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Thread: Ace Virgin

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    First pic in the album, theres a few new ones too, if you want to double check my guessing. :)

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    @kitsuneshoujo https://imgur.com/a/EDtXT Way ahead of you.

    These are the classes: 格闘 ・ 突撃 ・ 狙撃 ・ 強攻 ・ 重撃 ・ 爆撃 ・ 支援.

    In the album is my rough translation of things. I think there are 96 characters now? I found a list and from what I can gather....

    格闘 = Fighters/Dogfighters
    突撃 = Fighter-Bomber/Multirole
    狙撃 = Interceptor/Air Superiority
    強攻 = Strike/Ground Attack
    重撃 = Light Bombers/Intruders/Heavy Fighters
    爆撃 = Medium/Heavy Bombers
    支援 = Misc/Recon

    - - - Updated - - -

    The JP wiki I found: http://gameopera.jp/sorahime

    I'll translate everything I think is important and condense it into this one post.

    Battle Mechanics

    The battle phase is broken up into 3 phases: Recon, Beyond LOS and Dogfighting. SoraHime will participate in whichever phase they can.


    During this phase, your SoraHime will attempt to find the enemy. A higher 偵察 stat will increase the chances of success. A successful reconnaissance will show you the formation of the enemy.

    After the Recon phase is over, you can select your formation. See below for more details.

    Beyond LOS

    Beyond LOS consists of two rounds. During this phase, typically only your bombers will attack. The more planes you have that can pre-emptively attack the better.


    Dogfighting consists of three rounds. The rest of your squadron will join in here.

    Shields and HP

    Every SoraHime has a shield (シールド) stat. During battle, the shield will be depleted first before HP. After every battle, shields will recover by 10% and will be fully replenished when returning to base.


    Assault Formation

    During Dogfighting: Increases ATK, reduces DEF.

    Very aggressive. Depends heavily on your shield stat to carry you through the opening phase so you can destroy the enemy during dogfighting. Useful if you don't have many SoraHime capable of Beyond LOS.

    It is recommended that you do not use this formation for nodes before the boss since it can deplete your shields and HP quickly and leave you vulnerable.


    During Dogfighting: Increases EVA, reduces ATK.

    Used to mitigate damage. However, since it does not increase DEF you'll still end up taking damage when evasion fails. Preferable to use either one of the Beyond LOS formations instead of this one.

    Concentrated Attack

    During Beyond LOS: Increases ATK, reduces EVA.

    Use this when the Recon phase succeeds and you have plenty of girls that can attack during Beyond LOS in your squadron. It can potentially hurt your bombers because of reduced EVA, but it is very effective at reducing the numbers of the enemy.

    Pincer Attack

    During Beyond LOS: Increases EVA. During Dogfighting: Increases ACC by a little.

    A safe formation since it doesn't reduce any stats. A decent pick if you fail Recon.

    Picking Your Starter

    Ki-44 Type 2 Fighter Shouki

    She is the Nakajima Ki-44 Shouki. She has the highest Shield stat out of all the three starters. She's a safe pick for beginners because of her resilience.


    She is the Yakovlev Yak-1. Compared to the other two starters, her Endurance is high and her operating costs are low. She ensures you a nice stable start.

    F4F Wildcat

    She is the Grumman F4F Wildcat. Out of the three starters, she has the highest firepower. Pick her if you want to go in guns blazing at the start.

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    currently i'm lv.18 on SoraHime and tbh i had too many AV in my hangar :P



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