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    Fanfic : Hikari No Megami

    Hikari No Megami
    200 years ago, peace is returned in the continent of Reikasha with the help of a group named: White Dragon. Most of the group is nowhere to be found, but some of them still live in this society, living as a normal person. The legend of the White Dragon group is still passing from generations to generations. The elders taught the younglings. The younglings grew up and taught their children. And this is how the legend begins...

    Chapter 1: A Strange Girl
    One day, while a boy is wandering in a forest near his village, he finds an unconscious girl. Haven?t learnt what to do in situation like this, he thinks a bit then go check her body to see if there is anything bad. At the moment, it looks like her body is normal. For now that she doesn't get cold, he put her on his back and goes back his house. Opening the door and walking quietly to his room, he put her body on the bed. Wanting to take a bit of freshness, he drink some water. While opening the bottle of water, he sees his hand covered in blood. He thinks for a while and courtyard to his room. He can see that his bed is totally red. Scared, not knowing what to do he falls to the ground. After falling to the ground, and looked for a while the body of the person. He stands up and looks again if there is nothing serious. It seems there is no opening on the body but we can see a large scar on his back. Something is wrong ... He touches his bed, can feel and see the blood on his hand but it seems that the scar will be reformed for itself

    Boy: Something is weird...

    He doesn't know what to do? He wanted to search something for healing her but seems he doesn't need it. As he lost in his thought, suddenly the girl wakes up. He look at her trying to make a serious expression as the girl see him and greets him like nothing happened.

    Boy: Well? Hello, My name is Katsumi Hylcil. What is your name?

    Girl: My name? My name ? My name?

    The girl lowers her head and mutters ? After a short time, she finally says something.

    Girl: My name is Shiren Maldourne. Where is this place ? I can't remember what happened.

    As the Girl ask some questions when she looks around the wooden house.

    Katsumi: This is my house. You was unconscious when i found you in the forest.

    As Katsumi speaks with Shiren, he wonders why she has no reaction when she is alone with a guy.

    Shiren: What is this place called? I mean? This town.

    Katsumi: This is a village called Mewinia.

    Katsumi speaks with the girl for a moment as someone knock on his door. He tells Shiren to put back her outfit and go to see who the visitor is. He opens the door and see a member of Holy Knight.

    Holy Knight: Greeting young boy. Did you see a girl around here wearing a strange outfit?

    As Katsumi's thought, he came here for Shiren. It was a bit obvious since Shiren doesn't seem like a normal person.

    Katsumi: Well? She is here. I found her some hours ago.

    Holy Knight: Oh, can you let me see her ? We have been looking for her.

    Katsumi: I don't think there is any problem with that. Come in.

    Holy Knight:
    Thank you.

    As the Holy Knight goes into the house, he seesShiren. His eyes sparkles for a milisecond and then returns to normal. The Holy Knight walks forward, grab Shiren's arm then smile.

    Holy Knight: Thankfully we have founded you.

    Shiren : Wait? What's happening? Why do you grab my arm like that ?

    Holy Knight: The leader want to see you again. He was really worried when he didn?t see you anywhere around the castle.

    Shiren: I... I see. Is that true? Why can't I remember anything?

    Holy Knight: You don't remember anything?

    Shiren: Ye...yes... *nod*

    Holy Knight: It's okay. We?ll do something about that when we returned. So will you come with me?

    Shiren: O...Okay? But can he come with us? *point at Katsumi*

    The Holy Knight removed his hand from her arm then he turns around and talk to Katsumi.

    Holy Knight: Thank you, young boy. You have been a great help. As a return, do you want to join us as a Holy Knight's assistant? We'll teach you how to become a Holy Knight and when you grow up, you can become one of us.

    Katsumi is speechless after he hears about the offer. It is a great honor to become a Holy Knight - the legendary army of the Holy Faction. Their name is known throughout the continent. Its requirement to join is very high but because of that, every Holy Knight is an elite soldier. Katsumi has always dreamed to become one of them. And right now, he has a chance to make his dream come true. He replies almost instantly like it was his instinct.

