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    Commander hidahos's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    WG introduced a mini ranked for T5 ships (Ranked spirit): https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/g...ranked-sprint/

    "The new format is designed more for newcomers, however all players can test their strength in the sprint."

    In T5 has good selection of ship, however some ships is more powerfull than the rest:

    1. Kamikaze / Fujin can be countered by fast gunoat dds, but torpedo and concealment is exceptional.

    2. CVs without manual drop and without def AA to defend. Only Nicholas can mount def AA in her B hull in that tier. Texas and Kongo can have decent AA if skilled right, but Texas AA is vulnerable from HE and Kongo AA is 96 at max 6 km at full power. This can't delete a full strike alone.

    3. Giulio Cesare... Feel PaytoWin the first sight.

    Compare just concealment and mobility section the most competent T5 BB:

    Giulio Cesare
    Maximum Speed 27 knot
    Turning Circle Radius 640 m.
    Rudder Shift Time 13 sec.
    Surface Detectability Range 13.68 km.
    Air Detectability Range 9.42 km.

    Maximum Speed 30 knot
    Turning Circle Radius 770 m.
    Rudder Shift Time 14.9 sec.
    Surface Detectability Range 16.2 km.
    Air Detectability Range 11.7 km

    Maximum Speed 24 knot
    Turning Circle Radius 620 m.
    Rudder Shift Time 13.2 sec.
    Surface Detectability Range 14.58 km.
    Air Detectability Range 10.59 km.

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
    Maximum Speed 23 knot
    Turning Circle Radius 630 m.
    Rudder Shift Time 12.6 sec.
    Surface Detectability Range 13.68 km.
    Air Detectability Range 9.78 km

    Oktober and Gulio Concealment is better than Kirov and equal to Krasny Krym. In comparation with silver ships BBs and DDs premiums feels more powerfull in all aspect. Kamikaze / Fujin can be slaughtered by gunboat dds but Giulio Cesare can outperform rest of the 5 tier.

    I wonder what ships will be most popular this mini event?

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    Vice-Admiral M.A.Mitscher's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    645 Post(s)
    I think it's going to be a shitshow. Tier V is home to many broken ships, especially Premiums. WG is also, to my amazement, allowing Divisions in this Ranked. So good players Divisioning up with some of the most broken Premiums in the game is going to be something to behold.

    Gremy + Fujin / Kamikaze + Caesar Division?
    Texas + Bogue Division?
    Gremy + Fujin / Kamikaze + Okhotnik?

    The wild card will be CVs. There's a lot of Tier V CVs that see action in Randoms. I think many will try them out because there are no manual attacks / strafing like there is Tier VI+, where the skill divide is massive between CVs. In Tier V, that gap is less. A good CV driver is still a lot better, but he can't wipe out someone's entire air group with a single strafe in Tier V like they can in higher tiers. Because of this, at least in the earlier ranks, lots of guys will try out CVs.

    "Haze Grey & Underway"
    - World of Warships Profile ; Warships.Today -

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    Vice-Admiral Murrue's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    Hashirajima Anchorage
    1594 Post(s)
    Pointless ranking given the shitty rewards, there is just no point losing time with it.

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Apologies for the necro but:


    Even though I slipped out of WoWS for a few months now.

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    Captain Danielosama's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
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    @ofi123 And they said they'd never have bigger guns than 46cm lmao

    Death from above!



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