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Thread: Achievements

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    Achievements can be completed through various requirements. Depending on their difficulty, they can have up to three rarities, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
    Formation, Quest Sortieing, there are many different patterns to try.
    Page 1
    ■ Hunter ■ Friends of the Forest
    Defeat 200 types of enemies Defeat 3000 Animal-type enemies
    ■ Bottling ■?
    Defeat 3000 Slime-type enemies Defeat a certain number of Doran-type enemies
    ■ The Undying ■ Ghost Busters
    Defeat 3000 Undead-type enemies Defeat 3000 Banshee-type enemies
    ■? ■?
    Defeat a certain number of Tribal-type enemies Defeat a certain number of Magical Item-type enemies
    ■ Come, Let's Start Our Journey ■ The Smiling Knight of the Round Table
    Clear Volume 1 Chapter 1 Quest 8 Clear Volume 1 Chapter 3 Quest 8
    ■ Chasing Their Back ■ Resolve
    Clear Volume 1 Chapter 5 Quest 7 Red Route Clear Volume 1 Chapter 10 Quest 7
    ■ The Transported from Wakoku ■ Compromise
    Clear Volume 2 Chapter 1 Quest 7 Clear Volume 2 Chapter 3 Quest 5
    ■ Sisters ■ Eckel and Lucemi
    Clear Volume 2 Chapter 5 Quest 8 Clear Volume 2 Chapter 6 Quest 8
    Page 2
    ■? ■?
    Gain lots of EXP in the mansion/palace Complete many missions
    ■? ■?
    Collect many treasure boxes Complete every mission
    ■? ■ Money Can't Buy
    Defeat a large number of intruder enemies Challenge Phantom Labyrinth 100 times
    ■ Clearing Labyrinth ■ Labyrinth Master
    Clear Phantom Labyrinth Collect every weapon and armour recipe from Phantom Labyrinth
    ■ Overwhelming Firepower ■ Preemptive Victory
    Deal 20,000 damage in one hit Defeat 5 enemies in the first attack
    ■ Evasive Maneuvers ■ Resurrection
    Evade 1000 attacks Recover from KO 100 times
    ■ Soothing ■ Poisoner
    Cure 100 status conditions Poison 1000 enemies
    ■Head Over Heels ■ Dim
    Charm 1000 enemies Blind 1000 enemies
    Page 3
    ■ Hit In the Head ■ Two Graves
    Stun 1000 enemies Curse 1000 enemies
    ■ Curse Expert ■ Charm Expert
    Defeat an enemy with Curse damage Charm 3 enemies at the same time
    ■ Poison Expert ■ Misery Loves Company
    Defeat an enemy with Poison damage Apply status conditions to 3 enemies at the same time
    ■ Bodyshot ■ Awareness
    Activate the Fighter's Class Trait 100 times Activate the Ronin's Class Trait 100 times
    ■ Anti-Air ■ Protection
    Use the Archer's Class Trait to defeat 500 enemies Use the Soldier's Class Trait 100 times to defend an ally
    ■ Inspiration ■ Devotion
    Activate the Warrior's Class Trait 100 times Activate the Cleric's Class Trait 10 times
    ■ Ambush ■ Concentration
    Activate the Rogue's Class Trait 100 times Use the Magician's Class Trait to defeat 500 enemies
    ■ Promoting Individuality ■ President Himself
    Activate Employee Traits 100 times Use 100 President Skills
    Page 4
    ■ Class Up ■ Improve Battle Power
    Class Up 20 times Add 5 people to Party 1's Formation
    ■ Senior Staff ■ Elite Collection
    Promote one Senior Staff Promote a Senior Staff of each class
    ■? ■ Full of Worldly Desires
    Give your favourite girl equipment and sortie many times Have 108 employees KOed
    ■ Meeting ■ Employee Care
    Recruit 50 employees Lock 10 employees
    ■ Recruited Someone Amazing! ■ EX
    Recruit a promising candidate Recruit an EX Employee
    ■ A Legendary Candidate ■ The Ultimate Decision
    Recruit a 5 star employee Have two 5 star employees in one recruitment
    ■ Flirtatious ■ Break Time?
    Set 5 employees as your secretary Talk to your secretary in the President's Office
    ■ One Hit Kill ■ Impenetrable Defense
    Obtain 1000 ATK Power Obtain 1000 DEF Power
    Page 5
    ■ No Worries ■ President's Ability
    Set 5 President Skills Learn 12 President Skills
    ■? ■ Prepared For Anything
    Craft a large amount of equipment Craft equipment with Hammer, Rainbow Anvil, and Magical Furnace
    ■ A Piece of Miracle ■ Blacksmithing Knowledge
    Craft a +3 exclusive weapon with 3 bonus effects Collect 300 recipes
    ■ Artisan's Weaponsmith ■ Advertisement Development
    Craft 3 +3 or higher equipment in a row Create an advertisement in the Public Relations Department
    ■ Bread Factory ■ Resource Collection Place
    Recover 60 Bread at once Recover 60 Resources at once
    ■ Welcome to Misterio ■?
    Complete the Tutorial Collect a large amount of Battle Coins
    ■? ■ Alcareia
    Freely run about in the Battlefield Clear the Alcareia Nightmare-Rank Battlefield
    ■ Yggdrasil ■ Qualia
    Clear the Yggdrasil Nightmare-Rank Battlefield Clear the Qualia Nightmare-Rank Battlefield
    Page 6
    ■ Lunaento ■ Remarugia
    Clear the Lunaento Nightmare-Rank Battlefield Clear the Remarugia Nightmare-Rank Battlefield
    ■ No Garbage Left Behind ■?
    Defeat every enemy in the Remarugia Nightmare-Rank Battlefield Step foot in the Door to Another World
    ■? ■?
    Defeat a number of Demons From Another World Defeat a Demon From Another World instantly
    ■? ■?
    Destroy the parts of a Demon From Another World Use Party Power to change the battle in Another World
    ■? ■?
    Obtain a powerful Accessory From Another World Clear a Mission
    ■? ■ Weaponsmith
    Sell a large amount of equipment Craft 50 +3 exclusive weapons
    ■? ■ Treasure Storage
    Obtain a high rank employee's exclusive armour Collect over 20 types of Accessories
    ■ Voice of the Heart ■ Battalion
    Collect over 50 Voice Stones Unlock the 3rd Party
    Page 7
    ■ Not-Newcomer President ■ Apparel President
    Achieve Lv5 Facilities, Lv 10 President, and 20 Employees Use a Mirror of Transformation to craft equipment
    ■ Spendthrift ■ Established One Year
    Spend more than 100,000,000 Gold Pass 1 year since becoming a President
    ■ Veteran ■ Will You Fight For 24 Hours?
    Log in for a total of over 100 hours Play for 24 hours
    ■? ■ Bread Faction
    Eat a whole lot of food Use 5 Bread Packs within 15 minutes
    Image Version: (Red background means only the hint is known)
    [+] Spoiler

    Hints if anyone wants to read them:
    [+] Spoiler

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    Do i need to do it again for get the rewards?

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    Newly Registered JSmith's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
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    @Akuser Yes. If you don't already have the achievement trophy then you have to do it again

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    Aug 2014
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    Updated with a couple of more requirements.



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