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    Rear-Admiral DoraGrailMon's Avatar
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    May 2015
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    1 week and still going. I'm leaving the game for 2 days and see how this'll play out. In the mean time I'm just going to list what some other TTK outside Japan has also experienced. Accounts are all over the place and results sometimes inconclusive. Keep in mind these information are 3rd party information of 3rd party info, so read at your own discretion. I'm only going to translate mainly from Chinese what I think is more relevant to the stupid errors. I'm skipping the more general complaints that don't have more additional data for references.

    Case 1:

    March: 2 year Taiwanese TTK started experiencing the issue shortly before the recent maintenance. Electronic observer confirms 201 error. He was using POI for his game usually. Casual player with a job so impossible to neet. Banned 2 days ago after 1 week of cats. He suspected it was from refreshing too often even though he only did dailies mainly. Doesn't look like he planned to appeal the ban. Dropped at least $300 USD into the game.

    Case 2:

    Date unknown. A repeat "offender" who has experienced this issue several times. This Taiwanese TTK survived the cat onslaught by not playing the game for 2 days. On the 3rd day the game continued normally for said admiral. Typically according to said admiral, he/she experienced the error around Saturday and Sunday when trying to wrap the weeklies at the last minute. Other playing habits unknown.

    Case 3:

    Intermittent cats after winter event. Cat bomb about every 5-10 minutes. User has tried resting for 3 days. Still came back with errors. Recently resumed playing while ignoring the cat errors. Received at least 60 cats per day, sometimes more than 80. All of a sudden the cat errors just stopped. Said user lives in Japan.

    Various collection of "my friend did this and I think this is what happened":

    A TTK asked his/her circle of friends about cat errors. The 8 he/she asked are all confirmed to have 201 error via Electronic Observer.

    How they connected to the game:

    Directly online through DMM, POI, Electronic Observer, etc.

    Usual Gaming Duration:

    2 sends out long term expeditions before they leave and then close the game.
    6 keeps the game open basically whenever the computer is on.

    Long Term Gaming:

    3 that even if out and about, will still connect remotely somehow to send out expeditions.
    1 when out, will connect remotely to do PVP, expeditions, sortie.
    2 will grind on vacation starting in the morning, run non stop expedition 256 or 3-2/4-3. (wording implies they stop until night like most people)
    1 grind from evening to late night. (not sure what sort of activity)
    1 plays Kantai even while working until 12AM before bed. Long term expeditions are sent out before bed.

    Use of 3rd Party Program / Specific Habits (F5 F5 F5)

    Bot/Macro: 0
    Consecutive F5: 6
    The other 2 will close the game for a few minutes if they accidentally send out Taiha ships.


    4 F5 for 2-3 hours until they started asking around. After learning about 201 error they closed the game.
    3 after repetitive cats closed the game for a while, then turn it on some time later.
    1 closed the game after hearing about the error.

    Number of banned people:

    Currently 0. 1 is on business trip right now.


    4 connect once in a while to run expeditions. This repeated for 2-3 days and then they resumed regular activity. 1 has encountered the errors again.
    2 switched over to something else and only resumed game the next day. No cats.
    1 was out for 2 days and resumed the game after returning. No cats.
    1 still on business trip.

    Cat Forecast?

    3 stated that their network was unstable before they ran into cats. Their connection to other games were also unstable and had frequent disconnections.
    1 had weather related network instability.

    The 8 TTK are not ranking admirals.

    Random information that doesn't fit anywhere really.

    Error cats became more frequent starting in January and been persisting on and off.
    Timer duration is random as mentioned. But some experience shorter timer as time dragged on. Could be observational bias since not many people actually record their error duration.
    Still not server or region specific.
    Sample size was extremely small, but unstable connection is more like to get flagged perhaps. I did experience some lag which led to a dropped error related cat. Impossible to say 'cause not tech savy nor devs. Feels like it's a lot quicker for me to get cat bombed on the phone for some reason.
    From a JP post: Cheat Engine at and after a certain speed, 2x, is likely going to get you bot flagged. This is google translation, so I may misinterpret this.

    My own timers for the parts that I actually bothered or remembered to record:

    2nd day
    7 56
    3 30
    10 10

    3rd day
    2:30 + 4:10
    1 + 7:30

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    Mar 2016
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    My hats off to you compiling all the information.

    As for me, I am from Singapore, our ISP connections are stable, so I strike off unstable connection part from my side.

