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    [Tool] Damage calculator

    Damage calculator V2.4

    Artillery spotting has been introduced. Currently it calculates damage, but not proc rates. Manual proc rate key ins are supported for now.
    A prototype formula (Taken from this page) for calculating accuracy has been implemented.
    Available from this link:

    Version 2.4

    A little tool used to aid you in calculating damage. It lets you see how well your setup performs against enemies.
    This calculator is unrelated to kancolle-calc. This is not an English port of Kancolle-calc, all coding used here were derived on their own.

    For some enemies the hit rate / evasion columns are marked with a question mark. There is currently no feasible way to obtain their evasion as datamining these values are no longer possible. The hit rate and combined rates are thus not shown. This will persist for all new added enemies, at least until Kadokawa releases the aforementioned data somehow.

    At present, this calculator is capable of checking the following:
    • Minimum damage dealt - Are you guaranteed to shoot the enemy to orange/red HP, or even kill the enemy outright?
    • Expected damage range - How well do you fare against this enemy?
    • The probability of shooting the enemy down to red HP (Orange HP for carriers) with 1 shot (The crippling rate)
    • The probability of killing the enemy outright with 1 shot (The murder rate)
    • The above stats but in the event where you land a critical hit
    • Accounting for the ammo and health modifier, as well as supporting enhanced equipment, AP shells and sanshiki bonuses.
    • Accounting for accuracy.
    • Complete night battle calculator. Cut-in chance, cripple/murder rates for that particular attack are included in the night battle calculator. Cut-in setups will take the failed cut-in into account when calculating rates.
    • Average damage done. Present only in the night battle calculator until artillery spotting is implemented, as the average damage for 1 attack is just the average of the min/max damages. *I am very tempted to remove this entirely as I don't really see the need for it.*

    For the following forms of attacks:
    • Shelling (CV and normal ships)
    • Torpedo attacks
    • CV(L) airstrike torpedo/dive bomber damage (This value is when 0 planes are shot down.)
    • ASW
    • Night battles
    • Artillery spotting

    Other features will be added in the future once the appropriate formulae are available.
    The following assumptions are made in this calculator:
    • 15% critical rate.
    • [Restricted to the night battle calculator] Double attacks occur at 100% rates
    • 0 planes shot down when calculating

    Guide to usage

    Usage of this calculator is very simple and only requires you to input certain stats. You will only need to key in some key details such as firepower and HP, as well as select the type of equipment being used.

    Attack power calculator
    • Firepower/Torpedo/Ship current HP/Ship maximum HP/Ship level/Ship evasion/Ship Luck - These are self explanatory stats. Please key in the total stat value (with all equipment equipped) rather than the base value.
    • Ship base ASW stat - This is the base ASW stat of the ship without any ASW equipment. ASW from equipment will be accounted for if you select that specific equipment type in the equipment selector.
    • Plane count of TB/DB slot - The plane size of the slot equipped with the Torpedo bomber/dive bomber respectively.
    • Ship class - Select your ship class. Irrelevant attacks will be listed as "Not applicable". (E.g. Torpedoes and airstrikes when BBs are selected)
    • Formation / Enemy formation / Engagement - Select the appropriate formation/engagement.
    • Number of ammo bars remaining - How many ammo bars are you left with at the beginning of the battle node? This value is 10 - (The number of battle nodes before this node x 2) - (Ammo bar reductions from whirlpools) - (Number of night battles taken for battles that started during the day)
    • Equipment selector - Select your optimal equipment loadout here, and key in the number of times it has been successfully improved (Or number of stars) in the right column. As Excel does not automatically update lists as they are changed, if you select Equipment A from List A, then switch to List B, the equipment will still be listed as Equipment A rather than something from List B. As such, if they do not match, errors will occur.
    • Attack mode - Select your desired mode of attack
    • Factor in evasion? - This selector lets you decide whether to include in accuracy or not. Selecting "No" for this option sets the hit rate to 100% by default.

    Night calculator
    • Is this ship your flagship? - This value affects cut-in chance.
    • Ship luck
    • Did this battle start at night directly? - Select yes if this is a node where you do not get to have a day battle, such as in 5-3. If you select yes, the formation tab will be of importance to you.
    • Formation - This does nothing unless you select yes for the above option.
    • The equipment types selected in the equipment selector will affect your attack type.

    Artillery Spotting
    Some fields are non-functional, as I have not implemented artillery spotting proc rate calculation yet.

    • Assume 100% Artillery Spotting rate (Non Functional) - This is a non-functional value, you can bypass this by keying in 100 at the First/Second Attack Chance cells.
    • First / Second Attack Chance (%) - Input for these fields is possible for now. This field is very important, it will be assumed as 0 if you do not key in anything, which will affect the cripple / murder rates. For this value key in a number from 0 to 100.

    Once all the appropriate fields have been filled in, the calculator will automatically calculate the rates for you, and show you a few values.

    • Minimum damage - Are you guaranteed to shoot the enemy to orange/red HP, or even kill the enemy outright?
    • Maximum damage - Is it possible for you to kill off this enemy?
    • Damage range - How well do you fare against this enemy?
    • Cripple rate - The probability of shooting the enemy down to red HP (Orange HP for carriers)
    • Murder rate - The probability of killing the enemy outright
    • What is the attack you will carry out? (For night battles)
    • What is your cut-in chance? (For night battles)
    • Average damage done (Taking into account single attacks when specials fail to occur)
    • Hit rate - The probability of landing a hit on the enemy. Note that this includes scratch damage.
    • Combined cripple / Murder rate - This is the probability of doing heavy damage / killing the enemy, taking into account all crit rates and accuracy. In other words, this is the cripple / murder rate of that particular attack in full,

    As of current, the minimum/maximum damage displayed is when the specified attack actually triggers. I do not intend to use the "failed-proc" single attack to fill up these, as it's meaningless and it'll cause the minimum value to be the same for every single attack. If you wish to see the damage values of a single attack, kindly set the equipment type such that it becomes a single attack, or use the single attack calculator.


