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    [Guide] The Newbie Guide

    Note: If you have a question ask in the Help & Support sub forum.
    A revised version of this guide is being prepared as this one is very outdated.

    So you got through the lottery, your game has finished downloading its assets and you're ready to roll. But then you ask, WHERE DO I START???? This guide will cover the most basic of Kantai Collection so you can get on your way of having shipgirl harems.

    Your first Kanmusu!
    After giving yourself a name, you will be forced to choose a wife from a harem of 5 choose your starting shipgirl. The choices are:

    (From top left: Fubuki, Murakumo, Sazanami, Inazuma and Samidare)

    Don't pull out your hair out over this choice, since all 5 girls have the same maximum stat, and you will get the other 4 easily. Do note that Fubuki has a second remodel at level 70 which makes her one of the stronger destroyers.

    Main Harbor : Main Screen
    After going through all those pokemon-esque stuff, you will be brought to the main screen that looks something like this.

    Opens up the sortie screen, where you can send out expeditions, engage in naval practices and send out sorties.

    Opens up the fleet composition screen, allowing you to change your fleet setup.

    Opens up the Factory screen. You can develop more powerful equipment and construct ships here, as well as dismantling unwanted equipment and scrap ships.

    Opens the Resupply screen. After sorties, naval practices, expeditions, you can resupply your ships' fuel, ammo, bauxite here.

    Opens up the Upgrade screen. You can change your ship's equipment setup, remodel and modernize ships here.

    Opens up the Dock screen. Ships are repaired here.

    Opens up Akashi's Enhancement Factory. This button is only accessible if you set Akashi as your first fleet's flagship, and after you hover your mouse over the Factory button in the main screen.


    By now you would have noticed that you need to finish some tutorials to get started, they are:

    1) I) Construct a ship. Press the button shown above, and you will land to the following screen:

    II) Click on and you will see an input screen pop up:

    For tutorial purposes, just stick with the default amount of resources allocated and hit to instantly finish building the ship. (Don't worry, you can get lots of flamethrowers later on)

    2) Once your new ship is finished, add it to the fleet by clicking the Fleet Composition button above and adding it to your first fleet.

    3) The game should now direct you to the button above. Click it to open up the Quest screen.

    (An example of the Quest screen. If you are just starting out, the quests you see will be different from the ones shown.)

    You should see 5 quests, click any where on the quests to active them; do this for all 5. You can also deselect them (because you may only accept up to 5 quests at a time), your progress for quests is saved, so don't worry. You should have instantly finished the Fleet composition quest, netting you additional resources and an additional Kanmusu (Shirayuki).


    You will now be able to sortie. Click the above button to be brought to the Sortie Screen:

    Click the above icon and go to the only sortie world you can go which is

    You won't have any problems going through this map if you have around ~4 to 6 ships; engage in night battle if you are unable to finish off the boss.

    5) And the last tutorial quest: Resupplying ships.

    (The supply screen)

    Fairly straight forward, just click the resupply button and select which ships you want to resupply and click the buttons as directed.

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    • Destroyers, or DD in naval classification, possess high evasion but comparatively low armor and firepower. They will make up a large portion of your expedition fleets due to their low cost.
    • Light Cruisers, CL for short, are more powerful than destroyers, and excel at ASW. (anti-submarine warfare)
    • Torpedo Cruisers (CLT) are some of the most useful ships in the game. They are able to launch preemptive torpedo strikes at the enemy with the aid of midget subs, aided by their high torpedo stat, can easily kill most enemies before the battle even begins.
    • Heavy Cruisers (CA) are jack of all trades. They have higher stats than CLs but do not excel at anything. That being said, they are well suited for night battles.
    • Aviation Cruisers (CAV) are remodeled versions of Heavy Cruisers. They are very similar to CAs, but they can also launch seaplanes and engage in ASW.
    • Submarines (SS) boast the lowest resource consumption in the game. They generally serve as tanks for the fleet, owed to their ability to divert attacks from DD, CL, CVL classes, as well as CAV and BBV equipped with seaplanes. They have very low armor, hit points and evasion, so be careful when deploying them.
    • Aircraft-carrying subs (SSV) can launch seaplanes and they have more slots for equipment since they are remodeled subs. Currently all but one submarine remodels into a SSV, which doubles their repair time compared to a normal SS.
    • Seaplane tenders (AV) can be described as a combination of CL and CVL. They only launch seaplanes however, and they can equip Midget subs (as well as a source of it) to launch preemptive attacks.
    • Standard carriers (CV) are a huge threat to ships in general and allow for a preemptive air bombing phase against the enemy. They are huge bauxite eaters and have extremely long repair times.
    • Light aircraft carriers (CVL) are lower armored versions of standard carriers (CV) Unlike CVs, these can attack submarines as well, but are generally not reliable to do so.
    • Armored Carriers (CVB) are the same as CVs but bulkier, more expensive and are able to launch planes at medium damage. Only 1 ship has this classification currently.
    • High defense, high firepower, Battleships (BB) are some of the most powerful ship types available. They cost a huge amount of resources to develop, deploy and repair.
    • Aviation Battleships (BBV) are battleships that can use seaplanes for bombing and ASW in exchange for having a lower firepower.
    • Amphibious Assault Ships (LHA) are ships that are weak in combat, but have very good equipment. Currently only 1 ship has this classification.
    • Repair ships are ships that can repair ships that are not moderately damaged when placed as the flagship of a fleet. Repair ships make use of "Ship repair facilities" to repair more ships. Currently only 1 ship has this classification.
    • Submarine Tenders (AS, different from SSVs and AVs) are ships that are weak combat-wise, but are required for some quests and expeditions. Currently only 1 ship has this classification, and this ship can remodel into a CVL at level 25.
    • Training Cruisers (CT) are ships that provide EXP boosts to the whole fleet in PvP when set as the flagship, and are required for some expeditions which give EXP. Currently only 1 ship has this classification.


