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    Captain manacycler's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2015
    77 Post(s)
    I did so great! but dang, I really need to stop cutting it so close with the time. I cleared E5 Hard 2 am on the day that the event was ending.

    Well no matter, I got all the new ships except for Kunashiri. And I also got Okinami and Littorio, so great drops~

    This was my second time getting the emblem, once again thanks to the great support we have here. Couldn't have done it without you!....seriously. Apparently, even with 2 years of playing this game, I have zero idea what I'm doing when I'm equipping people XD Hopefully more news later on what the heck these patrol ships are for cause Shimushu is so darn cute, she might be my new (adopted) daughter~

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2015
    1051 Post(s)
    The event wasn't that hard, it was standard for me. Cleared it in a week.

    Event ships 4/6 got Kasuga Maru, Gangut, Kamoi and Etorofu. Wasn't interested in the other 2, they'll probably randomly dropped next events.

    Instead I been farming this for 2 weeks. Even got trolled by Litorio twice. T-T

    And last minutes of farming, OMG she just dropped....... ~______~

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    Vice-Admiral Fuyukaze's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2014
    Kanoya Base
    17 Post(s)
    Managed to clear E5 at the very last minute before 11PM
    Completed stage 1 - 4 on Hard and stage 5 on normal.

    Drop wise, i only got Kunashiri out of the 4 new map drop girls but there's always next time!

    Thy who dwells in the light above the surface.
    One who always stares at the abyss.
    Remember that the abyss's glaze will stare back.

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    Lieutenant sandrio's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2017
    Paramushir Anchorage
    62 Post(s)
    I wanted to go full Normal but was held back by rl circumstances, so I ended up doing NNNEE.
    E-3 was a massive pain in the ass and E-5 wasn't better, even on easy. I don't think I did something wrong so I guess the rng just didnt like me much.
    Managed to clear with 2:30h to spare, spent nearly all of my bauxite which I was low on from the start (had 50k before the event)
    Managed to snag the two clear reward ships, got a lucky Roma on my last kill in E-5 (I didn't get anything else there, very frustrating) and also finally secured Hitomi and some DDs I was missing: Okinami, Kamikaze, Hagikaze, Asagumo.
    Only DE I managed to get was Shimushu, but I figure if theyre going to be important for something they'll either drop normally in the future or will be constructable.
    Overall a bit disappointed with my lack of farming time and lack of drops on E-5, but it was worth it nontheless.
    Thanks to the frontliners and people who gave advice in the panic thread and throughout the event!
    Now its time to level more, upgrade more, stockpile more. I definitely don't want steel to be my only resource over 100k when the next event starts.

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    Commander PapaNeko's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2015
    33 Post(s)
    I was pretty sure I was done with KC. But I somehow found some motivation to attempt this event.

    Did a full hard clear, zero farming. Managed to barely finish the night before leaving town for my anniversary.

    Got 2 of the 4 event drops; so my Kandex is less complete at the event conclusion yet again.

    Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

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    Commander PrimarchBentley's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2014
    20 Post(s)
    Full hard clear, 6 of 6 new ships - mostly during clearing runs.

    I will admit, the reward in E5 was enough to make me go for Hard clear instead of just running scrub this time around...

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    Moderator Leyana's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2014
    4856 Post(s)
    Updated stats:

    • 95% of participants cleared E1-3
    • 95% of participants cleared E4
    • 90% of participants cleared E5

    Some people must've been stuck farming.


    45% of players picked hard in E5.

    Last edited by Leyana; 05-22-2017 at 06:25 AM.

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    Captain Sora Amamiya's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2016
    Hashirajima Anchorage
    288 Post(s)
    I literally did go all easy on the event, because you'll never know what might be waiting around the next corner.

    E-1 was completed in three clean runs with two new girls being rescued (I-13 and Asashimo). The same happened in E-2 with six more or less flawless attempts. E-3 wasn't that bad either, although I had to make an additional run in the third phase, because there were still like... 5 (?) HP left on Escort Princess. Anyway, welcome, Kasuga Maru... and Agano, too! (Damn, why did I scrap Noshiro and Yahagi again, back when I did have slot issues?)

    Then came the first real challenge: A map with no battleships being allowed at all and a submarine needed for the best routing. Well, here comes Imuya (around level 40). Surprisingly, with the fleet being headed by Maya and Choukai, all runs went rather well, Shimushu appeared out of nowhere, and it was finally time for the last map.

    The first phase was no problem, with Aircraft Carrier Princess also being much nicer compared to last fall event's E-4. I got closer to finishing a five-map-event with every run, but soon realised, that the final frontier would take a lot of effort, not only from myself, but also all of my girls. I did use CTF, after being unlucky with STF, but despite all the sparkling and debuffing, I couldn't sink Northern Water Princess (although I got really close once, but having accidentally put depth charges on Hibiki and Isokaze probably didn't help that much and both missed their target, when it's been their turn during night battle).

    So, what to do? I sparkled the hell out of my girls with PvP battles, changed back to STF, and Hibiki then put the final nail in Northern Water Princess' coffin. Fleet composition didn't change that much compared to this year's winter event: Chitose replaced Shouhou and Hibiki took Shigure's place. Also, Roma and Etorofu dropped on A ranks, what the... !?! A small comfort for last dance almost needing more runs (and resources) than all the other maps in this event together.

    Sadly, Amagi didn't want to be reunited with her younger sister, but aside from that it was a pretty good event, that also made me play and appreciate the game a bit more again, after having left my girls all by themselves for several days in a row the month before. Also, resources were as low as 25,000 units (and around 150 buckets) from the start, so I guess I did what I could given these circumstances.

    Hey! 私達の活躍見てくれた? 目を離しちゃNo!なんだからネ!
    ケッコンカッコカリ (平成28年): 榛名 - 9月1日 (木) | 金剛 - 10月1日 (土) | 比叡&霧島 - 11月1日 (月)

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2014
    2300 Post(s)
    Been following this TTK for his E-5 hard last dance for the last week. Was pretty sad that he failed after so many attempts, with his NB damage luck being extremely terrible. With other TTKs able to get 400+ damage for a ship, he generally only manages to get 100ish.

    [+] Spoiler

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    Captain Kranesh's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2015
    195 Post(s)
    This event was rather smooth to me, managed to clear Med/Med/Ez/Ez/Ez and I honestly wanted to farm for Roma but I considered that it wasn't worth the headache in the end... E-5 was a major pain in the butt to farm, my priority was Kamoi anyways so I'm quite proud because I managed to get her in less than 15 runs, here are my overall spoils of war: (not that impresive considering I was looking for only one ship and I'm not interested in trophy dd's)



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