Kai Ni: 48030
    Top 5 Max Hit
    Hiei Kai Ni: 846
    Nagato Kai Ni: 786
    Kirishima Kai Ni: 683.1
    Nelson Kai: 565
    Mutsu Kai Ni: 563
    Top 5 Taiha Magnets
    Abruzzi Kai: 15
    Ayanami Kai Ni: 12
    Kinugasa Kai Ni: 9
    Uranami Kai: 6
    Fletcher Kai: 5
    Top 5 Number of Kills
    Nelson Kai: 259
    Kirishima Kai Ni: 232
    Natori Kai: 213
    Janus Kai: 189
    Mikura: 174
    E1 Stats
    1229 fuel, 1100 ammo, 848 steel, 55 baux, 40 buckets, 0 flamethrowers consumed
    Top 5 Drops
    No Drop: 24
    Ryuujou: 2
    Choukai: 2
    Sazanami: 1
    Shikinami: 1
    E2 Stats
    3254 fuel, 4137 ammo, 1838 steel, 1095 baux, 42 buckets, 0 flamethrowers consumed
    Top 5 Drops
    No Drop: 59
    Hiei: 2
    Hatsushimo: 1
    Shiratsuyu: 1
    Murasame: 1
    E3 Stats
    23687 fuel, 16158 ammo, 7023 steel, 1330 baux, 162 buckets, 0 flamethrowers consumed
    Top 5 Drops
    No Drop: 427
    Nachi: 9
    Sazanami: 5
    Shiratsuyu: 4
    Sendai: 4
    E4 Stats
    9626 fuel, 7814 ammo, 6392 steel, 1145 baux, 88 buckets, 48 flamethrowers consumed
    Top 5 Drops
    No Drop: 69
    Nachi: 2
    Shirayuki: 2
    Haguro: 2
    Isonami: 1
    E5 Stats
    31291 fuel, 18500 ammo, 24995 steel, 9810 baux, 157 buckets, 150 flamethrowers consumed
    Top 5 Drops
    No Drop: 186
    Hatsushimo: 4
    Ashigara: 3
    Kazagumo: 3
    Murasame: 3
    E6 Stats
    95048 fuel, 79595 ammo, 83779 steel, 5615 baux, 646 buckets, 132 flamethrowers consumed
    Top 5 Drops
    No Drop: 392
    Ayanami: 6
    Nagara: 6
    Shiratsuyu: 5
    Shikinami: 4
    Total LB Expenditure: 68403 fuel, 25848 ammo, 38250 baux

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    Lieutenant Ken G's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
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    First large-scale event cleared on all Hard! I faltered at the last maps in Summer 17 and Winter 18, so this event was pretty much a real test for me. Being able to clear E6H before arrival of FF gave me a huge boost in confidence and I'm pumped up for the next event. This was also the first time that I had time to do mass-leveling of new ships (E3) and actually enjoyed seeing all of my new girls growing in level, thus reminding me of one of the core reasons why I still continue to play KC till now.

    Difficulty-wise, the MOs are easy barring E4, which is trademark of previous event final MO maps that require you to get everything aligned for the win. The EOs were truly a difficult challenge and conditioned me to push on without giving up (including resparkling my ships over and over again), but at the end of the day, it's the joy of helping fellow admirals clearing E6 together that made the event enjoyable and satisfying, just like all other previous events.

    Till the next event!

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1731 Post(s)
    First, as usual, thanks to @211303 for all the guides and fleet locking worksheet along with everyone else who posted comps/guides, etc. Always appreciated.

    I met all goals, except I guess all Hard clear, but no regrets about E-5 Medium given E-6 Hard. My initial concerns about resource drain proved to be unfounded for which I am glad to be mistaken. Outside of E-6H RNG bashing, wasn't a resource black hole event which is a definite plus. Main operations were OK I suppose if you view equipment rewards in line with fairly easy difficulty. The HF/DF + Type144/147 SONAR is good, particularly since +15 ASW goes a long way towards OASW for some ships. The 8inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.9 mod.2 +4 is... OK. It's +1FP more than 20.3cm (No.3) +9 which isn't too hard to make, but highly doubt 8" triple also gives the huge CA NB accuracy bonus that the 20.3cm line does.