    Minor damage: Denoted by having the words 小çÂ*´ in bright yellow font, signifying minor damage. This does not affect much of combat capabilities. Has a threshold of 51% - 75% of HP

    Medium damage: Denoted by having the words ä¸Â*çÂ*´ in orange font, signifies medium damage. Ship combat capabilities is hampered in this state; all aircraft carriers with exception of Taihou will cease to operate and ships may not partake in the torpedo phase, attack power is reduced. SHIPS CANNOT BE SUNK IN THIS STATE, REGARDLESS OF FATIGUE STATUS.

    Critical damage: Denoted by having the words 大çÂ*´ in red font, signifies extreme damage. Ship capabilities is significantly hampered; night combat is no longer possible, as with everything else noted in the medium damage state. SHIPS ARE IN DANGER OF BEING SUNK IN THIS STATE, HOWEVER THEY WILL NOT SINK IF IT'S THE SAME BATTLE AS THEM GETTING REKT'D TO RED (i.e moving on to another node with a critically damaged ship possesses a risk of said ship getting sunk in the next node)

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    Materials and the Flow of the Game

      At its core, Kantai Collection is a fleet management and development game. As "Teitoku", you command anthropomorphized ships girls from World War II and fight against the abyssal fleet. However, you do not play any active role in the actual combat, since the RNG decides everything for you. What you can do, is to manipulate the RNG before sending your ships out by altering your composition, equipment, etc. Do note that you can permanently lose your ships if they sink, and they can not be recovered/revived in any way unless you pick up another copy.
    2. I heard that combat and fleet buildup requires resources???
      Yes, in Kantai Collection most if not all of the actions you can take involve spending resources.
      There are four main types of materials, you can see the display at the top right of the screen which denotes your the current stockpiles. They are:
      • - Fuel (green drums)
      • - Ammunition (bullets)
      • - Steel (silver bars)
      • - Bauxite (red brown ore)

      Actions in the game costs resources. For example:
      • After a sortie, fuel and ammunition are consumed, and must be replenished.
      • When a ship is damaged, you can repair them in the docks, using steel and fuel. (and time!)
      • Bauxite is needed to replenish airplanes on carriers.
      • Development and Construction both require all 4 resources, as well as another resource called "Development materials" or "Dev mats".

    3. Ok, so how do I get resources???
      There are three major ways:
      • Natural Regeneration
        All four resources will regenerate over time at a slow pace(60 per hour for fuel, ammo, and steel; 20 per hour for bauxite), but this is generally unreliable of getting good amounts of resources. In addition, Development materials; the item that is used for construction and development cannot be naturally regenerated.
      • Quest Rewards
        Quests reward admirals with resources and sometimes special items (Damage Control, or "damecons") and furniture coins for finishing them. This is a major part of resource gain that will stick with you for the rest of the game.
      • Expeditions
        As the player progresses through the game, they will unlock more reserve fleets that can be used to undertake expeditions, which reward resources. This is the biggest part of resource gain.

    4. I keep running out of resources!
      If you want more reserve resources, you should bear in mind of your usage as well as your resource gain. Needless to say you will always lose resources if you use more than you gain, so strike a balance if need be.
    5. Do I have to leave the game on to get the natural regeneration of resource???
      No, natural regeneration also occurs when you are offline, so rest assured. However natural regeneration will NOT give you more resources than the resource limit. The maximum resource regeneration limit is dependent on admiral level, and can be viewed in the admiral screen(first tab).

      You can also use the following formula to calculate the cap:

      (HQ Level + 3) x 250
    6. My resources accumulated beyond the resource limit... Is this supposed to happen??
      Yes, resource limit only blocks natural regeneration when you are past it. You are still able to get more resource via resource nodes in maps, as well as expeditions, and scrapping ships/dismantling equipment.
      However going past the resource limit will reduce resource efficiency because you will not be able to take advantage of the natural regenerate. That isn't to say that you shouldn't pile up resources, as there will be occasions like events where having a ready supply of resources is beneficial, so do try to balance resources/stock pile when you need to. Do note that the 4 resources have a hard cap of 300 000, and secondary resources have a hard cap of 2000. You can never exceed this value unless you had over that amount before the 28/03/14 update.
      Beyond the second fleet, you must complete 3 composition quests to unlock the third and fourth. They are:
      • (A14)「川åâ€*…à €åž‹è»½å·¡ ¥Â§â€°Ã¥Â¦Â¹Ã£ÂÂ®Ã¥â€¦Â 3Ã¨â€°Â¦Ã£â€šâ€™Ã§Â·Â¨Ã¦Ë †ÂÃ£Ââ€ºÃ£â€šË†Ã¯Â¼Â(Reward: 100/0/100/0)

        Have all three ships in the Sendai class in your fleet (Sendai, Jintsuu and Naka). This unlocks the third fleet.
      • (A15)「妙高㠂¬ÂÃ¥Å¾â€¹Ã©â€¡ÂÃ¥Â·Â¡ ¥Â§â€°Ã¥Â¦Â¹Ã£ÂÂ®Ã¥â€¦Â 4隻を編æˆ ã›ã‚ˆï¼ (Reward: 150/100/150/100)
        Have all four ships in the Myoukou class in your fleet (Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara and Haguro). The completion of this quest is needed for the next one.
      • (A16)ã€Œé‡‘å‰†ã€åž‹ã«ã†ˆã‚‹é«˜é€Ÿà ˆ¦è‰¦éƒ¨éšÅ*à ‚’編成うよ!(Reward: 0/0/0/0)

        Have all four ships in the Kongou class in your fleet (Kongou, Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima). This unlocks the fourth fleet.


