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    [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    Maybe I have posted the similar topic. However, this is the more detailed and serious.

    Well, you can talk about the "satellite(s)" that MF launched for a long time ago.

    Here is the format:

    1. The name of the warship (You can add her pennant number or hull classification) and her rarity.

    2. Her ship class

    3. Her navy/navies she served

    4. Briefly describe her history and why she is deserved to be added into this game.

    5. Your idea of her skill when she is remodeled (if you have)

    6. Her personality

    7. Fanart design (If you can draw her out), or you can try your best to use words to describe her appearance.

    ================================================== ========================================


    1. USS Vestal AR-4 (5-Star Gold background)

    2. Repair ship

    3. US Navy

    4. The US Navy repair ship that once suffered damage from Japanese naval planes attack on Pearl Harbor. She was responsible for repairing several US warships during the Pacific War like Saratoga, Enterprise, South Dakota and so on. She did pretty well in patching up damaged ships.

    Vestal is the counterpart of Akashi in KC. She can help admiral to save up repairing time of shipgirls!

    5. No need for remodel, she will have "Field Repair" skill when she is obtained in the first place (Like Sukhbaatar's "Fishing" skill and Willie D.'s "Jinx" skill). Her skill can restore certain amount of HP of damaged ships in the fleet.

    6. She is a quite nervous and over-caring person. She won't let any companions go back to the battlefield even with a little scratch. The reason would be her trauma of seeing Arizona got sunk and couldn't do anything to save her.

    7. A bit look like Hestia from DanMachi, dark grey hair color, twin horsetail hair style, high-school-age tall girl with a big breast. It's because the name of "Vestal" is come from goddess "Vesta" in Roman mytho, which is the equivalent to "Hestia" in Greek mytho.

    She's wearing the white color US Navy-style sailor uniform with a pair of hot pants, a pair of red over-knee socks and propeller shoes. She is holding a hammer and a arc welder.

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    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    1. Yongfeng(永豐) Gold Rarity

    2. Technically gunboat, but can be monitor to fit the format of the game.

    3. Imperial Chinese Navy, Republic of China Navy.

    4. Enormous historical significance for Asia in WW2. She once saved Dr. Sun's life from assassination. Her later communist captain attempted to abduct Chiang Kai Shek but the plan failed. Chiang then took control of the ship, detained the Soviet and Chinese communist leaders instead and rose to power within the Chinese Nationalist Party.

    5. Not sure if any of the ships in the game has 2 different skills depending on the remodeling but since we are just making things up, let's go with that.
    Pre-remodel (Yongfeng 永豐): Evasion and armor buff to flagship. +7% each, +10% each and +15% each for Lv 1-3
    Post remodel (Zhongshan ä¸*å±±): Evasion, armor, firepower AA and torpedo debuff to enemy OR friendly flagship at -15% each. Chances of the debuff going to the enemy increases with level. 50% at Lv 1, 70% at Lv 2 and 80% at Lv 3.

    You can weigh the pro and cons of each skill and decide whether to remodel her (though the answer is probably obvious).

    6. Yongfeng will have the typical "cute girl protecting everyone" kind of things, like Eugen. Reflecting her protecting Dr. Sun in her earlier days. Innocent, cute but determined.
    Zhongshan will have a much nastier personality, reflecting her transformation from a righteous protector to a capricious, manipulating sociopath. Also depicting her involvement in many political conspiracies.

    7. I'm not artistically gifted. But in general Yongfeng can look like a well-behaved loli with a kind heart. Maybe with a cute outfit of light colors with a general "angelic" look.
    Zhongshan can have very pronounced provocative adult features, wearing a more sexy and darker themed outfit along with things that resemble a typical female anime antagonist. Should have a generally sadistic look. Possibly with a smirk.

    This may not be a very useful ship but I'd really rather have her for historical flavor reasons than even more overpowered Soviet ships MF keeps churning out(Kirov's gun and Tashkent's speed, really?). Asian ships in the game can really use some love. if they don't want to add more Japanese ships at least they can add more Chinese ones. I'm sure the Soviet navy has a place in WW2 but I am pretty sick and tired of the highly romanticized depictions of the epic Soviet weaponry in many mainstream games already, and I hate it when this game attaches extremely unique and useful attributes like the special CA gun to Soviet ships. I know I'm probably overreacting but I really don't want to see another "Soviet bias" game, especially not one that actually comes from East Asia.

