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    Rear-Admiral D Des's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    267 Post(s)
    Before entering night battle.....hopeless situation....

    .........BELIEVE IN MIRACLE!!!

    Was really desperate on E5 LD......could not believe my eyes that I SOMEHOW MAGICALLY finish it....
    All event girls dropped, and screw italian BB farming......


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    Marshal Admiral KotoNano's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Iwagawa Breakfield
    7823 Post(s)
    Went in with 200 buckets.
    Came out of the event with 140 buckets.
    H-M-M-M-E for difficulty.

    Way too lazy to grind through maps to clear I have better things to do these days than go hard on a map for 3~4 days nonstop till I clear it and my lack or resources going in shows that.
    Got every new event girl while clearing, didn't have to go back to farm for anything.
    There's been worse events but this one was pretty chill although some maps where long.

    Can summer event PLEASE not be a submarine E-1 map with SS Hime.. I'm so sick of E-1 literally being the same thing every event.

    Will only return for Yuzuki.

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    Admiral Owen's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    1067 Post(s)
    Well.. this was one helluva roller coaster..

    started with this

    had some of these (thanks E5H)
    [+] Spoiler

    and finally ended with these

    I kinda enjoyed this event.. cept that part where I literally was too poor to even resupply my carriers

    All you lovely girls, please stop tugging at my heartstrings please...
    19th March - Wedding Anniversary with Fusou :: 18th May - Wedding Anniversary with Yuu :: 31st August - Wedding Anniversary with Ro
    Summer 2015 Event All Hard Clear - 31st August 2015

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    Rear-Admiral velocius's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    64 Post(s)
    Finished the event last night.

    The good

    Taiyou makes for an intresting ship, and i finally get that plane i was missing

    The PF/DE are very cute and are the most shipdaughtery you can get

    The maps with stages are more dun the the opd stages while reducing the nt of kills doesnt make then double as long/hard

    A better balance between drastically diffrent fleets in some maps made for intresting alternatives. Also, any map where subs are an advantage are a win for me.

    The bad

    4 ships to farm means to much RNG. I had to stop farming erotofu to finish but was lucky to drop her in e5. I spent alooot of time to farm kamoi and erotofu. Luckly those maps were cheap on res.

    Having a new item on E5 hard. I beleived they had learned 2 years ago that it wasnt a good idea and although they got better in balancing maps, the hard medal is the reward would allow them to make e5 hard mean something more. It makes events alot less fun in my opinion to have to struggle on e5 hard to complete the itemdex.


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    Newly Registered
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    Jan 2015
    30 Post(s)
    Full hard mode clear. Got lucky for the most part with clears, but E5 proved to be a bit of RNG hell mostly due to me derping the fleet composition/equipment. Drop wise i got way more lucky than usual, and managed to get most stuff on the chipping runs, but Shimushu proved to be a pita. Dumped way more resources than i should have on E4 trying to farm her, but meh... Cute is Justice.

    Final resut was:
    -100k fuel, -110k ammo, -50k steel, -50k bauxite, -200 buckets

    New Ships: I-13, Okinami, Kunashiri, Kamoi, Taiyou, Roma, Etorofu, Gangut, Shimushu
    Ones i already had: Italia, Maruyu

    Went ahead and did a couple biscuit LSC attempts... Got Yamato and a duplicated Akitsumaru instead (soo not complaining here).

    Overall a good run. Thanks to all who posted their fleet compositions and provided tips for the event.

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    Rear-Admiral Impstar_Deuce's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2014
    48 Post(s)
    This has been a surprisingly fruitful event. Got all event ships plus Fujinami, I-13 (I have the TWINS!!!), Asagumo and TWO Akashi. Now I'm going to go look for Amagi and Isokaze in E-2 :)

    Wo-san... why won't you come to my base?

    You don't get it do you? It's a SHIP that launches Ship GIRLS! It's going to cause a rift in the space/awesome continuum!!

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1465 Post(s)
    First, thanks to @211303 for the walkthroughs/advice, himeuta staff, and all the front-liners/those who posted comps, gave tips, etc. Much appreciated as always.

    This has to be my most successful event thanks to final event day Akizuki drops. All hard clear, all new ships + Asakaze (my Kandex is complete once again), and the last two Akizuki-class DD I need to finish off my 10cm HA+FD stockpile (very happy about that). Also got a couple Maruyu along with some rare ships I already have (Isokaze, Amagi - not sure what to do with her, 3x Asagumo, etc.). Overall, this event was certainly more benign that I expected.

    Post clear farming aside, this was a cheap event - for me at least. Net costs (incl. expedition gains, etc.) for Hard clear plus farming prior to clear for new ships & Asakaze = 39.5k fuel, 18k ammo, gained 4k steel, 18.7k bauxite and only 28 buckets(!?). Total event net event costs = 92.5k fuel, 24k ammo (always ran Exp. 2), gain of 3.5k steel, 56k bauxite and 158 buckets. E-2 Node D farming was essentially free (fuel & ammo netted out + about 2k bauxite used), so post clear cost were really due to E-4 Node Q Akizuki farming. Used 36k bauxite on that despite always running Exp. 6, but ultimately worth it since I got the drops I wanted.

