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    She stumbled upon Abusqueak and the other Isuzu caught up in some trap laid out by the abyssals. Abyssals retreat from the battle when some intel gave mention of some fleet about to pass by the area. Said fleet was Bow no. 77's group headed towards Tawi-Tawi for a combat exercise. 77 asks Hatsushimoneta to fill the fifth member slot of their side.

    Hope that helped a bit.

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    Chapter 54: First flight

    [Remodeled Heavy Cruiser Choukai]

    The sun was about to set when we've caught up to Akagi. She managed to catch Hatsushimoneta with that chained anchor attached to her rig. 77 was drifting away from the scene but her their other team members were nowhere to be seen. Typical.

    I spared no time to search for them and held out my hand to stop Teruzuki who was cruising behind. No words required, she wouldn't even hear from the earmuffs but I am glad that she remembered my orders earlier. She lowered her stance and prepared to intercept in case the opposing team decides to act.

    It would be best to leave Hatsushimoneta to Akagi. From that manic struggling she's doing, it's best to believe she still has lingering trauma from their first encounter. That's good. Meanwhile, 77 drifting away would imply that she's spent out. Keeping positions, focusing on maintaining balance as the tides began to grow stronger; I raised the single gun mount I chose to retain from the second remodel and aimed at 77 with support from my free hand.

    "This should be the best time to end this!" I called out as I pulled the trigger.


    "No... Not yet! I won't let it end like this!" I shouted.

    My feet slipped shortly as I felt pressure applied on the back of my head. Slowly, I was forced to a kneeling position. "You won't be going anywhere. This marks the end for this exercise."

    I... I don't know what to do anymore with everything happening all at once. Akagi pressing me down, Choukai's arrived and had just fired at 77. What to do... what to do!? If I get taken out now... what happens?

    77 took a round squarely in the chest. Dropping my head, I averted my gaze before the grisly scene could unfold. Another failure... I'm starting to lose faith in myself again.

    A loud buzzer shook me out of my thoughts and had me instinctively searching for its source. My eyes opened and instead of a knocked out 77, I saw her with arms crossed in front of her chest spinning around as she drifted away.

    "Hmhmmm! And that's it for bow no. 77! Is it just me or our flagship's showing no mercy today, isn't she?" That was Kiyoshimo's voice over the PA system.

    "Ahh..." a meek squeak escaped me, "That's right, this was a combat exercise."

    "Had you imagined this was an actual battle?" Akagi asked from behind as the cold steel of a gun mount's barrel crept its way up my neck.

    Yeah. That's just about right. I don't know what took hold of me, but the longer the confrontation went... I began to get more heat up than I would normally have.

    "Something's wrong with me..." I whispered back.

    "I could say the same. We're stuck with this sort of curse until we've found out exactly why... or we've learned to live with it. Now hush so you don't bite your tongue."

    A blunt force hit the back of my head as Akagi finished me off with the 15.5 secondary she lugged around. Similar to when 77 got taken out, a buzzer sounds off from the anchorage and Kiyoshimo ran some comments. I lost what she said as I tried to make sense of what Akagi told me.

    [Remodeled Heavy Cruiser Choukai]

    "H-Hey!? What's that, what did Akagi-san just do? Ehh?? Goodness, what a horrible situation that was for Hatsushimo-chan."

    Now it's officially a 3 vs 5. I tapped Teruzuki by the shoulder, which in hindsight was a terrible idea. A stream of bullets blanketed an area in front of us, as her response to the shock was to open fire. When she came to her senses, she dropped her grip on the rig's controls and apologized incessantly.

    "Hyaa! I'm sorry!" she kept bowing towards me.

    "It's okay, no need to worr..."

    The whole apology towards me was cut when the buzzer rang and Kiyoshimo began her commentary on the state of the exercise. As vexed as I was, Teruzuki can't get a grasp of how this situation came to be. Her animated turret looked a bit smug as this went on however.

    "Hhmhmm! How nice! Teruzuki-chan managed to eliminate Sangley Point's Reina Cristina-san. How's that?"