    Q: How is it possible for minimum damage to be lower than "scratch damage"?

    A: The damage formula is Damage = Att power x Mods - 0.7 x Armor - (RNG value from 0 to Armor - 1) x 0.6. If this value is below 0, usually due to the enemy armor being too high, it becomes at least 6% of the enemy's current HP, known as scratch damage. At certain attack power values, the ship is able to do minimal non scratch damage, hence that value rather than the base 0.06*HP value becomes the minimum damage.

    Q: I'm getting errors, such as __...

    A: An error of #DIV/0 is normal if you have not keyed in a non-zero final attack power. To ensure the integrity of the calculator, please only change the values of cells that require input, and make sure drop down lists match each other. If there are any other errors please send me a private message with a screenshot of the issue, and I will try to settle it for you as soon as possible.

    Q: Irrelevant attacks such as ASW damage on BBs are being displayed / Damage for torpedoes is still displayed for airfields.

    A: For the time being, use the + button at the side to hide the affected enemy categories. A method to hide unnecessary categories for specified attacks is in production, and will probably take a while to complete.

    Version 1:
    [+] Spoiler
    Alpha (Unreleased) - Basic calculator created. Comes with cripple rate calculator.
    1.01 (Unreleased) - Expanded calculator to include the basic power calculator, as well as automating the keying in of values. Scrapped ASW calculator.

    1.02 (Unreleased) - Improved aesthetics for easier usage, and added range tests for the minimum damage section. Also started on CV calculator.

    1.03 - First stable release. Fixed boolean/if tests in spreadsheet, and further improved aesthetics.

    1.04 - Added ASW calculator. Fixed CV power not being corrected if it exceeds daytime cap.

    1.05 (Unreleased) - Major coding overhaul. Changed codes of some values in preparation for double attacks (and Cut-ins in the future). Added doubles calculator. Added new enemies from the summer events. Removed all land-based enemies such as Henderson, Darwin, Isolated Island Demon, Midway Princess and Northern Princess in preparation for the night calculator. Also improved aesthetics and added comment tabs to aid understanding of some stats. Fixed ASW basic attack power calculation (This will require further investigation).

    1.051 (Unreleased) - Corrected doubles minimum damage.

    1.063 - Added night battle calculator. Removed doubles calculator due to redundancy. Added support for Sanshiki and land-based bosses. Capped cripple/murder rates at 100%, and changed requirements for crippling to 50% of HP for carriers (Thanks bzk!).

    1.07 - Re-evaluated all formulae. There shouldn't be any major issues now.

    1.071 - Updated enemy databases. Improved UI. You can now select which classes you want to see by pressing the appropriate buttons. Also changed Sanshiki's formula and added Sanshiki support into the single attack calculator. Do note that you'll need to fill in 1 extra box because of this.

    1.072 - Added CL demon and BB Hime++. Support for the new rocket to be added once I figure out what it does.

    1.074 - Version skip. Added Average damage calculator. Fixed Star shells being displayed as Searchlights (typo). Fixed the HP modifier, it was previously using 0.4 for orange HP and 0.7 for red HP, which is not the case.

    Version 2
    - Integrated the single attack and ASW sheets together
    - UI has been improved. You do not need to key in as many values now.
    - An equipment library has been added.
    - Formula changes to damage. Cripple/murder/average damage formulae still remain the same as they are affected by min/max damage only.
    - Spring 2015 bosses have finally been added
    - AP and sanshiki support have been added, along with support for enhanced equipment. WG42's bonuses are still unknown so it is not supported.

    Version 2.01
    - Added Summer 2015's new equipment and enemies. However I do not have the data for most of the creeps, so I'll be updating this again once I get more data.
    - Patched some erroneous formatting.

    Version 2.02
    - Summer 2015 enemy stats updated.
    - Fixed BBVs, CVLs, and plane-based ASW displaying as "Invalid attack".

    Version 2.1
    - Implemented accuracy
    - Added in Tsu-class CLs, as well as some variants of the event bosses. I have no idea how I missed Tsu out.
    - Fixed the night calculator over-calculating triple gun cut-in damage.
    - WG42 support implemented.

    Version 2.2
    - Implemented artillery spotting. Automatic proc rate calculations are not included for now!
    - Minor UI changes.
    - Added the Type 4 SONAR and canned fish.

    Version 2.3
    - Fixed the torpedo power stats not drawing values from the correct cells.
    - Lowered the requirement of "cripple" to 50% of HP for enemy DDs, CLs, CLTs, and SS instead of 75%, since their torpedoes are usually more of a problem. Also lowered the cripple threshold for carriers to 50%, to its rightful value.
    - Added the new planes in the equipment library.

    Version 2.4
    - General enemy and equipment updates.
    - Set PT boat evasion to 1000000. No, we don't know the actual values, yet.

    Thank list

    GoddessLover, Saki, bzk3000, Taihou, Capt Kiso, Bloodya18 - Testing
    chuwenhsuan, Saya, CaptBauxite, Low - Quality checking, technical assistance
    bzk3000, Taihou - Coding (for a future update)

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    Re: [In Progress][Tool] Damage calculator

    Reserving one post.

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    Re: [Tool] Damage calculator



    Life is like drawing on a blank canvas but with no way to erase.



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