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    [Event] June Illness and Devil's Newcomer Training

    ▼ Collect Magic Herbs!
    In the special event page, you can click on your herb patch to collect [Magic Herbs].
    After collecting the [Magic Herbs], you can use the machine to produce [Magic Drink] materials.
    [Magic Herb] grows over time and can be harvested again. Magic Herb takes two hours to fully grow back.
    Sometimes, a different coloured [Magic Herb] can grow, which will give you more [Magic Herb] than usual.

    ▼ Producing Magic Drinks!
    In the [Kanpani☆June Illness and Devil's Newcomer Training], you can use the event item [Magic Herb] as an ingredient to produce [Magic Drink].
    In the special page, press the Drink Production Machine's [Supply] or [MAX] button to add herbs.
    The [Supply] button (left) will add more [Magic Herb] more quickly if held down, and the [Magic Drink] will be produced automatically.
    THe [MAX] button (right) will add as many [Magic Herbs] as possible at once.
    The special page features two [LvUP] buttons, which use [Magic Drinks] to level up your [Production Level] (Right), and [Supply Level] (Left).
    Increasing the [Production Level] increases the speed that [Magic Drinks] are produced.
    Increasing the [Supply Level] increases the maximum amount of [Magic Herb] you can add at once.
    LvUP amount has a maximum limit, and the needed [Magic Drink] will increase with level.

    ▼ [Magic Drink] and delivery!
    After producing [Magic Drinks], you can sortie to the [Delivery Quest] to deliver them to your clients.
    In the special page, the [Delivery Quest] button will allow you to choose which [Delivery Quest] you want to participate in.
    Delivering a certain number of [Magic Drinks] will give you rewards from the clients.
    The items you can receive from these rewards depends on the [Delivery Quest] and can be seen from the list under [Details] on their page.
    [Delivery Quests] require a certain number of [Magic Drinks], and if you do not meet the requirement, you cannot participate in that quest.

    ※ If you fail a [Delivery Quest], the [Magic Drinks] used will be consumed
    ※ If you fail a [Delivery Quest], you will not get any rewards for that quest.

    ▼ Sortie to Ultra Rare Delivery Quests!
    On the special event page, you will sometimes see Plulua or Flaum appear.
    Talking to Plulua or Flaum will activate the [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest] button allowing you to sortie to an [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest].
    You can wait to talk to Plulua or Flaum for as long as you want. They will not disappear and the quest timer will not begin until you click on them.
    Sortieing to [Ultra Rare Delivery Quests] will have specific [Delivery Rewards] that are randomly chosen from a list of items.
    You can see these [Delivery Rewards] in a list by choosing the [Details] button on the [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest] panel.
    [Ultra Rare Delivery Quests] last for 15 minutes, and will not be available after the 15 minutes.
    After clearing an [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest], it may disappear, but there is a chance it remains allowing you to sortie once more.

    ※ If you fail an [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest], the [Magic Drinks] used will be consumed
    ※ If you fail an [Ultra Rare Delivery Quest], you will not get any rewards for that quest.

    ▼ On the special page, Bottle Slimes, Gold Bottle Slimes, and Lukas may appear.
    Clicking on Lukas and Gold Bottle Slimes can give you items and gold.

    ▼ Event Recipes
    Special Event Recipes are available from the event quests.
    Each recipe has the chance to randomly craft one of eight class weapons.
    Equipping an event weapon gives the employee a special event costume.
    These recipes will disappear after the event ends, but you will keep all your crafted items
    ※ The [Limited] President's Weapon Hammer gives a guaranteed [+3] once when crafting. If it is used on an event item, it will not produce a [+4], but a [+3]. DO NOT USE IT ON AN EVENT ITEM
    ※ The event employees, [Mammon], [Flaum], and [Plulua]'s exclusive recipes will not disappear after the event ends

    ▼ Daily Log-in Bonus
    Log in every day to receive bonuses in your in-game mail.
    These items expire after 24 hours if they are not retrieved.

    ▼ Event Limited Sales
    - Resource Set
    During the campaign, there will be a time limited Resource Set available in the Shop
    The Resource Set will recover 1500 Wood, Stone, and Steel when used

    - Food Pack
    During the campaign, there will be a time limited Food Pack available in the Shop
    The Food Pack will recover 3000 Bread when used

    - Bottle in Jelly
    During the campaign, there will be Bottle In Jelly available in the Shop
    After use, gain 250% more EXP in Main Quest for 45 minutes. Stacks with the [Adventurer's Manual].

    ※ The main event will end on 2017/6/16 (Fri) maintenance
    ※ Event items with a [Limited] will disappear after this maintenance
    ※ There is a chance of this event reappearing in the future

    1: Use [Magic Herbs] to produce Magic Drinks!
    2: Deliver them in the [Delivery Quests]!
    3: Collect wonderful rewards and even girls...!?