    Must've been terrible for the receiving end, to prevent such a thing from happening again, I've decided to give it one last push using something that's understandable to lose to.

    "That should fine for now Teruzuki." I gave her a pat on the head while simultaneously taking off her earmuffs. And with a weary voice, told her to head on back to base. "Can you help escort 77 back along with Hatsushimoneta?"

    "Yep! I might be good with that one." She nodded as she merrily went on her way to collect 77 from her spinning drift.

    The sun was barely out by the time that Teruzuki and Hatsushimoneta left the area. I've also sent out orders to Kumano and Yuubari for a retreat. Call it being generous or something else, but I wouldn't hold back any punches even if it was a friendly match.

    "Akagi-san, I'll give you permission to use it."

    Standing still as she waited for that one moment, I saw a confident smile on her face as she unfolded the bow she had stowed on her back. The sundown breeze was strong by now; it wasn't favorable weather for any carrier based plane. I decided to stick around as Akagi entered her stance, for once; this wasn't any absurd idea of mine.

    Taking her time, she pulled out an arrow with several talismans tied along its shaft. The moment each talisman passed the bow as it was strung, violet flames burst from them. And as the last one lit up, Akagi took the time to ask a question.

    "Have you spotted their location?"

    "No. Just aim it high up into sky." Was my honest reply, to which she seemed rather surprised.

    "That sounds so unlike you..."

    Correct. What's going to happen next was something out of the Commander's own book. Akagi unleashes the arrow and it soared up a few feet atop us before the tied talismans unfurled and formed a ring.

    The air raid sirens wailed. Of course, this wasn't directed at us. The ring of talismans hanging up in mid-air started to glow stronger as one by one, land based bombers soared out from the portal. They swerved to the left and traced the chain of islands around the anchorage's front seas all the while unloading bombs on their path. It was a roaring storm of rubber bombs, not comparable in destructive power as the actual thing but it was enough to black out the skies. This was the entire base's supply of training rounds. It?s something we have no more use for; since from this day onward, this would be our last combat exercise.

    Truth be told, I feel like I've taken quite a lot of turns and the story seems like it's one giant mess now. I'd like to ask for some comments and suggestions. If it isn't a bother. Also, thanks in advance.

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    @ElleRosewood I can't disagree that some things have gotten a little difficult to follow here and there. I myself kinda got lost after the major massacre over at the one base, and the encounter with the giant Abyssal and the dark admiral that took place at the same time as said massacre.

    Not sure what I could suggest though. The only idea that comes to mind is like a "recap" episode, where our protagonist commander sort of goes over everything that just happened in recent times.

    I always pull my weight. I just happen to be made of helium.
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    Chapter 55: Correspondence


    It was the night after that spar with Sangley Point's fleetgirls. I had been slumped down here on the edge of my bed, head rested on the cabinet serving as a divider for the room. At the moment, I?m recalling the events of the last few months, writing what had transpired in a letter addressed to my wife. A wry smile graced my lips and I began to slide my pen across the blank sheet of paper. Making sure to remember a few things my mother told me during my younger years.

    "The last words always leave a sting. It is what people remember. If you want something to remember by, make it the sweetest little thing."

    Now, the abyssals notwithstanding, the cluster f-bomb that was the assault on Yokosuka fleet command and the resulting aftermath pushed the government to cut resources to the naval bases who decided to go their own way. Look at where that brought us. If that captain Harlock wannabe's naval base weren't helping with research and development before the split, I'd point him out as someone who's against the fleetgirl project.

    "The f*ck's that guy's problem... reminds me of a certain U.S. senator."

    I had to stop writing. There was something about how that person lobbied against me that still gets on my nerves. Yeah... I guess I want someone to blame for all this crap. In my annoyance, I've lost track of my grip and ended up crushing the pen. It was cheap, but damned if I was! That was the only blasted pen I had in this room! Now I had to stand up and go all the way back to the office to borrow one from Ooyodo.

    "Damn it all to hell, I swear if I ever saw that blasted son of a b..."

