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    [Event] Holy Night Festival 2016 - Magical Dream Aroma

    December 16 update:
    ▼ Balance Changes (PC/iOS/Android)
    [Kanpani☆Holy Night Festival 2016 ~ Magical Dream Aroma~] event
    Event Quest [Christmas Quest: Ultra] added
    Event Quest EXP increased
    Event Quest Fame increased
    Event Quest Gold increased
    Event Quest Aroma Oil drop increased
    Event Quest drop rate for [Limited] Christmas Hammer increased
    Event Quest drop rate for [Limited] Silver Postbox increased
    Event Quest intruder drop for [Limited] Gold Postbox added
    Event Quest intruder drop for bread recovery amount increased
    Special Page when using Aroma Oil has had the appearance rate of certain items adjusted
    A certain number has a greatly increased rate for [Limited] Rainbow Anvils
    A certain number has a greatly increased rate for [Limited] Gold Postbox
    A certain number has a greatly increased rate for [Limited] EXP Mansion Ticket
    Special Page when using Aroma Oil has had the apperance of certain items adjusted
    Special Page when a character appears, the items you receive have been adjusted

    [Kanpani☆Holy Night Festival 2016 - Magical Dream Aroma] event begins!
    Duration: 12/9 maintenance to 12/28 maintenance

    ▼ Aroma Oil item appears
    In the event special page, you can use the [Aroma Oil] item obtained from the event quest with the candle shown to make items appear.
    You can use between 1 to 30 oils at once.
    Depending on the amount of aroma oil used, different items will appear.
    During the event, the items that you can receive from aroma oil will change and be updated.
    Aroma oil will not be usable after the event ends

    ▼ An aroma that invites sleep
    Due to the aroma oil used with the candle, the room fills with its scent and the president gets sleepier and sleepier.
    After getting sleepy enough, the president will go into a dream. During this dream, event dialogue will occur.
    If you meet certain requirements, special characters may even appear.

    ▼ Event Recipe
    The event quest will drop certain recipes.
    Each of these recipes will craft one of the eight classes' weapon at random.
    Equiping the event weapon will enable a special winter clothing costume in combat.
    After the event ends, the event recipes will disappear, but crafted weapons will remain.
    Christmas Event weapons have the new [Freeze] stats effect, which slows enemies and lowers their evasion. Fire-type enemies and Fire-type equipment can negate this effect.

    ▼ Daily Log-in Bonus
    Log in every day and check your mail for log-in bonuses!
    These items will expire in 24 hours if you do not claim them!

    ▼ Girls who are fitting of the Holy Night have their resume rates increased!
    The following employees have had their resume rates increased
    Eva Slade
    Holly Balbirnie
    Eunice Yates

    Aroma Oil and items

    Using the aroma oil in the event page can make certain items appear, such as crafting materials, gems, class up items, previous event weappons, and other rare items.

    Some examples include:
    5 --- Items that can be sold for gold
    9 --- Class up items
    16 -- Rogue/Ronin items appear more frequently

    Other numbers can have various effects, including getting certain materials.
    Feel free to try different numbers and see what happens.

    Quest Rewards:
    [+] Spoiler

    In the Advanced difficulty, there is a low chance for an Invader to appear, giving you 5 Present Boxes to fight which awards you with 1200 Bread.



    I'll be making models for each class for their Christmas costumes. If there's any one particular character you want to see in their event outfit doing the idle-run-attack, let me know. Otherwise, the first two ☆5s for each class will be the models.

