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    [Collaboration] Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3drei!!

    Kuro, Illya, and Miyu are permanent characters; however, they cannot be obtained after the event ends

    Official Website
    Niconico Live Broadcast Information

    Kanpani☆Collaboration Event Prisma☆Illya 3drei!!

    Duration: 4/28 (Fri) maintenance to 5/26 (Fri) maintenance

    5/12 Update:
    ▼ Event Updates
    [Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3drei!!]
    - Exchange items have had collab employees [Illya], [Miyu], and [Kuro]'s Voice Stone (2) added.
    - Certain exchange items have had their maximum amount increased
    - Collab Scenario [The Girls' Transformation] appears
    - [Collab Quest] and [Hero's Sanctuary] have had their [Limited] Prisma☆Medal drop rates increased
    - [Collab Quest] and [Hero's Sanctuary] have had their EXP rates increased
    - Urgent Quest [Manufacturing Guide] can now drop [Limited] Prisma☆Hammer+
    - New Urgent Quest appears

    ▼ Character Appearance Rates
    - The following characters have had their resume rates increased even more!
    -- Miyu Edelfeldt
    - The following characters have had their resume rates increased!
    -- Illyasviel von Einzbern
    -- Chloe von Einzbern

    ▼ Get resumes from Illya and Friends!
    During the event, [Illya], [Miyu], and [Kuro] can appear from resumes.
    ※ After the event ends, resumes from the collaboration employees will no longer appear
    ※ Collaboration employees have a special resume format
    ※ Collaboration employee will have their exclusive weapons equipped when they are recruited.
    ※ Collaboration employees cannot equip weapons outside of their exclusive weapon.
    ※ Collaboration employees cannot equip mirrors of transformation for other equipment.

    ▼ Event Quest Appears!
    Collaboration Quest
    - [Limited] Prisma☆Medals and various items can be obtained in this quest.
    Collaboration Scenario
    - No Food requirement and no drops Quest.
    ※ Collaboration Scenarios will be added weekly.

    ▼ Event Exchange Items available!
    In the special event page, you can exchange for various items.
    Use the [Limited] Prisma☆Medals you obtain from the quest to exchange for items.
    ※ [Limited] items have a limited time before they expire, so be careful.
    ※ Event Exchange Items will be added and renewed in updates as the event progresses.

    ▼ Hero's Sanctuary Invitations Drop!
    The collaboration Quest can drop the [Limited] Hero's Sanctuary Invitation Ticket. Using this ticket will open the [Hero's Sanctuary] map where lots of [Limited] Prisma☆Medals can drop.

    ▼ Urgent Quest!
    Urgent Quests will appear every day at set intervals.
    You can get the event accessory as a drop here, as well as Illya and co's exclusive armor, and other various types of quests will appear.
    The Urgent Quest schedule will be posted one week in advance below the game frame in the notices section.
    For more information, see:
    [+] Spoiler

    ??? appears to be a random quest between four known types.

    The Magical Doll Factory quest drops Accessories.
    The Angel's Robe quest drops Collaboration Armor, with what appears to be a fairly decent chance of +3 appearing, though Armor isn't too useful.
    The Manufacturing Guide quest drops crafting hammers, particularly Prisma Hammers.
    The Training! Training! More Training! quest costs 2000 Bread and gives 200k EXP. It is highly recommended you use Mapo Ramen to boost the EXP gain to 400k.

    ▼ Collaboration Employee's Exclusive Recipes
    The event exchange offers recipes which can be used to manufacture exclusive equipment for the collaboration employees.
    Craft their exclusive weapon's +3 to obtain powerful skills.
    ※ After the event ends, the [Collaboration Employee Recipes] will not disappear.
    ※ The Collaboration Employee's exclusive weapons cannot be used for Mirrors of Transformation

    ▼ Event Limited Accessory
    The event exchange offers the event limited accessory.
    It can be equipped by all employees.

    ▼ Event Costume Item
    Employees can equip this item to transform into [Illya], [Miyu], or [Kuro]s costumes.
    [Illya's Costume] and [Miyu's Costume] are Magician-exclusive, and [Kuro's Costume] is Archer-exclusive.
    ※ Collaboration employees cannot equip these items
    ※ Equiping these items will change the character's appearance in the formation menu and in battle.
    ※ These costumes do not affect an employee's stats.
    ※ Mirror of Transformation cannot be used on these costumes

    ※ After this events, there is a chance of it reappearing in the future.

    Added 5/2 (Tue)
    There are two new packs for sale in the Shop. Both are limited to 1 purchase each.
    [New President Assistance Pack] - 30 Shinestones
    2x Fairy's Sweet Sake
    1x [Limited] Prisma Post
    5x Archer Hammer
    5x Magician Hammer
    10x Archer Crystal
    20x Magician Crystal
    5x Mountain of Silver
    5x Food Pack

    [Collaboration Celebration Pack] - 100 Shinestones
    100 Stone one is
    8x Fairy's Sweet Sake
    1x [Limited] Prisma Post
    3x [Limited] Rainbow Anvil
    3x Magic Furnace
    3x Resource Set
    3x Career Up Badge
    1x EXP Mansion Ticket
    1x EXP Palace Ticket

    Bottom Left Button: Draw Resume
    Top Right Button: Collaboration Quest
    Bottom Right Button: Item Exchange

    Kuro's +3 skill has a Stun effect
    Illya's +3 skill has a Lethal effect
    Miyu's +3 skill has various stat debuff effects (PATK Down etc)

    [Limited] Prisma☆Medals
    Used to exchange for items in the event page

    [Limited] Mapo Ramen
    Gives +100% EXP for 30 minutes after use. Only applicable to event maps (any).

    [Limited] Hero's Sanctuary Invitation Ticket
    Opens the [Hero's Sanctuary] map for 15 minutes after use.

    [Limited] Prisma☆Hammer
    Increases the chance of getting +s when manufacturing Illya and Friend's equipment for 15 minutes.

    Item Exchange

    (1) Kuro's Envelope | (1) [Limited] Fairy's Black Envelope
    [Limited] Prisma☆Postbox | (1) Gold Postbox
    [Limited] Gold Postbox | [Limited] Silver Postbox

    (4) Bread | (1) Food Pack
    (5) EXP Mansion Ticket | (1) EXP Palace Ticket
    Class Fragment Pack | (1) Career Up Badge

    Magical Ruby Recipe | Magical Dress (Illya)
    Magical Sapphire Recipe | Magical Dress (Miyu)
    Kanshou Bakuya Recipe | Magical Dress (Kuro)

    Illya's Costume | Miyu's Costume
    Kuro's Costume | Illikuma (Accessory)
    [Limited] Mapo Ramen | [Limited] Prisma☆Hammer

    (1) Resource Set | (1) Magical Furnace
    (3) [Limited] Rainbow Anvil | [Limited] Weapon Hammer
    [Limited] Guard Hammer | [Limited] Accessory Hammer

    Voice Stone - Illya (1) | Voice Stone - Miyu (1)
    Voice Stone - Kuro (1)