    1. What are quests???
      They are short missions that reward some resources, some special items and such. Two of them unlock your extra fleets, so it is extremely advised to finish them.
    2. How do I complete a quest??
      1. From the menu at the top of the screen click to open the quest page, then click on the quest that you want to be do. On the right side "遂行ä¸Â*" display will appear once it's checked.
      2. You can have a maximum of 5 active quests at a time. Clicking any active quest again will deselect it.
      3. When you finish a quest requirement WITHOUT checking it, the quest will not log you and nothing happens.
      4. Once you have successfully completed a quest, open up the Quest page again. The mission that has been finished will have a notification "達成" display.
      5. You can then click on the "達成" display to claim your rewards.

    3. I cancelled a quest midway! Will I lose my progress???
      Even if you cancel the quest midway, progress is still saved up until the point you cancelled it . For example, let's say you have the 10 expedition quest in progress, and you have finished 4 expeditions then cancelled and re-enable it again, you can simply finish 6 more expeditions to finish up the quest. Do note that your progress will reset for daily, weekly and monthly quests, i.e. progress will not be carried over to the next day, week, month respectively.
      Quests refresh at 0500 hours JST, so take a break lol.
      There are three types of quests:
      • One-time-only: One-time-only quests will never be available again once completed. Most composition quests fall in this category.
      • Dailies: Daily quests reset every day at 05:00 JST, and once it refreshes it will be available again.
      • Weeklies: Weekly quests reset every week at 05:00 JST ON MONDAYS. These function in a similar way to dailies, but are only available once a week.
      • Monthlies: Monthly quests reset every first day of the month. These function in a similar way to weeklies, but are only available once a month.

      Yes, remodeled versions will work. However, Verniy cannot replace Hibiki for the DesDiv 6 Composition quest.
    7. What's this 50% and 80% thing about?

    The 50 and 80% indicators appear once you have completed 50 and 80% (rounded down) of what the quest requires you to do. This is helpful in gauging your progress since the game does not show exactly how much you have done.


      This is entirely up to you, but it is ill advised to do so when you have merely started out in the game, because these type of ships require immense resources to attempt construction, which will only get worse since at the start not all 4 fleets are available to you for resource expeditions. This also leads to the fact that you may not have enough resources to operate these ships.

      Then there is luck to factor in; conventional recipes have a not-so-high rate of these ships, and cost a lot.

      In Kantai Collection, there are common and rare ships but most ship daughters can be acquired via battle victory drops, which is important because instead of burning a ton of resources trying to craft that Nagato/Kongou, you can just dedicate resources to leveling your fleet to clear maps to access maps that drop them.
      That isn't to say that you should not craft ships, there will be times where you have to, since map difficulty scales up significantly, but assume control of yourself and don't blindly waste resources.
    2. What is this Large Construction thing I see everyone talk about?
      To unlock Large Scale Construction (LSC), you'll need to unlock the third fleet first.
      Next, you'll need to accept this quest and successfully modernize 4 times:

      Then, you need to scrap equipment 4 times (Scrapping 1 equipment at a time 4 times works):

      Now you when you try to construct, you'll see that a new button has appeared in the bottom left corner:
      GG GL try again.
      First, check if you have enough development materials.
      There are 3 ways to check:
      • At the top right of the screen, look at the number beside
      • Beside the instant construction option in development/construction
      • In the "Item (アイãƒâ€*Ã£Æ Â*)" Tab

      Additionally, you may have ran out of ship slots/equipment slots; clear some out and try again.
      You also won't be able to build/develop if you lack resources.
      Separate from the big 4 resources, it is an item that is consumed when you develop/construct a ship.

      As stated above, this item cannot be naturally regenerated over time, and can only be acquired through map drops, quests and expeditions. When developing equipment, a failure will not consume the development material used.
      There are three ways:
      • Expeditions: Some expeditions may provide dev mats, but only at a chance , EVEN WITH GREAT SUCCESS.
      • Map Drops: These stuff only drop from a node in the 2-4 map, and it is a rather dangerous map to keep farming, although doable when you have good ships.
      • Quests: Daily and Weekly Quests are generally the main way to pile up dev mats. By failing your daily development quests, you can pile up even more dev mats at the cost of resources lost (shouldn't be much anyway).

        The following daily quests gives you dev mats:
        [+] Spoiler

        - 敵艦éšÅ*ã‚ ’æ’ƒçÂ*´ã›ã ‚ˆï¼(Defeat an enemy fleet)
        - 敵艦éšÅ*丠»Ã¥Å*›ã‚’æ’ƒæ »…せよ! (Defeat an enemy fleet's flagship) (Kill the ship on the first slot)
        - 敵艦éšÅ*ã‚ ’10Ã¥â€ºÅ¾Ã©â€šâ‚¬Ã¦â€™Æ ’せよ!(Defeat 10 enemy fleets)
        - 敵補給艠¦Ã£â€šâ€™3隻撃æ ²Ë†Ã£Ââ€ºÃ£â€šË†Ã¯Â¼Â(Si nk 3 transport ships)
        -「演習ã₠¬ÂÃ£ÂÂ§Ã¤Â»â€“提砝£ã‚’圧倒 せよ!(Defeat 5 fleets in PvP)
        -「éÂ*征〠Ã£â€šâ€™3回成å *Ÿã•ã›ã‚ˆ £Ââ€*!(Do 3 expeditions)
        - 艦éšÅ*é…’ä¿ ç¥Â*ã‚Å*!(Resuppl y ships 15 times)
        - 新装備ã⠂¬Å’開発〠Ã¦Å’‡ä»¤(Do development once) (Gives one Devmat)
        - æ–°é€Â*艦ã₠¬Å’建é€Â*」æ Œ‡ä»¤(Craft 1 ship) (Gives one Devmat)
        - 装備「é⠀“‹ç™ºã€é›⠀*ä¸Â*強化ï¼ (Develop equipment 3 times) (Gives 2 devmats)

        From the above you will get 7 dev mats per day if all the development attempts are successful (no penguins).
        If you however intentionally fail the development (like setting a BB flagship and using 10/10/10/10), you will get 3 more additional dev mats for a total of 10 per day.

