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    Newly Registered Nicole's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
    Hashirajima Anchorage
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    Leveling Help...?

    Hello! I've been wandering the KC game since last year, i am leveling my Fubuki right now.
    I'm so confused right now, after i level my Fubuki, who should i level?

    Here is the list of ships i think that is ready:

    - Sazanami Kai (78)
    - Yuudachi K2 (75)
    - Fubuki Kai (65)
    - Akigumo Kai (50)
    - Ushio K2 (61)
    - Yukikaze Kai (55)
    - Akebono Kai (56)

    - Naka Kai (61)
    - Isuzu K2 (82)
    - Yuubari Kai (50)

    - Kitakami (51)

    - Choukai K2 ( 69)
    - Kako K2 (65)
    - Mogami Kai (65)
    - Suzuya Kai (66)

    - Ise Kai (58)
    - Hyuuga Kai (50)
    - Nagato Kai (65)
    - Haruna K2 (81)
    - Kongou Kai (55)

    - I have Teste and Mizuho, Teste level is 30, and Mizuho is 16 @-@

    - I have Goya and her friends, Goya is 66, Imuya 53, Maruyu 57, Iku 47, and Hachi 43

    - Houshou Kai (52)
    - RJ Kai (51)
    - Shokaku Kai (51)
    - Kaga Kai (56)

    I have Akashi too, and not Kai-ed yet.

    I know my leveling is like a burnt scones, but school's already over and i want to level my girls quickly before the summer event because i'm planning to choose Medium / Hard difficulty.

    Can anyone suggest what ship should i focus on leveling more?

    Thank you!!

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    Lieutenant sandrio's Avatar
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    For event prep you might want to show your entire fleet, there are also dedicated threads for it before the event starts.

    I'm by no means an experienced player, but for a larger scale event the number of ships you have ready doesn't seem to be quite enough, especially if you want to tackle normal/hard.
    From the ships you listed, I'd try getting Ryuujou and Shoukaku to K2 and it helped me in the last event to have Naka on 66 for OASW capability. Overall I would recommend to get a more diverse fleet to higher levels (~50-60) though.

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    Rear-Admiral D Des's Avatar
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    With those lv I say better play on medium difficulty......

    Make Naka into kai ni so she's strong enough to opening ASW, better than wasting any potential DD/CL on E1 or E2 map with SS hime as boss.
    Next essential and important girls are CLTs and ABUKUMA, make them into kai ni first then start with preparing at least 8 kai ni DDs.

    Next put Sendai to kai ni so you can have some yasen gear - then start on AACI ships like maya/dukis.


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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    @Nicole A full list of the ships you have, as well as the equipment, would certainly help us to give advice. If you are using Kc3, you can generate the list at strategy room. Would like to know your past experience in events as well.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    @Nicole Welcome to himeuta, and an excellent idea to start planning early. For Medium/Hard you need to consider not only working on best in class ships, but also having sufficient depth in each class due to fleet/ship locking. It’s not just levels though. Equipment plays a big role in the game as you know. So you'll need to make sure you have sufficient amounts of important and quality equipment. Then there are resources to stockpile.

    As a loose, general rule, I consider level 50 minimum for Medium and 70 for Hard, but for difficult EO maps, it might be more like 60-70+ for Medium and 80-85+ for Hard. Then again, for early maps (or easy events in general), one may very well get away with significantly lower levels. NOTE: This doesn’t account for higher remodel level requirements (i.e. Suzuya & Kumano Kai ni are well above level 70).

    Honestly, a LOT depends upon what type of event we get. Speculation on my part (I could be wrong), but I suspect Summer will be a large (6 or 7 maps incl. some dual gauge), difficult event. Maybe (hopefully XD) not Summer 2014/2015 or Spring 2016 levels, but certainly more difficult that the last couple events or so beyond just size. If my guess is correct, you’ll have to ramp up a good number of ships for Medium let alone Hard. You could easily use 14 or more DD. Not all have to be best in class types & high levels, but a good number should be. That’s just DD.

    Posting an entire list of your ships & equipment will help considerably (FYI – KCV which I use can also list ships/equipment though have to take screen shots of the lists). In the meantime, I've put a few suggestions in the spoiler below to give you some idea. All this takes a considerable amount of time – do what you can, but I think it helps to start thinking about each class of ship, and which ships are best in class/have what role, etc. Lastly, IMO there is always room for “waifu” (favorite) ships, but do keep in mind that in terms of game play and “managing RNG”, stats matter.

