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    Chapter 49: Denied!

    Abukuma just flat out got called Kinu. I could feel her animosity shifting slightly away from me due to this ridiculous circumstance. By the time she was past the abyssal ships during her move to get into shooting range, she started replicating the mouth movements that generally boil down to...

    "Close your eyes."

    Isuzu followed, not sure if she's accepting our fate or if she's giving Abukuma one last chance to prove that she's on our side. Of course, I didn't take any chances. I kept a hold on both jet and gun triggers just in case this was some dirty trick influenced by Ooyodo's existence.

    My response wasn't something she's considering as Abukuma turned around to confront the abyssal admiral. "Hmm? That's wrong! You don't remember me at all! Geeez, y-you'd like burn through all possible choices before you even remember who I am!?"

    During this confrontation, some cylinders dropped from the rear end of her rigging and then searing light punctured my eyes. The pain prevented me from even trying to open them! Along with temporary blindness, a painful ringing prevented me from hearing anything. I pulled on the triggers while blind to the results. There might be a chance that Abukuma got hit by my barrage as this wasn't coordinated even at the least. Even when I felt a tackle dragging me against the wind, there was no assurance that the one doing this was an Abyssal or Abukuma.

    "Argh! After them! Don't let them get any closer to Tawi-Tawi!"

    Those were the words that greeted me when my hearing cleared. The whole blindness thing's taking quite a while, but at the very least I could see the blurred outline of something yellow to my left.

    Further right, I could hear Isuzu running her mouth at Abukuma. "Idiot! Don't think you've already regained my trust after this!"

    "Fuwaa... Be careful where you're hitting! Ahh! Try to avoid the hair please! It's hard enough carrying the both of you!"

    "Well it's going to be even harder since we've got company! Why didn't you wait for Hatsushimoneta to close her eyes in the first place!?"

    Wow, she didn't have any reply to that... though I guess I can understand why. Clearing my throat, I tried to negotiate for a temporary truce. "A-ah... If it's okay, can you just push me over towards where we are running? I can jet away until my vision's cleared up."

    Isuzu made her frustration blatantly obvious with a sigh, "I don't know what happened between the two of you but can you idiots just cooperate until we've reached somewhere safe!?"

    The splashing of water near us and the explosions that followed proved that the abyssals are slowly closing the gap. I had to help Isuzu convince Abukuma or else we'd be toast. "A-abukuma, I'll listen to anything to settle the problem later. Please, just cooperate with me for now!"

    Without any verbal reply, I was turned around and given a push forward. If she listened to my request, then this is where we're headed. Discreetly, I whispered to the fairies working my rig. "Fairies! 180 degree rotation, give me a warning sign when we've reached full turn!"

    "Idiot! I know I mentioned to work harder but that's overdoing it!"

    Regardless of what Isuzu had to say, I turned towards the abyssals. I appreciate Isuzu's concern but I know I'd be fine! So long as I follow what the Admiral taught me, I'd be unstoppable. Starting off with a kick to propel forward, I jet forward at the same time focusing all willpower to take the shape of a bubble. It served as an extension of my senses and the moment the enemy rounds entered its area I've got an idea of the speed, trajectory, and current location of those projectiles. Next thing I know, I was deflecting them with the broad side of my gun mounts. Swatting them away like flies the same way the Admiral did during our duel.

    I guess my presence was something our opponents didn't see coming based from the comment I've heard.

    "That one doesn't feel like one of that yank's handiwork. Ignore that Isuzu and Yura for now! Focus on that Hatsushimo!"

    Commands from the abyssal admiral also copies to our communication channels. I can't tell for sure... No, they surely can hear our communications too. It's practically the same channel if Abukuma's reply was an indicator.

    "Uwaa!? Excuse me!? Yura!?"

    "Who else among Nagara's sisters ain't black haired... Natori?"

    "Geez! I can't believe this. This is definitely not OK!"

    That's got to be some kind of heavy psychological damage. If they're planning on hurting us then I only have one reply.

    "I'll protect us! " I declared with total confidence over the communications channel. "There's no room for failure now!"

    Matching the intensity of my war cry, our opponent's admiral made his command. "Girls, I leave judgment to your discretion."

    Rumbling noises roared over the skies as the same seaplane from earlier passed overhead to tail the retreating Isuzu and Abukuma. I relented from shooting it down to spare the scarce ammunition reserves I have as the two abyssal ships began attacking me relentlessly. Refocusing willpower, I opted for a hardened layer to act as a shielding. It didn't look like how I expected it to be, a flaming aura, but I guess sparkling all over's the best I can get. Style's not important, it's the function!

    As the gap closed, I was simultaneously showered with multiple rounds aimed to cover a larger area. They weren't mindless like most of the ones we've fought up till now as that was likely their response to the round deflection. To prevent it, just shoot a number of rounds exceeding the target's number of limbs. Good thing I've opted for the shielding so I could dodge and get protection for whichever went through. Surely, there was one that managed to explode on contact, a delayed one, likely fired after the initial wave.

    They weren't changing course as we neared each other, so I braced myself to collide with one of them and hopefully run that one over with the jets. In this case it's the light cruiser as it seems less mobile and would be unable to dodge my attack. To my surprise, the destroyer didn't clear out and actually stuck closer to increase the weight I'd need to push through.

    Sounds of metal clashing together began this display of power. I've only got the thrust from the jets to go by so I'd surely lose once the charge runs out. Not only were there two of them, the one that's a taller and more adult-looking abyssal version of a Hatsushimo sports heavier equipment than what I have. The left arm alone had humongous armor, looks like a miniature I-class was bound to it and from that I-class' mouth was two twin-barrel 10cm mounts welded together. But, they didn't even need to wait for the jets to lose charge. Since the abyssal Hatsushimo was keeping me in place, the light cruiser was free to fire and unloaded all guns point blank.

    "Ahh! This doesn't look good."

    After the barrage, I was shoved to the side to give way for their pursuit. The strength difference was huge, so I ran after them while weaving side to side. They both look like they're on the heavier side so they're bound to be slower. If I can't overpower, then I'll outmaneuver them!

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    Again, poor squeak.

    I always pull my weight. I just happen to be made of helium.
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