    [EDIT] With the ability to improve (and upgrade default version to Mod 2?) post event end patch, the 8" triple Mk.9 Mod 2 is a better reward and so is the default version if can upgrade to Mod 2 (really want Mod 2). As a result, that does change my view point about said equipment reward more towards the positive. While Houston gets a fit bonus which makes sense since RL gun (and let's face it, Houston K2 is very unlikely so some FP boost helps given pretty average stats), still don't get why Mogami-class gets an FP bonus as well, but game is game I suppose. The hidden NB CA accuracy bonus is still TBD for the 8" triple, but with improvement, you'll get most of the CA NB bonus with 1x 20.3cm (No.3) then get another 2fp with the 8" triple Mod 2 at +9. At any rate, per above do view the equipment rewards for the event more positively.

    Point I'm trying to make here is that for E-1 to E-4, it was an OK event. Nothing great, but not terrible either as events go (though do wonder about Houston (rare foreign ship) being a drop whereas another LHA was reward). Speaking of ships...

    JMO and all, but I've never been a fan of 7 new ships of which you have to farm for 4 of then. Do want new ships, but 3 is plenty to farm IMO. Even if 4 were rewards, I'm good with 3-6 new ships per event (so about 16-18 or so per year). Thankfully, drop rates were pretty decent this time around which is good since other than Hirato no real chance for pre-clear farming. Still, don't see why we needed Hirato in this event. Does every event need a new DE now? Overall, new ships were IMO (you guessed it), OK. Design-wise, like Perth the best. Atlanta is an interesting choice (been mentioned before as one to put into the game) as a pure AA CL. She'll be spot use, but does have great AACI & AA. Not sure about the new LHA yet, but you get the idea. Perhaps a bit lackluster for a "large" event, but eh, good enough I suppose other than the number to farm per above. Other stuff: Theme - fine. Music I liked even if more on the chill side. Rather have that than something grating.

    EO maps is where things go amiss. The Friend Fleet delay (though that also is part of E-4 I suppose) has been commented upon greatly and rightly so. That was screwed up. Can't say about E-5 Hard (did Medium) so maybe/maybe not issues with that map. One could raise a point about rewards, but (A) E-6 Hard looming, and (B) enough comments here to point out that there are players who are going to pick Hard no matter what so a nice option for those of us who usually pick Hard, but on occasion may not depending upon potential salt levels. Also won't hurt those who are border-line EO hard map ready. Still, I think that's a better reward structure for final EO maps like E-6. E-6 (Hard at least) was not a good map. I stand by that. It's bad KanColle IMO with poor RNG passing rate + poor RNG boss kill. Tanaka needs to pick ONE and just one of those.

    Accordingly, to me you have an otherwise "OK/average" event which is then dragged down by some material issues not present in other events with nothing that great on the plus side to compensate = sub-par event. It's not the worst event I've played (Spring 2016 still reigns for that) or even the 2nd or 3rd worst (can think of at least 2 other worse events). But yeah, a sub-par event with E-6 Hard the definitive aspect of it. :/ Going forward, some of the issues are not difficult to fix so devs can get back on track rather easily if so desired.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken G View Post
    First large-scale event cleared on all Hard!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferreae View Post
    @Kahlev was wondering that with someone the other day...not so much high AA, but high-altitude bombers - of needing to add the jets as a new quarterly or a permanent one-time. Its lack is a barrier as much as toukai can be for newer players, or even 'just missed that event' players.
    Yep, which is why I'd go for the Toukai NY quest reward (Well RIP that now. Not the best timing with an event end :/) if I had less than 4 Toukai. It's just... odd. It's like devs realize that Toukai are important (and 4x Toukai did not help THAT much with E-6 Hard Node B, not for me at least. May have hated that node more than Node S for clearing). Yet.... "here you go newer players, you have 14 days to get one") O.o. You'd think that would be a more permanent type of quest.

