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    Commander Moeflyer's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
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    I heard the rewards will be AJ Savage (Torpedo Bomber) and J7W Shinden (Fighter).

    I hope they will give us Baltimore and Ryujo too.

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    Jan 2015
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    How much depth do we need? In terms of smaller serviceable ships (lvl 75+), I only have 5 DD, 5 CL, 3 CA, 2 SS, and 3 CVL. That's very thin when spread across four stations.

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    Captain BlueDrop's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    According to the information,every defensive phase,you can invite one of your friends' fleet to help you defend the port(with no class limit).Each friend's fleet can only be summoned one time every day.So a strong ally will surely come in handy.I think this will be one of the keys during this event. So go get some friends! people are crazy sending friend request these days LOL.


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    Jan 2015
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    Has anyone completed the event without requiring friends' fleet? I just barely made it past map 2 after all 5 of my attacking ships did not miss during the final night battle. Not sure if my fleet can go further without friend assistance.

    Battle planning for E3:
    Fleet 1: 3BB/BC 1CA 2CV
    Fleet 2: 2BB/BC 1CVL 1CA 2CV
    Fleet 3: 6DD/CL

    Number of battles by stage:
    1 1 1
    3 2 2 refill fleet 1
    3 3 3 refill fleet 1 and fleet 2
    1 2 4

    Last edited by fril; 09-15-2016 at 01:26 PM.

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    Lieutenant SpookyNue's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    OH GOD.

    On one hand, I really want Baltimore (especially after failing to get Warspite during the KC event) but on the other hand, this event will most definitely kill me.

    Do we need to put any ASW gear on our destroyers? I was planning to do so with mine or with one of my CLs just in case.

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    Head Moderator Kalinsre's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    How is fleet locking in this game? Does it just mean you can't use them again until you clear the map, or is it like KC where once you sent a ship to a map she's dead to you until the event is over?

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    Dec 2015
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    It basically means that once the fleet formation for a fleet is set (you send them out) you cannot change throughout a specific map. For example, I set the first fleet to have Tirpitz, Renown, Essex, Saratoga, Hood, Z16 in one of the event maps (3 - Battle of the Coral sea for example) and it would be locked until I clear the map.

    The only option you can change the fleet again is when you press the 撤退 (Full retreat) button. It basically means you completely withdraw from the map. As such, all previous progress would be lost and you will start all over again. If you just press the 暫退 (temporary retreat) button the fleet formation is still locked as you are still in the battlefield (This option is used when you have low supplies). During this stage unless you have beaten a stage in the map YOU CANNOT RESUPPLY.

    You should press the full retreat button if EVEN one of you ships is moderately damaged before the stage that is before the final one (1-2, 2-3, 3-4) as you CANNOT repair the ship. I have no idea if what would happen if it is sunk but I guess that fleet would have 1 member less throughout the map. This is very discouraging but you would have to because do remember the very negative effects brought by sinking a shipgirl.

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    Aug 2016
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    After the event, and then a period of time is a real activity

    Look forward to it! African admirals

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    Jan 2015
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    Just passed E3, still contemplating about whether or not to go for E4.

    Fleet 1:
    Tirpitz-kai 100 (with AP shell)
    Richelieu 100 (with AP shell)
    Vanguard 100 (with AP shell)
    Brooklyn-kai 100 (ASW equips)
    Enterprise 100
    Lexington-kai 100

    Fleet 2:
    Bismarck-kai 100
    PoW 100 (no Kai)
    Helena-kai 100 ( ASW equips with one Kirov's gun)
    Wichita-kai 100
    Taihou 100
    Ranger-kai 100

    Fleet 3:
    Yuubari-kai 100
    Laffey-kai 89
    Inazuma-kai 94
    Gearing-kai 84
    Sirius-kai 100
    Houston-kai 100 (AA shell)

    This event is very different from other events, in that decision-making plays a very big role. Choosing which fleet to take on which enemy fleet, and in what order to battle, makes a whole lot of difference to the outcome. Planning is highly essential here. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    A few things that really helped me were:
    1. Exploit your friend's fleet as much as you can, especially if his fleet is stronger than your main fleet. Each level of E3 after the first one will feature at least one tough fleet with high hp. If you're confident of taking it out without sustaining much damage, then you can send your own fleet first, since you can refuel your own fleet but not your friend's. If your fleet has several ships with just above 50% hp, then send your friend instead.

    When you get to the last stage, always send your friend first, and as many times as you can. Even if his fleet is down to 20% fuel and ammo, send them in using echelon formation. My friend managed to sink one of the boss CVLs and got a couple of the other ships down a good chunk.

