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    Maintenance Notice Apr 24th, 2017

    There will be a maintenance held on Apr 24th 2017, at usual time (1400 till 1700 JST). With this, the second half of the event "Easter and The Talks by the Lamp" will commenced. New Bloom batch & Whale airship mission will also be available.

    Also, the suppose Character Equipment and Evolution System that use Water Mirror Secret Stone will be implemented after this maintenance

    Patch Notes:
    1. Event:
    - The second half of the event "Easter and The Talks by the Lamp" is now commenced.
    - Run through the new stage map to get more event token and betting token.
    - Event Raid Boss and Event Secret Garden may also appear.
    - There's also another challenge stage map to complete.

    2. Campaign:
    - 30% Stamina Discount on the following stage map: Special Ultimate Mission "Lunatic Blade of The Withered Earth", all recurring events (Apr 24th til May 1st)
    - Gold up campaign. You will gain 1.727 time more gold and 2 times more gold on Apr 29th and May 6th.(Apr 24th til May 8th)
    - Strengthening EXP and Success Rate Up campaign: 10% more EXP when strengthening your flower knight and higher chance of getting a success. (Apr 24th til May 8th)
    - Sun medal up campaign. You'll gain more Sun Medals when running the Whale Airship Mission. (Apr 24th til May 8th)
    - Golden Week Login Bonus campaign (Apr 28th til May 15th). Login at least 10 days to get all of the rewards

    3. System
    - New system: Character's Dedicated Equipment Evolution system. You can now evolve your character's dedicated equipment. Use Water Mirror Secret Stone to evolve.

    4. Characters:
    - Bloom form is now available for the following characters:
    i. Viola
    ii. Pussy Ear
    iii. Acanthus
    iv. Blanket Flower
    - Ability Adjustment: All girls with attack boost on certain bosses (Raid Boss, Level up boss, stage boss) abilities are readjusted so that instead of trigger it on a certain bosses, the ability will trigger every time they encounter any bosses in this game. For that attack boost on Raid boss and level up boss description gets rewritten like this:

    During a Boss battle (instead of "During a Raid Boss or Level up Boss battle"), Increase the attack power of XX party members by XX%
    The amount of attack power increased remains the same.

    5. Gacha: Bloom batch Gacha, GW special gacha 2

    6. Stage Mission
    - Whale Airship Mission is now open
    - Special Ultimate Mission "Lunatic Blade of The Withered Earth"
    - "NicoNicoDouga" Broadcast Stage Mission
    - Recurring Event: The Selfish Princess and The Dramatist (Apr 27th til May 10th)
    - Permanent Recurring Event: The Old, Western-Style House and the White Shadow

    7. Character quest:
    - An extra character quest is now available for Flower Knight who are announce in the previous Popularity Voting Event. Run it and you'll obtain a special kind of equipment and they are evolve-able.
    - Reduce the number of non-boss battle encounter panel. Note that this will not affect the reward you get from this quest.

    8. Garden: 12 new garden item and 20 new pest in the picture book

    9. Exchange Shop: Gold Exchange Shop has been updated

    10. Material Warehouse
    - You can now move equipment materials to Equipment Material Warehouse in bulks using "Move all at once" button
    - Max number of slot for each material warehouse has been increased to 700

    11. Misc
    - In the formation screen, you can now select characters from other party.
    - In Whale Airship Mission, if you enter a stage map and your Whale Airship attribute is not the same as the recommended attribute for that stage map, a confirmation window will appear.

    12. Distribution
    - Rainbow Tokens gets delivered to those who use 5* or higher Gacha tickets before this token is implemented, depending on how any 5* girls you get with this ticket
    - Rewards from NicoNicoDouga has been delivered to all players.

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    Last edited by MrHueHue; 04-24-2017 at 09:27 AM.

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    Also will that give us those so called 6* tokens?

    I do hope we'll get 300 (lol) so we could picked a girl of our choice

    Lord Paramount of the High Gardens. [Flower Knights pomf'ed: 161]
    Flower Knight Girl ID: 221329971 (DMM)
    Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Harusame, Samidare, Umikaze, Yamakaze, Kawakaze, Suzukaze

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandan550 View Post
    Also will that give us those so called 6* tokens?

    I do hope we'll get 300 (lol) so we could picked a girl of our choice
    Not sure if that ever happens, we'll just have to find out after this maintenance. At the moment, the only way to grab Rainbow Tokens is via 5* or higher guarantee Gacha Ticket, which means, since using that gives you 30, you need 10 of those tickets to pick a 6* flower knight of your choice.

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    @dandan550 I believe they're only giving tokens for past tickets, so if you've never bought a danchou ticket you probably won't get anything. Would be nice to be wrong though as free stuff is always nice.

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    To quote HydroKirby:
    Quote Originally Posted by HydroKirby View Post
    For people who have already spun this gacha in the past, you will receive the Rainbow Medals based on the number of gold units you got out of it. This compensation will be given out after April 24th's maintenance. So you do not need to hold onto Leader Tickets until the next maintenance.
    - - - Updated - - -

    - Viola
    - Acanthus
    - Pussy Ears
    - Blanket Flower

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    Last edited by Red Ranger; 04-24-2017 at 08:14 AM. Reason: Added event girl

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    lol they would rather let Viola get her 2nd rainbow blossoming than letting nightmare out of her nightmare.

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    Wait another 2 month

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    Apr 2016
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    Bloom batch this week:
    - Pussy Ear
    - Acanthus
    - Blanket Flower

    - - - Updated - - -

    Patch Notes has been updated

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    May 2015
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    So.... this 5k promo lets you pick all 6* and 5* currently out?

    Since May 29, 2015
    LSC's High Five - Yama 1st get, Musa 3rd (randomly) get, Biscuit 5th get, Taihou 9th get, 401 attempts = 0...got 4 from event
    Retiring from LSC Oct 5, 2015
    1yr-old post

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    @Beetle Indeed.

    Lacrima Memoria: Graveyard of the Fleet Maidens (May Poi-chan rest in peace)
    Christmas Eve Marriage: Shiratsuyu-Class 1300JST
    Marriage Memoirs with Murashigure
    Current Flower Knight : Oncidium altissimum (Bride of Fos).



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