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    Lieutenant MurasaMinamitsu's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
    16 Post(s)
    1. Fubuki - My starter, why wouldn't I marry her.
    2. Haguro - Favourite CA. Love her character development from Kai to Kai Ni.
    3. Katsuragi - Favourite CV even though she's not even at Kai yet
    4. Prinz Eugen - 2nd Favourite CA. I love Ari Ozawa and Pudding's design.
    5. Sendai - Sendai's genki, what's not to love.
    6. Jintsuu - I love the calm voice Ayaneru uses for her, and how she's more assertive at Kai Ni.
    7. Taihou - Mamiko Noto's voice is just heavenly imo.

    So yeah, my starter gets priority because she's my starter and thus the most senior at the base.

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    Newly Registered Cosmoflips's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
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    1. Verniy
    2. Kiyoshimo
    3. Asashimo
    4. Z1
    5. Kitakami
    6. Shigure
    7. Nowaki

    8. Bismarck
    9. Warspite
    10. Akatsuki
    11. Ikazuchi
    12. Inazuma
    13. ROMA
    ...wait its only 7 ships?

    idk but i'm attracted to white haired girl in this game, especially Verniy. she's the reason i played this game


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    Captain Ren's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
    160 Post(s)
    @Cosmoflips White haired girls? Then where is Kashima!?!?!?!?!?!?

    For me it is
    1. Mutsu
    2. Kashima
    3. Bismarck
    4. Yamato
    5. Iowa
    6. Kaga
    7. Atago

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    Commander Nrvn's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    Saiki Bay
    176 Post(s)
    Let's see, I'll try my hands at this as well:

    1. Italia
    The true waifu ingame, so obviously she'll get no.1 spot here. She's sweet, reliable and can cook as well as a chef, so no contest really :D

    2. Murakumo
    Well, she's my starter, so she's been through everything from the start. She's reliable, a bit of a tsundere, but after her K2 seems to be warming up a bit more. Moreover, her appearance after K2 is not too loli, which is a plus for me.

    3. Haguro
    She's cute, lacks some confidence, but her achievements at the naval base are second to none. A real workhorse during hard sorties, she's earned her spot.

    4. Kongou
    She's THE genki girl, always energetic and cheerful, but with a soft side as well (anime docet). Plus, her Engrish is always fun :D

    5. Suzuya
    She gives off the "senior high schooler/college girl" vibe, and must be fun to be around in general. I got her super early (even earlier than Haguro), so there's the nostalgia feeling as well.

    6. Katsuragi
    My first event reward (and first event only girl), having joined a month before Spring 2015. Went into service immediately at lv 1, since I was really tight on the CV roster (only had Akagi and 2nd Div at the time), and was trying to clear Medium. She got the job done, and even today she's doing great, Hard E5 Fall 2016 clear is just one of her achievements.

    7. Libeccio
    More a daughter than a wife, she's so cute that's impossible not to like her, what's with all her seasonal CGs and voice lines. As a sidenote. she's a perfect jailbait too :D

    Honorable mentions go to Yamato, Pola and Bismarck. As for the enemies, I'll pay my respect to CV Hime, still the best gatekeeper, doing what she does best and mocking you in the process.

    Marriage Anniversary: October, 2nd

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    Community Staff Jifaru's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    417 Post(s)

    Hibiki prprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprpr prprprprprprprprprprprprprprprprpr
    Saratoga - too sexy
    Katsuragi - too hair products
    Amatsukaze - too lewdcute
    Kawakaze - too belly button, must insert tongue
    Kashima - too good girl

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    Newly Registered Kei-ki's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    0 Post(s)
    Only 7 !! oh god, choose them can be a little .... you know, complicated in my case:

    I guess if I need to limit the list to only 7 waifus they would be: Haruna (My first ring), Poi, Zuihou, Prinz, Kitakami, Musashi and Tone, all of them are in my signature allready ... how funny, I just realize that precisely I put 7 girls there (coincidence?)

    Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

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    Rear-Admiral Beetle's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2015
    157 Post(s)
    1. Akebono
    2. Fubuki
    My starters, I'm biased. Deeper reason as to why, but too long to explain~

    3. Abukuma - Was already on her way to 99, even before K2 came out. She's like a weak-willed Fubuki that fails at things she does, but doesn't give up. She motivates me.
    4. Ashigara - Well, she motivates me too~
    5. Houshou - You know why.
    Hmmm... thats about it. Need 7? Then....

    6. Roma
    7. Hiyou

    As much as I love Yukikaze, she's not a target for marriage.
    Nenohi as well.

    Since May 29, 2015
    LSC's High Five - Yama 1st get, Musa 3rd (randomly) get, Biscuit 5th get, Taihou 9th get, 401 attempts = 0...got 4 from event
    Retiring from LSC Oct 5, 2015
    1yr-old post

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    Captain manacycler's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2015
    77 Post(s)
    Well I've already married 5 in game, and my other two are already planned out for when they reach marriageable age (level).

    1. Kongou - Ughhh, Kongou's charms are so effective! I couldn't resist even though Haruna was actually first 99.
    2. Kashima - Kashima rose really fast in level and I really like her look. Plus she looks more gentle than Katori.
    3. Zuikaku - I like a lot of carriers, but Zuikaku got extra points due to twintails and because she's known for luck.
    4. Hachi (I-8) - Glasses, books, chest, and can summon torpedoes from said books.
    5. Kiso - Kiso is just cool.

    The two that are still planned are
    6. Yukikaze - Supreme luck! Although I personally wouldn't think of her as a wife, so just pretend my marriage papers are actually adoption papers.
    7. Myoukou - I love all of the Myoukou class, but I like Myoukou because of the mature older sister image she has.

    This also makes it so I marry one of every major ship type, with Kiso counting for light cruisers and Kashima counting for miscellaneous ships.

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    Admiral Valkirion's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    267 Post(s)
    damn, this is a hard choice

    1. Atago

    2. Atago

    3. Atago

    4. Atago

    5. Atago

    6. Atago

    7. now this is a hard one but i have to go with Atago

    "i walk through the shadow of the valley of boobs"

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    Marshal Admiral Observer 39's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Buin Base
    2296 Post(s)
    I've already "married" six ships (as the album here shows), but to reiterate and add on to it...

    1. Haguro
    2. Ryuujou
    3. Natori
    4. Bismarck
    5. Hayashimo
    6. Graf Zeppelin
    7. Aircraft Carrier Water Oni

    "Look around you and ask yourself: Has the battle been won, or lost?"
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