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    Commander Sunleader's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
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    Destroyer AA Event ?

    Just now had something I did not see happening before.
    For the Event on the W1-4 Map. I had 1 CL and 5 DDs taking the Boss.
    And on the Initial Air Strike of the Enemy Carriers. Ikazuchi had some sort of Cut In Action.

    From the Sound and Event Picture it felt like she was putting up a Smoke Screen and doing an AAA Barrage.

    Its fairly Clear that this was some Cut In to Fight the Initial Air Strike. But I never had than one before.
    I do relatively Often have the Case of my AA Armed Ships Cutting in on the Initial Air Strike with AA Fire. But Never as an Big Event Picture with Smoke Bombs lol.

    So Someone mind Explaining what this is about and how its Triggered ? :)


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    Captain Ren's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    Are you not talking about anti-air cut-in (AACI)?

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    Vice-Admiral Murrue's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
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    @Sunleader are you speaking of that screen? :

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    Moderator Leyana's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    @Sunleader That's the Anti-Air Cut In (AACI). It's a new system implemented sometime last year I believe. It's just a special attack all ships are capable of that let you shoot down a fixed amount of bombers in addition to a bonus to shoot down more.

    There are a few ships with special AACIs but the best belong to Maya Kai Ni and Akizuki/Teruzuki/Hatsuzuki.

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    Captain kazenorin's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
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    Here a table I roughly translated from wikiwiki KanColle (which I find more readable than Kancolle Wikia)

    Ship/ClassEquipment 1Equipment 2Equipment 3Equipment 4Fixed BonusVariable Bonus RateRemarks
    Any ShipHA + AAFDHA + AAFDAir Radar41.5Overridden by ship/class specific cut-in setups.
    Seems to have highest trigger rate among non-ship specific setups
    HA + AAFDAir Radar41.4
    HAAAFDAir Radar31.35
    Concentrated AA GunAA GunAir Radar31.25
    BB(V)Large Calibur GunType 3 ShellAAFDAir Radar61.5Cannot be used with Artillery Spotting
    Large Calibur GunType 3 ShellAAFD41.45
    Akizuki ClassHAHARadar71.7Lowest trigger priority.
    Surface radar can be used.
    HAHA41.6Lowest trigger priority.
    Maya Kai NiHAConcentrated AA GunAir Radar81.65Can be used with Artillery Spotting
    HAConcentrated AA Gun61.5Night-battle DA is possible.
    Can be used with Artillery Spotting (Main-Sec Setting)
    Daytime Double Attack not possible *
    Izusu Kai NiHAAA GunAir Radar41.45HA + AAFD can also be used with this setting.
    Night-battle DA not possible *
    HAAA Gun31.3Night-battle DA is possible.
    Lower trigger rate without the air radar.
    Kasumi K2 BHAAA GunAir Radar41.4Night-battle DA not possible *
    HAAA Gun21.25Night-battle DA is possible.
    Lower trigger rate without the air radar.
    Satsuki Kai NiConcentrated AA Gun21.2Both Night-battle DA and tropedo CI is possible
    Kinu Kai NiAny HA
    except HA + AAFD
    Concentrated AA Gun51.45It seems that the trigger rate stacks with the AACI below (the one without the HA gun)
    "HA & Concentrated AA Gun" takes priority to the "Concentrated AA Gun" AACI
    If used with HA + AAFD, only the "Concentrated AA Gun" AACI would trigger.
    Night-battle DA is possible.
    Concentrated AA Gun31.25Both Night-battle DA and tropedo CI is possible

    * Asterisk Note:
    Since the recent update allow AA guns to be equipped on the reinforcement expansion slot, with an extra slot, these equipment setups potentially allow Night-battle DA, Daytime DA/Artillery Spotting.

    Some terminologies:

    High-angle guns, e.g.:
    10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (most typical gun of this type)
    12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model)

    HA + AAFD:
    High-angle guns with built-in Anti-air Fire Detectors, e.g.:
    10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director (aka Akizuki-gun, this is probably the most common gun of this type)
    90mm Single High-angle Gun Mount (i.e. Italia's HA Gun)
    5inch Twin Gun Mount Mk.28 mod.2 (i.e. Iowa's HA Gun)

    Concentrated AA Gun:
    Also known as "special" AA guns or "CDMGs" (Concentrated Deployment Machine Guns), e.g.:
    25mm Triple Autocannon Mount (Concentrated Deployment) (aka Maya AA Gun)
    Bofors 40mm Quadruple Autocannon Mount (Iowa's AA Gun, she's got a lot of powerful anti-air equipment)
    QF 2-pounder Octuple Pom-pom Gun Mount (Warspite's AA Gun, not a quarter-pounder. Non-edible.)

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    Moderator Leyana's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    @kazenorin I actually prefer the way the wikia lays it out because it's ordered by API priority from lowest to highest. The higher priority APIs will take precedence over the lower ones which helps you check what your loadout should be so you don't override better AACI.



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