    7. I'm doing construction/development for quests, which recipe should I use????
      The default ones (30/30/30/30 for construction; 10/10/10/10 for development) will suffice. Using the bare minimum will yield a surplus of resources once you finish the quests.
    8. I want to develop equipment X, Y, Z, what recipe should I use???
      It has been spaded that the minimal threshold of something appearing is ten times its scrap value. You can find a chart here. Please note that some of the equipment are currently not possible to build.
    9. Will my flagship and HQ level affect what I construct/develop?
      Your flagship type (e.g. BB, DD, or CV) and HQ level directly affects what you get in development while only the resources spent will affect the outcome of construction. The battleship Bismarck and the destroyer Z3 is an exception to this, requiring a specific ship to be your flagship to be crafted (Z1,Z3).
    10. Should I spend flamethrowers to instantly finish construction???
      Flamethrowers accumulate very easily as long as you do the quests, so it is perfectly fine to use them when appropriate (in fact there's really no other place to use them)
    11. I got a PENGUIN SCREEN during development WTF???
      This happens most often when you attempt development with recipes with high failure rates (SONAR recipes) as well as using the bare minimum resources in particular, or if your HQ level is too low. Do not worry; while failing is not a nice experience, the development material will still be refunded in the case of a failure, so not much is lost.

    Formation, Sortie, Supply

    1. Why can't I remove the last ship in the first fleet?
      It is hard-coded, there's no getting around it. 
    2. At the sortie screen, I see some ! marks below the ship daughters' faces... what does that mean???

      It means that your ship daughters are not resupplied; your ship daughters do not have a full bar in either fuel/ammo or both.
    3. The game isn't letting me go on sorties!
      This is due to one or more of the following:
      • One of your ships have completely empty fuel bars (0/10).
      • Your flagship is heavily damaged.
      • You don't have enough ship/equipment slots (applies for event maps)
      • One of your ships is in the dry docks (If they are already out but this seems to be the cause, just go back to the main menu and try again.)
      • You are using the wrong type of fleet. (Some event maps have restrictions on what you can bring into a particular map)

    4. I find it troublesome that I have to click each ship daughter one by one to resupply, are there any better solutions?
      At the upper left corner, right beside of the fleet numbers (1/2/3/4) , there's an extra box that allows you to instantly select all ships within the fleet to resupply.
    5. What are all these circles on the map? What do they mean?
      Each circle is called a "node". A node may have different effects depending on its color.
      • Red nodes are battle nodes. Each battle node contains an enemy that may take on one of 3 possible formations. These formations are fixed for every node.
      • Green nodes are resupply nodes. These nodes will give you resources or certain items (dev mats, flamethrowers, furniture boxes) when you enter them.
      • Light purple nodes are maelstrom nodes. These nodes will cause you to lose either fuel or ammo. At lower leveled maps these nodes will cause you to lose a small amount of fuel/ammo, but at higher leveled maps these may cause you to lose fuel/ammo bars, which will directly affect your performance. An air or surface radar (even 1 will do) equipped in your fleet can help to reduce the amount of resources lost at maelstrom nodes.
      • Light blue nodes are free nodes. Nothing will happen in these nodes and you'll just carry on to the next one.

    6. How does the COMPASS operate???
      Generally, the compass operates on a random note. So there's only praying that it points you to the route you wanna go. Different "compass girls" spin the compass at different speeds, but they don't affect the outcome in anyway.

      There are also special "branching rules" that dictate where the compass will go for some maps. These are specific requirements that must be fulfilled by your fleet to force the compass the right way.
    7. How do I unlock new maps???
      In each map, there is always a boss node. You must defeat the boss node (gain a battle victory of at least B rank) to unlock new maps.

      A boss node is signified by a horned-demon sprite. If you have never landed on a boss node in a particular map, the boss node is shown as a slightly larger red dot; it then changes to the horned-demon sprite when you land on the node.

      Take for instance the map 1-1, node C is the boss node.

    8. What is this weird screen with 4~5 buttons and my flagship girl beside it???
      If you sortie with 4 ships or more, you will be prompted to choose a formation for the battle. Different formations have different effects.

      Formation Line Ahead (単縦陣) Double Line (複縦陣) Diamond(輪形陣) Echelon(梯形陣) Line Abreast (単横陣)
      Formation Icon
      Firepower Modifier x1 x0.8 x0.7 x0.6 x0.6
      Anti-submarine Modifier x0.45 x0.6 x0.9 x0.75 x1
      Anti-air Modifier x1 x1.2 x1.6 x1 x1
      Torpedo Accuracy High Medium Low Low Low

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    FAQ (cont.)


    1. Why is the enemy targeting random??? Can't I just target the flagship so it'll be easy??
      In Kantai Collection, the player has no say at all during battle; it is all up to RNG.

      It comes with benefits: the player will not have to bother with the battle and can just sit back and relax. The downside is that RNG can sometimes fuck you over (event times especially).
    2. Should I engage further? Should I go into night battle??? Should I strike further with medium/critical damaged ships???
      Ship daughters CAN BE SUNK. WHEN THEY ARE SUNK YOU WILL NEVER GET THEM BACK. You can however get a copy of said girl again but all levels and equipment on the sunk girl WILL BE GONE.

      To avoid your girls getting bad-end raped and sunk, you should NOT press on with a CRITICALLY DAMAGED SHIP (red warning) and withdraw immediately. Furthermore, you should see the battle situation; if a battle is seemingly lost and wouldn't even change after a night battle (examples being 5/6 of your fleet is critically damaged with their enemy being healthy), then there is no point of pressing into a night battle. (night battle increases resource consumption)

    Ships that were hit to red HP in the day battle will not sink if you enter a night battle for the same battle.

