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    @Drakenred: Thanks! Glad someone agrees with me. I hated how the anime changed the character dynamics. Some mistakenly think that it was trading Kobyayshi's development for Tooru's, but the manga has BOTH character development aspects. Anime just reinforces - expands upon Kobayashi which add nothing. Kobayashi HAS her moment when she first stands up to Tooru's dad and in doing so, demonstrating how much Tooru means to her (beyond the "she's my maid comedy bit) inspires Tooru to fully stand up for herself (Tooru) and resolve the issue. This IS Tooru's battle, and it's just wrong for the anime to have Kobayshi be the one to solve Tooru's problem. Part of the story is clearly laid out as Tooru becoming an independent adult and the anime's version trashes that them. Just look at how Kobyashi handled her ass-hat supervisor. There's a parallel here that the anime f's up.

    Bleh! It's mindbogglingly why for 12 episodes the anime stuck the source. Not literally - they padded/added anime moments, but they stuck to the story. Just look at Ep. 12 - a lot right off the pages. Yet for some reason, for the final episode, the screwed with the story & characters.

    -- "But as a adaptation it is not really that bad. you have to realise that in many cases a change from the source material like this is partly due to medium, and partly due to feedback."

    Sorry, but completely disagree with "really not that bad". Per above it's utterly wrong and it's terrible to change what they did. I could deal with Tooru "disappearing" though NO ONE was fooled by that and it robbed what follows of any real emotional impact, I can deal with the IMO stupid "I'm your doubt" dragon. It was cliche', WTF (never seen that before when Tooru thought about the exact same issues), pointless/added nothing but in your face symbolism (which is the worst kind). Manga plays out just fine and there's another, better more subtle symbolism the manga has which the anime left out. But I could deal with it. Way it ended with Kobayashi saving the day. No. Just no, and for the reasons listed above.

    As for why. This is absolutely NOT change of media driven. It's a bad choice. I can think of several alternative ways to do this correctly. One way is to simply go by the manga - OK, flesh it out a bit here and there. No problem with that at all (anime's fleshed out manga chapters just fine before)t, but stick the source. This takes up most of the episode. You could then put in either GOOD, fitting anime only stuff or could have thrown in the onsen chapter. This is what Demi-chan did for it's final two episodes, but in this case it's all in one episode. You have the big emotional moments (Demi-chan Ep. 11) followed by a light, fun ending (Ep. 12). There are other ideas, but not going to bother listing them. Point is easily could and should have been done right!

    Lastly, "...partly due to feedback" is very interesting because while I do not agree with the one major change, I can see how say if there was some poll and Kobayashi was clearly the "fan favorite" and/or Tooru low in the polls, then that might explain why the anime went with an "all about Kobayashi" ending.

    Bah. Up until Ep. 13, I liked the show. From Ep. 02 to Ep. 09 it was good - no qualifier, IMO. Ep. 01 stumbled a bit while Ep. 10 & 11 were meh IMO. Ep. 12 was pretty good, but execution wasn't there. Ep. 13 had potential to be one, perhaps, the best episode, but it's my least favorite (for obvious reasons). You had one job KyoAni, ONE JOB!

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