    Quest Rewards
    Quest 1:
    300 Bread
    [+] Spoiler

    Quest 2:
    600 Bread
    [+] Spoiler

    Quest 3:
    1200 Bread
    [+] Spoiler

    Hero's Sanctuary (with Mapo Ramen)
    1200 Bread
    [+] Spoiler

    Magical Doll Factory
    1200 Bread
    Drops 3 accessories per run with up to a chance of +3.
    [+] Spoiler

    Illya's model
    Miyu's model
    Kuro's model

    Story 1: The Girls and their Arrival
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Ann-Marie: ... ... ... ...
    Ann-Marie: It's coming... A huge amount of Ethereal Shadow... Just like the Chro-Re forecasted.
    Ann-Marie: 5...4...3...2...1...here!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Illya: n!
    Miyu: Wha...!?
    Kuro: No way---
    Illya: We're transformed...?!
    Magical Ruby: There was a massive failure with the Compact! Illya-san!
    Magical Sapphire: It seems that we have been... transported to somewhere else...!
    Magical Ruby: Sapphire-chan, you're too calm!
    Illya: Eeehhh!? Even though we were just in our rooms cleaning!?
    Illya: Wait a second this is... a desert!? Where are we!?
    Kuro: ... I thought I'd say this before hand, but I didn't do something weird.
    Miyu: Everyone calm down---
    Ann-Marie: ...Hello~.
    Illya: ............
    Illya: Wh-wh-wh-what?
    Ann-Marie: I know! You're confused right now and on guard too! It can't be helped!
    Ann-Marie: But, if we can understand what we're both saying, we can come to an understanding! Okay!?
    Kuro: Okay she says...
    Miyu: English...!?
    Ann-Marie: Inglish! Right! That you're able to understand my words right now means Misterio's finished!
    Ann-Marie: And you should definitely be able to return to your time and space!
    Ann-Marie: That alone, I can guarantee as I bet my name, Ann-Marie, the Sorceror on! ... Well, that depends on the preparations of course.
    Magical Ruby: Suddenly appearing, with this suspicious speech...
    Magical Ruby: Even if it's Ruby-chan saying it, you usually don't see someone this suspicious around right?
    Magical Sapphire: Even still, onee-san. This person --- they have a fairly traditional design --- they are wearing very magician-esque clothing.
    Magical Sapphire: If they were to mean us harm, they would not perform such a silly speech in front of us.
    Magical Sapphire: At the very least, we should take some of their words at their worth.
    Magical Ruby: ... That does seem true~. And in truth, we seem to have completely no data on the surrounding terrain...
    Magical Ruby: This is most likely...
    Illya: Likely...?
    Magical Ruby: There's a high chance that...
    Miyu: High chance that?
    Magical Ruby: Probably...
    Kuro: I can already imagine but... probably?
    Magical Ruby: A parallel world!
    Miyu: ...n?
    Kuro: Haa....
    Illya: ....
    Illya: ....Eeeeehhhh~~~~~!?
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Narrator: [Differing from the girls' previous monitoring situation, they have [two pieces] that they shouldn't normally hold.
    Narrator: As such, in order for me to have the time necessary to prepare and complete my preparations, I have left them in the care of a mercenary company]
    Narrator: ---- An Excerpt from Ann-Marie Ek's [Vision Record] Misterio World Calendar 1097
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Ann-Marie: ... And there you have it! That's why I want you to take care of these kids!
    President: Eehh, I know you contacted me beforehand, and we prepared a bit but still---
    Loviisa: But, there you have it, what does that even mean...?
    Hilde: Well, it's the high ranking magician Ann-Marie-san saying it, so there has to be some meaning to it... definitely...!
    Lukas: Is that how it goes~?
    Illya: Whaa! It's a fairy!
    Lukas: Are you surprised? My name's Lukas! How about you?
    Illya: Eh, um, erm p-p-p-pleased to meetchuu.
    Ann-Marie: Illya-chan, calm down. And you don't have to be so polite either you know~? Being happy is number one!
    Illya: Ahaha... In that case... Suuuu....to----
    Illya: I'm Illya! Illyasviel von Einzbern!
    Miyu: Miyu Edelfeldt.
    Kuro: Chloe von Einsbern. You can call me Kuro.
    Magical Ruby: And I am the Kaleid Stick Magical Ruby-chan~!
    Lukas: Gyaa!? The stick talked!? What is this, gross!
    Magical Ruby: Hey you! You just called this Ruby gross, didn't you!?
    Lukas: Uwaaaa! It's wiggling around like it's alive~! And it's floating on its own and talking on its own!?
    Monique: You're pretty much doing the same thing right now, Lukas...
    Azamino: Heeeh. It seems like an Intelligent Artefact.
    Magical Sapphire: I suppose you have tools in this world too that can speak and understand things.
    Magical Sapphire: ... My name is Magical Sapphire. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintence.
    President: [This world]...? Which means, you were transported to Misterio?
    Monique: President, before that, we should introduce ourselves.
    President: Ah, hm----
    President: I'm the President. The President of this Mercenary Company.
    Illya: A business card... Wait, your name is "President"...!?
    President: The truth is, due to varying circumstances, I've lost some memories and can't remember my real name.
    Miyu: ............
    Magical Sapphire: In other words, this man has been using the name "President" as a formal name, and it's all company related too...!?
    Magical Sapphire: Which means in this Misterio the company-organization, or the ideas around it are rare...?
    Kuro: Well, for starters, we can just call you "President" right? fufufu
    Monique: hm...?
    Lukas: Monique? What are you being so cautious about?
    Monique: Nothing really---
    Monique: Monique Warioquier. In this company... well... I'm somewhat like the leader. My specialty is the sword.
    Lukas: I'm the fairy Lukas! I'm a fairy!
    Kuro: mhm, it's like the mascot character! isn't that right.
    Lukas: That's not it at all! I do lots of work!
    Loviisa: Loviisa Kiese. I'm primarily in charge of gathering information! I'm not really that good at fighting, but I can do it!
    Azamino: Azamino Haren. Misteltein-style ronin. I'm in charge of manufacturing equipment. Nice to meetcha.
    Hilde: Hilde Yardeerud. I'm a student at the Wag Aits Magical Academy and a mercenary.
    Hilde: According to Ann-Marie-san, you have been provisionally enrolled at the academy, so I'm in charge of guiding you as well.
    Illya: Magical Academy!? What is that, it sounds super fun!
    Magical Sapphire: It appears to be a system in place to teach and learn magic... It seems we can't be careless---
    Magical Ruby: Sapphire-cha~n, why don't you stop being so tensed up?
    Magical Sapphire: Actually, onee-san, you should be more vigilant.
    Magical Sapphire: Ann-Marie-sama and the people from the company, it's not as if I don't trust them at all but...
    Magical Sapphire: You should thoroughly consider that we are currently in a completely different world.
    Magical Sapphire: In the first place, we don't even know the reason we've been transported to Misterio---
    Ann-Marie: Sapphire-chan stop! You shouldn't say any more!
    Magical Sapphire: m!?
    Ann-Marie: I'll let everyone know right now but... You shouldn't be making any comebacks at the cause and effect relation here!
    Ann-Marie: Why Illya-chan and the others are here. Why this was all possible. I know you're all very curious, but---
    Ann-Marie: The more you try to solve that problem on your own, the bigger a problem it becomes for me fixing it!
    Ann-Marie: Even now, I'm still trying to figure out how to explain this to the old gramps and grans at the Scholar State council...
    Ann-Marie: I don't want to have to deal with some nonsense magic old man any more~!
    Ann-Marie: So! Just like I told them earlier, the people at the company will collect Ethereal Stones and use them to create those medals!
    Ann-Marie: I'll leave out the specifics, but those are needed to help return Illya-chan and others back to your time and place!
    Ann-Marie: That aside, having lots of medals will be convenient as well! So I'll leave that all to you!
    Azamino: Well, making the medals will have a reward added to it, so there doesn't seem to be a problem...
    Ann-Marie: Illya-chan, you all should just think of it as a little vacation! Like a field trip or sight seeing, just have some fun!
    Illya: U-um... Okay...?
    Kuro: So understanding more of the situation just makes it more complicated, so we should just leave it be to stop any weird fate things from happen.
    Miyu: ............
    Magical Sapphire: Miyu-sama...
    Monique: So you are on guard?
    Miyu: ...Yes.
    Monique: In that case, it's fine. There's a lot that can't be said, so don't bother asking.
    Monique: Even still, we'll take care of you here, and today, you can consider this company and this world your home.
    Miyu: Our... home...!
    President: The one who wanted to do the most to help take care of you all was Monique here.
    Miyu: ...Monique...Waroquier...
    Miyu: ............
    Miyu: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintence.
    Kuro: Oh, for Miyu, that was surprisingly quick.
    Miyu: I can't really describe it but... She has the same warmth like Luvia-san.
    Miyu: ... Is it weird for me to make a decision based on a feeling like this?
    Illya: That's not weird at all! We all love the smart Miyu, but we love this Miyu too!
    Miyu: ...mmm...!
    Ann-Marie: Good good, getting along is a wonderful thing~!
    Ann-Marie: In that case, I have business with the Duchy, so I will be on my way here! Everyone, have fun in Misterio~!
    Ann-Marie: President and others too, take care! If those girls decide to register as mercenaries too, don't forget to contact the Scholar State!
    Ann-Marie: And Hilde-chan and Sapphire-chan! Just like I said earlier, don't ask any unnecessary questions!
    Ann-Marie: Byeeee~!
    President: ... And she's gone like a storm~.
    Magical Ruby: Really, you can't understand what that person is thinking at all, can you~
    Magical Sapphire: She managed to contact us right away, that Ann-Marie-sama, she definitely is nt a normal being...
    Magical Sapphire: Miyu-sama, you've chosen to believe in this company. In that case, I too will believe.
    Magical Ruby: Sapphire-chan, you're so serious~. Onee-chan here will do her best to have lots of fun though~!
    Illya: Life in Misterio... I wonder how it will go...!?
    <End Scene>