    [+] Spoiler
    Akashi – get to Kai ASAP due to benefits for equipment improvement without using guarantee slider. Also gets you another repair crane. PVP is good for leveling her (Make sure to do PVP every day. The XP adds up quickly).

    CL: IMO, Sendai Kai ni (for NB equipment and gives you a decent CL for early maps), Jintsuu Kai ni and Abukuma Kai ni are priority targets. Another target (maybe not quite as high priority) is Ooyodo. Not for just FCF, but she’s a much better 4-slot CL than Yuubari. Isuzu Kai ni is fine for OASW and Naka Kai ni is OK-ish – viable on early maps. FYI – Kuma and Nagara are both good, all around CL to have even with no Kai ni remodel.

    CA(V): Maya Kai ni for AACI. After that, I’d get all 4 Myoukou class CA to Kai ni (no BP required). Choukai Kai ni is best CA (Haguro Kai ni is quite close), but requires a BP and there are higher BP priorities IMO. As for CAV, very useful in events, especially with seaplane fighters and anti-installation work with 2x main + 1-2x WG42 + 0-1x Type 3 shell. However, best CAV all require a BP, and there is a marked different between Kai CAV and Kai ni CAV. Getting all 4 Kai ni CAV takes time, but even for Medium I’d want at least one Kai ni CAV if not two.

    DD: Again, you’ll need a lot of DD. You can break DD down into 4 categories, and you’ll want some of each.
    (1) OASW DD: Need at least 2 if not 3+ for Hard at least. For Medium, 1-2 OASW DD to be safe. Ushio Kai ni, Verniy, Satsuki Kai ni, Libeccio kai, Asashio Kai ni D, etc. work for this. The new Coastal Defense Ships are good for OASW (and much lower requirement), but are pretty squishy so some give & take there.
    (2) Offensive NB DD: First, you’ll want 2 if not 3 (3+ for Hard) NB TCI DD. At default luck, ships like Ayanami Kai ni, Yukikaze Kai & Shigure Kai ni. Need some good NB DA DD as well = Yuudachi Kai ni and others with high "total NB firepower" (i.e. firepower + torp stats).
    (3) Daihatsu/Tank DD: Two sub-categories here. First is daihatsu mules for transport maps. I like to use weaker ships for that such as Mutsuki, Kisaragi & Satsuki Kai ni (Satsuki is also good at OASW). Then there are your anti-installation DD such as Arashio Kai ni, Ooshio Kai ni, and/or Kasumi Kai ni. Verniy can also work for that, but she lacks the FP of those 3. Kawakaze Kai ni can’t carry ka-mi tanks.
    (4) Akizuki-class DD for AACI: Self-explanatory.

    I'll leave it at that until you have a chance to post your fleet & equipment.

    Hope this helps.

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    Newly Registered Nicole's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
    Hashirajima Anchorage
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    Woops, my bad- i mean my Naka is already Kai ni XDD
    And here's my ship and equipment list!


    I don't know how to export my equipments on Kc3Kai because it only shows my equipment that aren't used by my girls but here's the list:

    12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 2 (1)
    12.7cm Twin Gun Mount (51)
    12.7cm Twin Gun Mount *5 (1)
    12.7cm Twin Gun Mount *10 (2)
    12cm Single Gun Mount (5)

    20.3cm (No.2) Twin Gun Mount (3)
    20.3cm Twin Gun Mount (48)
    20.3cm Twin Gun Mount *1 (1)
    20.3cm Twin Gun Mount *2 (1)
    15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (12)
    15.2cm Twin Gun Mount (3)
    14cm Twin Gun Mount (4)
    14cm Single Gun Mount (7)

    46cm Triple Gun Mount (4)
    41cm Twin Gun Mount (17)
    35.6cm Twin Gun Mount (Dazzle Camouflage) (2)
    35.6cm Twin Gun Mount (9)

    15.5cm Triple Secondary Gun Mount (16)

    53cm Twin Torpedo Mount (2)
    61cm Triple Torpedo Mount (3)
    61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount (5)
    61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount (22)
    Kouhyouteki (8)
    61cm Quintuple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount (1)

    Type 96 Fighter (2)
    Type 96 Fighter Kai (1)
    Type 0 Fighter Model 32 (4)
    Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (9)
    Type 0 Fighter Model 52 (20)
    Shiden Kai 2 (1)
    Reppuu (2)

