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    Rear-Admiral Larcx's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
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    That just proved Ninja Nazuna is everywhere~ lol
    She can even pops out on Nico Live , LOL

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    Commander Soul's Avatar
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    Dec 2016
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    Any update on when we can upgrade traits? (Promotion abilities)

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    Vice-Admiral LostLogia4's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
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    @Soul Dunno, it's probably gonna be coming soon. Maybe...

    Anyway, I'm working on a new script for generating flower knight template data.

    function decode("If you managed to encode this, send a private message to me.");

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    Captain andar5's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
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    wtf devs why you make Raid boss with blushing face and some censor in it
    heck who have that kind of idea to make that

    FKG id 271324166 IGN: Zero5

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    Community Staff HydroKirby's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
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    I've updated the survey. Please check out the Wiki page for the info.

    Some other specifics about this maintenance:
    There was a bug that people couldn't play the New Year's Sheets anymore. The devs have unlocked the sheets for everyone regardless of whether or not you beat their respective stages. They've given everyone an apology flower stone because it betrays the people who did unlock the stage. (All that said, you can't earn currency to flip cards anymore).

    About the 4th set of Campaign Quests: There are 10 available. The rule for each and every one of them is to complete 10 subjugations.

    About the 30% Stamina Cut:
    On 1/11 and 1/15, it applies to all Unique Missions except the Unique Extreme Mission.
    On 1/12 - 1/16 (disincluding 1/15), it applies to that day's Nation Mission.

    Quote Originally Posted by ofi123 View Post
    Well, Nazuna does sorta appears with this batch. As part of the Jersey Cudweed's skill animation lol XD The Jersey Cudweed's skill looks like it can be a random between 5 appearance, 1 being 'Nazuna', 3 being the 3 new gold and 1 non-girl.
    Jersey Cudweed's skill summons the Seven Herb Group, of which Nazuna is a member. Currently, some of the other members of the group don't exist in-game yet, so maybe her skill animation will be updated to include them in the future.

    A little bit of background on that: The full group was composed of Gogyou, Seri, Hekobera, Nazuna, Suzuna, Suzushiro, and Koonitabirako. When they were young, they got lost due to wandering out too far and were saved by flower knights. They were awed and so they vowed to become flower knights. Ironically, Nazuna became the leader's assistant, so she couldn't become a flower knight. Also, Nazuna wasn't as well-endowed as she is now compared to back then.

    @Soul Nothing was mentioned in the maintenance notes about promotion abilities, unfortunately. I'm still waiting for the re-introduction of the gold and exp up promotion abilities.

    @andar5 Yeah, I loled when I saw that. The name is funny too. ナゾノヒカ蟻→謎の光 which mixes "Mysterious Light" with the kanji for "Ant". Incidentally, the skill it uses is "An Adult's Circumstance" / 大人の事情.
    [+] Spoiler

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    Apr 2016
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    BTW Beefsteak Geranium is a white tiger and she has nothing to do with the actual Seven Herbs group

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