    Katsumi: Yes. It is my honor.

    Chapter 2 : A New Beginning

    After Katsumi accepted the offer, the Holy Knight leads him and Shiren back to their camp, then tells them to stay in there when he goes and reports to the leader.

    Shiren: Katsumi, what did you do before coming with us?

    Katsumi: Nothing much... It's not something special. Just a normal life I guess? Let's put that aside. Shiren, do you want to hear stories about the world? I didn't travel much but I did heard about some interesting stories.

    Shiren: Oh? Like what ?

    Katsumi: Hum? Do you know how many continents there are on this world?

    Shiren: Herm? No? Like i said before, i don't remember anything.

    Katsumi: Ha? Right... The world is splitted into 4 regions and 1 ocean. The four regions are Melkiur...Vendeli...Selphatone and Morinkalt. All regions have a good respect for the Holy Knight. The region of the Holy Knight is in Deletire, it?s an area that is between Vendeli and Melkiur.

    As Katsumi speaks, a soldier comes and tell them to get to sleep soon since they will depart in the early morning, travel back to Deletire. Katsumi nods back and prepares his bed. During the time he does that, Shiren always stays in his tent. Might be because he?s the first one she saw after waking up, she always want to stay by his side. After finishing the preparation, Katsumi looks at Shiren with a troublesome expression.

    Katsumi:Don't tell me you want to sleep with me?

    Shiren: *nod*...

    Katsumi: *speechless*

    Shiren: It feels safer when I have you around...Will you let me stay here, Katsumi?

    Shiren speaks with such a pitiful face. Her expression wavers his mind. Could not bring himself to refuse her request, Katsumi sighs. He puts a blanket on the ground, then tells Shiren to sleep on the bed. Shiren seems to be happy when he didn't refuse her. She gives him a bright smile and rolls on his bed.

    Shiren:Good night, Katsumi.

    Katsumi:Yeah, good night.

    After that, Shiren slowly falls to sleep, but Katsumi is lost in his thought. He thinks about what has happened, about his dream, and about Shiren. She?s like his Goddess of Fortune. He considers meeting her is a greatest thing he has ever had in his life till now. As the time goes on, his eyes feel heavy and they slowly closed?

    Next morning, the Holy Knights starting to move. Katsumi and Shiren, each of them sit on the horse with 1 Holy Knight. Their destination isDeletire - Holy Ground of the Holy Knight, so they have to travel through Malakane Forest. On their journey,Katsumi and Shiren were being told many stories about the world, about the gods and many interesting, mysterious things.Katsumi learnt a lot from those stories. He could also see some beautiful landscape that he had never seen before. Aside from those, there is one notable thing in his journey, that is Shiren always want to sleep with him at night. Every time he saw her pitiful face, he just can'tt refuse, and after that, Shirenwill give him a bright smile as a compensation gift.

    Under the protection of the
    Holy Knights, they travels through Malakane Forest safely and reach Deletire after only 1 week of travel.
    From afar, Deletire looks like a luxurious region that is under divine protection. It has giant white walls, magic towers surround the whole living area. Inside the walls, houses and big structures can be seen. Roads are filled with people. They speak, they smile, they help each other. The happy atmosphere surround the whole fortress. At the center of the fortress, there is a statue of Goddess of Light. People from all over the world travels to Deletireto pray to the Goddess to bless them.

    The group travels through the crowded main road, fills with merchants and customers.
    Katsumican tell that this place is completely different to what his life was before. As they go to the castle, Katsumi and Shiren can see a big door slowly open. Katsumi can say that is a new beginning.