    1. I see some sad face icon at the side of my ship daughter. WHAT IS THAT???
      It is an indication of fatigue. Fatigue is accumulated by subsequent sorties. There are primarily two stages of fatigue: orange and red. Fatigue can be recovered over time, or with Mamiya's food stuff (See below).
    2. You said that fatigue can be recovered over time, but the faces are still here after a long time!!
      You may need to refresh the docks by going back to the main page.
    3. I see a glowing red effect at the HP bar of a ship daughter. WHAT IS THIS???
      This effect occurs when you have a critically damaged ship in any of the 4 fleets. Send the poor girl for repairs. If the bars still glow, go back to the main screen and then back to fleet selection.
    4. My Aircraft Carrier's plane count has decreased!! How do I restore it back??
      In combat, planes can be shot down by enemy Anti-Air (AA) which results in the losses you see in the equipment screen.
      Resupplying will replenish plane counts, but keep in mind that a cost of 5 bauxite per plane is incurred whenever planes are lost.
    5. I see a heart-shaped lock symbol beside the ship daughter in the composition screen, what is this??
      This is the ship-lock system, it is devised to prevent unintentional ship scrapping and other bad things to your beloved ship daughter. To activate a lock, click here:
    6. What does this button do?

    Clicking on this button allows you to restore morale/reduce fatigue, or to sparkle your shipgirls. After clicking the button you'll see something like this:

    The left button allows you to use 1 Mamiya food item to restore the morale of your shipgirls. Do note that this button will only be pressable if the button is flashing, which indicates that you have low morale shipgirls. Therefore this is a quick way to look out for low morale girls.
    The right button allows you to use 1 Irako food item to sparkle shipgirls who are at 49 morale (The highest level you can attain through natural regeneration). This button is always active.
    The bottom button allows you to use both the Mamiya and Irako items to restore and sparkle your whole fleet.

    1. What does this button do?

    This button removes all ships except for your flagship from the currently selected fleet.

    1. I was forced back to port after my flagship got #rekt !!! HELP!
      After the update of 26th of August 2013, if the flagship becomes critically damaged, a forced-retreat screen is played and you will be forced back to port. In addition, you can not do any sorties/exercise/expeditions with a critically damaged ship in the fleet.


      Damage to ship daughters WILL NOT regenerate over time, as such you MUST put them to the docks to repair them.
    2. I want to swap in another damaged ship daughter for repairs, can't I take one of them out of the docks first??
      No you can't, there is no way to pull em outta the docks once you put them in unless the repair finishes.

      The instant repair Bucket can be used to instantly finish a repair.
    3. Should I save up on repair buckets???
      Buckets can be obtained by expeditions/quests and occasionally map drops; they come at a rate higher than flamethrowers, so if you can afford it then by all means use them.

      During events, buckets are IMMENSELY IMPORTANT. As such it is much advised to save up as much as possible when an event is announced (usually a few weeks prior)

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    General tips

    Here's a list of general do's and don'ts for beginners. Some of these have already been covered above, but here's a condensed list.

    General things you should not do:


    [+] Spoiler
    An API link is a link that enables you to play Kancolle without the help of a VPN. It looks something like this: http://SOMEIPADDRESS/kcs/mainD2.swf?...e=SOMELNUMBERS
    This link allows ANYONE to access that particular account. This means that if you share your API link with other people, you are at risk of getting hacked by other people. You do not want to lose your precious shipgirls to something like this! Many people have been hacked because they carelessly revealed their API links.
    You also only need the api_token part to access the account, hence do not think that you are safe if you only reveal the first half of the API link.
    Protect your API link at all cost unless you are using tools such as KCViewer and always watch out for screenshots you post, these are the most common places for API link leaks.

    - Do not scrap your damage control crew.

    [+] Spoiler
    New players have a quest called , which requires you to scrap equipment twice. It looks like this:

    Do not scrap your repair teams to complete this quest!
    At the start of your admiral career, all players are given 2 Repair Teams (応急修çâ *要員), which will look like this in your equipment list. For the exact mechanics of how these work, please refer to this page.

    Repair teams (and their improved versions called the Repair Goddess) can only be obtained a limited amount of times through certain quests, or by purchasing them directly with real money.
    Scrapping your repair teams means you won't be able to get them back until much later, unless you spend your money on them.
    I suggest leaving this quest alone until later where you have more equipment to scrap.

    - Never proceed in sorties when your ships are at ''red health''!

    [+] Spoiler
    Ships at "大çÂ*´" or ''Severely damaged" are at risk of sinking when you proceed forward with them. Never carry on with a sortie with a ship that is severely damaged unless you have equipped them with a Repair Team or if you have no qualms about sinking ships. Even ships that seem that they wouldn't be able to sink you will be able to.
    A ship at red health looks like this:

    Current testing however suggests that:
    1. Ships will not sink in the same battle (This means ships who were hit to red HP in the day won't sink at night)
    2. Ships are not at risk of sinking in orange HP (ä¸Â*çÂ*´) (This means you can proceed safely with ships in orange)

    - Never deploy carriers against enemy carriers without sufficient green planes

    [+] Spoiler
    While carriers are very powerful, their damage output depends heavily on whether they are able to achieve Air Priority (航空優å‹ ¢!) or Air Supremacy (制空権確 ¤Â¿Â!). Air priority and supremacy can only be obtained when the allied fleet has sufficient air power relative to the enemy, and is provided by green planes and one red plane (A guide on this will be posted in the future):

    Without sufficient air power, not only will your carriers be unable to do much damage, you will also lose a lot of planes, which will be very costly to replenish (Each plane lost will consume 5 bauxite). This is why Akagi will live up to her name of ''Bauxite Queen'' if you bring her by herself with her default equipment into 1-4 and beyond.

    With the new recon planes system introduced in the 23/4 patch, getting at least Air Priority (航空優å‹ ¢!) is even more important now, as it is required (along with some other requirements) for your CAs and BBs to do daytime special attacks.

    A quick calculator for air power can be found here. Simply key in what kind of carriers and fighters you have and it will calculate how many green planes you should use.

