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    Game Update/Maint 10th Jan Patch Thread

    1. New year quests ended
    2. Furniture Rotation

    New Year CG and voices will be removed.

    New Year CG will still be viewable from the KanDex. The bar furniture, Akashi and Ooyodo will be returning to normal.

    Buff to Improved Steam Turbines
    - They can now be improved in Akashi's Arsenal
    - They can now be equipped in expansion slots

    You are able to obtain the Improved Steam Turbines and Enhanced Steam Boiler from new quests

    Turbine system improvement:
    - By equipping both the Improved Steam Turbines and Enhanced Steam Boilers, you can convert a slow ship into a fast ship.

    Extra synergy effects for the new system 1/3:
    - The New High Pressure Steam Boilers are interchangeable with the Enhanced Steam Boilers for turning slow to fast.
    - Effects of the synergy differ depending on the base speed of the ship girl.

    Extra synergy effects for the new system 2/3:
    - With this you can turn Battleships and Aviation Battleships into fast ships.
    - A fleet will be considered fast if all girls are fast or better.
    - Previously only Fast BBs were considered fast.

    Extra synergy effects for the new system 3/3:
    - It is possible to increase speed beyond fast
    - Currently increasing speed beyond fast only affects avoidance, but there are plans for that to affect branching in future maps

    Akashi's Arsenal new upgrade 1/3:
    - Improved Steam Turbines can now be improved
    - They can be upgraded into New High Pressure Steam Boilers
    - The days available for upgrade have been adjusted

    Akashi's Arsenal new upgrade 2/3:
    - New High Pressure Steam Boilers can now be upgraded

    Akashi's Arsenal new upgrade 3/3:
    - You can upgrade the F4F-4 into the F6F-3
    - The F6F-3 can now be upgraded

    New furniture 1/2:
    - Mutsuki's Window
    - Mutsuki's Desk
    - Mutsuki's Floor (New)
    - Mutsuki's Wallpaper (New)
    - Hot Spring Bath
    - Sake & Whiskey Shelf

    New furniture 2/2:
    - Winter Round Carpet
    - "6 Destroyer Division" Hanging Scroll
    - Aviation Battleship Stained Glass
    - Tatami & Plum Carpet (New)
    - Plum Wallpaper (New)
    - Classroom Set (Desk)
    - Classroom Set (Teacher's Lectern)

    New Quests:
    - Main Battleship Force, Weigh Anchor!
    - Procuring "Custom Furniture"
    - New Spring quests implemented

    Buffs to destroyers:
    - Ayanami Kai Ni max torpedo and luck increased
    - Ushio Kai Ni max firepower and AA increased
    - Hatsuharu Kai Ni max armour and firepower increased
    - Shigure Kai Ni max luck increased

    New lines for Light Cruiser Yura:
    - New supply and idle lines added to Yura Kai
    - Limited winter line added

    Limited winter lines added:
    - Mutsuki, Ushio, Okinami, Asakaze, Yamakaze and 10 others get new winter lines

    [+] Spoiler

    There will be a patch on 10th Jan, All newyear time limited quests will be removed, New year themed furniture will also be rotated out.

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