    I agree with you on Rocket Interceptors. Reppuu Kai 352 (easily best interceptor) and Reppuu Kai are both better with LBAS defense and FW190 D-9 is just as good as a Shuusui for LBAS defense. After that, a few give 18-20 LBAS defense. It's the "high altitude bombers" gimmick where you need the rocket interceptors and I'm not sure when (or maybe if) those will be coming back. Might be so, then sure need more rocket interceptors, but IMO the high-altitude bomber thing was arguably better off as one time event theme. Doesn't add anything IMO other than "need rocket interceptors". Those are still useful for general LBAS defense, so not a waste if we don't see high-level bombers again.

    Thus, I agree its more of an issue with general LBAS defense to unlock this or debuff that. Per above after Reppuu 352, etc. F81 offers a Raiden as a quest reward, there was a NY Quest as well that gave a Raiden as well. Raiden are no longer the best (were great when this was all introduced), but still pretty good for LBAS defense. Problem is that after Raiden (defense 18), for LBAS defense next up is upgrading Spitfire Mk1 to Mk V (17 defense) - assuming you have Spitfire to upgrade. You can get Hayabusa II & Shiden M11 from quarterlies, but even if one spends the time to upgrade & improve, it's not all that much.

    What devs could do is introduce more ways for newer players to get Raiden or similar. I don't think veteran players would abuse that(?) given they probably have a number of as good/better LBAS defenders already. Maybe allow for Shiden M21 to be improved? Should give 16 LBAS defense (not great, but better than it was) and you'd get a pretty good range 4 LBAS fighter escort. You get the idea.

    Last edited by goesto11; 01-14-2020 at 11:51 PM. Reason: Edit due to changes in Jan 14 20 patch
    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Actually this is my first event completed, because in previous events I always got stuck on E-2 due to lack of time (and internet).

    I don't think I can say much because I completed the first three maps in easy and the rest in casual. But Phase 1 of E-1 before the FF was a total softblock for newer players if they didnt have enough anti-installation equipment. Of course, the Christmas gift "helped" a bit because it had a WG42 but it obviously wasn't enough and that's why they had to implement the FF on that node.

    Also, as for the obvious difficulty curve of the EOs. It took me more time to clear them because I started the event with few resources and at that time I was already running out of fuel and ammo (Luckily I played E-5 when the FFs were already implemented). E-6 was brutal for me and I honestly have no idea how I completed it, i was lucky that I had no problems in node V and against the LD of the AA Cruiser Hime. E-6 was also very long and tedious, like 5 steps in total (Transport Mission, Unlock Node X, Chip the boss, Debuffing and the Last Dance).

    After, I went back to E-3 to farm De Ruyter and train my new ships. And I didn't get her (I literally have less than 300 fuel left). But at least I have done more in a month than I did all the previous year.

    I had bad times, disappointments (not getting De Ruyter mainly) and times when the RNG was not on my side. But overall, the event was fine to me.

    Thank you all for the guides!

    Fight Admirals! For everlasting peace!
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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Normal and easy have roughly the same completion rate for E5. But does this mean hard completion is lower than either of those or hard is higher but those 2 have roughly the same rate? Though if it's the former I think it's the first time in event that hard reward was so unappealing that more people prefer to do medium.

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    Commander Makikaki's Avatar
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    Chill maps from E1-E4, not much reason to pick E-5 on hard, E-6 was another rngfest.

    Not a bad event though - good drop rates for ships and farming was a breeze compared to previous ones.
    If only FF arrived sooner for E-6 maybe I would not have wasted 80k fuel/ammo and 300 buckets.

    From the looks of it historical ships will continue to rule over fully luck modded non-historical ones; probably makes it easier for newer players to succeed but then again they also need to have those ships to have a chance.



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