Tried some play with Hiryu:
Experinced Saipan "pilots" have a super evasive capability. They can retreat FREE from all battle with fighter (no cost).
-> not possible lock their fighter planes. The "skill" don't have cooldown just mashing F key.

Saipan planes has more than 10 knots speed advantsge compared to T7 planes. After escaping they can go home or strafe at will.
If they do the time window (t9 starfe) to avoid is very small (2 sec?). The locker planes follow Saipan planes after the "escape".
If You want avoid, You have to go left or right from strafe vector (area effect!). Saipan fighter ammo is not much fewer than T7 Hiryu (american fighters ha more ammo at the same tier).

This tactics can cause massive fighter lost in a non Saipan CV and Saipan Fighters can controll all engagement with supperior speed. Has some reflex aspect too, like an arcade game.