    End rant. Sorry for the slight off-topic.

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    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    1. USS Kidd DD-661 (4-star Purple rarity)

    2. Fletcher-class destroyer

    3. US Navy

    4. One of the sister ship in the big Fletcher-class family. Named after Rear Admiral Issac C. Kidd, the flag officer who killed in action during the Pearl Harbor attack. She was very active between the middle to final stage in the Pacific War, and fought the Korean War. Obtained total 12 Battle Stars awards. Currently, she is preserved as museum ship on the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

    Kidd had a feature of hoisting "Jolly Roger" flag on her foremast during service because the crew adopted the famous pirate William Kidd as the ship's mascot.

    5. No idea for that. It's because none of the Fletchers are remodel-able until now. Nevertheless, Kidd has a very remarkable combat record.

    6. Daring and adventurous, and love to play pirate. Furthermore, Kidd can treat her friends with some ice cream because she is the only one US destroyer which equipped an ice cream machine (maybe MF should make it as an equipment!).

    7. Loli body build (destroyer of course!). She wears an eyepatch and holding a cutlass because she likes pirate.

    - - - Updated - - -

    1. Jintsu (3-star --> 4-star rarity)

    2. Sendai-class light cruiser

    3. Imperial Japanese Navy

    4. Jintsu was the sister ship of the Sendai-class light cruiser. Served as the flagship of the 2nd Torpedo Squadron. That squadron was famous for specialized in gunnery and torpedo tactics though inhumanely extensive and difficult training. During the initial stage of the Pacific War, Jintsu and her destroyer fleet gave a lot of damage to the Allied ships. Eventually, Jintsu was sunk by US destroyers in the Battle of Kolombangara in Jan 1943.

    5. Her remodeled skill "Demon Drill Instructor" will buff all Japanese DD's firepower and torpedo attack stat. It will be extremely OP if you deploy the Japanese DDs who have the "Spirit of Torpedoes" skill.

    6. Reckless, hot-headed, rude, violent and tomboyish (Totally opposite to KC's Jintsu). She doesn't know what fear is. She is very hash during training, likes to set some training programs those are nearly impossible to achieve. However, she would show her soft side to her students and admiral sometimes.

    7. I would like to design WSG's Jintsu look like a Bousouzoku (Japanese biker gang) girl. Typical Japanese sailor fuku school uniform with a tokkou-fuku coat embroidered "Hana no Nisuisen"(華の二水戦) on its back (She will show that when she was damaged).

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    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    1. HrMs Hollandia (No names were given to the ships, but the Dutch named previous Ships-of-the-line after regions.) 4 Star Purple

    2. No class, part of the Design 1047 program.

    3. Dutch Royal Navy

    4. None, she wasn't built, but she was close to it. The Dutch were serious in the interwar period about trying to bolster their navy in Indonesia, and they contracted with German companies to help design a battle-cruiser based off of the Scharnhorst class. There's really not much else known besides technical information and planned layouts.

    5. Not sure about a skill.

    6. Very soft spoken, humble, she's from a small nation with a small navy and she realizes it.

    7. I actually have art of this, as Hollandia is my shitty OC bote. http://i.imgur.com/4sXsHHQ.png

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    Tirpitz chan

    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    1. USS Missouri (Or any Iowa class)

    2. Iowa class Fast Battleship

    3. US Navy

    4. Often seen as the most important ship of the pacific war, Missouri was the ship on which the Imperial Japanese Navy signed their surrender, ending World War Two. She`s part of the Iowa class, the longest lasting and most powerful battleships of all times (The later 1980 remodel surpassing the firepower of the Yamato class), which is not the only reason why they served until the early nineties, but they also had special nuclear shells made for them which, if ever fielded, would easily overpower any other ship. Their speed was key for their long service life, as they could keep up with aircraft carriers and protect them at the front line, and their quite heavy battery was very good for shore bombardment.
    As i mentioned any Iowa class, here´s brief history on all of them:

    Iowa: Served into the nineties, sunk japanese cruiser Katori, often seen as the flagship of her fleet- her last firing practice ended in desaster as one of her guns exploded, the damage has never been repaired.