    While I'm quite happy with the results, I can't say this was my favorite event in terms of overall enjoyment. Maybe nostalgia, but still have fond memories of my early events. However, IMO it wasn't that bad - certainly not my least favorite event. The rewards & new ships were OK-ish. DE are certainly cute (worth something), and I'm sure the devs will do something so they will be useful for game play/events. Like Kamoi's character as well, and she does give players a "tankier" AO (no pun intended). Taiyou is kind of interesting with all her features, and Gangut (and her main guns) certainly turned out better than I expected. We also got one pretty good and one excellent LBAS escort fighter. The bombing Hayabusa MIII Kai (55th) seems pretty useless though.

    Things I liked (in no particular order):

    • Visual Boss debuff confirmation. Always like that and think it should be standard. Hopefully it will continue to be so. Also, boss debuffing wasn't overly convoluted.
    • Granted not the most challenging of events, but the fact it wasn't a resource black hole is appreciated.
    • Generally farm friendly with one exception. E-2 Node D & E-4 Node Q farming was quite tolerable even for post Hard clear. E-2 Node D even had a resource node which greatly offset costs (maybe a net gain for some)! Appreciate that devs. New ships were boss node drops (so guaranteed a drop) at a decent drop rate with two single fleets vs. only one combined fleet, and the combined fleet was TCF which is much cheaper vs. STF or CTF.
    • Music. Even if some (all?) was re-used, I still liked the BGM.
    • I'm still not a big fan of these double gauge maps, second start, etc. but at least for the most part there was some balance to the way they were implemented. Better than some previous events so putting it in the "plus" category. That being said, I hope this is kept in moderation going forward.
    • Fast fleets not overly emphasized. WOW, I actually got to sortie Junyou Kai ni. How long has that been? Girl's been at the dock so long I had to dust her off.

    Things I did not like (no particular order):

    • Still detest 3 things about LBAS - stupid morale, unavailability if you remove a bomber (incl. slot if you don't swap planes), and significant bauxite cost every time you merely equip a plane.
    • 4 new ships to farm. Farming the new ships wasn't bad for me (got lucky with Etorofu drop and the rest were pretty much average # of sorties given drop rates), but 4 new ships to farm is too much. At the least, Etorofu should have been an E-4 reward. Also, was there any need to introduce so many new ships? Could had one DE as a reward, one DE as a drop, and introduce the 3rd DE later.
    • Farming for Italian FBB. I didn't farm for them, but once again here's an if you farm on Easy prior to clear, hope you don't accidently clear the map deal. Not a fan. Thankfully, you could at least farm two of the new ships at E-3 Node V with decent drop rates rather than Node W.
    • E-5 Hard rewards. Agree with @velocius & @CaptainCoxwagle in terms of reward structure. Granted E-5 wasn't a particularly difficult final EO map on Hard, but don't like the precedent it sets (or takes further I guess). Arguably the best reward the entire event (certainly in terms of equipment) was the Hayabusa Model II (64th Squadron). JMO, but I think there is merit to the old way where at least equipment rewards are the same for Medium & Hard for final EO map with the difference being the 1st class medal, and maybe throw in some more improvemats/medals for Hard. For example, E-5 Med & Hard both get Hayabusa MII (64th), but Hard gets 12 improvemats & 2x medals whereas Medium gets 1 medal and 6x improvemats. I'd also give Easy the Hayabusa MIII A (54th) or at least the MIII A. Give newer players a chance to catch up.

    Last edited by goesto11; 05-21-2017 at 02:58 PM. Reason: typo
    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Commander Yakuman's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2015
    4 Post(s)
    Cleared all maps on hard node, for the second time in my admiral career. Got all the new ships, I farmed a little for Kunashiri, Shimushu dropped on clearing E3 and I had that stupidly good streak of luck on E5 where I got Roma, Littorio, Etorofu and Kamoi in four consecutive runs. I also finally saved Hitomi whom I failed to get last event and a bonus Fujinami appeared as well.

    The maps were not too challenging, E4 was especially a jowke, but I don't mind that 'cause I had trouble wih my resources and I didn't have much time on my hand either. I won't say I enjoyed it, but clearing everything on hard gives a little bit of saticfaction in the end.

    Now excuse me while I go and poke my new soviet toy :3

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    Rear-Admiral Sixpack's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2014
    47 Post(s)
    Yeah, this is the event where I got everything I wanted.

    All of the new girls except for Etorofu (not interested) dropped for me.
    Finally got that 2nd Akashi I was looking for for ages.
    Cleared on all hard.

    Cost was negligible.

    Even got some spare Yuugumo class dds to level to 30 for equips and a spare I13 for her equip.

    In case of doubt: Deploy more Kongou!
    DD Waifu Wars Victor: Kagerou!
    Leave no girl behind!

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    Vice-Admiral Etrigan's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2014
    119 Post(s)
    That'll do it for me, and none too soon.

    Full hard clear, dropped the new ships except for Etorofu, and picked up a Fujinami and (finally) a Harukaze that've been avoiding me these past events.

    Got through E1 and E2 pretty quickly, and then had almost 2 weeks of RL interruption. Got back into it on Thursday, and plowed through E3-E5 in three days. Farmed E-3 post event clear, and just finally dropped Kamoi after 41 runs.

    Equips were pretty good, altho I did power-craft another T96 Land Attack plane for E-5. Probably need one more before the next event.

    As always, E-6 was the real Boss - spent almost as much farming for Kamoi as I did for the full hard clear. On the plus side, the farming was pretty consistent, even on hard more. Just tedious and expensive.

    Good luck to anyone still working!



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