Speaking of RNG sucking....

How did you all modify your fleets to do the Okinami+2 Yuugumo class quest? I and J weren't bad, but now for some reason my fleet has gone insane. I swapped out the oiler for Okinami, and swapped my 2 DDs for Yuugumo-class. 3 OASW, 3 opening torps.

So far, 3 retreats at Q, 2 at O and one at D. Q was NEVER this much of a problem during LD. Still getting AP at O, and AS at Q, same as my LD runs.

I figured the A-rank at T wouldn't be hard with FFs, didn't need the oiler. But now I can't even REACH T. RNG gonna RNG I guess.

- - - Updated - - -

Wow, that was obnoxious.

Got the A on Node T w/ Okinami. Got the S actually. I was right that I didn't need the oiler - only enemy ship left going to NB was the boss, already Taiha. By the time the FF was done, she had 6 HP left.

But the only reason I got there was that Naganami decided to eat the crits at Q, and she was the escort flag. So in 7 runs, I never made it to the boss without at least one Taiha. wtf.