    Missouri: Survived Kamikaze attacks with pretty much no damage, served until the 90s and fameously starred in the movie Battleship. Has a special cabin with hot tub, reserved for the president. Fameously known for the site of the japanese surrender, today she watches over Pearl Harbor with her guns raised into the air, in close proximity to the USS Arizona. (Another ship that should be added.)

    New Jersey: Holds the record for the most shots in anger fired on any US battleship, fameous for her shore bombardment duties in the korean, vietnam, and gulf wars. New Jersey is known to be the worst place in the united states, and her current state of slowly-falling-apart shows this. Also served into the nineties.

    Wisconsin: Most fameous for ramming another ship and losing the bow in the progress, causing the bow from the unfinished fifth ship Kentucky to be used for her repair. Possibly the least spectacular one of the four, but still served for quite a long time.

    5. The obvious choice for a skill would be a nuclear barrange, causing some 30% damage of the regular shelling to all enemy ships on the map. Otherwise it could be an Anti Aircraft buff, as they were packed full of AA guns, or if it ends up being an 80s remodel, an attack with missiles.

    6. Iowa: A stern, drill sargant type. Her nickname, Big Stick, could equal to a stick similiar to the one used by Patton to dirigate the troops. She would likely come with a damaged turret, like Richelieu.

    Missouri: She´d rather have the enemy surrender than to keep fighting, but is rather relaxed otherwise as aircraft pose no threat to her. She likes to hang out with the Admiral (President).

    New Jersey: The State of New Jersey is known for its very high crime rate, so New Jersey would be a thug type of person, perhaps a gangsta rapper in contrast to Alaska´s rockstar trope. She´d be highly agressive and looking to fire her guns at any oppotunity, reflecting her record.

    Wisconsin: Her nickname Whiskey would have her be a tipsy party girl/drunkard type of personality, which we have yet to see in WSG. In her drunken stupor, she ends up ramming people quite often.

    7. I can´t draw to save my life, but here are some of my favorite Iowa class designs:

    The later of which is a 1980s Iowa with the more modern armament.

    Additional info:
    All of the Iowa-class ships still exist today, as museums and can be visited by anyone willing to.
    Her equipment would obviously be the 16inch MK7 triple turret, the advanced Fire Control that Washington has, possibly a better version of the 5inch twin turret, and a shell that reflect the super-heavy 16inch shells that they fire (Effectively the reason why the 16inch MK7 gun as as good as the 46cm gun)

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    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    1. HMCS Sackville (K181), either a 3 or 4 star ship

    2. Flower-class Corvette (I honestly don't know how a corvette will be implemented into the game, maybe as weaker versions of light cruisers)

    3. Royal Canadian Navy

    4. During Sackville's countless missions escorting convoys to Europe, she severely damaged U-43 and U-552, and forcing U-704 to retreat. Because of this action, only two ships in the convoy of 41 ships sunk thanks to Sackville's actions. She is now a Museum ship in Halifax and is the only Flower-class corvette left in the world.

    5. Her skill would either be something to do with convoys (i.e something like Tenryu's skill) or something to do with ASW (something like all ASW capable ships do 10%,20%,30% more damage to subs)

    6. Her design would be somewhat similar to the Arethusa-class cruisers, but maybe make her look more like a destroyer because of her tonnage

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    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    1) HMS Achates (H12) (3-star rarity initially, 4-star on remodel)
    2) A-class destroyer
    3) Royal Navy

    4) Commissioned in 1930, A-class destroyers were quite small compared to some of the more modern destroyers (for instance, Z16 was around 20 meters longer and had much bigger displacement). After the start of WW2, Achates participated in numerous escort missions, until she was severely damaged by a mine in 1941. She was repaired and then participated in escorting Arctic convoys to the USSR. Achates also supported Allied landings in North Africa (operation Torch) and managed to sink Vichy French submarine "Argonaute".

    Her final mission was escort of Arctic convoy JW 51B. This resulted in the Battle of the Barents Sea on 31 December 1942. For the first three hours of the battle, until the arrival of two British light cruisers, Achates and four other destroyers were fending off German forces, which consisted of pocket battleship Lutzow, heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper and six destroyers. Achates was tasked with providing smokescreen for the transports, which, however, made her a good target for Hipper. Achates received several hits, her bridge was destroyed and many of the crew members, including the captain, were killed. Nevertheless, the destroyer continued to provide effective cover for the transports until the end of the battle. Unfortunately, her damage was so severe, that, in spite of the desperate efforts of her crew, Achates sunk shortly afterwards. Despite the horrible weather, one of nearby convoy ships managed to pick up many of the survivors.