    Story 2: The Girls and their Experience
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Narrator: [If this world Misterio is adjacent to other worlds, like a [Great Tree], with the possibility forming parallel worlds like [Branches] ---
    Narrator: then these girls come from somewhere like [A completely different forest]... This is the closest analogy.
    Narrator: These results come from observing the effects of light polarization in Ethereal Shards and calculating the cause.
    Narrator: There are many close worlds with similar effects, so it is a difficult process, but since it is a close world, returning should be easier.
    Narrator: A mana radiation recepticle is needed, so Ethereal Stones should... yes, a flat medal shaped construction would be very helpful.]
    Narrator: --- Cromwell Research Institute Staff Member Saga Nordgren and Ann-Marie Ek in a prior conversation
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Kuro: Let's see here... hmmmm, these are all sample works I see.
    Kuro: Ohhh, there's lots of different bows.... hmm? Let's try a little [Trace] then
    Kuro: I see, Ann-Marie said not to get into things too deeply, but I'm sort of understanding---
    Orfe: m!?
    Kuro: Ah, um, so~rry for the intrusion
    Orfe: ............
    Orfe: (umu)
    Azamino: Heeh. For her to let you stay, are pigs gonna fly today? (original: are spears gonna rain from the sky, similar expression)
    Kuro: Azamino? Is that small person the equipment manufacturing room's worker?
    Azamino: Her name's Orfe. She's known as [Hell's Orfe], a solitary Dwarf blacksmith.
    Azamino: Blacksmiths put their lives on the line, and normally don't allow anyone into their workshops but---
    Azamino: It seems she feels there's something special about you.
    Kuro: Oooh. That's an honour then.
    Azamino: And I get the same feeling about you too. There's something... detailed about you.
    Kuro: ...I don't think there's anything like that?
    Azamino: Haha, ya say that but.. Just now, the way you looked when you picked up that sample wasn't normal.
    Azamino: It was like you were carving the weapon's shape and features into your heart --- That's the look ya had in your eyes, I could tell right away.
    Kuro: Well, I guess, you could say that's what I was doing. So, did you need something?
    Azamino: Ah. I wanted your help with something. Not Illya or Miyu, just something only Kuro can do.
    Kuro: Only me...?
    <Black Screen>
    <Black Screen>
    Orfe: (Kan, kan, kan, kan)
    Azamino: Alright, pull it back up.
    Kuro: ...tto...!
    Kuro: Fuu... Wait Azamino. You said help with blacksmithing, but this is completely just manual labour isn't it!?
    Kuro: And this foundry room is strangely hot... I'm completely covered in sweat... Does it really have to be me here?
    Azamino: What are you saying. Despite what it seems, we need someone good with their hands to be able to help with the assistant production.
    Azamino: And even after what you say, you still stare at the weapons as they come out all interested dontcha.
    Kuro: Well, I guess... But watching alone isn't good enough, it's knowing the process that's important too right?
    Azamino: That's a good way to think. Just watching doesn't prepare. It's thanks to you helping that we can make some high level stuff.
    Orfe: (Gugu! Chakiiin!)
    Azamino: The only ones able to help really well with this type of stuff is people like archers, who can watch really well and know how to use their hands ---
    Kuro: Fufu, I guess I know what you mean by that. But I'm not really all that good at drawing though.
    Kuro: (Well, I can understand that at least... I guess I really am a part of an archer, is what it means?)
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Hilde: It's baked?
    Miyu: ... Please. It is hot, so please be careful.
    Hilde: Here we go.
    Hilde: ...nomnom...
    Miyu: ............
    Magical Sapphire: ............
    Hilde: It's tasty. It's fluffy, but still crispy too. It fits you Miyu, making such wonderful bread.
    Miyu: ............
    Miyu: ... thank you...
    Magical Sapphire: Miyu-sama, are you embarassed?
    Miyu: Sapphire.
    Magical Sapphire: My apologies.
    Hilde: Baking bread is fundamentally about the recipe and amounts, so smarter people are able to follow the procedure better.
    Hilde: Miyu is very smart and you learn very fast, so you're very qualified.
    Miyu: ...I can't be doing nothing during my stay here. That's why I'll help with any work needed.
    Miyu: And... I think Illya would bake even more delicious bread.
    Miyu: I'm sure that warmth that exceeds reason... would definitely show through in her bread.
    Hilde: In that case, we should have Illya bake some bread as well, if you could ask her, Miyu.
    Miyu: m...!
    Miyu: That's... I wouldn't want to bother Illya...!
    Magical Sapphire: I think it's a good idea. It's a different situation than normal, so we should try to do some different things too.
    Hilde: Of course, the first one to eat Illya's bread would be you, Miyu.
    Miyu: ............
    Miyu: I'll try asking later then.
    Miyu: (I'll definitely have Illya bake some bread...!)
    Miyu: (I'm sure it will be soft and fluffy, like Illya's cheeks...!)
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Monique: This is the Public Relations Department's workspace.
    Illya: Uwaa!? It's like the printing room at school! There's so much paper~!
    President: Paper is pretty important in Misterio, so we end up saving any scraps that can be reused later.
    Magical Ruby: mmmm, that [Staff Mass Recruiting] poster, is that MOnique-san~?
    Monique: That's right, what of it?
    Magical Ruby: It's no good at all~! You're trying to get people, and you have Moni wit that face there~!
    Monique: Haa!? Wh-wha---
    Illya: H-hey, Ruby! I'm sorry, my ruby is always like this ---
    Lukas: That's right! Illya is so cute and obedient, but Ruby is so loud and annoying!
    Lukas: Take this! Shining El Dorado!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Magical Ruby: Fugyaa! How dare you kick me in the knee!? Even my creator's never kicked me!
    Magical Ruby: Kaleid-style Life or Death! Ruby Thumbing!
    Lukas: Heheee! There's no way that'd hit---
    Magical Ruby: is what I'd show, but from the read!
    Lukas: Fugeee! Stabbing me in the stomach...y-you!
    Magical Ruby: Ya wanna go!? Flying bug-chan!
    Lukas: Well you look like one too! I don't want you telling me!
    Lukas: Doryaryaryaryaryarya---!!!!
    Magical Ruby: Oraoraoraoraoraoraora---!!!!
    President: r-right...!?
    Illya: Aah...
    Loviisa: Um, for now, shall we explain the public relations department...?
    Illya: I-if you could, please... ahaha...
    Monique: ...The Public Relations department is the department that acts as a point of contact for mercenary employees, and does outside relations.
    Monique: Receiving visitors, finding work, recruiting mercenaries, company publicity... there's a lot of work.
    Monique: With those details mentioned, mercenaries with more experience are well suited for public relations.
    Illya: I see then. If we're talking about a game, then higher level people would work best.
    President: Yep, Illya's a modern child I see.
    President: Well, in the world I came from, there weren't any magical girls, so it was a little different of a modern Japan but---
    President: ...I'm pretty sure there weren't any magical girls... probably...
    Illya: That reminds me, you don't have photocopiers right? But your posters are still really pretty?
    Loviisa: That's from asking the town's snapshot stone shop's work.
    Loviisa: There's magic like that, so you can put characters with typography on top as well~
    Illya: That's amazing~. There's other things that I thought were electricity, but it was magic lamps with fire and stuff...
    Illya: Misterio really is a world of swords and magic~!
    Magical Ruby: In other words, if we ask at this snapshot rock shop, we can get lots of cute posters of Illya-san to sell!
    Lukas: Ah hey, we still haven't settled things yet!
    Illya: ... Ruby, you're still planning something sketchy aren't you.
    Magical Ruby: That's not true at all~! An announcement with Illya-san on it would bring all sorts of mercenaries, it would help with paying back the company!
    Illya: Well... if it would help repay the company, it would be good but---
    Magical Ruby: When we take Illya-san's picture, what type of cute pose do we want her to do~?
    Magical Ruby: The catchphrase definitely has to be [Mass Recruiting Cute and Righteous Magical Girls!! But no one middle-aged!] or something like that~?
    Illya: Ruby, what!? So it's something like that after all~!
    Loviisa: Ah, the typography on something that complicated is no good, it has to be something simpler!
    Monique: Really, just [Mass Recruiting Magicians!!] should be fine.
    Magical Ruby: Hello!? I don't need something that real, okay~!?
    <End Scene>