    [Remodeled Heavy Cruiser Choukai]

    "Would the four of you be okay on your way back?" I whispered into communications, taking extra care not to sound doubtful.

    "Aside from Rei-rei, who's still down from what happened, I don't think you'd have to worry about us all too hard. I appreciate the thought, but that reply to the proposal was more than enough to get me going!"

    To begin with, the Commander had no reason to refuse that proposal. This country was willing to supply Tawi-tawi in exchange from us helping their fleetgirls. On the other hand, hearing directly from 77 that they're not that much affected was relieving. She's refreshing like that. Kind of makes me want to listen to her banter for quite a while. So I cupped my hands and placed them gently over my headset's receivers. They've literally just lost to us a few hours ago and that didn't dampen her spirits one bit. It's fascinating really.

    "Hey! Hey Choukai!" 77's voice teemed with excitement as she made sure I was still on the line.

    I closed my eyes and lied down on my futon as I gently replied. "Yes. Choukai here."

    "Oh, okay. Just making sure you're still listening since I've just got totally the best idea just now. Okay, okay, when we're finally on the field escorting some of those luxury cruises. It'd be super awesome if you could have that super long range shot of yours to fire when I point at some abyssals."

    "There should be..." I rolled over flat and timed my calculations to the flickering of the bulb on my ceiling. "About 98% chance that would go well. Make sure you try to maintain your position so you don't get hit while the projectile passes through from your side."

    "That sounds way better! So it would appear that I actually made the shot right? Is that what you're saying?"


    "Also, could that thing load one of those taser rounds you used before? You know. The one you used during that encounter with the gas-masked man?"

    In that brief moment, I could feel some degree of fear as she brought about that joint operation against that gargantuan abyssal fortress-type. "There should be no problem aside from the fact that without doubt, the shot would be... lethal."

    For a while, there was silence. Was she under assessment of what I've just said? I am not a hundred percent sure about this assumption. I'd like to believe he wasn't human; even if circumstantial evidence says otherwise... The fairies, they all followed without question. That man knew of their existence. He could see them. He gave orders to them after all, and only those who underwent the ritual could see fairies aside from fleetgirls.

    "There's a chance he'd show up again. Since that meeting there had been reports that he goes around robbing fleets out at sea of their equipment... and kills some on extreme cases." From out of the blue, she started to lay down her concerns. I held my words back for a while as she was obviously about to pour herself all over.

    "Choukai... you might not believe me when I say this, but I'm scared. That's all there really is to this... the country doesn't really wish to cooperate with Tawi-tawi. I just convinced them. It's just me being selfish... A.. After..."

    I don't have visuals of her right now but I could tell that she's bawling out there as the two little ones carry her along their cruise.

    "After what happened to Kure's Nagato... that could've been me... And it's all unfair; I've just recently been here. I want this second chance to live to last a little bit longer."

    "We all do... We all do." Softly, I whispered back through my equipment. Perhaps someday, we'd all know peace. But for now, we have to struggle. Against the abyssal threat, and also this rogue element that despises us so.

    [2nd Fleet Flagship: Abukuma]

    Augghhh... I've made Akashi angry... she doesn't stay angry for long periods of time so that's somewhat OK. What's definitely not OK though is that too, she doesn't stay angry for long periods of time. Well, I like that I don't have to listen to long lectures from her... unlike Ooyodo. Just a reminder even made me click my tongue while hiding it!


    "Eh... EEEEHHHH!? What was that I heard just now...?" Akashi pried in just as she was about finished with her lecture.

    Her shape eclipsed the light coming from the lamp pointed at me; she had her hands on her waist too. Ugh, Ooyodo's always causing trouble even if it's just a memory of her! And to think I've made Akashi angry twice! Twice! This is shameful! Geez, you've got to be kidding.

    "Uwa-wa... I just remembered how Ooyodo's lectures were so long." I replied, each word getting weaker as I shrunk down. "It always feels bad when we make you angry."

    I could feel the air from her sighing hit the top of my head and her aggression drained almost instantly. This is exactly what I'm saying! Geez, she could be dense sometimes. Staying mad at us longer is definitely OK! Yet, she just explains why she's angry.