    Type 0 Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber) (2)
    Type 99 Dive Bomber (7)
    SBD (1)
    Suisei (16)
    Suisei Model 12A (3)

    Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (9)
    Tenzan (4)
    Ryuusei (10)
    Ryuusei Kai (4)

    Saiun (6)

    Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane (32)
    Type 0 Observation Seaplane (2)
    Zuiun (631 Air Group) (1)
    Zuiun (14)
    Laté 298B (1)

    Type 13 Air Radar (5)
    Type 22 Surface Radar (3)
    Type 21 Air Radar (11)
    Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (1)
    Type 14 Air Radar (1)

    Type 3 Shell (4)
    Type 91 Armor Piercing Shell (8)

    Damecon (7)

    25mm Twin Autocannon Mount (1)
    12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher (3)

    10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (20)
    10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Carriage) (2)
    8cm High-angle Gun (5)
    12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (1)
    12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount (1)

    Type 95 Depth Charge (2)
    Type 94 Depth Charge (10)
    Type 3 Depth Charge Projector (4)

    Type 93 Passive Sonar (10)
    Type 3 Active Sonar (3)

    Improved Kanhon Type Turbine (2)
    Enhanced Kanhon Type Boiler (1)

    Daihatsu Landing Craft (2)

    Anti-Torpedo Bulge (Medium) (1)
    Anti-Torpedo Bulge (Large) (1)

    Searchlight (3)

    Drum Canister (12)

    Ship Repair Facility (1)

    Skilled Lookouts (1)

    Combat Ration (4)

    Underway Replenishment (2)

    Type 96 Land-based Attack Aircraft (3)

    Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model II (1)
    Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III A (1)
    Type 3 Fighter Hien (1)

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    Moderator Leyana's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    @Nicole Equipment list should show both equipped and not. But for the ships...

    DD: Ayanami, Kasumi, Arashio, Asashio, Ooshio and Hibiki should be taken to k2. Ayanami, Arashio and Kasumi will be useful combat DDs. Ooshio, Kasumi and Hibiki can carry daihatsu. Asashio is a really good ASW DD.

    CL: Sendai and Abukuma to k2. Sendai for the night equips, Abukuma for the usefulness. Ooi to k2 for obvious reasons.

    CA: Maya, Myoukou and Haguro to k2. Kumano to k2 too if you can spare the blueprints. You'll want to get Mikuma to kai to have an extra CAV around.

    CVL: Junyou and Ryuujou to k2. Get Taiyou k2 too if you can manage it. She'll be very useful for transport fleets in events.

    CV: Definitely Souryuu and Hiryuu to k2 for their planes. If you have time to go get the prototype catapults and blueprints, also get Shoukaku and Zuikaku to k2.

    BB: Kirishima is a solid FBB to get to k2. For slow BBs, I'd get Yamato and Mutsu up in levels. Again, if you have extra blueprints Fusou and Yamashiro would be a solid investment.

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    Newly Registered Nicole's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
    Hashirajima Anchorage
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    @Leyana Alright! Thank you very much!

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1465 Post(s)
    @Nicole: Additional detail/suggests to go with what Leyana wrote and what I posted above. I was pretty thorough so there's a lot of stuff - some of which is longer term FYI. Just do what you can. :D If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

    [+] Spoiler

    Ships: Friendly reminder to make sure you fully modernize - at least fp/torp/armor, and then AA as best you can.