    A confession to be made. i was using CE tool half a year back (cant remb the exact dates) with 2x speed and recently increase to 3x. (using 3x for 1 month?) until I started getting cats from 10th March. At that time i still don't know the bot flagging functions, so I thought it was a server unstable or some sort of trouble on their side, but after a few days after that i realised that it only happens to me, and not my friends. But I still continued to play, running 4-3 to level my DDs for the recent Kai2 until yesterday I replied to this post.

    I played quite actively, probably clocking roughly 12 hours/day before i started getting cats.

    Day 1: I stop using CE and playing for today, only login twice to do long expedition and complete 2 parts of PVP. (I didn't get any cats so far when I doing PVP and expedition, but still not confirmed whether it is gone or not)

    I will be back to report the results after I ended for Day 2.

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    Nov 2014
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    I too have developed a bad habit of heavily refresh spamming 4-3 J and was concerned about the rate i was going. Haven't been cat-bomb flagged yet but glad i stumbled upon this thread to learn about it.

    I'll probably continue until i encounter this nasty error because i'm stupid and want to see for myself what they decide to 'flag'. Or this is just my way of telling them how sick and tired i am of running 3-2-A.

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    Rear-Admiral DoraGrailMon's Avatar
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    May 2015
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    After 2 days of not doing anything, the cats have retreated so my game is back to normal. My timer counted beyond 3 hours and still no cats so I think I'm in the clear.

    If anyone else also runs into this problem, please post here with as much information as possible so we may help narrow down what's triggering this detection. For information please tell us your:

    1. Server: Buin? Rabul? etc
    2. Which country you are located in
    3. When you started receiving your cats
    4. If this has happened before
    5. How you connect to the game. Be it directly via browser, KC3Kai, KCV, POI, Electronic Observer, etc
    6. Playing on a PC or something else
    7. Whether or not you are a ranking admiral or are making very active attemtps to rank
    8. Any use of 3rd party program like CE, macro
    9. F5/refresh a lot at specific spots? How many refreshes have you done for that day or the day prior? What's the duration and did you make any changes to the fleet in the mean time? I just want to know if you just AFK at that same spot or actually switch around a lot as an active player.
    10. Usual gaming habits. How often did you grind and where.
    11. How long do you tend to play KC? 2-3 hours a day? All day even while at work?
    12. Notice any unusual activity before cats started raining, such as slower connection/lag/frequent DC
    13. What was your activity when it first started raining cats
    14. How often are you receiving the cat errors
    15. If your game has recovered, when did it recover and what have you done before it returned to normal
    16. If you were banned or have been banned for this error

    I updated the first post for general information as well.

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    Mar 2016
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    4th day. 1 complete day with no cats. i stop playing for the 1st and 2nd day (still doing PVPs and expedition, while still getting cats. On the 3rd day i resume my half-hearted grinding with less than 5 cats in a day and finally on the 4th day with 0 cats.

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    Vice-Admiral DLRevan's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Kanoya Airfield
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    A friend stumbled on this page after googling for causes of cat errors and inundated me with questions on how to avoid being banned since he's afraid his recent cat hurricane has flagged him (which, after checking the log, is indeed the case).

    To avoid the same level of scare in the future for others that may read this, In case it isn't obvious enough either, from DoraGrailMon mentioning the log, not every cat error is due to bot detection.

    I'd also like to point out that nobody is banned outright by a bot script. Someone at KDKW has to do it manually. The flagging system merely alerts them (whether its after one flag or multiple flagging, I do not know) to possible cheaters.

    Even then, there's probably thousands of flagged accounts. They probably don't spend more than a few seconds reviewing any particular account. But that is actually a good thing, because unless its plainly obvious you're a bot/macro-user or other kind of cheater from that cursory examination, you won't be banned.

    The most obvious red mark an account can have against it is probably consecutive refreshes. From what I've read before, 5-6 refreshes in a minute is FUBAR, or a certain number within 10 minutes. Just don't do it. Personally, I only close the game when I sortie taiha ships by accident. In these cases, I don't even open the game till 10mins has passed. Call me paranoid, but this is leading cause of bans, and I'll have my very safe margin, thank you very much.

    It is highly unlikely that KC watches for any kind of behaviorable pattern over long periods of time, say a day. Meaning whatever your daily routine is, unless it's all crammed into a few minutes, its not the cause of your being flagged.

    The game will certainly watch for actions that are physically impossible within a given time frame. That does not mean you can't sortie 3-2 non-stop. It means that if you somehow finish 5 sorties in 2 minutes, its going to flag you. Not 2 sorties in 5 minutes. This catches speedhacks. The developers know well how many players are hardcore enough to do hours of 3-2 completely non-stop.