    - Do not engage submarines in night battles (Applies to PvP as well).

    [+] Spoiler
    Anti-submarine attacks at night (with exception of battles which start at night) are severely reduced in accuracy and power, hence damage against submarines will only be scratch damage at best. Submarines at night also absorb all attacks from DDs and CLs, hence your DDs and CLs who will normally shine in night battles with their increased power will be unable to do their job.

    On the other hand, submarine attacks at night are extremely powerful, even if they are in a formation that does not boost torpedo accuracy. Submarines can also use cut-in attacks (easily recognized by the SHA-SHA-SHA sound) which are powerful enough to easily knock even battleships to red HP.

    Engaging submarines in night battles hence only puts your ships at greater risk of taking damage, wastes your resources (going into night battle consumes one more ammo bar, and taking extra damage costs fuel and steel), and you stand to gain almost nothing from it.

    - Regarding Large Ship Construction (LSC)

    [+] Spoiler
    While the thought of getting Yamato, Taihou and other LSC exclusives may seem tempting, Large Ship Construction is extremely costly. The minimum recipe used in LSC (1500/1500/2000/1000 with 1 Development Material) is already significantly higher than common recipes used in normal construction. At lower levels where you may only have 2 or 3 fleets, doing LSC will only strain your resources, and gaining them back via natural regeneration will take more than 1 full day of regeneration.

    Furthermore, while Yamato and Taihou may be powerful, they consume much more resources than other ships of the same type (Yamato's consumption is 25 fuel and 30 ammo per bar, 2~3 times higher than other battleships like Kongou), using them at low levels will be unsustainable. Yamato and Taihou also have high repair costs.

    You should only carry out LSC when you have enough resources to fall back on (5k is usually a very good limit), or if your resources are approaching the regeneration limit (under æœ€å¤§å‚™å ¯èƒ½ å„è³‡æé‡  which can be found when you click on 戦績表示 on the top left), this limit should preferably be at least 10,000.

    The devs have warned against using real life money to buy resources for LSC (LSC was meant to be a resource sink in the first place), please reconsider if you are planning to do so!

    Exception: You may wish to use the minimum LSC recipe for a chance to get Maruyu, who is a very useful submarine with a very low resupply cost and repair times.

    - Regarding PvP

    [+] Spoiler
    EXP gains from PvP (演習) are largely dependent on the levels of the top 2 ships of the enemy's fleet. At low HQ levels, your opponents are likely to have very low-leveled ships, hence PvP won't give you much experience at early levels (The first slot (denoted by a yellow flag) will always be an admiral that has a much higher HQ level, engaging that fleet will give you a lot of experience points even if you lose).

    Some admirals may use "Troll fleets" that have 2 level 1 ships in the first 2 slots and 4 level 90+ strong ships in the bottom slots. These troll fleets are not only hard to defeat, but also give zero experience even with a "S" rank victory. Engaging troll fleets is a waste of resources and your time. A troll fleet looks like this (Thanks CaptBauxite!):

    Enemy fleets with only 1 or 2 low level ships are not troll fleets! With a fleet comprised of ships at 49 morale (the maximum you can go via natural regeneration), a fleet with only low level ships is a very quick and easy way of getting the sparkle effect onto your entire fleet (Getting a 'S' rank victory will give 1 morale for your entire fleet, an additional 3 for your flagship, and an additional 10 for your MVP).

    If the fleets are about to refresh, the troll fleet is still there, and you have not completed the "Engage 3 fleets in PvP" quest which looks like this:

    You can send one low cost ship that you want to sparkle against the troll fleet. This will count as ''engaging'' the fleet towards the quest without spending much resources, and gives your ship morale points (+10 if you get a D rank), which gives ships that have above 40 morale the ''sparkle'' effect. Doing this however will usually count as a loss in your PvP records. For more information on morale and the ''sparkle'' effect, please refer to this page.

    - Usage of buckets

    [+] Spoiler
    While buckets are very convenient as they instantly repair ships, don't waste your buckets on 5 minute repairs. Save your buckets for ships that will take a long time to repair (Your CVs, BBs for example).

    A ship at low morale (and has the orange/red smiley face) will have her morale restored when she is repaired. Buckets thus can be a quick way to regain morale.

    - Development at low levels

    [+] Spoiler
    The success of development (開発) or equipment crafting is dependent on your flagship and your HQ level (艦éšÅ*司仠部). This means at low levels you are very likely to fail your development and get a penguin screen. Get more ships before you start trying for equipment.

    Yet another day of failure at development.

    For the daily development quest and the first quest you get that asks you to carry out development which look like these, you should use a recipe of 10/10/10/10 (fuel/ammo/steel/bauxite) with a destroyers as the flagship of your first fleet to minimize cost, and for a chance to get drum canisters (I've gotten one at HQ level 6 before).

    Quests that ask you to carry out development only require you to carry out development, hence failures (penguin screens) are also counted towards the quest count. Don't waste your resources trying to get 1 or 3 successes for the quest.

    In general, the recommended HQ levels for crafting equipment are:
    • HQ level 10+ for decent equipment (1* equipment, generally)
    • HQ level 15+ for rarer equipment (2* equipment, generally)
    • HQ level 25+ for very rare equipment (3* equipment, generally)

    For specific recipes please refer to this page.

    - Formations and torpedo accuracy

    [+] Spoiler
    Lucky players may get Kitakami or even Ooi who remodel into torpedo cruisers at level 10. Torpedo cruisers are ships that can launch torpedo attacks before the shelling phase as long as they have a Type A Ko-hyoteki (甲標的 甲) equipped, which are powerful enough to deal heavy damage to most ships. However, the accuracy and strength of torpedo attacks is largely dependent on the formation you use.