    • DD: What Leyana wrote, though for Hard, especially EO maps, you'll need more levels on ships like Yukikaze. I'd also get Shigure to Kai ni for another high luck NB TCI DD. Remember the requirement for DD OASW -> 100 ASW stat not including Akashi improvement = need levels, and Asashio Kai ni D is the ASW version for her. DE are squishy, but they do have much lower OASW requirements. Shimakaze is also a good NB DA DD even without Kai ni remodel. Not top priority, but throw her in with some leveling fleets as you can. Lastly, I did not see any Akizuki-class. You do want those - both for their own AACI and for the 10cm HA+FD guns (best DD guns right now, and not likely to change at least for some time). If any Akizuki-class drops in the next event, make farming a priority (incl. copies for more 10cm HA+FD guns).
    • CL(T): What I previously wrote = Abukuma Kai ni, Jintsuu Kai ni & Sendai Kai ni. IMO, ramp Ooyodo as well (certainly to kai for FCF). For CLT, Ooi to Kai ni at least. Probably a good idea to push Kitakami to 60+
    • CA(V): With fleet locking, I think it's a good idea to have a number of good CA around. Maya Kai ni for AACI of course. Choukai Kai ni is good to have, but as Leyana notes, at least add Haguro & Myoukou Kai ni. Frankly, another Myoukou class Kai ni woudln't hurt either. For CAV, Suzuya Kai ni (she's much closer. Keep as CAV), and ramp Kumano to 50+. She'll be your next BP CAV. Personally, given how useful CAV are, I think eventually having Tone-class Kai ni as well is a good idea.
    • CVL: Junyou Kai ni. I prefer Chiyoda CVL Kai ni over Ryuujou Kai ni for a 2nd fast CVL to go with Chitose CVL Kai ni. If you can do both, even better. Agree about Taiyou - at least to Kai if not Kai ni. That being said, if you're short on prototype catapults, maybe better to use those on Shoukaku & Zuikaku Kai ni. Lastly, could bump Hiyou Kai a bit (50+) in case you use 2x slow CVL for STF.
    • CV: Needs some work if this is a CTF heavy event. Pretty much what Leyana said though I'd add that Akagi Kai can also be useful. I'd get her to Kai (maybe a bit higher) and modernize.
    • BB(V): If you can, all Kongou-class to Kai ni since you don't have other FBB. Yamato to Kai (won't be cheap. :/). Mutsu at least to Kai if not higher. As for BBV, Fusou-class Kai ni are materially better than Ise-class. However, another BP Kai ni. So depends upon what your BP/medal situation is like. Plenty of medal/BP - then get one to Kai ni. If not, can get Fusou or Yamashiro to level 80, but wait and see if you do need them at Kai ni for the event.
    • AV: Both Mizuho & C. Teste have their advantages. I think Mizuho is the better all-around AV. I'd get her to Kai. C Teste is fairly close to Kai (40 required) as well if you want to do both. Problem with both is that they are slow ships. So having a fast AV (i.e. Chitose A or Chiyoda A) around as well is a good idea IMO. Remodel level for Chitose/Chiyoda A is low, but I'd get at least to level 30 (can emergency grind if that's not enough).
    • SSV: Fine, though I'd bump I-19 to 50 in case there's some odd map where you need more than one SSV. Don't have to remodel before hand, but she'll be ready if you need her.
    • Akashi - as noted above, get her to Kai ASAP. This significantly improves non-guarantee slider chance of success for improvement. Also get another repair crane.

    Equipment: Two things here. One is just better/top tier equipment for clearing Medium & especially Hard (e.g. Type 3/4 SONAR vs. Type 93, Reppuu or better fighters, etc.). The other is Akashi Improvement matters a lot, so you'll want to work on improving key equipment. Again, get Akashi to Kai, and be judicious with what you improve. The big sticking point right now is the limited number of improvement materials in the game ("improvemats") and there is a lot of equipment to improve. This is a very good site for equipment improvement breakpoints. NOTE: Some items like Ka-mi tanks and fighters scale linearly.

