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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Along with the new content, tomorrow's update will include a new weapon type, [Club].

    Spirit is an Oni too.

    Harriet Ikeda

    Surprised she's a Melee and not a Heavy.
    Also that nopan holy shit

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    New Spirit [Harriet Ikeda] added.
    Her weapon type is [Club], a weapon that does single target physical damage and ignores defense.
    There is a low chance of her appearing from Normal Gacha.

    New Spirit Gacha has pickup bonus for [Harriet Ikeda]
    This time, the rate up is [good] (+15%).
    Premium/11x/Spirit Seat gachas have increased chances of her appearing after rarity is determined, compared to other spirits.

    The newly added Spirit (Harriet Ikeda) has 3x EXP Bonus Chance from 8/8 to 8/15.
    Her official 2x EXP days will be the 3rd, 16th, and 29th.

    Normal Election Ward ~Chapter 2~ [Space Election Chapter] added.
    This update features S1-1~1-3, S2-1~2-3, a total of 6 stages.
    S1-1 and S2-1 are unlocked by clearing Normal Election Ward ~Chapter 1~ [Country Unification Chapter]'s final stage.

    Special Election Ward [Treasure Island] added.
    Use Motivation and CHallenge Tickets to earn [Awakening Crystals] here.

    All Spirits have had the [AWakened Abilitites] feature added.
    Use [Awakening Crystals] to unlock new abilities for your Spirits.
    [Awakening Crystals] can be obtained from [Treasure Island], [Gacha Bonuses], and other sources.

    The following Spirits' Awakening Abilities have had [Awakening Rarity Unlock] added.
    [Hillary Itou]
    [Harriet Ikeda]
    [Shelob Bigbear]
    [Molly Saigou]

    The following items can be refined using [Abenomics] with Spirit Seats.
    SR Nomination Ticket (150x Spirit Seats)
    SR+ Nomination Ticket (400x Spirit Seats)
    SSR Nomination Ticket (1500x Spirit Seats)
    SSR Guaranteed Ticket (500x Spirit Seats)
    ※ Spirit Seat Gacha has been removed

    Pickup gacha for this week includes Kitty, Iona, Zoey, Sirius, Hillary, Jill, Sarah, and Tatiana.
    DMMP/Gacha Ticket/Spirit Seat gachas have increased chances of them appearing on their days after rarity is decided, compared to other spirits of the same rarity.

    Subjugation Event [Enlightened Fist and Waking Crossbow] begins.
    Duration: 8/8 (Wed) to 8/22 (Wed)

    Molly Saigou EX and Shelob Bigbear EX appear in [Returning Gacha].
    Use the coins earned from this event to obtain them from this gacha.

    This event features EXP Bonus for Molly, Shelob, Hillary, Sarah, Kitty, Thais, and Charlotte. (And one more to be added on 8/15!)
    The featured characters will receive extra EXP from the event stage.
    (Event EXP Bonus multiplier is different from daily EXP bonus)

    [New Chapter Start Commemoration Campaign] begins
    This week features 5x Gold Tower rates.
    Special Site:

    The 8/8 (Wed) update information will be consolidated in the browser version's details below the game screen and in the official community topic [Notices from Management].
    Please check the details there as well.

    For the Prime Ministers interested in the new Spirit's CV, the Club user [Harriet Ikeda] is voiced by Honda Mariko-san.

    More specific details on Awakening etc will likely have to wait until Thursday/Friday as I am busy tomorrow.

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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    So many new ?buffs? and i can't read 99% of them aside from the obvious one like [mana pic & down arrow = mana cost down]
    and dev actually bother to make a lot of variationsssssssss of them @_@;

    at this point, i seriously should ask myself 'why do i even need to continue?'
    for a mere login, it takes hoursssssssssssssssssssssssss because this error just won't go away. even if i can login, try to enter a map / free gacha / expedition
    might lead to another error
    total time burned today: + - 3 hours (& still counting)

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    @kyu bey It's either a connection error or a browser error. If you're connected to a VPN while playing, you should be able to disable it after you reach the play screen, or disable it and then go back/forward to the game page and have it load. I haven't encountered any issues myself though.

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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    @Folseus finally found the problem. game doesn't want me alt+tab-ing when loading

    is this the place to find those rainbow crystals? 100 stamina for 1 run looks expensive
    what is that thing above it? x11 for 500 dmm points
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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Breakdown of Awakening:

    Awakening uses a new item called Awakening Crystals (ACs).




    A Normal AC is worth 1 point.
    SR and EX ACs are worth 10 points.
    SR and EX ACs are exclusive to their specific Spirits. They cannot be used for other Spirits.
    When you get an SR/SR+/SSR from gacha New Spirit/Daily Pick-up Gacha, you earn SR ACs for that Spirit.
    SR = 1x AC
    SR+ = 2x AC
    SSR = 5x AC
    If that Spirit is at max mana cost down, you will receive 3 times as many ACs (3x, 6x, 15x).

    11x Pickup Gacha (5000 DMMP) has an added bonus of 5x SR AC for the Spirit on pickup, regardless of whether you get her or not.
    11x Premium Gacha (5000 DMMP) has an added bonus of 50x Normal ACs.
    Half Price Gacha (250 DMMP) as an added bonus of 5x Normal ACs.