    Story translation for the Christmas Event
    Quest 1:
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    President: ... Alright. Turning the lights on for the tree shouldn't be a problem with the amount of Eldorite we have.
    President: With it like this, we shouldn't have any problem lighting it up throughout the season. The one month inspection was definitely useful.
    Monique: It's been so long since we've done any work inside the city, it's like we've come back to our first job here.
    President: Ahh. That's right, I couldn't forget about that one.
    President: Let's keep working hard from now on too, Monique.
    Monique: Eh... sure.
    Monique: (uuu... This is important, but I want to have a conversation about that here like this too~!)
    Monique: H-hey, President---
    President: Monique, did you know?
    Monique: Eh... What?
    President: It's a rumour that's been flying around this year but...
    President: The holy tree seems to be a sacred ground for love confessions now.
    Monique: O-oohhh...?
    Monique: (Of course I know... There's no way I wouldn't know... That's why, we're---)
    Siv: Oh my~! I've found you!
    Mia: They really were here... Fortune-telling is amazing.
    President: If I recall, you're the herbalist, Mia Fairclough-san...?
    Monique: (Even though we were at such a good place...!)
    Siv: Oh, you there, why the sullen face?
    Monique: It's nothing... What does a fortune-teller for nobles want with us?
    Mia: For nobles...? Does Siv here look like that type of person?
    Monique: Among nobles, there's some fortune-telling string magician going around, so she does look like that type of person. You didn't know even though you're with her?
    Siv: Oh how cruel~ It was bad timing after all wasn't it?
    President: Timing?
    Monique: Ba...! Wh-What are you talking about! Rather, what do you want?
    Siv: Oh I'm so sorry for bothering you okay~? But I didn't need to fortune tell to know, rather it's really easy to see---
    Monique: Wha!? Don't say another word okay! Or else---
    President: Calm down Monique... It seems you two went out of your way to find us but---
    Mia: ... For now, can we stop by your company? We have something serious to discuss.
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Lukas: Welcome back President, Monique! You have guests too?
    Ann: Oh my, it's Mia-san! It's rare of you to come to the Neutral State.
    Mia: It's been a while, Kinoshita-san. I have some business so I've come to visit.
    Anna: A somewhat famous fortune-teller's come to visit so... Does that mean something bad was predicted to happen?
    Siv: Oh~, that's exactly right! Dark Warrior-san, you're correct~!
    Loviisa: So it's something that you need the help of a mercenary company to deal with...?
    President: In that case, let's hear the story, Siv-san.
    Siv: .........
    Siv: The position of the [Moon].... My tarot cards indicate chaos~.
    Mia: And combined with other fortune-telling, we've come to this conclusion---
    Mia: ... This fortune-teller says [Something related to smell] will be happening in this city centre.
    Mia: I've brought her along to be a part of the counter-measures. Though I'm personally of a mixed feeling about this...
    Marica: In other words, "because of this thing that might happen", you've come to the company for help?
    Siv: That's riight~ yeah? Since I know something's gonna happen, I'd sleep bad if I didn't help out ya know~?
    Anna: hmm... Even as a disciple of darkness, I won't be embarassed to do some good.
    Romana: I see. The theory checks out, but should we trust it?
    Flavie: I know Anna-san tends to do whatever, but this person is a real fortune-teller. She's even looked into things for the Kingdom.
    Mia: I had my suspicions too, so I used some secret herbs to check her subconcious, and there were no problems at all.
    Siv: Whaa!? When did you do something like that? Herbalists are scary~!
    Monique: We're clear on the details then. Do you have any clues about this [something related to smell]?
    Mia: We do. This winter, in the city centre, there are special candles with aroma oil appearing it seems----
    Toka: The holy tree's condition this year has been good, so they're starting sales really early too~
    Romana: Having the aroma oil with the cnldes is supposed to let you see wonderful dreams and let your wishes come true. It's very girl-oriented.
    Teresia: Romana-san, you're usually into these types of jinxes, but this time you're not?
    Romana: If you see the real thing you'll know. I went all out and pre-ordered it as fast as I could, and it looks so shabby---
    Mia: Then, you have the real thing? Would I be able to inspect it...
    Romana: Hm? I guess? I haven't used it at all. Wait one sec, I'll get it.
    <Black Screen>
    <Black Screen>
    Lukas: hmmm, so this is the scam candle that Romana bought.
    Romana: What, Lukas? Even if it's true, you don't say that in front of the person that bought it, it's manners you know!
    Mia: ... this is...!
    Monique: Did you figure something out?
    Mia: It's an extremely amateur work. If it's like this, it will probably have unintended effects when used.
    Ann: Effects...!? If you used it, what would happen?
    Mia: Probably---
    Kirno: Everyone, bad news!
    Azamino: Kirno! What's wrong? Today, you're supposed to be meeting with the City Development Department and---
    Kirno: It's a request from the City Development Department! There's monsters appearing in the city centre!
    Kirno: It seems it started with some weird aroma in the middle of town... And then out of nowhere!
    Kirno: They haven't started destroying anything yet, but it's like a festival down there now!
    Monique: President! This is---
    President: Mia-san. How do we deal with the effects of this aroma candle?
    Mia: ... The surrounding ether is reacting with the emotions, randomly creating something... in other words, an unstable alchemic reaction.
    Mia: The surroundings may affect it at the same time, and what comes out is unpredictable, in the worst case something dangerous---
    Mia: The monsters appearing around the city centre are also part of the aroma being used. Sooner or later it will have an effect on the inhabitants.
    Siv: Oh my, that's bad news! But that's why I've come all the way to the Neutral State, so let's think of how to deal with it right away?
    Tina: Specifically, what should we do to prevent the monsters from appearing?
    Mia: First of all, we should stop the use of any more oil. We should bring it to anywhere but the city---
    President: We can coordinate that with the City Development Department... What about dealing with the monsters?
    Mia: The aroma itself poses no harm. It's a special herb that's been passed down in Lunaento to celebrate the year's end with dreams to begin with.
    Mia: However, a merchant who didn't know what he was doing combined it with these other ingredients, which lead to this...
    Mia: ... That's why the aroma affects monsters, so we need to figure out which ingredient is causing that and extract it from the aroma.
    Mia: The extraction process is simple enough using magic and tools to make an oil, so it'll just be a test of stamina running around the town.
    Azamino: So it means the entire city's become like an alchemy pot, so we just need to empty the pot.
    Hilde: The school always said the end of year has the teachers running, but to think that we'd be the ones running too...
    Tilda: I'm pretty good at running! The city looks like it's become really fun too.... Let's do our best, Hilde!
    Toka: So what do we do with the aroma oil that we extract? It won't just disappear on its own right?
    Mia: That's right... Since it will be stable like that, it would probably be best to completely use it all normally. President-san, would it be possible to use a company room as an aroma therapy room?
    President: Roger. I'll have it prepared right away. Monique, you and everyone else should prepare for the fights in the city centre.
    Monique: Understood. This year's year end will be busy too I guess...!
    Lukas: ............
    Lukas: By the way, having an aroma therapy room and using it means---
    Lukas: That something will be appearing there? I'm looking forward to it~!
    <End Scene>