    • Small guns: Don't improve default 12.7cm guns. At the most (and debatable), maybe one pair of 12.7cm Kai2 to +4 as a stop gap measure until you get enough 10cm HA+FD guns. You can build 10cm HA+FD via Akashi improvement, but it is an expensive process. Ideally, you'll get those from Akizuki-class DD instead (see above on that).
    • Medium Guns: Work on getting 20.3cm (No.3). You'll get a few naturally via remodels, but also requires some Mikuma & Kinugasa farming. For improvement, definitely 20.3cm No.3 (I'd say at least 6 to +9). In the meantime you can improve two 20.3cm (No.2) to +9, BUT NOTE that those don't give hidden CA NB bonus. Need default 20.3cm or 20.3cm No.3 for that. You can mix/match though as one 20.3cm or 20.3cm (No.3) will give you the CA bonus. NOTE: For CL/CLT I like to use 20.3cm No.2 or 3 on those as well.
    • Large Guns: Make sure to understand gun fit bonuses & overweight penalties. There's a chart on KC Wikia combat section for that. NOTE: Neither "gun fit" nor improvement counts for support expedition use (e.g. can use 46cm triple on Kongou class no problem for support expeditions). For improvement, not much with what you have right now. 41cm twin are "meh", and while you could add +1 star to 46cm for Yamato-class & Nagato-class use, you need fodder for that (and you don't have spare 46cm to use right now). Good large guns to improve are Prototype 35.6cm triple, Prototype 41cm triple (and 41cm triple Kai), 16"/50 Mk.7, and Prototype 51cm twin (if reintroduced). Some also like 38cm Kai, 38.1cm, and IMO 2 or 4 381mm/50 Kai are other candidates. What you can do right now work on 4x 35.6cm twin to +4 since they are "free" to + 6 (+4, +7 & +9 are better breakpoints) when used to satisfy daily quest.
    • Secondary guns: When you get one, 90mm HA is an excellent gun to improve to +9 and use with Maya Kai ni for AACI. Other than that, at most maybe a pair of OTO 152mm (and not high priority).
    • Torps: Quint (and Sextuple) Oxy torps to +7 or +9. You have one Quint Oxy so work on that to +6. Quad Oxy torps are "free" to +6 so you could get 2-3 at +5 for daily quest as a stop gap measure. Eventually, you'll want more Quint Oxy torps = Kitakami & Ooi Kai ni farming.
    • Fighters: Need better fighters for Med/Hard. Ideally Reppuu or better. Shiden K2 are fairly good as well. There's a quest chain (F28-30) to get the Type 0 M53 Iwamoto which is one of the best fighters in the game and can be improved so do that. In general, try to get at least 6-7 good fighters. Also, improving Iwamoto figther is a priority target (NOTE: no breakpoints there = get to max).
    • Dive Bombers: Ideally 3-5 more Suisei M12 or better. Souryuu Kai ni gives Eugsa bomber which via quest can be upgraded to Suisei Egusa which is one of the best DBs in the game.
    • Torp Bombers: Two to get here. Tenzan Murata from quest (F20 and on) and Tenzan Tomonaga (get Type 97 Tomonaga from Hiryuu Kai ni & upgrade via quest F13). Couple more Ryuusei Kai wouldn't hurt either in case you need them for LBAS use or even Aerial Support expeditions.
    • RADAR: FYI - You'll want to get at least 1 if not 2 Type 13 Kai to +9 eventually to use with DD AACI. [EDIT] Hold off on improving Type 22 Kai 4. As it stands, you don't have much RADAR. It's expensive to build RADAR so look to remodels for that as you can, while judiciously trying to craft high-end RADAR like Type 32 (don't spam right now, you have other needs for resources so maybe once per day).
    • AA Guns: Some like to improve 25mm Concentrated. Personally, I'm holding off to see if 40mm Bofors gets added to improvment, but then again who knows if/when that happens. So you could work on one 25mm concentrated to +4 (you'll get one with Maya Kai ni among other remodels).
    • Shells: Improve 3-4 Type 91 AP shells. Break points at +4, +7 & +9. Those are "free" to +6 so easy to do.
    • ASW: Hold off on improvement (nice to have, but not a high priority). Do need higher tier stuff though. I'd say at least 3 more Type 3 (or 4) Sonar.
    • Daihatsu/Daihatsu + tank & landing force (aka "tankhatsu")/Special Type 2 ka-mi tanks: Have to think there will be at least one installation map = need this stuff. The damage bonuses can vary for each installation type, but generally it's good to pair a "tankhatsu" with a ka-mi tank. You don't have any of those. Quest F33 gives a ka-mi tank so try to do that. As for "tankhatsu", probably worth building one via Akashi improvement using one of your daihatsu. NOTE: since you don't have a lot of daihatsu, you could get one to max, then hold off unti event to upgrade to tankhatsu (make sure to have improvemats & fodder). OTOH, this stuff scales linearly, improvement does make a difference, so getting a tankhatsu earlier allows you some time for improvement. I'd get at least one tankhatsu & one ka-mi tank to +5 or +6. Ultimatley, at least 2 of each to +5 or +6 (maybe higher for ka-mi tanks).
    • WG42: Didn't see any. You'll want some, like at least 4 if not 6 = U-511 farming along with Akizuki-class farming is a priority for you.
    • LBAS planes: Need more/better LBAS bombers. Can use Ryuusei Kai, but LBAS bombers are better (incl. range). 240/260/10/250 is supposed to be a good formula for Type 96. Also make sure to do quarterly quest F39 which allows you to upgrade Type 96 LBAS to the better Type 1. As for fighters/interceptors, can use CV planes to help fill out what you have. Reppuu are not bad, but range of 5 so having a couple Type 0 M21 skilled (range 7) and Type 0 M52 (601) & Skilled around can be useful

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    @goesto11 Okay! :D



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