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    Chapter 3 : Meeting with the King

    Shiren and Katsumi calmly follow the Holy Knights to the palace. The inside of the palace is beautifully decorated with luxurious ornaments. However, Katsumi can still feel the dignified and sacred atmosphere enveloping the whole palace. Those Holy Knights that lead them here asks them to take a rest for tonight because the next morning will be very busy. Katsumi and Shiren look at each other, smile and then nods to those Holy Knights. Shiren still want to sleep with Katsumi. The Holy Knights don't feel anything strange about it as they already prepared the room for both of them.

    Next morning, Shiren and Katsumi were summoned by the King of
    . The meeting is during the lunch. As they meet, the King told them how worried he was when he heard Shiren had gone missing, and how happy he is now as she has come back.

    Katsumi: Pardon me, your Highness. May I ask you a question?

    Driven by his curiosity, Katsumi suddenly ask.

    King of Deletire: Sure, go ahead, young boy. You can ask me anything.

    Katsumi: Although I and Shiren have known for quite some time since we met. I still don't know who she is and neither she does. May I have a pleasure to know more about her from you, your Highness?

    King of Deletire knits his brows a bit but returns normal right after that but Katsumi didn't notice that. King of Deletire slowly tells them about the reason. It appears that Shiren is a granddaughter from a family of a Paladin who used to save the King when he was young. She has a very unique body which can be called ''A gift from Holy Goddess'', something that is said to be happened only once in ten thousands years. Her body is what closest to the body of a God. It gives her the ability to communicate and uses Light Elements as her will.

    King of Deletire: So, after my explanation, you know why I want to be strict with you right, Shiren?

    Shiren: Y...Yes?

    King of Deletire: I don't want to make you uncomfortable. That's why, you can freely go where you want in the palace, but only in the palace, is that ok for you ?

    Shiren: I'm fine with it, your Highness.

    King of Deletire: You will be an important person in this palace so, to be sure all the Holy Knights know it, I'll give you a title as a ''Divine Priestess''.
    After finish what he need to do, he turned his eyes to Katsumi

    King of Deletire: So... Katsumi Hylcil. I hear from the soldiers that you want to be one of us. is that true ? Can you tell me the reason ?

    Katsumi: Hum? I can say that is one of my dream be to a part of the Holy Knight. You are known from everyone. And it is my dream since i was a kid to have the strength to protect what I cherish the most.

    King of Deletire: I see... That is a good reason. As you may have known, power is indicated by letters, F, E, D, C, B, A, S... F is lowest and S is highest. Corresponding to the power scale from E, the Holy Knight is spitted to Recruit, Soldier, Captain, Marshall, Paladin, Guardian. You can only be considered as a real Holy Knight if your rank is Soldier or higher. As for Shiren's title, since she is an important person to us, she can command almost all of the Holy Knight. But can't command Paladins and Guardians.

    Katsumi: I see? Thanks for the explanation.

    King of Deletire: So, from now on, i will let you with a special offer that no other can have directly. I will let you have a Guardian for your special training.

    Katsumi: It's my honor. *he bows*

    It's at this moment Shiren say something.

    Shiren: I have a request, your Highness.

    King Of Deletire: Sure, what is it ?

    Shiren: Is this possible to let Katsumi have his training inside of the palace as well ?

    King Of Deletire: Sure, we have a garden at the middle of the palace. He can have him training there.

    Shiren: Thank you very much.

    King Of Deletire: Okay, that's all I want to say. You two may leave now. Hope you will live well from now.

    With King Of Deletire's permission, the two bows and go back to their rooms. From this day toward, their daily life has changed.
    Some weeks have passed, Katsumi undoubtedly trains hard under the guidance of the Paladin. His Sword Skill is famous among the troops and is named as 'The Ferocity of Katsumi Hylcil' ... Everyday after training, he goes and checks on how Shiren is doing and they have some fun together. He often ask if the memories of Shiren has returned but nothing really changes. Shiren still has a habit of sneaking in his room and sleeps beside him, sometimes pushes him off his bed. As time like that, he can only smile bitterly and sleeps on the ground.
    As the time passed, Katsumi grows stronger and stronger. He can now keep up with most of the Marshall in the troops. This makes his teacher surprised and very proud of him. Even King Of Deletire has to say that he's really pleased with his progression.

