18th official Nico Livestream will start at 1900 JST on the 26th January.

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Youtube: TBA
For other platforms, try searching for フラワーナイトガール公式騎士団協?? ?会#18 on Google.

Viewership milestone gifts: (Spoilered the rest to minimize post length)

Silver girls: Casablanca, Hinoki, Great Burnet, Dandelion, Japanese Rowan, Water Fringe

[+] Spoiler

Huh, the 100 hanastone every 10k viewers, up to 500 stones, is missing. Not sure if it's an error, or they removed it either due to lower view count or because of the stones in comments milestones. If it's the latter it's less stones than last year's.

10k comments: 100-Year Manyu set x1
20k comments: 20-Year Dragon set x2
30k comments: Ampule set x1
50k comments: Silver Special Service Medal x5
75k comments: 100-Year Dragon set x1
100k comments: Evolution Birds set x1, 100 hanastones, Premium Gacha Ticket x1
150k comments: Elixir set x1, 100 hanastones, Premium Gacha Ticket x2
200k comments: 500 hanastones, Premium Gacha Ticket x3

Presents for Premium viewers:
  • 5th Anniversary Flower Memory
  • All 6 nico 5* nico premium girls (Wintersweet, Cuphea, Lampranthus, Annabelle, Idsuroei, Tithonia)

Note: I will not be able to update this OP until around the following mid-week since I will be busy with Chinese New Year.