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    Apr 2015
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    Does it have pity system like GBF spark that will allow you to roll or select the highest rarity unit if you roll enough?

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    @Arisato Minato It's not the same as the GBF spark system, but this game also has "spirit seats." The detail is written on the guide at the first page of this thread. :)

    @Folseus Maybe you already know. I ran into this by coincidence.

    I'm using Chrome while playing this. You know how we need to use VPN to start this game? At the part we have the VPN on and access the Seiken page, we don't have to wait until "Game Start" appear. As soon it's finish login to DMM and it's start loading the Seiken page, we can click the "back" button on the browser, turn off the VPN, wait around 5 sec for the networks to adjust, then click "forward" button on the browser again. Tada!!! Still be able to access the Seiken page without the VPN on. =)

    You might get some error, maybe the game won't load, simply go "back" and "forward" again on your browser, the game will start. :)

    I think the browser save the game session or something, I'm not really sure how it works. As long you don't close browser, you can keep doing this. Kinda useful if you encounter error in the middle of playing, you don't have to use VPN and start the game again. Simply just go "back" and "forward." :)

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    @Mikan that's something new that i can abu..*cough* use. thanks.
    sometimes, this thing called vpn is just wayyyyyy tooooooo unstable


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    New Spirit [Ingrid Hatoyama] added.
    Her weapon type is [Whip], a single target physical attack with extra damage against Armor Break, and an attacking skill with wide area Armor Break effects.
    There is a low chance of her appearing from Normal Gacha.

    New Spirit Gacha has pickup bonus for [Ingrid Hatoyama]
    This time, the rate up is [good] (+15%).
    Premium/11x/Spirit Seat gachas have increased chances of her appearing after rarity is determined, compared to other spirits.

    New Spirit 3x EXP Bonus chance.
    From 1/17 to 1/24, Ingrid Hatoyama has 3x Bonus Chance
    Her official 2x EXP days will be the 1st, 5th, and 29th.

    Introducing Ingrid Hatoyama's skill.
    Her skill has a physical damage area of effect that covers a wide area, causing Armor Break to enemies.

    Pickup gacha for this week includes Matilda, Isthrene, Gelato, and Iona.
    DMMP/Gacha Ticket/Spirit Seat gachas have increased chances of them appearing on their days after rarity is decided, compared to other spirits of the same rarity.

    Skill Badges are available from a Limited Gacha,
    2000 DMMP, 10x Limit for a 5x Pickup-less Gacha with at least one guaranteed SR or higher.
    Duration: 1/17 (Wed) to 2/2 (Fri)

    New Years Campaign continues.
    This week features 5x Silver Tower rates.

    Periodic event [Retrieve Them! The Lost Personal File Treasures] begins
    This special version has a wonderful lineup, and clearing stages will give extra treasures.
    Duration: 1/17 (Wed) to 2/2 (Fri)

    Cordelia and Carla's limited costumes (Sleeved Kimono) are on sale now.
    Duration: 1/17 (Wed) to 1/24 (Wed) maintenance

    Seiken Manifestia 2 Year Anniversary Illustration Contest is in progress.
    The deadline has been extended to 2/7 (Wed).
    We look forward to submissions from Prime Ministers across the nation!

    The following week's maintenance will bring the 2 Year Anniversary which will be held on 2/2 (Fri) instead of 1/31 (Wed).
    (1/24 (Wed) will still have normal maintenance)

    For the Prime Ministers interested in the new Spirit's CV, the Whip user [Ingrid Hatoyama] is voiced by Nomizu Iori-san.

    Super good rolls this time around.

    @Mikan thanks for the tip, seems to work just fine even with demado.

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