    Line ahead (単縦陣, a vertical line) is the best formation for running CLTs, as torpedo accuracy and strength is the highest.
    Double line (複縦陣, a rectangular formation) has slightly lower torpedo accuracy (by around 20%, exact percentage unknown).
    Torpedoes have a very low chance to hit ships for the other 3 formations. This means that if you are running CLTs, don't use diamond (輪形陣, a diamond/round formation), echelon (梯形陣, a diagonal formation), or line abreast (単横陣, a horizontal line) if you want your CLTs to truly shine.

    In submarine nodes you will want to use line abreast instead of line ahead, even if you are running CLTs. While CLTs may fire torpedoes at submarines, their attacks will always end up as misses even in line ahead (needs checking). Running line abreast allows you to pick off the submarines or at least do enough damage to stop them from participating in the torpedo phase.

    - Sinking ships during sortie quests

    [+] Spoiler
    Some quests require you to defeat or encounter the boss of a certain map with a certain fleet. It should be noted that the quest will not be counted as complete even if you manage to defeat the boss, if you sink one of the ships that are required to be in the fleet. This has been proven by Low.

    - Don't waste your resources trying to build your favourite girl

    [+] Spoiler
    While you may want a certain kanmusu in your fleet because you like her, please don't go all out trying to craft her in the first few days of your admiral career (by this I mean doing recipes until you have zero resources in an hour). This is even more so if your favourite ship is only from Large Ship Construction. Your favourite kanmusu won't run away (or sail away) and you will get her soon enough. You should at least establish a steady flow of resources before spamming recipes.

    Take it easy, your favourite kanmusu will come soon enough.

    - Modernizing some shipgirls

    [+] Spoiler
    An important thing to note about modernization is that remodeling a ship (改é€Â*) will cause all stat gains from modernization to be lost. Modernizing some girls who remodel at very low levels (Kitakami, Ooi, Ise, Hyuuga, Mogami for example remodel at level 10) is not worth the effort and costs, and could have been used for other girls who remodel at very high levels (modernizing Hibiki Kai before remodeling her to Verniy at level 70, for example).

    Current testing suggests that luck modernization from feeding Maruyu will not be lost when a ship remodels.

    - Multitasking

    [+] Spoiler
    Less important than the above, but unless you are using certain tools such as Kancolle Viewer which alert you when a girl's in red HP, try not to multitask too much. Multitasking (alt-tabbing and muting especially) puts you at the risk of:
    1. Not retreating before certain nodes (Such as 4-3 or 3-2 grinding)
    2. Advancing with girls in red HP, putting them at the risk of sinking (Especially a problem for muted clients)

    Some admirals have lost their precious shipgirls due to this, do be careful!

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    Good habits to have:

    - Remove equipment off unwanted ships

    [+] Spoiler
    In the earlier section about development I advised against spamming development at low HQ levels. Where do you get more equipment then?

    Stripping off the equipment of other ships that you are not going to use provides you with a good supply of equipment. If you are planning to keep one of every ship, you can remove the equipment of duplicate shipgirls and then use them for modernization/scrapping. Having a sizable supply of equipment also allows you to finish one weekly quest that requires you to scrap 24 pieces of equipment to get a drum canister very quickly.

    Here are a few things you may want to look out for:
    • 12.7cm Cannons (12.7cm連装çÂ*²) - Good early game guns for Destroyers, using 2 allows you to do double attacks, obtained from most DDs.
    • 15.5cm Primary Triple cannons (15.5cm三連装 §Â*²(主çÂ*²)) - Very good gun for CLs, and occasionally CAs. Obtained from Mogami.
    • 20.3cm Cannons (No.6 20.3cm連装çÂ*²) - Good gun for CAs, can be used for CLs as well but with an accuracy penalty. Obtained from most CAs.
    • 35.6cm Cannons (35.6cm連装çÂ*²) - Good early gun for BBs before you start crafting for 41cms or 46cms. Also gives significant resources when scrapped. Obtained from most BBs.
    • 61cm Quad Oxy Torpedoes (61cm四連装( é…¸ç´Â*)éÂ*šé› ·) - Best early/mid-game torpedo for your submarines and for torpedo cut-in setups. Obtained from Kitakami/Ooi Kai and some other ships.
    • 12.7cm High angle Guns (12.7cm) - Decent gun for your CLs (much better than their default 14cm guns). Obtained from Chitose/Chiyoda and some other ships.
    • Midget Submarines (甲標的 甲) - Your CLTs and submarines below level 10 must have this item equipped to launch an opening torpedo strike. Obtained from remodelled Chitose/Chiyoda.
    • Type 0 Recon Seaplanes (零式水上偵察機) - With the new recon planes system, this is no longer something that's worthless enough to be thrown out of the window. Having this (or the 2* version) equipped is a MUST for daytime special skills to occur.

    - Heart-lock girls/equipment you are keeping

    [+] Spoiler
    If you are going to keep a girl, do apply the "Heart-lock" to her, which protects her from accidents. A heart-locked girl is immune to scrapping and will not show up as ''modernization fodder''. Heart-locked girls can still sink with exception of your flagship.
    Here's a comparison between a heartlocked girl and a girl that doesn't have the heart lock.

    Equipment can be locked as well. This can be done though the "Modification" screen, and locking the equipment through the same manner as locking shipgirls. This protects them from being scrapped, and protects any non-heart locked girl that carries this item from being scrapped as well. You will still lose locked equipment if the shipgirl carrying them sinks as well.
    Here's how the item lock looks like.

    - Keep your girls resupplied at all times!

    [+] Spoiler
    Some admirals may think that it's too troublesome to resupply ships each time they return and thus choose to wait until one of them is completely empty. Don't do this!
    Your fuel and ammo bars will affect your performance directly, a lower fuel bar seems to lead to lower evasion while your damage will start to drop when your ammo bar drops below 5/10.

    Furthermore ships which are not resupplied being sent to expeditions will lead to failed expeditions most of the time, this will only waste your time.

