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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    cost: 1540 / 2 = 770 for 1 (same cost as ssr their dps is literally lower against mobs with high def)

    technically good except i need to pay 1540 instantly to call them.......probably not going to see any use in time attack events though unless i got more ssr cat / her dup >_>;
    i got for simple running through long distances

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    @kyu bey

    As a singular unit, she has one of the highest DPSs in the game which makes sense that she costs so much. Mariko's DPS is actually very low after she gets her first hit off.
    After Mariko's first hit, Emilia has basically 4x Mariko's DPS. If Mariko has to attack 3 times or more, Emilia does more DPS. If Mariko doesn't get her first hit off, the enemy would need 3000 PDEF for Mariko to be stronger than Emilia without her doll and 3300 PDEF to be stronger than Emilia with her doll.
    I think one of the biggest factors for her use is she can split up despite being a single unit, and then the doll can return to her side so you can use it for unique clearing tactics on time attack maps that you can't do even with super fast units.
    The cost is a really big factor in not using her though.

    Gacha Ticket Roll:

    Normal Gacha Roll POGGERS:

    Daiya is one of the units I really love the design of, both art and combat, so I really wanted to get her SSR and SSRA when she first came out. Now I need to find the time to 3x EXP Ticket her and I don't think that's going to be this week.

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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    @Folseus i see... (me & my problem with math...)

    you're lucky...i literally burned 250 tic for her ssr (along the way got like 3 ssr before her..but 0 of her. one of them is maxed ssr rin that simply turns into 50 yellow crystals Q_Q )
    dev, when are you going to give us tradeable cat cost down again in this event? ;-;

    tried daiya ? months ago. against flying mob? very good. against ground mob her dps is lmao no......
    i pretend she doesn't exist and just use my gunners

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    Interesting thing I accidently find out, that her doll counted by Chiffon's waves attack, it can chains Chiffon's attack. Emilia basically 2 units that only take 1 party slot which is nice for Chiffon. :)

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    Vice-Admiral kyu bey's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    6th slot is probably better with yandere...but i want my doll!


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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Subjugation Event [Gourmet Report in Uninhabited Island] begins.
    Duration: 7/17 (Wed) to 7/31 (Wed)

    The following Spirits have received their [EX Awakening Unlock] Awakening Ability.
    [Karen Murakami]
    [Sabrina Katou]

    Karen Murakami's new illustration is by artumph-sensei https://twitter.com/yam2344
    She is voiced by Fujiwara Natsumi-san
    Sabrina Katou's new illustration is by shizuo-sensei
    She is voiced by Iwaoka Wakana-san

    Sabrina Katou EX and Karen Murakami EX appear in [Returning Gacha].
    Use the coins collected from the event to obtain them.

    This event features EXP Bonus for Karen, Sabrina, Cordelia, Carlotta, Kacia, Claris, Tina, Yukka, Fine, Vicky, Juliet, Sophie, and Nono.
    The featured characters will receive extra EXP from the event stage.
    (Event EXP Bonus multiplier is different from daily EXP bonus)

    Time Limited [10x SR or Higher Gacha] is available.
    10x pickupless gacha
    4000 DMMP each (Limit 3)
    1x 3x EXP Ticket

    Cost Cat Gacha EX is available.
    This is a limited gacha where you can also get the [Cost Cat] item which are used to give Mana Cost Downs to Spirits.
    Each individual roll will give Exclusive ACs for either Karen or Sabrina.
    Duration: 7/17 ~ 7/31

    Daily pickup gacha for this week includes Fine, Tina, Claris, Vicky, and Yukka.
    Spirits on pickup will also give their Exclusive Awakening Crystals when drawn.
    Premium/11x gachas have increased chances of the Spirit on pickup appearing after rarity is determined, compared to other spirits.

    Claris Okazaki buffs and special solo pickup gacha begins.
    Spirits on pickup will also give their Exclusive Awakening Crystals when drawn.
    Duration: 7/17 (Wed) to 7/24 (Wed) at 13:00
    During this period, Claris will also have a 3x EXP Bonus Chance applied.

    Awakening Ability [Tower Support System] added
    [War Fan] mana cost decreased

    SLv based area of effect increased (Max 330)
    Curse duration increased
    SLv based first charge reduction rate increased

    [Almost The Summer Vacation Campaign] begins
    This week features 5x Gold Tower rates.

    The moment a battle commences, there will be a first motivation wave at 0s.

    Due to popular demand, the state of your log-in bonus can not be checked.
    See the upper right banner on the home screen.

    Due to popular demand, the battle results screen will now show the different EXP Bonuses received.

    Thank you everyone for participating in the Shibusawa Campaign.
    The winners of the raffle have been contacted through twitter direct message.

    [Bug Fix Notice]
    Karen and Sabrina Returning Gacha error.
    Lino having 3x EXP for today. (Will not be removed)
    Daily Pickup Gacha rate is [good] but only displays up.
    Fixed a flashing screen on the event end scenario.
    As compensation, all users will receive 1x Full Motivation Recovery item and 1x Gacha Ticket.

    Upcoming swimsuits will include Courtney and Marian. Here's previews. L-l-l-lewd

    SSRA for part 2 of the event will be Cordelia

    Might be the angle, but her ass looks kind of small.
    Those heels though

    Since Lino accidentally had 3x EXP, she'll probably be the one receiving a buff next week as part of the ongoing Level 100 Awakening Abilities being added to every SSRA unit.

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    Last edited by Folseus; 07-19-2019 at 04:50 AM.



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