    2. If you have a Kirov's gun, give it to your Fleet 2 CL. My Helena failed to take out the opposing SS in one hit during two separate battles, but got it with the second salvo.

    3. Your ASW fleet needs good AA against opposing CV's. The sub fleets in E3 have at most 4 SS, so I took five CL/DD just in case. I gave Houston the last spot and equipped her with an AA shell so she can raise the AA of the fleet, while her damage to the non-SS ships is decent.

    4. Always take out the hard fleet first in each level while your fleet has high resources. Save the simpler DD-CL fleets for later, when your fleet can win in spite of the low-resource penalty. By extension, try to refill only when your fleet has 40% resources, so as to avoid wasting the limited refills you have.

    5. If some of the girls in your second fleet have taken medium damage, consider letting your first fleet fight more battles than planned in order to prioritise having your second fleet in at least serviceable state for the final battle. After my friend's fleet took the brunt of the boss's first attack, my first fleet went into night battle with two red ships, and failed to kill one enemy CVL. Both BBs in my second fleet already took medium damage, but I sent them in anyway, and Ranger and Taihou took out the last ship during the air battle to complete E3.

    Finally, shoutout to all my girls - rest well and be prepared for E4 tomorrow, and big shoutout to IsseiG for lending me his girls - they were awesome (but I still love my girls more)!!

    Last edited by fril; 09-16-2016 at 10:56 AM.

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    Jan 2015
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    I just barely managed to get by E4 after following a guide on the Baidu forums. This guide makes a lot of sense, and imo is the most reliable way of getting by. As thanks to the author, I'll now pay it forward by translating the guide. Comments in [] are my own.

    1. 5ASW with 1 gunship. (The five DDs should be equipped with one +10 gold propeller, one AA item, and one ASW; The gunship should have 4 cannons, the author used Richelieu [I used unremodelled PoW, loaded her with 3 of my best cannons and the AA shell to add protection to my 5DD/CL. The ASW ships were Yuubari-kai, Koln-kai, Inazuma-kai, Gearing-kai, Laffey-kai])

    2. 5BB/BC and one Helena [I used Tirpitz-kai, Lion, Bismarck-kai, Richelieu, unremodelled Vanguard, Helena. I put my 3 AP shells on Tirpitz, Lion, Vanguard. Helena had 2 ASW and Kirov's gun]

    3. 4 CV/2ASW (you can go without fighter planes here, since my route avoids the difficult CVs, at least as far as I remember... if you don't trust my memory, feel free to try putting some fighter planes) [I used Brooklyn-kai, Sirius, Taihou, Ranger-kai, Lexington-kai, Enterprise; Brooklyn has a gold propeller, +10 ASW, +7 gun, Sirius has +8AA/+7 Acc item and two +10 ASW. Lexington and Taihou have 2 fighter planes each, and Enterprise has one. All other CV slots are bombers.]

    Friend's fleet: Since I have sufficient reconnaissance, I went with a friend's 6 BB/BC fleet (note: LOOK FOR ONE WITH AP SHELLS!!)

    Route options:
    Round 1: Fleet 1 to gobble up submarines, fleet 3 for the remaining three battles, except for the enemy fleet with one CV in it - use fleet 2 for that.

    Round 2: Use fleet 2 against the enemy with 2BB. As for the rest, use your CV fleet 3. (Refuel fleet 3 after this)

    Round 3: ASW fleet 1 to gobble up submarines. CV fleet 1 against the enemy with 1 SS. Fleet 2 for the rest. (Refuel fleet 2 after this).

    Round 4: Use cannon fleet 2 against the 2AV fleet (echelon formation here since they're just too tanky), fleet 1 to resume attacking submarines. Last two enemies can be handled quite reliably by CV fleet 1 (after finishing this, I noticed that my friend's fleet was still full HP)

    Round 5: USE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!!! My friend helped me (This boss isn't as hard as E3 as long as your friend is a BOSS!!)

    Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4781591785?pn=2#97808742601l

    Edit: Author pointed out an error in his earlier post.

    CV fleet 3 should only fight one battle in the first stage. Use the BB/BC fleet 2 to fight the 2 CVLs in stage one if you don't bring any fighter planes. I brought five slots of fighter planes across 4 CVs, so it didn't really affect my fleet's performance much except that I needed to refuel fleet 3 after round 1.


    --------Translation end, the below is my own addition

    The main innovation in this setup is that the BB/BCs and CVs are completely separate, which is ideal for taking on the enemies with 1 SS. In the past, I would go with 2/3BB/BC, 1CL, and 2CV in each fleet, which resulted in the second fleet always getting at least one red from the SS or torpedo cruisers. With this setup, such enemies can be handled with line abreast since the CVs can reliably take down the torpedo cruisers and most of the other ships.

