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    Rear-Admiral risingstar3110's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
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    Discussion on the future of Kancolle

    For the first time in many years, Kancolle has started to consistently lose its top spot in DMM. Certainly the festival period and lack of events playing a part. And who knows if it's just a temporary. But I believe many of us have seen it coming.

    The lack of major update, or consistently new content played a huge parts. And despite lots of tuning, the game barely change comparing to its core version. Not to mention, most of the new mechanism is irrelevant outside of events. I means you certainly don't need combined fleet, or max experienced planes for sparkling, Orel Crusing and expedition.

    The worst of all is event. Where every event start to depend more and more on RNG than the last. Was there a thrill in sinking the boss after hundreds of repeated tries, hoping RNG Goddess blessing your way? Yes, certainly. But if you like me and could stay all night for Iron Bottom Sound hell then. Work and family commitment are now as much of a test as Aircraft Carrier Princess. I don't care what kind of masochist you are but spending a whole weekend to clear a single boss map, to most responsible adult is a painful chore that they could do without

    Sad to say, but I think the game are on the wrong end of the hill slope. And unless major change happens, I could only see it diminishing with time.

    Just like everything else, I expect the hardcore fanbase will defend Kancolle to its hilt through. Like I once was. Till it can no longer be denied.

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    Rear-Admiral D Des's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    I don't think lack of events and such can be considered as causes, most likely its cuz with each seasonal events the difficulty of RNG based event clearing is getting worse and worse. To make things.....AGAIN WORSE!! Is that you have to do those events in HARD MODO to get better equip in preparation for UPCOMING HARDER EVENT.

    Other than that it's just gathering resources for....AGAIN EVENT!!
    Not sure if this will stumble kancolle on jp player base since those jp players are hardcores with resources -___-'
    But for overseas player surely many of foreign admirals considered quitting and THIS IS IT. (I considered quitting as well for quite many times) Nevertheless game will still on safe spot for at least a year in jp.

    One thing that make kancolle interesting is the fact that it put paying and free players in same spot, but in last 3 events......game seems favoring paying players especially with the last addition of updates.

    And of course EEEEBIIIIL DEV team will just make things harder to play....come on MOAR game difficulty = MOAR challenges for bragging rights hunter = MOAR MONEY thrown to DMM.


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    Marshal Admiral KotoNano's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Iwagawa Breakfield
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    I'd say where it ranks now isn't bad nor unexpected. I would say it's fared quiet well, new games will always have moments of high popularity and now that GBF has been added to the DMM pool of netgames that's probably going to take KanColle's place as consistent top 1~2 from now on which would be expected from such a high profile game.
    The reasons you've listed have been part of the games update schedule since launch really, especially event pattern and it's still a top-4 game right now after 3 years so it shows that it's got the will to drive it. It's fanbase has diminished in players a bit on the older servers as people have gotten over the initial rush while others have been turned off by non-axis ships being added, but overall it's still going pretty strong.

    I heavily doubt that anything the developers do at this point will bring it back to it's initial second-year glory of constantly being first, but being in the top 5 doesn't really make it in trouble. The real time to worry is if it starts teetering on the edge of the top 10 because while aigis is 8th on dmm.com it's 4th on the R-18 site and is still a very popular game in comparison to a lot of the junk on DMM.

    I doubt making it's usual events more often would help boost popularity either, it'd give players less time to farm between events and turn off as many as it'd bring in. The small-scale things such as fishing have probably helped however.

    Will only return for Yuzuki.

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    Community Staff Jifaru's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Kancolle just lags behind super hard compared to comparable games in the industry. I'm surprised it's continued momentum this far given the utter lack of content updates (and still no wardrobe/alternate costumes customization options).

    I wouldn't say that the game has gotten any harder though or that RNG has gotten any worse (other than the unforgivable Spring event) since they keep introducing new mechanics to "reset" the advantage that veterans have. In any case, Kancolle has always relied heavily on merchandise sales since there aren't that many incentives to CCCI beyond a certain low amount.

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    Head Moderator Kalinsre's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Since day 1 I knew this was a horrible game (from a purely game-y perspective) and I was playing for the flavor. Now that the flavor is destroyed for me, I kinda stopped playing. It's pretty annoying clearing RNG filled events when the rewards are not even relevant to you.

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    Vice-Admiral Murrue's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    Hashirajima Anchorage
    1580 Post(s)
    I don't really see a point in complaining about events difficulty, even if it's mostly because of RNG, and the time it could take to clear them, as you can always choose each map difficulty.
    Hard mode is "hard", time and resources consuming, but easy is also almost a free clean.

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    Vice-Admiral Slartibartfast's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
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    Sudden Kancolle Burnout Syndrome is real.

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    Jun 2015
    2549 Post(s)
    Well latest maps haven't really been much fun imo
    They are often too long, too complicated and on top of that all the layers of rng and mechanics. I'd like to have more user input other than formation and equipment loadouts.
    Like in the early days maps were literally a straight line, now they have like gorillion different routes and whatnot.
    And the grinding is another thing, lot of ships are event only and often on hard to reach or hard to S nodes with low chances. Personally i like collecting everything and i would gladly throw all the money to the screen to get enough slots for everyone but alas, i never get the good event only ships. (pasta BB's, Unryuu-class ect.)
    Playing often feels like a work instead of fun.
    But as long as they keep shitting out new ships i think they will do fine unless they decide to implement something so outrageous that it makes masses quit for good.

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    Rear-Admiral Fog's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Rabaul Naval Base
    958 Post(s)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomzai View Post
    I'd like to have more user input other than formation and equipment loadouts.
    Like in the early days maps were literally a straight line, now they have like gorillion different routes and whatnot.
    i second this. I really think the devs need to take feedback on what they should add and such. I still think adding live2d for the secretary ships would add some spice aesthetically back to the game. other than that, they've gotten pretty lazy with how they treat the players.
    i mean whenever they messed up a certain event mechanic they would just give us a sign that no one would put up in their room rather than giving a furniture fairy or something else of that nature.
    idk maybe im a bit bias since i've been really slacking at kc recently because grinding is the only way to keep admirals like myself busy.

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    Jan 2016
    Truk Anchorage
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    I think a lot of what keeps the game going is that anyone who quits now is still almost immediately replaced by a new player or two. The KanColle brand is super strong, second season of the anime will probably prompt new-ish content and a new wave of players.

    Thing is, I rather enjoy the game outside of events as something that doesn't ask much of me. Events have the time pressure balanced by new ships (i don't play hard).

    They'll keep the game around because people who quit don't quit the whole IP, just the game itself. They still buy merch and stuff



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