    One day, after his training till late, Katsumi asks his teacher if they have a magic training and his teacher say yes as he ask what kind of magic Katsumi want to learn. Katsumi says without hesitation: ''Thunder Magic''. His teacher says he need to wait tomorrow because he needs to prepare for his training. As he walks back to his room, might be because he's too excited about the magic training, somehow he's lost in the palace. There is some parts in the palace that he hasn't visited yet and some that he doesn't have the authority to go in. When he realizes that he is lost, he carefully go back, praying that no one will notice or he's gonna be punished. Even with Shiren?s protection, his punish will still be harsh. But he doesn't know, that this time he gets lost, will also be another big change to his life again.

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    Chapter 4 : The hidden Truth

    He still continues his wayback, nothing bad for now. As he walk, he can see a door a little open. Being curious, he silently sneaks behind the door and checks with his eyes what happen inside and can see one woman and one man speaking together. Katsumi hide his face fast but still waiting behind the door and try to hear what they say about.

    Kateilina : So, we still go with this plan, Reidan?

    Reidan : Yes, since Shiren… I mean Eiyetan is back, we can continue the plan we wanted since the beginning. She lost her memory so it should be easy to continue, Kateilina.

    Kateilina : What about the man accompanied her ?

    Reidan : The guy that the king told us ? I don’t know, but he’s sure in good term with her. If he know our plan, i don’t think he will accept it… So we still need to keep an eye on him.

    Katsumi try to remember who Eiyetan is and suddenly realize … She is the goddess of light. “So Shiren is the goddess of light...” Katsumi thinks. Although it’s quite a shock, he still keeps his mouth shut. He doesn’t want to say this at Shiren because maybe one day, she will remember it by herself…

    Kateilina : Right… Our mission is to get the power of the goddess and to keep it for us… We are strong…. But not enough…

    Reidan : Maybe one day… We rule over this region and maybe the planet.

    Katsumi has never seen these guys… But he can say, those are actually
    strong… But why keeping them hide from all of us… It seems both are the main force of the Holy Knight… Those are mysterious… He can feel some dark aura surrounding them. Katsumi wonder what is going on… That is not the thing he dreamed about this Faction…

    Katelina : I think it’s time for use to go back. We will make a report for the king

    Reidan : Right… Let’s go…

    As Katsumi hear footsteps coming toward him, he quickly hide somewhere. After some seconds, both vanishes and little by little the dark aura that surround them disappear.

    Katsumi : I need to get back as quick as possible…. I see enough of this place…

    Katsumi continue his way back, luckily for him, they don’t have guards on his way and he can see the door to get back in the safe place. Quickly checks, seems no guards nearby, he sneaks out, returns to his normal expression and quickly gets back to his room. On the way back, he meets Shiren.

    Katsumi : Hello Shiren, are you busy right now ?

    Shiren : I’m going to pray now… Why ?

    Katsumi : Ha… It’s nothing. We will talk later in our room.


    Katsumi : The more i think about it, it seems the time passes too slow… *he walks toward of a windows* It’s already sunset… Shiren sure takes her time for praying but that is for the good cause… Now, how to say it to her…

    As Katsumi lost in thoughts, he doesn’t realize that Shiren is already in the room.

    Shiren : Katsumi ?

    Hearing the Shiren’s voice, Katsumi turns back and looks behind him.

    Katsumi : Shiren… Since how long have you been here ?

    Shiren : Hum… Some minutes, i guess. Did something happens ?

    Katsumi : A lot… Listen Shiren, I actually have something important to tell you.

