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    Lieutenant SpookyNue's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    [Interest Check] United Kanmusu Forces

    I probably should've started this during summer when everyone or mostly everyone was free but you could blame my schedule for that. However, hopefully if my work load is short and enough people get interested in the idea, this thing will be in full swing during the holiday months. Basically, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing a Kancolle RP. Started the idea around July and tried to play around with it in the limited time I had while taking my sis to summer camp at 7am.

    The plot of the RP is based around the main lore of Kancolle: In the year, let's say 2024, Abyssals rise from the deep and cause havoc to the seas causing humanity to fall back as the current ships and machinery were powerless against the Abyssals. That is, until the birth of Kanmusu. Originating from Japan, Kanmusu are the human embodiments of warships from past times and the only way for humanity to combat the Abyssals. However Kanmusus are not limited to just Japan; Ever since the first Kanmusu was created, the techniques to make Kanmusu have spread across the world and several nations have decided to use the methods to create their own and, despite general skepticism, the nations of the world have decided to join forces to completely liberate the seas from this new threat.

    They are the United Kanmusu Force.

    I know that's a lame name, I'm terrible at names, I'm sorry

    Not only are Kanmusu from the game in this RP but also unimplemented Kanmusu (Also, I have no issue with using Warship Girls characters so you're free to pick them if you want to). Script RP is accepted, Paragraph RP is recommended (honestly I got no problem with both styles but idk paragraphs just flow better to me so I'll let you pick and choose how you want to rp)

    Regarding Original Kanmusu

    Everyone loves OCs; I know so because I love them but also, people are skeptical of them. In order to make this easy for me and everyone else: All OCs must be given to me either on this thread or by PM so I can eventually compose a gigantic google docs full of OCs and Canon characters for those who want to join. All Original Kanmusu must have the following

    • Name (Just their ship name like Lexington, Yamato, etc. However with ships that share the same name, just specify to me which one you're picking so I don't record the wrong one)
    • Ship Class and Type
    • Appearance (You can be as detailed as you need to; Just make sure it's enough to know what your character is wearing. Not required but a description of how their rigging is like is also helpful)
    • Gender ( I've seen male Kancolle OCs outside of admirals done before; I'm just going to add before someone whines about it. If you're making a male ship, refer to them as Kanmusko instead)
    • Personality (Like Apperance, be as detailed as you need to; just make sure that it's more than just one sentence because that's not how personality works. 2-6 sentences is a good average for this.)
    • Extras (Any sort of extra tidbit you want to add about them; maybe little quirks about them, certain relations with other ships, etc.)

    You can stop rping as a certain Kanmusu, we'll just have to kill them off and then someone else can take them up. Dropped Original Characters can be made from scratch by the new rper of said ship if desired and is recommended.


    Setting wise, we'll keep it at a naval base, most likely in Japan as Kancolle takes place near the Pacific and we'll just keep like Kancolle and have a Japanese Naval Base. Because of the fact that the nations are technically supposed to be working together, there is the possibility of ships of different nationalities as nations will often send some ships to other bases in order to reinforce strengths in case of attacks. Having an admiral is a possibility but I probably will have to get someone else to play it as the job of an admiral involves a lot of time I don't have (thanks college). In terms of battles and Abyssals, that's still up in the air as how it will go but since this is the interest thread, suggestions will come up because I'm actually kind of stuck on that and I believe that I will need help to get this started on the right foot!

    The Google Doc containing all players and ships will be made soon. The thread will be updated when it is made.

    Since we'll all be busy soon, how about we start this thing around September or maybe in the winter months if enough people sign up for it? Hopefully that'll be enough time to get all of the kinks fixed and everything sorted out! I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this too btw! Please tell me because I want to make sure that everything is understandable and all around fun!

    Thank you for your time!
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    Newly Registered Mugi's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
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    Re: [Interest Check] United Kanmusu Forces

    Is this completely kill? I wanna try to get into RP with my new OC maymay boat. In reality it's one of the planned Dutch Battlecruisers, Design 1047. HrMs Hollandia is what I've decided to call her.

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    Shinmai Shosa (新米少佐)
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    Jan 2016
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    Re: [Interest Check] United Kanmusu Forces

    without update for it?



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