    Miraculously, none of the transport ships were lost, and the arriving CLs managed to sink one of the German destroyers (Z16).

    5) I would like her skill to be based on the theme of protecting other ships. So, two ideas here:
    - Whenever one of the ships receives a hit that would put her health in the red zone, Achates intercepts the attack and receives corresponding amount of damage instead. 50/75/100% chance to activate. The skill can be limited to one activation per battle, or, alternatively, can be allowed to activate multiple times, but shall only work as long as Achates is above red HP.
    -A simpler idea is to give her a buff that increases evasion of other ships in the fleet (and possibly provides a slight passive armour increase to herself).

    In addition, she received some modifications during the war, which included installation of the Hedgehog. She could have that as equipment after remodel (possibly less damage than Javelin's depth charge, but some additional accuracy.)

    6) Serious to a fault; a bit shy; won't exactly volunteer for a job, but, if due to circumstances she has to work in a team, she will try to do her best.

    7) Same uniform as her sisters Ardent and Acasta. She is, however, more petite and has short dark slightly wavy hair. The design of her equipment becomes more futuristic after remodel.

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    Re: [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (伊丽莎白女王) (4-5 rarity)

    1: HMS Queen Elizabeth

    2: Queen Elizabeth-class battleship (same as Warspite)

    3: The Royal Navy of Britain

    4: As the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth Class, HMS Queen Elizabeth at that time was the genesis of the “Fast Battleship”, which led to the Kongou-class, Iowa-class or all the battleships whose speed exceed 21 Knots – the top speed of HMS Dreadnought that defined the battleship standard just before and during the World Wars. Her speed was deigned to be able to keep up with carriers without any compromise in armour protection, displacement of ship and armaments unlike the battlecrisers. Although her maximum speed is a modest 24 knots compare to the WWII Fast Battleships especially the Iowa class, at that time it was quite fast for a battleship. Unlike Warspite, Queen Elizabeeth (QE for short) did not participate in the Battle of Jutland due to maintenance and combat experience wise she paled in comparison to Warspite. However, QE was the test bed of very successful armaments and battleship technology. She was one of the first ships that uses oil instead of coal for propulsion which oil had a higher energy intensity to power the steam turbines, and the armament designed for her - BL 15 inch Mk I naval gun became one of the most successful British Naval Gun ever constructed. The armament of QE was the same as the Renown-class, HMS Hood, Roberts class and HMS Vanguard and QE was the genesis of the weapon. She went through 2 modifications during the Inter-war years which increased her armour, enhanced her Anti-Air capabilities (range between 45-50 range as the minimum), a new bridge and received equipment for launching seaplanes. The only most significant part of her combat experience was the Raid on Alexandria in 1941 during the WWII when 2 Italian frogmen used manned torpedoes to badly damage her. However, she was not out of service and maintained that illusion of “zero-damage” state to the Italians (the frogmen were captured) until she received official repairs. (So her luck is about 15-25 range). After the raid, she participated in attack the Japanese positions in the Dutch Indies. She survived the war and scrapped in 1948 so like Warspite she is quite senior.

    QE’s reason for joining Warship Girls is not because of her combat experience, but rather her genesis and success as an example of Fast Battleship. She was widely regarded as one of the most successful battleship design and created the concept of Fast Battleship. The Kongou-class, Iowa-class, Bismarck Class and all the Fast Battleships were “founded” by QE – thus she deserves recognition as the “Mother of Fast Battleships”.