    For support expeditions you can skimp on fuel costs, since the damage of support fleets doesn't really depend on the fuel bars. Note that ammo bars must always be filled or you'll do virtually no damage. You must also keep your flagship fully supplied. You can then resupply the fuel bars of ships when they are empty (this happens after 4~5 deployments, for DDs this occurs after 2~3 deployments).

    - Always have the habit of quest checking

    [+] Spoiler
    Nothing can be more painful (other than sinking your ships) than realising that you wasted your time and resources just because you forgot to activate a quest. Develop a habit for quest checking to prevent this! (Forgetting to activate the quest for the Expedition 30 quests which take 48 hours to do would be really painful)
    For quests:
    • Dark green quests (Composition quests/編成) can be completed immediately upon clicking it if you have the correct composition. You can keep these switched off until you have the shipgirls required for the quest.
    • Red quests (Sortie quests/出撃) must be activated when you are doing the quest. It is best to keep these on when you are doing sorties. Don't forget to double check when you are doing some difficult quests, such as the Mutsuki sortie quest to 3-2!
    • Green quests (PvP quests/演習) must be activated when you do PvP. It is very easy to forget to activate this quest when PvPing.
    • Blue quests (Expedition quests/éÂ*征) count your progress only when the expedition comes back successfully. This means that for very long expeditions such as expedition 30, you can keep the quest off until the last minute when they come back. On the other hand this means you may forget to activate the quest very easily, hence wasting your time and resources.
    • Yellow quests (Resupply quests/補給/å…¥æ¸Â*) must be activated when you resupply/repair a ship. You can turn this off right after doing that.
    • Brown/Black quests (Construction quests/å·¥å»Â*) must be activated when you do the quest. This means if you build 3 ships but forget to activate the daily, you will need to build 3 more ships!
    • Light purple quests (Modernization quests/改装) must be activated when you are performing modernization. Don't forget to activate the weekly modernization quest while feeding your ships!

    - Sparkle your fleet before major sorties

    [+] Spoiler
    When a ship has sufficiently high morale (over 50, to be exact), she will get the ''sparkle'' effect (see below). A sparkled ship receives quite a number of benefits, including:
    • Increased evasion in sorties
    • Increased accuracy in sorties
    • Chance for Great Success in expeditions

    While the exact benefits are currently unknown, you can try sparkling your fleet if you think you are struggling with a particular map. 3-2 is one map where sparkling may be very helpful.

    Do note that each sparkle run costs fuel and ammo, and you may experience delay if you get scratched and are unwilling to use buckets.

    - Save your effort, do things one by one!

    [+] Spoiler
    Certain quests mark counts based on how many times you do a certain action, rather than how many of what did you do. For example, for the quest that requires you to scrap your equipment 24 times, you cannot pass the quest just by scrapping 8 items together 3 times. Scrapping 1 item at a time 24 times however will allow you to complete the quest instantly. This is the same for the quest that asks you to resupply your ships 15 times. You can resupply one ship's fuel first, then resupply her ammo for a count of 2 towards 15. Hence you only need to resupply 8 ships separately to finish this quest.
    The following non one-time quests count your progress based on how many times you perform a certain action.

    -Be very careful in certain screens

    [+] Spoiler
    Kantai Collection does not have a confirmation button for certain aspects in the game. This includes the following:
    1. Ship scrapping screen (解体)
    2. Item scrapping screen (廃棄)
    3. Ship construction (建é€Â*)
    4. Item development (開発)
    5. Large Ship Construction (大型艦å» ºÃ©â‚¬Â*)
    6. Sorties (出撃)

    This means you can't undo mistakes you make if you click on the ''construct''/''scrap''/''deploy'' button. Be very careful when you are in these screens! You do not want to waste your resources due to carelessly forgetting to input a certain number of resources, or worst still, send your wrong fleets to the wrong sorties.

    The 23/4 patch has made this less of a risk, since the ''action'' will only commence once you let go of the appropriate button. This means that if you hold down your mouse cursor over the button and realize something isn't right, you can drag the cursor away from the button while still holding it down, and release it. The "action" will not be triggered this way.

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    Post Quick reference guide of the destroyers to keep.

    At the begging of the game, newbies get many destroyers (DD) and have to quickly scrap some to save room for other ships, but which ones should be kept or scrapped?
    A collection of the 64 girls is an option, but there are only 100 slots and some are better than others, so a choice has to be made!
    Kancolle Wikia has a list of destroyers by upgraded maximum stats that can help for this, but it isn't really handy for newbies that don't know the names of all the girls and cannot read japanese, so here is an image of the short list of girls that should be kept, to see rapidly what to do with new destroyers:

    Highest performing Destroyers:
    • Shimakaze at level 20, overall best in class stats.
    • Yukikaze at level 20, highest luck in-game and overall best in class stats, almost guaranteed cut-in attacks in night battle.
    • Verniy (Hibiki's 2nd Remodel) at level 70 for anti-sub stat and HP, overall good stats.
    • Yuudachi Kai2 at level 55, highest in class Firepower, overall best in class stats.
    • Shigure Kai2 at level 60, highest in class Anti Air and overall good stats, second highest luck in-game, can cut-in often during night battles.
    • Ayanami Kai2 at level 70, second highest Firepower and overall good stats, except Anti Air, third highest Luck for a Destroyer, can cut-in often during night battles.
    • Focus on Kagerou Class and Yuugumo Class if you need more high performing destroyers.

    Yuugumo Class yields rare equipments after being remodeled: Yuugumo a Type 22 Surface RADAR, Makigumo and Naganami a Type 3 SONAR.
    Mutsuki Class have low ammo consumption, consider using them in expeditions.

    Notes: this thread can be merged to another guide without my permission or even credit (I personnaly recommend to do so), but the authors of the article on Kancolle wikia need to be credited due to the CC-BY-SA license.
    Part of this thread has been made using the list of destroyers by upgraded maximum stats article in Kancolle wiki, (list of authors). The "cards" on the image are under copyright held by DMM.com and can be qualified as "fair use".



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