    Story 3: The Girls and their Transformation
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Narrator: [I saw something amazing! A girl dressed as an Archer was dual-wielding blades and fighting!
    Narrator: That stance and that fighting style, even just once I'd like to try it!]
    Narrator: --- Duchy of Remarugia Schwarz Platoon member Dagmar Yenik's Shocking Monologue
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Calena: Prep is ready~!
    Magical Ruby: Then let's go! Calena-san!
    Magical Ruby: Compact Full Open!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Magical Ruby: Expanding connections to alternate realities!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Calena: Fake-Kaleid Liner! Prisma Calena, arrives!
    Calena: ... Ooohhh! It's super damn cute!
    Illya: I-it certainly is cute...! This [Mirror of Transformation] thing is amazing!
    Illya: ... It even sounds like she has the same voice as me~! I'm a bit embarrassed~
    Miyu: That's right. Illya wouldn't say something like that.
    Calena: D-did you just badmouth me~?
    Magical Ruby: Well then Calena-san! Take a pose please!
    Magical Sapphire: Nee-san, you're this into it!?
    Magical Ruby: Yeah, sometimes you need a change of pace, and a completely innocent style magical girl like this is great too!
    Calena: A pose... u-ummm... Ei!
    Illya: Gyaaa! It's cuuute~! But stop being bowlegged~!
    Calena: Eehh!? Illya-onee-chan, you're asking too much~!
    Illya: Uh!?
    Illya: ...Illya-onee-chan... Illya-onee-chan...!
    Illya: Calena-chan! More! Call me onee-chan more~!
    Calena: Waaa!? Illya-onee-chan, you're kinda scaring me!
    Illya: More! More~!
    Kuro: Illya sometimes has these helpless moments too...
    Miyu: ...But, if she called Kuro in the same way, I think you'd lose your composure too.
    Kuro: Whaa? There's no way---
    Miyu: Calena. Take a cute pose and call Kuro the same way.
    Calena: mm... umm...
    Calena: Kuro-onee-chan ☆彡
    Kuro: ............
    Kuro: kuu...!
    Kuro: W-well? Y'know? I am an onee-chan after all right!? I'm older anyways!?
    Kuro: ... I'll correct myself Miyu... Being called the same way as Illya certaintly... sparked... something inside me.
    Calena: In that case, next up is Hilde's turn to transform!
    Illya: Ooh! Exciting...!
    Hilde: ............
    Miyu: That's right, since we've started, you haven't said a word.
    Illya: Hilde, are you feeling sick or something?
    Hilde: N-no... I'm in fine... health...!
    Miyu: That's good then.
    Kuro: (Well, I can basically guess what's wrong here but... I want to see this play out)
    Magical Sapphire: Hilde-san, shall we proceed?
    Hilde: ............
    Hilde: A test... is necessary... for the [Mirror of Transformation]'s effects...!
    Magical Ruby: Well then, let's hurry up and do it! Sapphire-chan!
    Magical Sapphire: Um, nee-san, since we are using these [Mirrors of Transformation], is it really necessary to use the Compact---
    Magical Ruby: It's fine! Just continue!
    Magical Sapphire: ...Compact Full Open---
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Magical Sapphire: Expanding connections to alternate realities---
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Hilde: ............
    Illya: Oh, oohhh... This is good too... There's a different feeling compared to Miyu too!
    Kuro: The reserved Hilde, wearing a purple-themed active wear... this mismatched appearance.
    Calena: Hilde, cuute~!
    Magical Ruby: Hilde-san! Declaring that you're a magical girl is very important!
    Hilde: ............
    Hilde: U-uh...
    Hilde: ...I-it's too embarrassing... I might die...!
    Illya: ............
    Illya: ... Nice!
    Magical Ruby: This is great! A magical girl who's perplexed by her own cuteness! It's a side that the logical Miyu-san doesn't have! Yeah!
    Miyu: I guess it is embarrassing after all...
    Magical Sapphire: It is different for Miyu-sama. A magical girl is the perfect example, where cuteness is everything.
    Magical Ruby: You need to be a particularly well learned individual to really understand though...
    Illya: Y-yeah... Sapphire's sense is certainly particular right!?
    Kuro: Setting Miyu aside... Sapphire is a closet pervert right?
    Illya: That's a strange opinion you have.
    Kuro: Fufu, I guess.
    Magical Ruby: Now then, Hilde-san! Pose, pose!
    Hilde: uh...!
    Magical Ruby: You have to properly test if the [Mirror of Transformation] is working properly~!
    Hilde: ...test...test...!
    Miyu: Hilde. You should relax. It's fine. This is just the logical clothing for a magical girl.
    Hilde: Logical... Is that so...!?
    Magical Ruby: That's right! Isn't it, Sapphire-chan!
    Magical Sapphire: Regardless of nee-san's opinion, it is indeed the truth.
    Calena: Hilde, do it like this, like this! And then, say your name!
    Hilde: ............
    Hilde: Fake-Kaleid Liner! Prisma Hilde, arrives!
    Tilda: What's this, Hilde?
    Doris: This outfit...!?
    Hilde: Ah...!
    Kuro: A girl from your class is passing by... how cliched~.
    Illya: Ahh, I feel like I've seen this development before~.
    Tilda: What's this? Cosplay?
    Doris: That stance, is this some new magic or something?
    Hilde: Uh... this is.. this uh... um...
    Hilde: This is a company made artefact that... we're doing activation experiments with... and the pose doesn't really mean---
    Hilde: aaa----
    Calena: Waa!? Hilde, you're red all over~!
    Magical Ruby: fufu... Isn't this the greatest development!
    Magical Sapphire: Nee-san, you're completely enthralled, aren't you?
    Magical Ruby: That's right~! After taking all that torture, it wouldn't be right if not for something great like this!
    Magical Ruby: I love taking in the sight of an embarrassed magical girl!
    Miyu: Torture...!?
    Illya: Ruby, did you do something?
    Magical Ruby: ............
    Magical Ruby: Listen to this, Illya-sa~n!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Orfe: (Shooshoo! Babaa!)
    Azamino: Lessee...
    Azamino: [I want to make the item [Mirror of Transformation] so let me help] you say?
    Magical Ruby: You're asking Ruby-chan? And what is that anyways, with all the gesturing and waving around!?
    Magical Sapphire: Nee-san, that is simply how the dwarf blacksmiths communicate, over their sacred steels.
    Magical Ruby: That sudden explanation doesn't work okay!?... Hey, what are you doing?
    Orfe: (shushushu............)
    Magical Ruby: ............
    Magical Ruby: In other words, I want to make a cosplay item! That would be most welcome!
    Magical Ruby: It'd be a piece of cake using the secret divice inside of me, the simulation mode---
    Orfe: (shushu, bababa)
    Azamino: [As such, I'd like to confirm the perfect materials inside that stick part of yours]
    Magical Ruby: I see, rather than just looking, you want to touch too! How orthodox---
    Magical Ruby: hey wait a minute! What are you doing with that hammer!
    Orfe: (shushu, gugu)
    Azamino: [If I hit you lightly, I'll understand, so please let me hit you]
    Magical Ruby: Hey wait right there! I can't let you do that! Ruby-chan won't yield to violence!
    Magical Ruby: --- is what I say, but take this preemptive Ruby vital strike!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Orfe: (shubiin!)
    Magical Ruby: Wha! An afterimage!?
    Orfe: (gashi!)
    Magical Ruby: Wha! Wai... she caught me...!?
    Orfe: (kan!)
    Magical Ruby: AAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhh---!?
    Orfe: (kan! kan! kan! kan!)
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Magical Ruby: r-rainbow light...st-stop... y-you criminal~!
    Magical Sapphire: Nee-san... you're acting the wrong character right now.
    Magical Ruby: Sapphire-chan! Don't just stand there! Hlep! Heeeeelp!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Magical Ruby: And with that, this Ruby-chan became a valuable sacrifice to making today's [Mirrors of Transformation] ---
    Tilda: Cute cute!
    Doris: Cute cute!
    Hilde: u-uuuu...!
    Miyu: This part here... you should move your armpit...
    Kuro: And here, pushing up your chest a bit more would be good, right?
    Illya: Ah... Looking more impish would be good too, that's good~!
    Calena: Let's go, Hilde, pose pose together!
    Hilde: ...p-prisma... I caaan't~!
    Magical Ruby: ............
    Magical Ruby: Hey, everyone! I have the right to have fun with her too~!
    Magical Sapphire: (Nee-san... never changes does she...)
    Magical Sapphire: (but, having that part [just like her] that never changes is important too)
    Miyu: Calena, act more like Illya and wink.
    Calena: Aah... Miyu is acting more strict than Annalina~! Be nice to me~!
    Miyu: ... uu... If you say that to me with Illya's voice and costume... But...!
    Magical Sapphire: (That's why, Miyu-sama, we should enjoy this time we have right now to its fullest---)
    <End Scene>