    Remodel – need to include the design of her new bridge because that what’s makes her distinctive from the WWI design

    Three Skills possibility- 2 base on her importance in “genesis” one base on her encounter in the Raid of Alexandria.
    1: First of the Fast Battleships (快速戰列艦先驅) (Passive – fleet enhancement) – Very OP
    When triggered, QE will PERMANTELY increase the speed of all the ships in the fleet regardless of types or nationalities. The effects are stronger on battleships, while destroyers, Submarines and monitors will benefit less from the speed increase. HOWEVER, the effects will only take place after an SS battle (any battle that is below SS will not make the other ships have the permanent speed increase), and there is a limit to how much increase in speed a shipgirl can receive. For example, a destroyer can only acquire a maximum increase of 4-5 knots while battleships can at max only receive 8-10 knots.
    2. Royal Navy Naval Gun Pioneer (皇家海軍大ç*²å…ˆé©…) (Passive – fleet enhancement) (Due to her 15 inch Mk I naval gun role)
    When triggered, all British shipsgirls will receive an increase in firepower, accuracy, anti-aircraft capability (If OP allowed – even range so Heavy Cruisers or even Light Cruisers can participate in the second shelling phase). Like First of the Fast Battleships, the battleships will benefit more. Does not affect torpedoes and aircraft carriers do not benefit from this skill if they have no armaments. Unlike the First of Fast Battleship Skill, this skill does not permanently affect the shipgrils – once the battle ends the firepower and accuracy stats of the British Shipgirls will return to normal.
    Another version is that it affects ALL nationalities but that would mean the name needs to be changed to Naval Gun Pioneer (大ç*²å…ˆé©…)
    3. “Zero Damage” illusion (無損害错覺)(Triggered)
    When QE is moderately damaged, she receive no damage and accuracy penalty. However, if heavily damaged QE still cannot deliver damage.


    Unlike Warspite who acts much younger than her age, Queen Elizabeth act not as an elderly lady but rather an experienced yet secretly flirty 40s royal woman (her total age in real life is close to 40). She is a bit more flirty in her engagement speech but her acquisition speech instead spoke well of her status as the example of all fast battleship and that of a royal lady. She sometimes envy Warspite for being able to have more battles than her but she get along with her sister just fine. All the other battleship shipgirls especially the British ones respect her and she in turn viewed them as her “followers” and desired to protect and guide them. She is somewhat uneasy with anyships that can carry torpedoes (BUT NOT BRITISH SHIPGIRLS) because of her experience of being torpedoed by manned torpedoes (not actually torpedoes but still) that badly damaged her. As to the admiral, she while maintained her royal appearance, she is quite fond of her admiral and expressed that (When in engagement) she had already wanted to be at the admiral’s side since day one (a reference to Admiral Fisher’s dedication to the project of Queen Elizabeth and many of the armaments of QE WERE personally designed by Fisher to the specifications of QE as a Fast Battleship)


    I can’t draw people well. Here are some specifications for QE
    1: Blonde, Caucasian look with a well-endowed body. (Her “assets” are more developed)
    2. Face is a middle-aged woman but still beautiful
    3: Wearing either an expensive royal dress like the real life Queen Elizabeth II in her youth or a royal military uniform (preferably blue) with a skirt and a military cap in reference to Admiral Fisher.
    4: Her Armament design is similar Fusou, sitting on a platform but with four cannons. The Platform’s centre piece was the bridge of QE before and after the modification, similar to How WSG Fusou’s bridge acted as some sort “seat” for her. The platform also include her AA guns.
    5: The major difference between her original and modified look was her new bridge, a much deeper colour of her clothes in reference to her experience in the war, a slight less cheerful attitude compare to her unmodded look.

    IJN Yamato (Not the Abyssal Yamato!) (5 rarity)

    : IJN Yamato

    Yamato class super battleship

    Imperial Japanese Navy

    Same history as the Yamato class for being the largest battleships in the history of men. The reason why she deserves to be included is because she had a huge position in Japanese culture (Japanese people believed that as long as the Yamato lives, the Japanese nation cannot be defeated) and the fact that no Japanese Navy is complete without the Yamato (same as Nagato) and there are too few Japanese Battleship but Japan is feared for its battleships.