    Shiren : Sure…

    Katsumi tells what he did hear some hour ago… He told Shiren that the dream of the Holy knight is actually to trying get the powers of the goddess for them alone. He also say that they probably also want to kill him.

    Shiren : You mean that all the things they have done is just to lure us here?

    Katsumi: Well… That is what I think ...Right now, I don’t know how to deal with it but we need a plan.

    Shiren : I don’t even know if I have this power inside of me… I’m sure can use some light magic but that’s all ! Nothing special…

    Katsumi : From now, we need to get out of here. Gonna try see where we can go. So, for now we will stay here and pretend like nothing has happened.

    After that day, Katsumi continues to act like his usual daily life. He also looks around, trying to figure out the plan of the Holy Knight but can’t conclude anything… For now, he try to find where he and Shiren can escape. After some weeks of daily training, he did found a mysterious trapdoor…. This trapdoor was well hidden and have a kind of mysterious mechanic. He did find out how to open it but he also know that he can’t enter it yet, he let the trap like that then return for seeing Shiren.

    Katsumi: Shiren? Can i speak with you for a while ?

    Shiren : Sure. Something happens ?

    Katsumi: I guess i found a way for us to escape… And not many guards nearby. Actually, I don’t even know what is inside it but i can guess that can help us.

    Shiren: A trapdoor you mean ? Wait… I think, i hear something about this trapdoor some days ago. *She walks near a wardrobe* Where it was…. Hum… Ha ! There ! *She took a book and get back to Katsumi* Let’s see… Ha there, in this book, i read somewhat this trapdoor was used to Crafting some Magic Potion. And this is also a cave…

    Katsumi: A cave huh ?

    Shiren: Well that is what i see in the book… I don’t know if it’s actually changed.

    Katsumi: We will see later. For now, we need to take a rest. Tomorrow will be an Hard Journey.

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    It seems no one is reading so I guess that makes me the first one lol

    So far this is interesting. The style of what your writing is akin to Shakespeare's which I had done long ago. Anyways keep it up.

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    @dandan550 Haha ! Thanks :) Sure, I will keep up

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    Chapter 5: No Escape

    After taking some rest, they meet together in their room after their daily routine. They check and see what they need to take silently. Surprisingly, Katsumi don't have many things, however...

    Katsumi: Alright... I'm ready. Shiren?

    Shiren:Wait a sec.... *she check her package*

    Katsumi: Hum? I think with those, we can't go without being seen?

    Shiren: But i need those for my face and such !

    Katsumi: *sigh* You prefer taking care of your body to your life ?

    Shiren: Haaaaa *geez* Alright Alright. I just take these then.

    Katsumi smiles. Ready to go, both walk calmly. They speak with guard that they go to the kitchen but instead they take the detour. The guard notice it but didn't say anything yet since for now they are in safe place. Katsumi check the trapdoor and can see that the trapdoor is still open.

    Katsumi: I guess not many people came in this side?

    He goes down inside and wait Shiren. When both go through the trapdoor, the cave seems so dark. Katsumi looks at Shiren and ask if she can use her light magic to illuminate the place. She uses her most lowest light magic and both can see some kind of tools. Katsumi approach and check it.

    Katsumi: Seems they still sometimes use this place to make potions? But what kind of potion? I don't exactly know.

    Shiren: Katsumi? We should get out of here quickly? because i think some of the guards will come here soon?

    Katsumi: You're right... Let's go.

    They walking on the a direction trying find the exit.


    Katsumi: Ha?.. This cave is really a maze...

    Shiren: I'm hungry...

    Katsumi looks in front of him and can see the light of the exit.

    Katsumi : Ha ! We found it !

    They both run outside but since they was in the dark for a long time, the light of the exit was too bright for their eyes? as they need wait a bit moment to be capable seeing something. After waiting, Katsumi open his eyes and see the prairie.

    Katsumi: Whoa ! We're finally out ! Shiren ! We?re finally out !

    He look around and can?t see Shiren.