    Story 4: The Girls and their World
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Narrator: [Anything one person can imagine can be made real through magic.]
    Narrator: --- A quote from Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Marcus: Okay now, I am in your care.
    President: Roger that. Likewise here, we look forward to working with you.
    Illya: ...Somehow, it really feels like a president...!
    Monique: Not feels, he really is a president.
    Kuro: It's surprisingly a lot of legwork, or just oldschool should I say. It's a bit different than what I imagined.
    Illya: Well, I guess he is President-san, but... I guess he just feels like a salaryman?
    Magical Ruby: Illya-sa~n, you know in our world that regular presidents are just businessmen too right?
    Magical Sapphire: And this [echoing stone] is similar to the telephone as well---
    Magical Sapphire: Due to the design, it appears intercepting calls would be simple, so it would not be very good for matters of privacy.
    Miyu: I guess that's why they normally meet in person to accept job offers.
    Illya: A world of swords and magic too... no, because it's a world of swords and magic that they have troubles like this.
    Illya: (I wonder if the president-san thinks about returning to his own world too?)
    Illya: (According to Ann-Marie-san, we can return to our own world and time whenever we want but...)
    Illya: (In President-san's case, he didn't come from [that kind of world], so it's more difficult, she said---)
    Loviisa: I got the key for the sewers~!
    Illya: Sewers!? Does that mean---
    Lukas: It sure does~! It's gonna smell~!
    Hilde: But it will be fine. My magic barrier can block most of it out.
    Loviisa: Without Hilde-san coming with us, it was a lot of trouble~! Our noses would be scrunched up tight!
    Azamino: That's right! It was so bad, I'd have to use sake to drown it out.
    Lukas: Whenever you get the chance, Azamino, you're always drinking though.
    Azamino: Hahaa... can ya let that pass? There's plenty of times we can make money with alcohol too.
    Illya: ... This world of swords and magic is a lot more random than I thought it would be...!?
    President: Alright, preparations are complete. Now then, we'll begin business but, you three... and two will observe from the back.
    Magical Sapphire: President-sama, you do not need to worry about us following.
    President: W-well... Yeah, you know, Ruby-san is pretty mischievous---
    Magical Ruby: Oh~? President-san, did you just mildly diss Ruby-chan here~?
    Kuro: Ahaha, it just means there's not much good at all.
    Magical Ruby: Aah! Kuro-san, I'm not gonna forget what you just said!
    Monique: Okay then, let's go!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Kuro: ugh, this is rough...!
    Miyu: This smell is... it can't be good for your health...!
    Azamino: Even like this, the Neutral State's stuff is still better. In the Duchy, the facilities are much worse.
    Illya: Th-this is a fantasy world's sewers...! It's not cool at all like when you enter in a game~!
    Lukas: What exactly is a cool sewer...
    Hilde: I'm putting up the barrier. Don't stray too far apart.
    Hilde: ...Magic circle deploy.
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Illya: oohh~! The air's gotten cleaner!?
    Miyu: Yes, it feels like we can breathe now.
    Kuro: President-san. What type of request is it today?
    President: Aah. It's slime extermination.
    President: In the Neutral State Arcareia's center capital sewers, there are regular large outbreaks of slimes.
    President: The state is in the process of investigating the cause and developing countermeasures, but in the meantime, extermination is needed.
    President: Before contracting our company, they relied on wandering mercenaries and such, but apparently it has a bad reputation.
    President: As such, our company manages the work periodically, as a part of our businesses, and that's why we're here now.
    Magical Sapphire: Taking on public works projects that no one else wants to do as business opportunities... Not a bad method of managing a start-up.
    Miyu: The questions that keep piling up for me is why this world is filled with mercenary companies in the first place.
    Hilde: ... I've detected the slime's locations. They're swarming the usual place.
    Monique: Thank you, Hilde. Let's get a move on. The floor is muddy so be careful.
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Illya: Something's appearing!
    Miyu: They're inside bottles...?
    Kuro: It's like they're hermit crabs.
    Azamino: Looks like the big ones ain't here. We should get to cleaning up real quick.
    Monique: Let's take them out!
    Loviisa: Here I go!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Loviisa: We did it!
    Monique: An expected victory!
    Kuro: ... At this rate, it's like we could become mercenaries too?
    Miyu: But if we tried to do anything, Ann-Marie would have to stop us---
    KurO: How can we stand it if everything and anything is banned?
    Kuro: She said it's to keep the balance of the Scholar State, since it's controlled by magicians~ but, I'm not even satisfied with the fashion in this world yet.
    Illya: Well... There are definitely some western-like clothes in this world that I'd like to try.
    Illya: And if we're going back to our own world, there has to be something that we can help with too!
    Miyu: ... In that case, the next time we meet her, we'll have lots of complaints.
    Illya: Yeah, that's right, Miyu!
    Kuro: (Well, I wonder if I can give a [Resume] to President-san~, yeah!)
    Monique (?): hm? What's wrong, Kuro. (Not sure who says this line)
    Kuro: Fufu, it's no~thing.
    Monique: ... You can't do something wierd to President.