    "I'm sorry... You do know I only get angry at you lot since I'm worried. What would happen if that booby trapped seaplane got any of you!?"

    Akashi sat down beside me and gently laid my head down on her lap. I couldn't resist as she gently touched my hair and caressed it slowly. Her hands were light. Of course! It must be from all that delicate handling of our equipment.

    "Geez, don't touch my hair too much. It... It's embarrassing."

    I rolled over and rested my whole body flat on the long chair. Akashi's gentle smile lowered my guard and I ended up mentioning what happened during our unauthorized sortie. "The Commander wasn't joking; it really was the previous Admiral. He's back and he told me to join them along with an abyssal Hatsushimo and Isuzu-nee..."

    Back then, there was no doubt about it. That was definitely Isuzu-nee, even if her form was indistinguishable unlike Hatsushimo. Akashi's reply was simply a nod and a look that suggests I continue. I had to redeem myself now; there wouldn't be any other chance. "He'll likely try to call those who are not content with the Commander to his side! They can also tap in on our communications! We'd need to change the anchorage's defenses too since they'll definitely know how to pass by them and that's definitely not OK!"

    "Just leave it to me! We'd be sure to set up some defenses they won't expect with all the resources we've stockpiled!" she cheered with beaming confidence.

    Geez... Akashi! Did she somehow forget that the resources were seized earlier? But if she was this energetic about it, I can't just go and be a total sour puss! That won't be OK at all!

    "We'd have to inform Ooyodo now though."

    Recap episode! It's an attempt to gather up (nearly, but not all) relevant stuff. I also made sure to add some little peeks into the current relations so it doesn't end up as just a pure re-telling of the experiences. The next one should be for the little shrimp's worries.

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    Chapter 56: Who you are



    I bit hard and felt my teeth shatter. With open eyes I saw blood rushing down my mouth as multiple pangs of pain tortured my physical being. Of course, I tried to break free but every push and pull only served to cause more suffering as the hooks freshly stabbed through my flesh restrained me.The horror of the abyss follows me even in my dreams... or was this, what they call a nightmare?

    The grasp of something cold and mechanical took hold of my limbs. Already too weak to resist, these hands forced me to a set pattern of movements... something like a dance. A-ah, my body knows these movements but my memories won't resurface. Now, with every sway of the hip and arms, every bend of the knees, every twist of the leg, I heard bones cracking and as my body couldn't take any longer... the light stopped. My body failed me soon afterward and as my soul left this broken vessel... I heard but one phrase.

    "I'm breaking the rules."

    Dawn has not yet arrived as I snuck out from Tawi-tawi equipped with the newly improved rigging that allowed me to rush my way back to Kure. We're talking about speeds where you could beat Shimakaze in a race even without the jump jets!

    Ding, dong, dang, ding. The academy's bell rang nearly the same time I got out of the water heading towards the base. Of course, it was empty during these hours as everyone went to their classes at the naval academy.

    "The Admiral should be in the dojo right now." It's his favorite place to be in when everyone was away after all.

    Taking the gap between the office building and the first barracks, I was surprised the dojo doors were kept open. Gently dropping the rig just outside the wooden walkway surrounding the inner room, I took my shoes off and sat at the small cushioned pillow before the inner room. It was customary to knock thrice on the inner room's doors and wait for the Admiral to allow you to go inside.

    "A-ah, Admiral, Fourth ship of the Hatsuharu class, Hatsushimo has returned."

    Loud grunting from inside was heard and then followed by a solid smack to the floor, "Perfect timing! Open the door as you may, I am currently locked in fierce competition!"

    Sliding the door, I came to witness the Admiral pinning down someone else on the hard wooden floor. I don't know what came up to me but the first thing that came to my mind was to comment on what I was seeing.

    "A-ah, has the Admiral awakened to some dangerous form of love too?"

    Almost immediately, the one being pinned down on the floor miraculously overpowered the Admiral and he was strewn over to the side. The voice that followed felt really familiar.

    "No that can't be true! The only one I wanna do dirty stuff with is you!"

