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Thread: Facilities

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    ■ About Added Building Facilities
    [Added Building Facilities] are items (facilities) that can be equipped to increase various stats for a castle, a new feature allowing you to boost your favourite girls.

    ■ How to obtain
    Starting with the 5/9 update, they can be obtained from [Events].

    ■ Equipping Facilities
    [Facilities] require Limit Breaks on a castle to be equipped.
    ※ If a castle has no limit breaks, their facility slots is 0.
    [Facilities] can be set from the [Status] and [Castle Details] pages using the [+] button underneath their equipment.
    ※ For each limit break not unlocked, a [keyhole] mark will be displayed instead, meaning a facility cannot be equipped.
    Equipping a facility costs [5000 Gold]
    ※ Unequipping a facility does not cost any [Gold]
    ※ Dismissing a castle will automatically unequip facilities without losing them, returning them to your [Facilities List] page.
    Example: My Sendai has 3/4 limit breaks unlocked, and thus can equip 3 Facilities. They can be selected by clicking on the yellow square with the plus beneath the equipment slot [+].

    ■ Same effect stacking
    In the case of multiple facilities carrying the same effect, the effects will not all be active. Instead, the highest value of that effect will be the one that is active.
    Aside: When equipping multiple facilities that increase ATK, the one that is active will be [The facility that increases the effect the most]

    ■ Facility slots
    The number of facilities you can have is the same as your [Weapon] limit.
    Increasing your [Main Keep Level] to increase the maximum weapons you can have will also increase the number of facilities you can have.
    ※ The actual number of [weapons] and [facilities] you have are not added together for this limit. They are separate.

    ■ Selling facilities
    [Facilities] are sold the same way as [Weapons].
    Higher rarity ones can be sold for more [Gold].

    There are currently 6 types of facilities.

    Gates: +ATK
    Moats: +DEF
    Walls: +HP
    Embrasures: +Range
    Wells: +Regen
    Statues: -Cooldown for first stratagem

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    There's already a list of possible drop facilities on the wiki, not sure if complete for now http://scre.swiki.jp/index.php?%E5%A...96%BD%E8%A8%AD

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    Good morning...i have a dude
    My casttles are locked..i not have this simbol
    I cant understan how can i use the item

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    @kantkonata You unlock the slots from limit breaks.
    Limit breaks are obtained when you fuse a castle with its duplicate. It increases their level cap by 5 levels, up to 4 times.



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