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    [Kanpani] May 31 Maintenance

    May 31, 2017 update notes

    ▼ Event
    [Kanpani☆June Illness and Demon's Newcomer Training] event begins
    DuratioN: 5/31 (Wed) maintenance to 6/16 (Fri) maintenance
    See this post for more details

    ▼ New Content
    New employees added

    [Plulua Capre] ☆4 Archer (CV: Toda Megumi)
    [Mammon Velceles] ☆4 Warrior (CV: Ookubo Aiko)
    [Flaum Lium] ☆4 Cleric (CV: Yuasa Kaede)

    ※ [Plulua], [Mammon], and [Flaum] resumes are only obtainable during the event [Kanpani☆June Illness and Demon's Newcomer Training] event.
    ※ During the event, these three employees will have increased resume rates!
    ※ In the future, they may appear in daily resume draws.
    ※ [Kanpani☆June Illness and Demon's Newcomer Training] event has [Plulua], [Mammon], and [Flaum]'s exclusive weapon recipes.
    (In the future, their character stories may be added as well to obtain these)

    Achievements have had new [Momentos] added.
    ※ The [Momentos] added are limited for the [Kanpani☆June Illness and Demon's Newcomer Training] event as rewards.
    If you obtain the [Momento], they will remain with you after the event ends

    ▼ Nature Loving Girls have increased resume rates
    Elsa Novem
    Sytry Bush
    Spirit Blaze Liliana Barteck

    Duration: 5/31 (Wed) maintenance to 6/9 (Fri) maintenance

    ▼ Changes and fixes
    In the case of emergency maintenances, if you have any timed items in effect, their duration will continue immediately after maintenance ends.
    ※ Note that the item's duration will not be extended beyond this.

    ▼ Other
    [Kanpani☆Spring President Support Campaign] has ended

    Today's update brings 3 new employees!
    Plulua Capre (☆4 Archer)
    CV: Toda Megumi
    Illust: タケダ一樹

    Mammon Velceles (☆4 Warrior)
    CV: Ookubo Aiko
    Illust: ks

    Flaum Lium (☆4 Cleric)
    CV: Yuasa Kaede
    Illust: よるしま

    For a [Limited Time] these three new employees have increased resume rates!
    Duration: 5/31 ~ 6/16 maintenance

    [Kanpani☆June Illness and Demon's Newcomer Training] begins!
    The company are visited by mysterious brokers who together with the girls help create a [Magic Drink] that will be shipped to various locations in exchange for items! Some super rare items may even be included among this...!?
    Play this event and guarantee yourself one of these 3 new characters!

    Get rewards for completing the Delivery Quest [Magic Drink]!
    The is a Special Page for [Magic Drink] production! Use the [Magic Herbs] as ingredients on the special page.
    Rewards include [Limited] Black Fairy Envelope, Shinestones, and other wonderful items!

    Playing the event can bring an [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest] as well!
    This Ultra Rare Delivery Quest for delivering a magic drink can give [Rose's Black Envelope], [Nomadoa's Black Envelope], [Michaela's Black Envelope], and more!

    The event costumes this time are [White Robes for Herb Cultivation]!!
    Participate in the delivery quests to give your girls cute white costumes!

    During the event, [Nature Loving Girls] will have an increased resume rate!
    For the first week, [[Spirit] Liliana], [Elsa], and [Sytry] will have increased resume rates!
    DuratioN: 5/31~6/9 maintenance

    There is maintenance for an update planned for the following time frame.
    While maintenance is occurring, [Kanpani☆Girls] will be unavailable.

    Maintenance Time: 5/31 (Wed) 13:00 ~ 17:00 JST
    ※Maintenance ending time is subject to change.

    Early maintenance to kick off June. New character stories, including Thiroigne's, most likely.


    New event incoming:


    New employees:

    They also have their character weapons and skills

    Spread Wind

    Greed Erosion

    Nachsicht no Yoru (Tolerant Night)

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