    Kuro: Oh Monique. What do you mean wierd?
    Monique: Eh... Well that's---
    Kuro: For example... something like this?
    Monique: t!
    Illya: Nooo-! Kuro! Why did you do something like that~?
    Kuro: Illya! It was just a little more, why did you have to get in the way~!
    Illya: Monique-san, are you okay?
    Monique: Y-yeah... I've never heard of a kid doing something like this, I can't let my guard down...!
    Loviisa: Uh, Monique-san, how was it? Between two girls! Was it soft!?
    Monique: Don't ask looking so happy! It didn't happen!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Hilde: ...These ones are part of the main group.
    Illya: Waam, there's a big one there too...!
    President: Alright, let's begin the plan! We'll provide support from here!
    Illya: President-san, you're just going to be watching from the back aren't you.
    Magical Ruby: It seems there's lots of different types of skills that can be used to support the entire party~.
    Magical Sapphire: But this power appears to have restrictions. The times when it can be used are limited.
    Loviisa: Hi-hieeeeee!
    Azamino: Loviisa! Are you okay!?
    Loviisa: I'm fine~! The slime just melted some of my clothes~!
    Magical Ruby: (The slimes melt clothes!? This is.... Ruby-chan is thinking of a good idea!)
    Magical Ruby: Illya-san, prepare a magical cannon! If it comes down to it, we have to be ready to help!
    Illya: Ruby... that's right!
    Miyu: Sapphire, we should too.
    Magical Sapphire: Understood, Miyu-sama.
    Kuro: hmmm? Just looking at it, it doesn't look like they'll need our help but --- Well, just to be prepared, right!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    President: ... Alright! To confirm we've controlled the group outbreak, we'll prepare for battle after we take a break.
    Azamino: fuu, it's the same work every time.
    Illya: ... hey, President-san.
    President: hm? What's up, Illya?
    Illya: President-san made this company, and collected a bunch of information in order to go back to your old world right?
    Illya: But, with the way things are, with your home all jumbled up, and properly doing all this work, there's a reason for this right?
    President: I see---
    President: ............
    President: ... To say that in this world, there was something that I could do, might be too broad.
    President: In this world, there's no shortage of people who need help, and this company that I made for myself can be of use to them.
    President: It's not like I want to just be contributing to society, but I want to help those who rely on us.
    President: It was in this world, Misterio, where I realised I could do that.
    President: Whether what I'm doing is right or wrong of course, I don't know---
    President: But for the people who rely on us, I want to move forward, and forward, together with everyone.
    Miyu: Together with everyone, moving forward...!
    President: Of course, not everything will go the way you want. You can't settle everything quickly, like we did here in the sewers.
    President: However, as a hypothetical, even if it's something I can't do on my own, I can let others after me know.
    President: For example, if I were gone, Monique, and the others at the company, they would continue supporting the company.
    Monique: Wait, President! Don't say something so ominous!
    Monique: This company is President's company! Without the President... this company---
    Illya: Monique-san...
    Monique: ... That's just how important of a place this is.
    President: Well, once we figure out how to go back, I can go anytime I need so it doesn't have to be right away.
    Monique: That's how it better be. President isn't just President for himself anymore you know.
    Illya: ... I see... Thank you for telling me, President-san.
    Miyu: Being together is the important thing...!
    Illya: Yeah. That's right!
    Kuro: (Choosing to be together with those important to you is more important than the things you should do for the world---)
    Kuro: (Papa, Mama... And Illya, made those choices too, and we're all together)
    Kuro: (... I can understand now. That's the answer)
    Illya: Ehehe... I'm feeling somewhat brave now---
    Magical Ruby: Illya-san! Fire your magical cannon beyond the wall at your 10 o'clock!
    Illya: Ruby!?
    Magical Sapphire: Nee-san!?
    Magical Ruby: Hurry!
    Illya: ... Okay! Gooo-!
    Monique: Illya!?
    Illya: ... Ruby? Nothing happened?
    Magical Ruby: No...they're coming~!
    Hilde: This is... everyone, get down!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Loviisa: uuuu... What j-just happened...!?
    Azamino: There was a crack in the wall and I saw the slimes just come pouring out but---
    Lukas: Illya! Everyone! Are you o...Waooow~
    Illya: Fuueee, I'm all sticky...
    Miyu: It's all sticky and slimey... My movements...!
    Kuro: Ku... These guys... They melt clothes...!?
    Magical Ruby: ............
    Magical Ruby: Oh no, what a tragedy (monotone)...!
    Magical Sapphire: h! Nee-san, you couldn't have!
    Magical Ruby: Other World! Slimes! Magical Girls! After we've gone this far, this is the expected outcome!
    Illya: Mou! This was Ruby's plan!?
    Kuro: I had a bad feeling about this, but that's what it was... You really are worthless~!
    Magical Ruby: Come on now~! Think of it like a scene from a poem~! And the mercenaries here are all women too so---
    President: uugh, what happened here... is everyone okay...!?
    Magical Ruby: ...ah
    President: Ah...!?
    Miyu: ...m!?
    Kuro: Hey there~ Could you not look this way ~man~
    Illya: Ha,hawawa... President-san... Nooooooo---! Don't look--
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Monique: President----!
    President: Why did this-----!?
    <End Scene>