    While the guide is good, it is important to be flexible with your approach and be prepared to deviate from it in response to the results of individual battles. Many things kept going wrong for me from the very beginning, such as my friend's Rodney taking heavy damage after round 3, meaning that I couldn't send his fleet for rounds 4 and 5 even though four of his remaining ships had almost full HP.

    In addition:
    1. Fleet 3 had to go into night battle in round 1, so I had to refuel both fleets 2 and 3 after round 1.
    2. PoW got critted by a CL in round 4, taking medium damage. Fleet 1 had to go into night battle during that round as well.
    3. I made a mistake in round 3 when my CV fleet 3 failed to take down the enemy and left one ship with very little HP, and I chose to go into night battle. It might have been a better decision for me to retreat and set fleet 2 instead, since they were going to be refuelled anyway after that round. Then again, had I done that, fleet 2 might not have enough fuel and ammo for their own fight in round 3, so it might not have been the wrong decision after all.
    4. In round 4, CV fleet 3 again failed to finish off the enemy in one go. This time, I retreated and got fleet 2 to finish them off before using my last refuel. This turned out to be VERY important in the boss fight, since it left CV fleet 3 with 30% ammo and 40% fuel remaining - just enough for 2 more battles.

    Boss round
    The boss round was very, very close, and would have failed if I had made a few decisions differently in the earlier rounds.

    When taking on the boss in stage 5, CV fleet 3 had 30% ammo 40% fuel. Brooklyn and Enterprise had medium damage. I sent them in first to whittle down the boss' planes. After the day battle, Enterprise and Taihou were red, Brooklyn Sirius Ranger were yellow, and Lexi was still green (Brooklyn had been hit again but her medium damage protection prevented her from going red) I elected not to enter night battle, which turned out to be the absolute best decision I had made, though I didn't know it at that time.

    I sent fleet 1 next to hopefully whittle the enemy HP a little bit more. By this time, fleet 1 only had enough fuel for one battle, and the only BB PoW had taken medium damage. Two torpedoes by Gearing and Laffey during the night battle managed to take down the enemy CA. The rest did small damage. By the end of the battle, Yuubari was red, Koln Gearing PoW were yellow, while Laffey and Inazuma were green.

    I sent fleet 2 to hopefully finish them off, and there were 5 ships remaining entering night battle, during which I took down 3. The enemy flagship had 27 HP left, as well as one BB at yellow. At the end of the battle, Tripitz, Lion, and Helena were red. Bismarck, Richelieu, and Vanguard were green. Since Tirpitz was red, I couldn't send fleet 2 in to finish off the last two ships even though I had three BB/BC that were still green.

    As it stood, ASW fleet 1 had no fuel to enter the fight. BB/BC fleet 2 could not fight since flagship Tirpitz was red. My friend's fleet had been out of action since round 3. Who was left? CV fleet 3 with 10% ammo and 20% fuel of course!

    I sent fleet 3 again, hoping that my AA was enough to prevent Enterprise and Taihou from getting sunk. Thankfully, the shelling phase did no damage to my girls, but Lexi actually sank the enemy BB instead. The boss still had 27 hp left when I entered night battle, at which point fleet 3 literally had 0 ammo and 0 fuel. Brooklyn attacked and did exactly 27 damage, completing the battle without using up any repair crew.

    The boss fight highlights the point that decision-making is of supreme importance in this event. Some players aren't just European - they're American players with full flight decks of B-25's supporting them. But for those of us who aren't American and can't rely on superior equipment to win, we have to make up for it using our brains.

    With the outcome being so close, one more minor mistake would have turned victory into defeat. If I had sent fleet 3 into a night battle in round 4, they would have no fuel for a second battle in the boss round. If I had sent fleet 3 for night battle after my first attempt, then they'd have no fuel either, plus Brooklyn/Sirius/Lexi might have taken heavy damage and wouldn't be able to clear up the boss fleet.

    Formation setups were very important as well. It was fortunate that I put Brooklyn as my flagship of CV fleet 3 (shoutout to Jason for the tip!), because she had medium damage protection that prevented her from going red. Sirius also had medium protection if she needed it. Without Brooklyn's medium damage protection, fleet 3 would have been unable to attack the boss at all to make the finishing blow.


    Special thanks to my girls. You did great, every single one of you. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll have to queue up to use the baths this time. The good news is that you can enjoy the warm water for every single minute that you need in order to recover. Take the next few days off and we'll be back to training soon!

    Last edited by fril; 09-18-2016 at 09:28 PM.



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