    Paid Gachas will also provide Spirit Seats (SS) if that Spirit is at max mana cost down, while other gachas will no longer give them out. The amount given has also increased.
    R = 1x → 10x SS
    R+ = 3x → 15x SS
    SR = 15x → 30x SS
    SR+ = 60x → 80x SS
    SSR = 250x → 300x SS

    Gold Gacha, Ticket Gacha, and Coin Gacha will give out Normal ACs when receiving max mana cost down Spirits instead.
    R = 1x AC
    R+ = 2x AC
    SR = 5x AC
    SR+ = 15x AC
    SSR = 50x AC

    How Awakening Works:

    A new tab on the left of the Spirit details page shows that Spirit's Awakenings when clicked on.

    The number of points required to unlock an awakening and its requirements are shown by its name. The blue button means you have fulfilled the requirements and can unlock it.
    Stat effect boosts require levels in different rarities. These boost certain traits of the Spirit, or prevent them from taking on status conditions.
    Companion boosts require affection. These boost stats if other Spirits with the same Awakening are in the party.

    Clicking on the name will show the effects of the Awakening. The yellow button below shows which other Spirits also have this Awakening. This is particularly useful for the Companion Awakenings.

    For example, the above shows all Spirits with this particular effect. This gives +5% ATK per Spirit with this Awakening unlocked.

    All Current Awakening Icons:

    From left to right
    Priority Structure? (Don't have)
    Priority Ground Enemies
    Priority High HP
    Priority Low HP
    Cancel MSPD Reduction
    Cancel ASPD Reduction
    Cancel ATK Reduction
    Awakening Cost Down
    ATK Up
    MSPD Up
    Stun Duration Up
    Slow Duration Up
    Curse Duration Up
    ASPD Up
    Range Up
    ? (Don't have, probably Increase ATK, but decreases per ATK)
    Non-Lethal (Increases ATK but cannot kill enemies)
    Mana Boost Attack (Increases ATK but costs Mana per attack)
    Armour Break Duration Up
    Seal Duration Up
    Target Lock
    Cooldown Reduction per Kill
    Anti-Air (ATK Up vs Flying)
    Ignore Path Effects
    Pass Through
    Anti-Structure (ATK Up vs Structures)
    Boost Up (Increases the maximum ATK gained from boosting)
    5x Boost (Boost up to 5 Times)
    Anti-Boss (ATK Up vs Bosses)
    Anti-Red (ATK Up vs Red Enemies)
    Remaining Mana Boost (Increases ATK based on your current Mana, more mana = more ATK)
    Remaining Time Boost (Increases ATK based on remaining time, less time = more ATK)
    Gear Longevity (Increases time before Gear turns Red)
    Auto Skill (Automatically activates skill when ready)
    Solo Action Up (Increases stats if no other Spirits are within a certain range)
    Cancel Boost Block
    PATK -> MATK
    MATK -> PATK
    Resist Red Gear (Red Gear reduces stats by less)
    Mana Cost Down
    Attack System (All ally structures perform an attack when sortied)
    Defense System (All ally structures gain a barrier for X HP when sortied)

    SSR Awakening
    EX Awakening

    SSR and EX Awakenings unlock a new form with increased level cap and stats. They require a high level to perform and are only available to certain Spirits.
    The SSRA level cap is 120.
    The EXA level cap is 100.
    EXA has slightly higher EXP requirement than SSRs.

    The new chapter includes a new feature called the Twitter Block. It is a the tower with the bird on top of it. To achieve the Complete Clear bonus, you cannot destroy this tower.
    For S1, the Twitter Block increases the time between motivation waves, resulting in a gap where all your spirits will have a red gear and decreased mana generation.

    Presumably, there will be more variations of Twitter Blocks to make use of the cancel awakenings.

    The Special Election Map allows you to earn Awakening Crystals. You can only sortie a limited number of times (3/3). This resets every Monday at 04:00 JST. You can use the Pickaxe charge item to add 3 charges. Each time you add charges, the required number of Pickaxes to add charges increases. You can recharge up to 20 times per week. The required number of Pickaxes resets on Monday as well.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    Wow EXA max level 100, is that mean EXA as strong as SSR? :)

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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    @Folseus is it possible to turn it off if you already unlock it?

    some of them like ignore path, p--> m atk, m--> p atk, auto skill can turn into a disaster if you buy it & it can't be turned off


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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    @kyu bey I haven't unlocked any awakenings yet, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to turn them off.

    Ticket Gacha with Godly Pickup:

    Getting the pick-up guarantees some ACs.

    Her skill deals an AoE physical attack with a wind-up that ignores defense. She gains a buff that increases in power for every enemy hit. It lasts for 20s and she gets 3% ATK/ASPD/MSPD per enemy hit. It looks like her SLV20 has a 40s cooldown so she can have 50% uptime.

    This is going to be kind of rough since I want to level her up while she has 3x EXP, but I also want to grab EXA Shelob before her 2x tomorrow to catch her up a bit too, etc.

    Also whoever does the regular wiki updates doesn't seem to be here this week. Hopefully they didn't retire or something. I always thought it might be a dev, since they always have the stats for each Spirit at 50/70/80/99 within the day and that's pretty hardcore even for a whale.

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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    @Folseus i thought those were data mined not from leveling result @_@;




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