    Katsumi : Shiren ! Where are you ?

    Katelina : It's her you search ?

    He turn back and can see the girl he see in the black alley. A little angry, he takes out of his weapon.

    Katsumi: Release her right now !

    Katelina : Ho ? I don't think you can defeat me? Yet, i'm not alone.

    Katsumi: Huh ?

    Without knowing, Katsumi is getting a hit from behind on the head.

    Katelina: Just like you said Raidan... Leaving the trapdoor opened is a good idea.

    Raidan: Should be obvious? If we closed the trapdoor, they would try to take a new road...
    Katelina: Yes... Alright, it?s time to take them inside.

    Raidan: Alright? I will take him in the torture room.

    Katelina: For Eiyetan?. I guess we should lock her in her room.

    After some hours that Katsumiis being stunned by the royal guard of the king, he finally wake up. He look around and can tell that he know where he's right now. Try to move but can't because of those chain that is look on his arms.

    Katsumi :
    Ha... i was too optimist i guess?

    Some foot can be heard coming to him and he can see a silhouette of a woman in front of him.

    Katelina : It seems that you just wake up. Sorry to have tied you but it was necessary.

    Katsumi : What you want from me ?

    Katelina : Just wanna know why you wanted to escape of the palace.

    Katsumi : I'm not gonna tell to you...

    Katelina : Ho ? Well if it's that then you?re gonna tell it with the brute force. Guards ! Take him in the torture room.

    Katsumi is carried to the torture room? while during this moment at Shiren room? She wake up.

    Shiren : Ha?. My head....

    Raidan : Good Morning princess.

    Shiren : *she looks at him* W-Who are you ?....

    Raidan : I?m one of the royal guard of the king. I receive order to protect you by getting captured.

    Shiren : Getting captured? *she remember she was with Katsumi* Wait... Where is Katsumi ?!

    Raidan : Ho him ?.... Don?t worry, we are having a nice conversation with him in a special room *laugh*

    Shiren : That is not possible? Let me out !

    She stands up and go to the door as she tries to open but it seems to be locked with a magic barrier.

    Raidan : No, no escape for you. You will rest here without doing anything.

    Shiren looks at Raidan which she?s about to cry. She thinking on most horrible thing that can happens to Katsumi.

    Katelinaappears in front of Raidan.

    : Ho Katelina. What's wrong ? You finished with him ?

    Katelina : No, we're still interrogating him? He?s tough.

    Raidan :
    It's not surprising actually?

    Katelina :
    What about Eiyetan ? *she look behind her*

    Raidan : I already say what is needed.

    Katelina :
    Alright then... I go back to him.

    Shiren still thinking. The more she think, the more she wanna explode which at this moment, A magic aura can be see around her.

    Raidan : Hum ? Ho, it seems that the power of Eiyetan has begun to wake up.

    Shiren : Let Katsumi... out !

    Raidan : As i said, we can't... He broke the rules of the palace so he needs to be punished.

    Shiren came to him quickly as she took Raidan neck.

    Shiren : That mean i need to save him by myself.
    Raiden : ugh... so... this is the power of a goddess ?....

    At Katsumi torture room... We can see that he almost don't have much power in him as he about to fall.

    Katelina :
    Please... Say why you wanted to escape the palace. I actually doesn't want to torture someone like this but it's the king's order... and an order is an order.

    Katsumi : W...What You.. mean ?....

    Katelina : Personally, i accepted this job because it gives good money for my family but the most i stay with the king, the most my action have much consequence.

    Katsumi : Then... Why not try... escaping... with us? instead ?...

    Katelina : If i did this my family sure will be killed.

    Suddenly, the door explode behind them and a woman of pure light is coming.

    Eiyetan : Stay on the side if you don?t wanna died as well.

    Katelina can feel she can?t do anything against her as she stay on the side. Eiyetan came to Katsumi and look at him closely.