    Story EX: The Girls and their Fight
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Illya: fueee... My tongue is still tingly~.
    Magical Ruby: Illya-sa~n, you knew beforehand that eating [Nyannyan Collab Cleric Curry] that it would be like stepping on a landmine~.
    Illya: Eeeh!? There's no way I would know!
    Magical Ruby: It's no good if you can't tell by the name~.
    Kuro: Illya, are you okay? If your tongue is swelling up, onee-chan will lick it for you okay?
    Illya: Kuro~! Plea---that's that thing isn't it!? And wait, I'm the onee-chan here!
    Kuro: We always do it, it's nothing to worry about you know.
    Illya: It is~! D-doing something like that in the middle of the cafeteria... you can't!
    Kuro: Shouldn't you throw away your embarassment in this parallel world? Geez, Illya, you're too serious about the weirdest things.
    Miyu: ...Sapphire, is that true?
    Magical Sapphire: It is as Miyu-sama is thinking, there is no such saying.
    Miyu: Of course not.
    Middle Aged Woman: The Mystery Potato Youkan for desert has arrived~! All those with a number ticket please line up over here~!
    Miyu: (clank!)
    Kuro: oh, you're going? Is the youkan that good?
    Magical Sapphire: After researching the contents of this cafeteria for several days, the results indicate that on this menu, the it is most delicious sweets here.
    Miyu: That golden refreshing taste is... It is like the hero king of sweets!
    Miyu: ...I'll be going!
    Kuro: Have fun~!
    Illya: fufu, Oh that Miyu, she has a numbered ticket, she doesn't have to worry about lining up so quickly.
    Kuro: Miyu normally has such a poker face, but she gets worked up over the weirdest things too.
    Kuro: She's probably hurrying because she remembers one time where she couldn't buy any youkan on time. That's right --- that's it! That!
    Illya: Kuro!?
    Kuro: Berserker girl was there!
    Illya: Berserker girl... Bazett-san!?
    Magical Sapphire: The only ones to have come to Misterio should be us though---
    Kuro: Aah, sorry, it was just an example, like they have the same kind of scent.
    Kuro: Well, that berserker girl, there's a workshop this afternoon that she's a part of the staff of.
    Illya: Workshop? Ruby, do you know anything about it?
    Magical Ruby: Yes! In this Wag Aits Academy, it's a program to help the students practice their magic in a practical way.
    Miyu: It's a practical lecture where they've invited people from outside, including mercenaries, famous magicians, and clerics too.
    Illya: Thanks miyu~! In that case, that means there's fighting too.
    Illya: Now then, let's dig i~... Hey Kuro!? We're fighting?
    Kuro: I mean, there's going to be Scholar State mercenaries there too, and Ann-Marie said we have permission to fight too right?
    Kuro: Ah, this is tasty--- If it comes down to you, right...
    Kuro: I want to... be able to protect everyone, you know.
    Miyu: n!
    Illya: Kuro...
    Miyu: ngu... I-I'll be the one to protect Illya!
    Magical Sapphire: Miyu-sama, calm down and swallow please...!
    Miyu: Let's do this, workshop!
    Illya: ............
    Illya: uuuu~~~!!!
    Magical Ruby: Illya-san!?
    Illya: If you two are doing it, then I'll join too.
    Kuro: Wa, wai...t, the spices are so strong!?
    Miyu: The hot Illya is also... warm too...!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Illya: ... Why are we sneaking around like this!?
    Kuro: We have no idea who we're up against, so it's recon, recon!
    Illya: If they're invited to the workshop, wouldn't they be pretty well known people...
    Kuro: sshhh! There! It's them!
    Holly: ............
    Illya: I wonder if she's waiting for someone... No matter how you look at it, she's a Cleric right?
    Magical Ruby: That's... Look closely, Illya-san! The weapon that person's holding!
    Illya: ...Woow, it's all spikey!
    Magical Ruby: That's a [Moregenstern]... In Misterio, it's a Cleric's frontline combat weapon.
    Kuro: She was a berserker woman after all! My eyes weren't deceiving me!
    Miyu: Quiet down... someone else is coming---
    Magical Sapphire: That swordswoman is... in that case, the Cleric is---
    Miyu: Sapphire, you know about them?
    Magical Sapphire: In all likelihood, that red swordswoman is [Swordsaint] Rose Le Verrier. In Misterio, she is one of the strongest swordswomen so to speak.
    Magical Ruby: And with her... Kuro-san's sighted berserker woman is the [Wandering Saint] Holly Balbirnie.
    Miyu: ... Do you know about that other Cleric there, and the person in all black?
    Magical Sapphire: My apologies, I have not been able to update our information this far since coming to this world.
    Kuro: Excuse us~!
    Illya: Wait, Kuro-san!?
    Kuro: You guys there, you're this Misterio's strongest Saber and Berserker right?
    Rose: ... fufu, Holly a Berkser you say. I would say that's half correct.
    Holly: Geez, Rose? Today's a workshop about front line Clerics, you know?
    Rose: Well then, you girls are...?
    Illya: Yes! Um! Uhh, we're here for the lecture from the practical workshop!
    Holly: Ih my, you're students I see. Of course, it's okay. Please don't be too hard on us.
    Illya: ... Kuro? She doesn't have a scary feeling at all?
    Kuro: She might be the type to have a cute smile, but in actuality, she's violent.
    Kuro: Judging by the red Saber's response, it's not completely out of the question!
    Holly: Nona, are you ready?
    Nona: Of course, I'm okay-! I'll be studying too!
    Nona: It's nice to meet you, students! I'm the [Silver Knight], Nona Ainsworth! Take care!
    Miyu: Ainsworth!?
    Magical Sapphire: No, Miyu-sama, it is likely a coincidence---
    Miyu: I know. I was just a little surprised---
    Ryle: You there... That's some pretty clear killing intent towards Nona-sama you have there.
    Nona: Wait, Ryle, calm down okay?
    Ryle: No, Nona-sama. As the [Silver Knight]'s guardian, [Silverleaf Doll], I cannot overlook this presence.
    Illya: Th-the conversation somehow got mixed up~!?
    Kuro: What terrible killing intent from her... that black Assassin added. We're outmatched here aren't we!
    Ann-Marie: Haai, waitasec~!
    Rose: Ann-Marie!?
    Magical Ruby: Uwa, she's here, the suspicious magician!
    Ann-Marie: Ryle-san, calm downdown~. There's a bunch of stuff behind this misunderstanding! Right!
    Ann-Marie: And on top of that, I'm so happy~ to be in charge of the workshop these girls are doing!
    Holly: Ann-Marie... If you say as much, I have no problems with it.
    Nona: That's how it goes, Ryle, don't do anything extreme okay?
    Ryle: ... I understand. However, these girls are likely no ordinary students. As such, please be careful.
    Ann-Marie: Of course, I'll be participating too! I'll show you all Ann-Marie's [Magic]~!
    Kuro: It seems all the pieces are in place. I won't be holding back!
    Illya: Uum... Is this okay for now? Miyu, let's do our best!
    Miyu: Illya... yes...!
    <End Scene>