    The Ultra Rare Delivery Quests appear, with a chance of giving Five Star employee's envelopes...!?

    Image of your drug lab magic drink producer.
    Left yellow button is add 1 Herb. Right yellow button is MAX Herbs
    Bottom left blue button is level up Supply
    Bottom right blue button is level up Production
    The bottom right shows how many Magic Drinks you have
    The top right button is Sortie.
    The grayed out button is the Ultra Rare quest.

    Squash the blue bottle slimes to have an increased chance of gold bottle slimes and Lukas appearing

    Delivery clients.
    Pink button is to sortie
    Purple button shows details:

    Every Sortie costs Bread and a certain number of Magic Drinks and gives a reward.

    Reward tables for each delivery:

    Ultra Rare (Rewards are random)

    No colour
    [+] Spoiler

    Event Equipment:

    0.830x2, Row
    Highly recommended. One of the strongest Event Fighter Skills, and Fighter Skills overall. Very few row skills do this much damage. Only downside is the weaker PATK and MDEF stats compared to main weapons, and those are all single target.

    2.600x, Single
    Recommended. Fairly strong single target. Likewise has a lower PATK than main weapons, but has a very high modifier comparatively.

    1.200x, Row
    Neutral. While this has a high modifier compared to most main story weapons, the Light Bow is going to be more useful almost all the time. If you're not that far, this is good, otherwise not.

    2.100x, Column
    Neutral. This has a very high modifier, allowing you to hit very hard; however, Soldiers sometimes don't have the luxury of hitting hard, and instead need the DEF to tank in some of the higher situations. Story weapons will have more PDEF than Event, but lower modifiers.
    If you want to use a Soldier offensively, and you don't have +3 Boss Weapons or ☆4 Character Weapons, this is the way to go.

    0.610x2, 2x2
    Recommended. One of the best Warrior skills in the game is Grand Down, a 2-hit 2x2 that does 0.800x. This is similar in effect, but with a lower modifier. It does have higher base ATK on the weapon compared to what weapons Grand Down can come on, but for high level characters, their natural STR will compensate the difference. If you don't have any Grand Down weapons, or need to fill out Warrior slots, this is a very good choice.

    0.48x, Full
    Neutral. This has a really cute animation, but like all full party heals, it's not too strong.

    0.680x3, Column
    Recommended. One of the best Rogue event weapons. It can pierce and deal a lot of damage due to the 3 hits. Not 100% if it attacks twice in a round though, if it doesn't then I would not recommend.

    0.980x, Full
    Recommended. An unusally high modifier for a Magician event skill. Not quite as good as Story +2s later on, but a good option on the way up.

    Character Story Weapons

    ?x, Full, PATK Up

    ?x, Single Target, + 1 Damage Single Target
    Charm, PDEF Down

    ?x2. 3-target, Wind

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    How to increase the weed for creat more drug?

    Wishlist: Yamato • Mikuma
    I always hate you, Ta-class! Since 05/10/2014

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    Admiral illyrin's Avatar
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    Sukumo Bay Docks
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    btw, on the factory screen you'll see those little bottle slimes running around. You can click on them to get rid of them. The blue ones just vanish, but the gold ones give 100 gold I think.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    Is the herb random? Nothing we can do while it grow?

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    Commander Ophis's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
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    The black-haired Demon-chan is truly very cute! A pity though that she's not a 5*. Damn you, DMM!!!!

    EDIT: WTF?! I received a wild Black Fairy Envelope when accessing the event page... was it just me, or everybody else received one too?

    Last edited by Ophis; 05-31-2017 at 10:02 AM.
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    A hell fire banquet of fear and madness, where even the ashes will be burnt to nothing!
    " - One of 72 Demon Gods of Solomon, The Demon God Belial

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    Captain oryxlynx's Avatar
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    I want to know skills of ex-weapon before choosing one. but wikiwiki still doesnt have these info

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    Admiral illyrin's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Sukumo Bay Docks
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    @Ophis I'm pretty sure you're talking about the BFE that gives you one of the three demon girls.

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    Rear-Admiral D Des's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    You got to choose 1 of the 3 4s, btw I picked that black hair demon....accidentally clicked the wrong button when I wanna browse other 2 girls. Guess she no want me to check on other girls.
    Btw I got extra battle on glasses mage 1800 bread quest, extra battle consist of full 5 assorted mages so chances you can get 5s DREAM there. Now to see if other quests got same extra battles too.


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    Captain Akuser's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
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    Do the slime effect on our weed farm?

    Wishlist: Yamato • Mikuma
    I always hate you, Ta-class! Since 05/10/2014

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    Rear-Admiral Marius's Avatar
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    @Ophis its the reward for the first run from the 5drink quest

    edit: also there are 2x of the "pick one of the 3 new employees" black envelopes

    the second one is in the 50 drink quest located at the 1750 reward

    Last edited by Marius; 05-31-2017 at 10:39 AM.
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