    Eiyetan : I'm sorry Katsumi? It?s my fault that you are like that?

    Katsumi : Is... that... you... Shiren?

    Eiyetan : *she nods* Yes. I recover all my power which i know as well my real name. I'm Eiyetan. but i can't keep this form really long... I also want to save you too.

    Katsumi :
    Don't... do... that... You... need to ... live... too...

    Eiyetan : *she shake her head* It?s you that need to live. I will give you my power.. Like that, you can live? I don?t wanna see you die.

    Katsumi : Why me ?....

    Eiyetan : i can?t exactly tell why but i can feel it? maybe you will see soon too? I don?t have much time left with this form. Let?s escape together. *she look behind her* I hear what you say before i came in this room. Does you want to rest with the king ?

    Katelina : i....

    Eiyetan : Choose wisely... Because you don't have another chance.

    Katelina : *She shake her head* I don't wanna rest beside him...

    Eiyetan : *she gave her hand*take my hand then

    Katelina came slowly to Eiyetan and took her hand. She can feel the light and the pure sincerity as few second later, they teleported in a safe place.

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    Chapter 6 : Not common

    After being teleported, Eiyetan look at Katelina. She seems doesn?t know what to do but Eiyetan take a breath and say something important.

    Eiyetan : What you actually want Katelina ?

    Katelina : Heh ?

    Eiyetan : You want to protect this world or just simply travel by your own life ?

    Katelina : I?. I want to protect this world. Because i don?t wanna see my family suffering.
    Eiyetan : Then you must Protect Katsumi? When i gonna help him to regenerate, i will not be in this world anymore. They have a hut not that far from here. You should go there and rest for a moment until Katsumi is awake.

    Katalina : What ? Protect him ? But But?

    Eiyetan :
    Is there something wrong ?

    Katelina : No? But with what i did, he probably gonna hate me !

    Eiyetan : I don?t think so? You say that you did it because it was an order. He must understand it.

    Katelina : Probably?

    Eiyetan : Anyway, i will give him my power now. Take care of him?

    Katelina : Y-Yes?

    After those word is done, Eiyetan began its incantation by taking Katsumi close to her. Pure light can be see around. Katelina close her eyes because the light was too luminous. As the incantation is done, Eiyetan reach the mouth of Katsumi then kiss him as her body began to disappear. The light stop. Katelina open her eyes see Katsumi on the ground alone.

    Katelina : Well? Let?s get end of this?

    She carry Katsumi and walk to the hut.

    Katelina : I wonder if i made the right choose? If the king order to kill my family? I will annihilate them? no matter what?

    She open the door of the hut. Inside can be see that the hut was
    abandoned a long time ago. Spider webs? Dust can be see everywhere but still have what needed to be in a warm place.

    Katelina : Well? I'm a housekeeper now? *geez* Is not that bad? I guess?

    She put Katsumi inside of the house and begins to do housework.


    Katelina : Pfiou ! Finally Done ! I should put him on the bed?

    She carry Katsumi and put him on the bed.

    Katelina : Ha?. How many time i need to wait when he?s awake? Hope that is not that long? Anyway, seems i need at least food first. I go and hunt some to be sure?

    As these word say, she goes and hunt some food? The Days pass fastly. Nothing really happens during these days. Not much soldiers came? not even one. This days, when Katelina came back of her hunt, she see something strange in the house. She run and prepare her sword.

    Katelina : Who is here ?!!!

    A guys came to her and see her on battle pose.

    Guys : Ho it?s you? Wait? Don?t tell me you came here only to see me dead ?!

    Katelina : Heh ?!! but who are you ? And where is Katsumi !

    Guys : Katsumi ? But? it?s me?

    Katelina : Wait? What ?!!

    Katsumi : Yeah, i just woke up. So? Anything important happens ?

    Katelina think for a moment and release her battle pose and explain what?s happening to him.

    DMM Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/vSV3dwc



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