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    Rear-Admiral nobununga's Avatar
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    Fuel/ammo balance

    So basically, last even taught me that a 1:1 fuel/ammo ratio is not the right way to go cause of sub nodes, air nodes and other fuel-unfriendly nodes.

    So what the optimal range of ratios assuming you don't hit hardcap?

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    I keep ammo under the softcap while stockpiling fuel up to hardcap. Ammo is easy to get and used in every sortie so the extra regeneration from being under softcap in addition to exped 2 is well enough to supply all your needs. Oil is used massively in events due to its usage in repairs and is much more difficult to acquire on a short time basis (exped 5,21,38 are all fairly long), Orel is an option but time spent not on the event is time wasted.

    But that's my own crazy way of doing things

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    Kantai Analyst nwrtz's Avatar
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    It's hard to provide some exact ratio because another cause are repairs so depending on the amount of heavy ships that are used over an entire event things change. Maybe 25% higher than your ammo if you are going over the softcap, also these days bauxite is more important because of LBAS.

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    Basically just stockpile everything because we don't really know what this event will have.

    Will every map be Combined fleet? will every map require you to send 24 of your most expensive ships out every time for 8+ kill attempts even on easy? How many runs on each map will we need too break armor before we even think of Boss runs? How many nodes will have a RNG One shot to Red gimmick to try and force retreats?

    Eliminate LSC for now, Reduce or eliminate runs against whatever your personaly top map that your trying to crack through for now. Focus on leveling you your stockpiles and your ship girls, and pay attention to any hints.

    For example if you hear that the map is based on that movie, you mat want to have those girls leveled up.

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    For some reason my net decrease for last event was roughly 1:1

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