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    [Kanpani] May 26 Maintenance

    ▼ New Feature
    New feature [Achievements] added
    Completing certain requirements in-game will give you [Achievements] allowing you to acquire [Collectibles]
    For more information, see the Game Guide entry for [Achievements]
    ※ Certain Achievement requirements will be completed upon log-in
    ※ Certain Achievements will only be counted after the 5/26 (Fri) maintenance

    New Employees added
    [[Carnation Coloured Hammer Maiden] Teresia Wieck] ☆3 Warrior (CV: Hirai Sachie)
    [Sen Yagami] ☆4 Fighter (CV: Nakaya Sayaka)
    [LiLua Shalulua] ☆3 Archer (CV: Satou Kanami)
    Teresia's character trait is [Wholehearted].
    For 1 Round, all Warriors gain 100% Critical rate.
    ※Until the 6/9 (Fri) maintenance, these 3 employees will have increased resume rates

    ▼ Balance Adjustments
    The following items have had their chances of black envelopes appearing from resumes increased.
    Gold Postbox
    Silver Postbox
    Purple Postbox
    Mainstay Postbox
    ※ [Limited] versions also affected
    ※ Daily resume draws and shinestone resume draws are affected

    ▼ Character Story
    New Character Stories added.
    - Clear Chapter 2, Quest 8, and check the top right of the Quest menu
    - Follow specific employees through their own side story
    - This specific employee must be in your party to be able to participate in the character story
    - Each story can drop related items for this specific employee.
    Today's update brings the following Character Stories.

    [[Carnation Coloured Hammer Maiden] Teresia Wieck] ☆3 Grenadier (Warrior)

    ※Until the 6/9 (Fri) maintenance, the above employee will have increased resume rates.

    ▼ Campaign
    [Kanpani☆Spring President Support Campaign] begins
    Duration: 5/26 (Fri) to 5/31 (Wed) maintenance
    See this post for more details

    ▼ Changes and Fixes
    The sound effect for notifications in President's Room has been reenabled.
    Game Guide has had the following entrees updated
    The following employees cannot be obtained from resume draws
    Light Novel Specials [Sharina Cofley], [Silvina Follen], Battlefield Rewards [Irene Whistler, Iori Kai], Fanbook Special [Frederica Frey], Collaboration Employees [Illyasviel von Einzbern], [Miyu Edelfeldt], [Chloe von Einzbern]
    Achievements can be completed through various requirmeents. Depending on their difficulty, they can have up to three rarities, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
    Formation, Quest Sortieing, there are many different patterns to try.

    ▼ Other
    [Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3drei!!] Collaboration Event has ended
    [Collaboration Event Commemoration Shinestone Purchasing Campaign] has ended
    [Awakening Campaign] has ended
    ※ Campaign's half gold requirement for awakening has been returned to normal.
    [PC Smartphone Login Campaign] has ended

    Today's update brings 3 new employees!
    [Carnation Coloured Hammer Maiden] Teresia Wieck (☆3 Warrior)
    CV: Hirai Sachie
    Illust: U35

    Sen Yagami (☆4 Fighter)
    CV: Nakaya Sayaka
    Illust: ゆきさん

    Lilua Shalulua (☆3 Archer)
    CV: Satou Kanami
    Illust: 倉澤もこ

    Until the 6/9 (Fri) maintenance, these 3 new employees will have increased resume rates.

    Today's update brings a new character story for [Carnation COloured Hammer Maiden] Teresia!
    Until the 6/9 (Fri) maintenance, she will have increased resume rates!

    [Carnation Coloured Hammer Maiden] Teresia Episode 1 Summary
    Teresia, as a part of the Holy Knights and as a mercenary, as grown so much, and finally inherits the head position of the Wieck Household.
    Through this opportunity, she seeks her older sister Tiana, who vanished, to settle a certain problem.

    [Kanpani☆Spring President Support Campaign] begins!
    During the campaign period, [Limited] Gold Postboxes, and various popular items will drop from quests!
    Also during this campaign, new limited accessories will appear!

    The previous [Kanpani☆Spring Newcomer] and [Magical Academy and the Mysterious Etheral] events' equipments return with Special Effects!
    Furthermore, during this event, receive 2x Shinestones every day as a log-in bonus!
    Duration: Until the 5/31 maintenance

    New feature [Achievements] arrives!
    Today's update brings a new feature to the game which logs your play progress! Your achievements will be represented by [Collectibles] and [Momentos], which will be shown on your Achievements page!
    There are lots of different achievements, so have fun playing to collect them all!

    [Balance Update]
    Gold Postbox, Silver Postbox, Purple Postbox, Mainstay Postbox have increased chances of getting Black Envelopes!
    ※[Limited] versions are also improved
    ※Applies to both daily resumes and shinestone purchased resumes.

    Here's an introduction to some of the new content we have planned in the near future.

    Today's update will bring [Achievements]! President's (you) will be able to create a collection from your in-game play with this fun new feature.
    We hope you enjoy being able to look back on your company's history.

    [Floating Continent] was teased at in the March NicoLive as one of our new Large Scale Contents!
    This will arrive sometime in the summer. Here are some of the new monsters being prepared.

    [3-Year Anniversary Event] will happen this year! It'll be 3 years since our 2014 September release with an event to celebrate. We have all sorts of things prepared to celebrate.
    We have other new features and events planned for Presidents everywhere... They'll be coming one by one, so stay tuned and please continue to support us!

    There is maintenance for an update planned for the following time frame.
    While maintenance is occurring, [Kanpani☆Girls] will be unavailable.

    Maintenance Time: 5/26 (Fri) 13:00 ~ 17:00 JST
    ※Maintenance ending time is subject to change.

    End to the event. Illya, Miyu, and Kuro will not be obtainable again after this maintenance (unless another event or special happens).

    We may get the next story chapter, and new ★5 employee (Rean Reinbell?).
    The next EX is a Warrior, so we may get her as well.
    I expect [Achievements] to be no sooner than next week as it was scheduled for June.

    EX Warrior Weapon/Skill

    Damned Crash

    Achievement Shelf:

    Achievement ranks:

    As a note, Teresia EX's title is 撫子色の鎚乙女.
    撫子色 means nadeshiko-coloured. Nadeshiko is a type of flower, whose English name is "Large Pink". The meaning is supposed to be about a floral metaphor frequently used in Japan.
    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamato_nadeshiko
    To keep the similar connotation, since Large Pink is such an awful name for a flower and reference, I've used Carnation, which is in the same species of flower.

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