I'm going to go grab a few of the ones suggested in this when I get the time, VN's are a great way to pass time although I already have like 3 volumes of LN's I've been meaning to read through.
I can't really suggest much though.
The only 'pure' VN I've played through was the PS2 version of ToHeart2 way back when it was first released. It was pretty great even without understanding a word of it, I somehow got so engrossed I got through 3 different routes including the Iincho Inazuma Manaka's lengthy route where you end up actually dating ages before the end of the route. Actually there is quite a few similarities between Inazuma and Manaka both visually and personality wise, which is why she was my starter ship. Their hairstyle is just flipped, both are polite and quiet yet react the same when surprised. They both even have a tomboyish sister who looks similar to them just to touch the tip of the iceburg.

Rest have been VN-like SRPGS like TtT and Utaware Yes I was a leaf/Aquaplus fanboy when I was younger

Glad to hear though from people who played through the D.C ones that they was enjoyable, I absolutely adored that series when I was younger but never managed to play the VNs. I've just had to be content with the cropped anime versions and some extra material instead. Guess I should stop being lazy and go see if there's some translations up. That and throw myself at DC3. Even if it's just because of Rikka.