So, I just wanted to share you guys the most hilarious reboot i've ever seen for a show in my life.

This is the one of a kind big hit, Osomatsu-San.

Well, what is this anime about you ask? It's about sextuplets in their daily lives. Not really much else to explain.

Anyway, mind if I introduce you to the sextuplets? Aight.

Osomatsu - He's the oldest of the sextuplets. He's willing to do positive things for his family so they can have a good life together.

Karamatsu - He's the unlucky one. He tries to be cool and romantic but pretty much fails to.

Choromatsu - The positive but bad-tempered one. He sometimes gets grumpy about certain things he gets annoyed by.

Ichimatsu - The mysterious and kind of depressed one. He isn't much of a social butterfly. He's my most favorite of the brothers to be honest.

Jyushimatsu - The overexcited and happy one. He can be dumb at times but can be always be here to cheer someone up with his big smile!

Todomatsu - The crybaby and sometimes feminine of the brothers. He's supposedly the youngest of them and he's pretty social.

So, that's the introduction to the brothers. I might introduce the side characters to the show later on..