    Oh, it was that boy from before. The one inside the huge stuffed bear! I don't actually dislike him or anything but I can't be selfish and leave those who need my help. No, not yet. "A-ah... I-I can only reply with the same reply I gave back then in Tawi-tawi."

    I look down and traced the line where the wooden planks connect with each other as I continued. "E-even more so now. I-I need to learn more about myself too."

    While my guard was down, the Admiral wrapped his right arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer. He was also taken aback when we were brought close together and the Admiral started laughing.

    "Ah! So the reason you came here to ask for training was to impress Hatsushimo! That's an admirable goal, but you have to beat her in martial arts before you can be worthy!"

    When the word "worthy" lingered in my mind, I wandered off into my thoughts and everything else sounded dull and muffled. What was it again... my first ever memories as Hatsushimo of Kure...

    After a few moments, I snapped back into reality having remembered my first waking moment and asked the question I came here to ask. "A-admiral! Was I born inside a car!?"

    As I was lost in thought, it appears the two of them had been discussing stuff but was promptly stopped when I asked my question. Paramushir's boy admiral was visibly confused, while the Admiral just patted me on the head and messed with my hair as he laughingly answered.

    "No, silly."

    I was expecting it was sort of like that, but a voice deep inside me just keeps saying that I should just go and believe I suddenly just appeared inside the backseat of a car headed to Kure one day. Looking up to that T-shaped head facing me, I continued to ask more questions. "Why can't I remember anything before that car ride? Where did I come from then?"

    "From the Abyssal Research Facility near Yokosuka. I think they said they were running out of funding so they were reassigning the fleetgirls and then I was contacted to take you in. As for why you can't remember anything, I believe I can't answer that question! See, I take any fleetgirl regardless of their past!"

    I appreciate the Admiral for doing such things for me; but it doesn't really answer my questions completely. Just as the Admiral finished his story about how I ended up on that car ride to Kure... I caught Paramushir's Admiral a bit worried.

    "I think I know why..."

    Weird, is what I initially thought about what he said, but he explained that after that incident in Yokosuka and the Abyssal Research Facility, the governments responsible for the fleetgirl project came in to seize whatever was left of the research data. He made a quick call and we waited a few hours in maddening tension for a tape to arrive all the way back from Paramushir.

    A shiver coursed down my spine as I sat there, while a burning sensation inside my chest was forcing me to be impatient. Ah... I hope I don't regret this someday!

    "A-ah, I-I'll reconsider your offer! Please, let us watch it immediately!"

    He nods and plays the tape. The first thing that greeted us was the image of a captured abyssal destroyer. It dangled over a huge spacious containment area, hooks passing through its whale-like limbs, as the whirring sound of machinery went on in the background.

    "Testing the Hydraulics on the rig..." An almost neurotic old man voice began to dictate tasks along with the results, "Good. We can force the subject to contort. Begin lowering and prepare for the summoning ritual."

    Following that order, I heard the sound of jingling bells and the beats of a taiko. I chuckled a bit, these scientists might look like creepy old men but I guess they also know how to have fun. "That sounds like festival music, are they teaching abyssals how to party? Who'll end up as the lucky guy to date abyssal destroyer-chan?"

    And would you know it! They actually were trying to make the abyssal dance... It was... the exact same dance in my nightmare. My body stats to tremble as each sway of the hip and arms, every bend of the knees, every twist of the leg, every cracking bones I hear, they were all too familiar. At the climax of the ritual dance, the head scientist began to talk to someone... both of them off-screen.

    "For the longest time, we've always used a part of the ship from our side. For this experiment, we're using something from their side. This is the first time something like this would be attempted, and what more fitting subject than the first abyssal ever captured."

    "I remember this one. As we chased away that abyssal battleship's escort, it was the only one that came back to lend aid. The battleship managed to retreat thanks to that, but I believe this one's a worthy prize in itself."

    "Yes, Isamaru. Normally we'd just send it off and perhaps it returns to the bottom of the abyss, but not this time... this time, I'm breaking the rules."



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