    1st one “Ultimate Pride of the Navy” – (海軍的終極榮è*½) (passive – fleet enhancement)
    This ability affects J-Country ships only. All J-country ships will receive substantial boost in firepower, accuracy and evasion as well as anti-air capability and anti-submarine capability (because the presence of Yamato alone is enough to inspire generate morale among the Japanese navy). The effects are not permanent unlike the First of the Fast Battleships skill of Queen Elizabeth.
    2nd: Fury of the 460 mm gun (460毫米大ç*²å¨åŠ›) – (triggered)
    Basically the Yamato’s version of Big Seven skill of Nelson and Rodney, only far more powerful and has a considerable probability in one-shot the boss of every x-4 maps like how Renown could do so with the Final Glory Skill.
    3rd: Anti-Air Enhancement (防空火力提升) – (Passive – Fleet enhancement)
    Yamato’s refitting substantially increased her anti-air weapons. This skill will hugely increase ALL ships’ AA capability (regardless of nationalites). This skill also somewhat affect aircraft carrier.

    This version of Yamato is not as shy as the KC yamato. Unlike KC Yamato, she does not dwell in the fact that she was named as “Yamato Hotel”, and whoever call her with that name will instead get this phase in a confident tone (I am Yamato and I shall fight to the end as a true battleship – this is reference to the fact that she was sunk by carrier planes from the US instead of dying like a true battleship – Bismarck had this fate). This Yamato is VERY confident and quite aggressive, including the admiral which she declared that as the largest and the most powerful (debateable) battleship in the world, the admiral should belong to her rather than others. She cares for her teammates from J-Country and vowed to fight alongside them as the flagship, but was a little tense regarding the US carriers because they sank her- especially USN Enterprise. In her engagement quotes, she declared that the Admiral should have been “hers” since she entered the base, similar to QE but was far more direct than QE would have been.

    Figure wise, she has Fusou’s well-endowed body but with Yellow hair and yellow eyes in reference to the Imperial Seal of Japan. She wears a black military uniform as well, but was a bit “revealing” and show quite amount of skin. Her legs were exposed due to a short skirt and she wore high-heels. She wears a cap that has the Imperial Seal of Japan on it. She carries a katana in her right hand. Her hands were covered in metal gauntlets that each were equipped with the 15.5 cm/60 3rd Year Type naval gun (before modification) and the 12.7 cm/40 Type 89 naval gun (after modification) in reference to the removal of the former armaments near the side of the ship and replaced with more latter armament due to the need for better AA guns. The back held platform of weapons contained all of her main armaments but need to differ in design with the KC one.

    IJN Yoizuki (Later RON Fen Yang) (宵月/汾陽) (3 rarity rate)

    IJN Yoizuki – RON Fen Yang

    Akizuki-class destroyer

    Imperial Japanese Navy, Later Republic of China Navy

    : The Akizuki class originally designed as anti-aircraft escorts for carrier battle groups, but were modified with torpedo tubes and depth charges to meet the need for more general-purpose destroyer. However, Yoizuki was too late to serve in the war but she was launched during the war. A controversy surrounded her when she transported 1,000 Formosans, Filipinos and Japanese prisoners of war from Sydney, Australia at very adverse conditions. Yoizuki was later being transferred to the Republic of China Navy as Fen Yang in 29 August 1947 and commissioned on February 1949, however she was at most a training vessel for the RON and was scrapped in 1963 (her luck was at most just 10 for this). Why Yoizuki/Fen Yang deserves to be in Warship girls? Just more Chinese ships, and the fact that she is a destroyer breaks the monopoly of light cruiser of C-country. I also want more Asian ships but not just Japanese ships. (To be honest, there is not much history with Yoizuki/Fen Yang)

    . Skill wise – more focus on the fleet training due to her status in a training fleet. It might seems reductant with Linghai’s skill so there is a need for some modification to make it different. One could imagine that should 2 exp enhancement ships are in the same fleet the fleet could have substantial exp per turn for the fleet, greet for late game ships. To do so however, it should be able to stack together, unlike Lexington and Saratoga whom skills’ could not stack together.

    Personality wise, she was very conflicted as Yoizuki due to controversy in transporting the prisoners and the fact that she did not contribute to the war effort of Japan. As Fen Yang however, her uneasiness of herself was gone and was now a “drill sergeant” lady with a well-mannered but powerful mouth that dedicated herself to train a new generation of shipgirls to fight in her place.