    This doesn't cover possible bugs in the system causing random flags. But as long as there is no suspicious activity (refreshing being the one most players will do), you don't use a viewer that makes funny API calls, or you don't modify your cache (there are safe ways to do this, but some players don't. Like connecting to a proxy to download the cache from the 3rd party server), you're very unlikely to get banned as a result.

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    Rear-Admiral DoraGrailMon's Avatar
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    May 2015
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    I'm back. Because FUCK YOU TANAKA. IT'S RAINING 201 AGAIN.

    Courtesy of all the stupid 1-3 off branch and refresh I had to do. Fix your shitty mechanics if you don't want people to refresh then.

    I'm adding a tutorial for using Electronic Observer original branch to play KC for those who wants to know for sure it's 201 giving you the finger. You are going to use Ooi the proxy to play your game basically.

    After opening the program. Go to Configuration.

    Go to the browser tap and change out the URL address for ooi.la-foret.me

    Select OK. Now restart the program again and you should end up in this screen.

    Enter your account information and the game will start normally. Play until you get hit by some stupid error. As said before, if you see 201 error in the log section. (bottom right in this case) Fucking bot detection again.

    Slightly calmer now. Going to fill in my own questionnaire.

    Sever related stupidities. Fixed after the emergency update on 4/3.

    [+] Spoiler
    1. Buin server
    2. USA, California
    3. After April 1st maintenance
    4. Yeah. Lasted at least a week
    5. Was using KCV Yuubari ver and cookie method
    6. Did PVP on phone initially, than switched to PC
    7. Did some 5-4 for fodder Kai-ing, not really trying to rank
    8. Was using CE because 1-1 and 1-3 bs. 1.5x
    9. 1-3 refresh. 3-5 times.
    10. 3-2 twice a day for the easy daily quests first. 2-3 daily quests. 1-1 for some easy sparkling. 5-4 occasionally now for leveling. I reserve 10 buckets for 5-4 group. Don't think I did more than 10 per day.
    11. 12 hours a day...? Everything from daily quests to monthly quests. With 5-4 here and there to Kai some fodder because 4-3 refresh was screwing me over. And then 1-3 quest came along....
    12. Loading on phone takes ages like before. I've gotten a cat error before while just changing group composition. The timer right then was fairly long so I was hoping it's just a glitch. Was on KCV so could not confirm. After 1-3 refreshes it got very bad.
    13. Fucking 1-3.
    14. About every 6 minutes according to EO.
    15. Was still raining when I did expedition 5 hours ago. Now just playing idle game.
    16. I hope not.

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    Kleptomania dranzerstar's Avatar
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    Cat is pooping all over me since yesterday 1st apr update.
    @DoraGrailMon, in order of your list
    out of japan
    April 2nd
    Chrome/ flash browser
    inactive besides pvp and expeditions
    sometimes CE
    never F5, idles randomly in maps a lot
    never grinded for 1~2 yrs
    everyday for expeditions
    no unusual behavior
    first login during the day, cat happens after I idle and come back to click on the game
    a few actions after login
    lasted for 1 day so far
    not yet

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    Newly Registered BloodySteel's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
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    Getting major cat litter ever since the April 1st update

    Truk Anchorage
    out of Japan but in SEA
    April 2nd
    KC3 Kai
    Just a lowly Admiral who does pvp, some sortie and mostly AFK exp 2 for buckets
    Sometimes F5, idling sometimes
    Everyday for pvp and exp
    2 hours a day, 5 hours max
    again PC
    Nope, nothing
    Doing my pvp
    About 10~20mins interval
    Haven't recovered yet, still got catbombed as I was typing this
    No, not yet, I hope not

    Tsun is love. Dere is life.

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    1. Server: Don't remember
    2. Which country you are located in: Totronto, Canada
    3. When you started receiving your cats: April 2, 6pm~ EST(probaly flagged because I play at late night Japan time)
    4. If this has happened before: Never checked for 201 cat before
    5. Electonric observer
    6. PC
    7. Not ranking, never got reward, but I am at the "grand marshal" rank now due to finished 2-5 and 4-5
    8. No
    9. Once in a while, notably I was leveling on 3-2 yesterday, maybe I hate 10 F5 over the course of the day.
    10. All dailes, 3-2
    11. I leave the game online after I wake up, close before I sleep
    12. No
    13. 2-3 for daily quest
    14. Four 201/Cat in the 40minute interval. Update: 6 Cats now; time of cats{18:32,18:49, 19:05, 19:10, 19:24, 19:32 2nd Update: (19:52, 20:05, 20:18, 20:25, (i went to play world of tanks, went back for kancolle, instant disconnect as soon as I click a button in the interface, 20:50)
    15. Not sure yet, still doing 2-3
    16. No

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