    Quest 3:
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Anna: Phew! Hunted, hunted!
    Kirno: Everyone! The City Development Department is in the process of banning the shipping of the aroma candles, and the other areas are in the process of confirming they've stopped!
    President: Alright. All that's left then is to clean up the monsters.
    Monique: Even if you say that---
    Hilde: Yes, relatively...
    Girl A: Ahaha, over here, here~
    Snow Pengu: Poyo~
    Kerberos: Wuuuwuuu~
    Teresia: Children aside, the monsters look like they're having fun... or so it seems?
    Toka: There are people who go crazy due to the aroma's effects, but this seems pretty carefree~!?
    Tina: This is... It's possible it's due to the effects of the sacred tree in the city centre, counteracting the effects of the aroma, and the monsters are becoming gentle because of it.
    Flavie: In that case, we can collect the aroma oil at our own pace then too?
    Tilda: It's great then we don't have to be running around all over the place until New Years...!
    Marica: It would be better if we could spend the New Years taking it easy.
    President: In that case, let's take shifts after this for the clean up. There are residents here having fun too, so you can deal with it as you see fit.
    Romana: Augh, of course it was too good to be true... The New Years should be a more steady time~!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Ann: Phew, good work everybody~!
    Azamino: That reminds me, there's a bunch of people in town that went weird from the aroma... If we use the regular amount, will they still be okay?
    Mia: Yes, if the correct amount and procedure is used, there shouldn't be any special effects. THe proper method and dose, and we should be able to use it all.
    Mia: However, the alchemic effects are a bit different, and continued use may result in some mysterious dreams still appearing.
    Mia: They're natural ingredients that shouldn't cause any harm to the body, but we should still be careful in case.
    Loviisa: Mysterious dreams... I wonder what that's like...?
    Siv: That's right, President-san. This aroma oil seems to have a special effect on people from other worlds you know~?
    President: Special effects...? Sounds kind of scary.
    Siv: It's nothing like that so don't worry.
    Siv: It's just unlike regular people, the dreams are more vivid and glamorous--- that's all.
    Monique: Gl-glamorous...!? What does that mean?
    Siv: To put it more simply~, it'd be a slightly sexy dream I suppose? Like that~.
    President: S-sexy...!
    Monique: ... wait, President!?
    President: N-no, wait Monique. I'm busy with all the work for this New Years. I don't have any time to relax.
    President: That's why I want everyone to be using the aroma oil. As a product that we've gotten, we should report on its use.
    Lukas: Wow! In that case, we should burn it non-stop and make a lot of things!
    <Black Screen>
    <Black Screen>
    President: ............
    President: It's a break so, let's try a little bit of the aroma oil...
    President: ... As the president, I should be sure to confirm what happens when it's used...
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    President: hmmm, it's a nice smell lingering---
    <End Scene>

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    @^ Armonica pls :x

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    First craft of the event, that was quick.

    IGN (for most game): Akagi

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    Using 14 netted me a +3 weapon.

    So is it known if there is a different between the white and black gear? (Not to mention them being Yellow and Blue...)

    EDIT: Apparently I'm also part of the first craft +4 club :p (I did use the hammer and got a hammer...)

    Last edited by JSmith; 12-09-2016 at 04:50 PM.

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    Lyle Warwick (assassin) with the green(blue?) weapon please <3

    and Michaela for soldier <3

    "Do not hurt Wo-Chan!" Marius, Abyssal Fleet Teitoku

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    Apparently both sets yield the same stats. I was hoping the ones you got for completing all three maps were better :p Can you by chance only get +4 from the recipes you get from map 3? Meh... most likely just the different outfits :p

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    Me. trying input 30 > 30 > 29 then Sachou dream. got anvil.

    maybe it's a fix milestone?

    Last edited by oryxlynx; 12-09-2016 at 06:55 PM.

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    Any good and economy recipce?

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    I just noticed Mia is all over this event... did she get shafted or what? (You can never have enough Mia :p )

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    25 and 30 seems to be able to give postboxes. Not sure what the requirements are to trigger the dream, but you get a better item when you do. Maybe ~100 oils used?



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