    1. Yoizuki - Sliver haired primary school student with blue eyes with an expression of uneasiness
    Fen Yang – Black haired teen with a developing body with determined red eyes
    2.Her Yoizuki outfit is best similar to the serafuku that most Japanese destroyers wear. Hers is grey as well, reminding her of the controversy regarding the transporting of prisoners.
    Her Fen Yang outfit is a green military uniform that articulate her developing form, she also carried a rifle.
    3. In Yoizuki Her Torpedoes turret design should be close to Mutsuki’s (2 turret held by her legs) with a “turret gun” in her hand. Same as Fen Yang but just without the turret gun but with a rifle

    Tirpitz chan: Your description of the Iowa class is good but I would like to make a small modification to the skill of Missouri

    USS MIssouri: Skill: Victory Treaty (勝利條約) – (passive – fleet enhancement)

    The end of the war was when the treaty was signed on the USS Missouri, signifying the victory for the Allies. This skill will increase the evasion rate, firepower, accuracy, and detection of all ships including Axis ships (it is the end of the war – both sides would be needed to fight against the Abyssal and the Victory Treaty put them together).

    Forgive me seemingly preference for fleet-enhancement skills but we kind of lack them, we do have the Atlantic Charter but there are very few skills that could benefit both Axis and Allies ship.

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    IJN A-140, aka Izumi (5 star )

    Class super battleship

    A-140 was the design concept for all of japan's super bbs, however she was never constructed but her design was implemented in the Yamato class.

    Starting equipment
    1 3x410mm cannon
    1 3x155mm (Stat of gun is, 12 dmg, 6 aa, 5 acc, and 1 luck)
    1 IJN long range fire control/radar. (Stats, 12 acc, 8 aa, 10 radar and 2 luck )

    Stats should be slightly weak dmg and armor, speed is excellent, radar and luck should be high, aa value is ok

    She does have a kai. When kai she gains a high boost in armor and dmg, all other stats raise slightly.
    Her dress also changes to reflect her boost in armor (still sexy)

    Skill fleet passive buff for all IJN ships on acc, aa, and critical damage 15%, 25%, 40%. Or active skill divine wind, Izumo will attack twice doing regular dmg plus 30, 50, 80 true dmg

    Shy mother\big sister type
    Her motherly traits are due to the fact that planning of japan's navel development started in the 1930s. She dots and hovers the ships of the IJN and tends to be overly concerned with the battleships. When she is withaving other IJN ships she is confident about herself, however when she is with allied ships she becomes shy and somewhat humble. Her marriage quote should be along the lines of "thank you you being with me...... I hope that our children with bring glory to our fleet." (Because her design was the baseline of all future super battleships aka the Yamato class.)

    I plan to draw a damaged version and her Kai when I can. Also No21 I think that Yamato should have dark hair as gold seems to be foreign, if anything Yamato should signify the Japanese Nadisco. Plus I think it would be odd to have such a shiny color for her hair, if anything a crown would be better. But that's my 2 cents.

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    Peace through Power [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    1. The name of the warship (You can add her pennant number or hull classification) and her rarity.
    HMS Campbeltown (I42), originally US destroyer USS Buchanan,

    2. Her ship class
    HMS Campbeltown was a Town-class destroyer

    3. Her navy/navies she served
    US Navy, then Royal Navy

    4. Briefly describe her history and why she is deserved to be added into this game.
    Campbeltown became one of the most famous of these ships when she was used in the St. Nazaire Raid in 1942.
    St Nazaire was targeted because the loss of its dry dock would force any large German warship in need of repairs, such as the Tirpitz, to return to home waters via either the English Channel or the GIUK gap, both of which were heavily defended by British units including the Royal Navy's Home Fleet, rather than having a safe haven available on the Atlantic coast.
    The obsolete destroyer HMS Campbeltown, accompanied by 18 smaller craft, crossed the English Channel to the Atlantic coast of France and was rammed into the Normandie dock gates. The ship had been packed with delayed-action explosives, well hidden within a steel and concrete case, that detonated later that day, putting the dock out of service for the remainder of the war and up to five years after.
    This causing Tirpitz to stuck in Norway and become hikkikomori :P


    5. Your idea of her skill when she is remodeled (if you have)
    Extra large damage to land type enemies (seaport/airfield).

    6. Her personality
    Resourcefull and brave old destroyer!

    7. Fanart design (If you can draw her out), or you can try your best to use words to describe her appearance.
    It is a old US Navy destroyer given to Royal Navy, and remodeled to looks like German Torpedo Boat during St. Nazaire Raid, with British Commandos inside.
    So mix of those element?



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