    Old OP:

    [+] Spoiler


    Today's update includes a preview of [Illya]'s in-game character illust! Check the website for more details of the event!

    It's only a little longer before we can meet Illya!
    [Kanpani☆Collaboration Pre-Event Festival!] has useful items you can obtain for the collaboration event♪

    A video of Illya's exclusive weapon [Magical Ruby +3]'s skill

    You'll be able to craft limited exclusive character weapons from the Prisma ☆Illya drei!! Collaboration ♪

    A video of Miyu's exclusive weapon [Magical Sapphire +3]'s skill

    You'll be able to craft limited exclusive character weapons from the Prisma ☆Illya drei!! Collaboration ♪
    A video of Kuro's exclusive weapon [Kanshou - Bakuya +3]'s skill
    You'll be able to craft limited exclusive character weapons from the Prisma ☆Illya drei!! Collaboration ♪
    Illya and Miyu's exclusive weapon skills will be shown later!

    Kanpani☆Collaboration Event will bring limited time characters [Illya], [Miyu], and [Kuro] to the game!
    Illya and company will have personalized weapons with their own costumes ♪ And certain skills from the anime are making an appearance...!?

    Miyu, Illya, and Kuro's in-game models

    Kanpani characters can also get collaboration event equipment that changes their costumes! Dress up your cute employees ♪
    [Illya and co. costumes] can be obtained by clearing the collaboration event quests and exchanging items that you obtain from it!

    Berit, Estelle, and an unknown archer wearing the collaboration equipment

    Coming soon

    About Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3drei!!:

    Expected event date:
    Late April/Early May?
    Presumably, it will tie in with some sort of event for the upcoming movie, maybe some other promotional thing such as announcing its release date, more PVs, goods, etc.

    1 out of 0 members found this post helpful.
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    Limited character??? =((( Why not perma!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? I love that Illya mah\ou shojo set.

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    @Akuser Not perma because the company making Kanpani Girl don't own those characters.

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    Not perma means that, with my luck, I won't be getting any of them...

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    Well the costumes at least be perma? Otherwise I'm not wasting anything trying to get any of it :p !

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSmith View Post
    Well the costumes at least be perma? Otherwise I'm not wasting anything trying to get any of it :p !
    Typically with tie-ins if you get the items during the promotion period, you keep it.

    It's basically like a typical Kampani event in the past with unique weapons and so on, except it is a licensing / collaboration, once the event is over, we're never going to get some event in the future where we can get more of the costumes if you didn't get the full set / didn't get enough / weren't playing at the time. I would imagine even poors free players will at least get all three costumes as a souvenir of the tie-in.

    What I am extremely curious about in this event is how KG is going to handle getting Ilya, Miyu, and Kuro themselves, as this is an indicator of how KG will handle future collaborations / tie-ins.

    Typically in a Japanese-style tie-in, if you get the girl during the event, you get to keep her. However, I've seen tie-ins where you get the characters for free, but they vanish after the promo is over (in which case we'll at least get to play with the girls during the period of the event). If they go the Fate Grand Order method - we'll Ilya, Miyu, and Kuro to play with during the event, but they'll vanish at the end of the event, however the girls will be available through gacha at which point they'll become permanent. We've seen a screenshot with special tie-in theme folders during draws, so there's definitely going to be some involvement of the resume gacha. Kampani has not been brazenly monetized in the past, so it's possible that the trio will not just be a 5* promo through the standard folder draws only (we may, for instance, get Ilya for free, but need to gacha for Miyu and Kuro) - but then again, Nasuverse stuff can't be cheap to license (I mean, their own in-house game, FGO, makes crazy money), so if we're going to see KG go full mobage-style cash-grab this will be the event for it (even the costumes might be behind a gacha of some sort, or only available via pay through shine stones).

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    Yeah I guess we'll just have to see how they handle the event when it happens.

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    Confirmed ☆5. It's ogre.

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    Kuro is a ☆4 Archer.

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    > limited exclusive character weapons from the Prisma ☆Illya drei!! Collaboration
    So I know the characters are only for a limited time... does this mean weapons are too? Because if so I'm not even going to waste any resources on this event... Well I wouldn't mind playing with Gate of Babylon a little... :p



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