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    Okay, so I believe the best map to level DD's and CL(T)'s is still 1-5 even at 80+ Admiral HQ. Here are some warnings and pro and cons of the map:

    - Incredibly Resource Efficient
    - Can run morale of side ships to the ground
    - No J-Node
    - Bucket Efficient

    - You'll feel like a kuso teitoku
    - MVP exp is about half of 4-3 (but this is mitigated by the fact you can run this as many times as you have resources

    What you will need:

    - Engines, lots and lots of engines (only if you want to carry some DD's/CL(T)'s)
    - A decent supply of unused destroyers/CL's to start with
    - Obligatory Sonars/Depth Charges for the flagship


    Fleet Composition:
    DD/CL(T) | (3)DD/CL

    This method is similar to farming for morale in 1-1. The ship you are leveling at the start follows the same rules as HQ 80 under, just equip sonars and depth charges to ensure MVP. What is different with this method is that you don't care about what happens to the DD and CL that follow. They are basically sponges to soak damage from the opening torpedo strike. You can run this map 5 times before the unused DD/CL(T)'s run out of ammo and fuel, then you dismantle whoever hasn't sunk. This should also get you more CL's and DD's from hitting S-ranks which is a steady supply of ships to do this over and over. This is only if you want to level one ship at a time. The only resupplying is done to the ship that you are leveling, which is why it's so resource efficient.

    DD/CL(T) | *However many DD's/CL(T)'s you want | 2 DD/CL

    This way uses up a bit more resources and also requires engines. If there is one ship you want to level up, but you also want to soft level some other ships to be carried then bring however many you want, but make sure you have at least 2 unused DD/CL(T) for damage sponges. Equip engines to the other destroyers or CL(T)'s that you wish to be carried. I wouldn't recommend trying to carry ships past level 30 or 40 because by then the repair times will be too long. Everything else is the same.

    Note: If you are having trouble killing the sub, you can bring a BB(V) if you want. Just make sure to equip some Anti-Torpedo Bulges.

    I find that this method is much more efficient than 4-3 because even if you don't hit J-Node, you're going to have to either wait for your ships morale or transition your ships (which takes awhile). Also 4-3 runs eat up so many resources... a ton of ammo and fuel used (steel if you're repairing a lot) and a somewhat decent amount of bauxite is used as well.

    Optionally, if you really cannot stomach sinking ships, then you can run with 3 DD's/CL(T)'s, and put engines on all of them. The problem with this is that the repair time is longer than 3-2A subs repair times even if you have 4 repair slots, but if you don't mind waiting for repairs it works just as well.

    EDIT: With the addition of the "preset" function, I notice that it isn't that big of a deal with swapping ships if you have enough equipment for each ship. I still stand by that it is the most resource efficient, but I suppose if you don't care about using up resources it's still the better option as MVP exp is more and the modernization fodder you get from 4-3 is quite good as well.

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    This article needs update in both usability and possibly content.

    Date of Enlistment: June 17, 2014
    Tour of Duty: 4Y and going.
    Ships Sunk: 0 for 4Y so far.

    FKG ID: 720014195

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamablocker View Post
    This article needs update in both usability and possibly content.
    Format is a bit odd now with the transition, but most of the maps still work fine for grinding. Most of the content was also updated with the chevron planes in mind.



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